To The Bone (2017)


Trailer: To The Bone (2017)

Starring: Lily Collins, Keanu Reeves, Leslie Bibb

Directed by: Marti Noxon

Runtime: 1 hr 47 mins

Genre(s):  Comedy, Drama

Review by:  John Dixon

Spoiler Free Review: (read if you have NOT seen this movie)

To the bone is a dreadful glimpse into a young girls struggle with anorexia. Not only how it affects her as a person but everyone that is in her life past, present and future. Will she accept the help that she needs or will she continue walking around in the sack of bones that is her life. I would pass on this romp in depression if you had the chance to. If you’re forced to watch it then, I would just sit back, relax, and appreciate the acting.


Spoiler Filled Review: (read only if you HAVE seen it and don’t care about spoilers)


This movie in no way will make you understand what it is like to fight anorexia (I’m assuming) but it will make you feel the desolation and hopelessness one would associate with such a disease. The Doctor gave an unconventional view of looking at things. Some would say that the view is a fresh and much-needed approach to most people living in America in 2017. Grow a pair. Find a way through it.

Lily Collins did a fantastic job. I’m most curious though if she actually dropped the immense amount of weight to star in this movie. She was Skinny yo! She provided a dark Queen vibe to her character that in fact dealt with her problems in dry sarcastic way. I related in a way, but couldn’t fully relate because I’ve never had an eating disorder. I do have a weight problem. I can’t weight to eat! OK, that was tasteless. Moving on. The supporting cast was acceptable. Keanu Reeves played a small part but believable while there. Leslie Bibb even smaller and was quick to exit (She lost weight too). Carrie Preston gets my “most annoying” award. I had a feeling that someone would get it, I didn’t think it would be the True Blood alumni but it was. Her stuffy self obsessed with image character drove me nut-balls. I’m just glad that she was the only character to make my blood temp go up.

The plot was probably more deep than I’m giving it credit for. If you are reading this spoiler section I shouldn’t have to warn you again that spoilers do occur in this part of the review. The movie was lacking direction. Throughout the movie we are watching this girl go through pain and suffering. Constantly saying that she’s sorry but never showing it. Never really turning any corners. There was a period of her “getting better” but it was written so obviously I could see a mile away that her and Luke’s relationship would go downhill and in turn the 3rd act would begin. I was truly on board waiting for that turning point or maybe like her doctor had said “that rock bottom point that was necessary for her” to happen but before that happened I fell off the bus when Ellen/Eli’s mom broke out the Rice milk bah bah. It was hard to go forward from that. Having Ellen/Eli then pass out like I’m sure she’d done many a times suddenly realize that she wasn’t dead this time was what made her want to live? I just didn’t buy it.

My first review for a Netflix Original movie! That is a first. I just hoped that it would have lived up to the Netflix quality standard. The side characters were in and out. I would have liked to have seen more from each one. Maybe how they were affected by Ellen/Eli’s life would have been narrative-ly in place. But we didn’t really see that. They were supporting characters to watch this character drown further and further, and did little to actually support.

Once she hit rock bottom, the movie was basically over. She went home and hugged an awful person, said hi to her sister and went and stood in the doorway to the “Threshold”. Did she stay? Did she go back? Did she see Luke? She said that she would be alright but I just sat through an hour and a half can I get some more closure? Nope. I just have to assume that everything worked out for young Eli.




Comic Book Connection Leslie Bibb (Iron Man, Iron Man 2), Keanu Reeves (Constantine),
Nudity Bonus Ok, yeah I think it was Lily Collins but it was sad seeing her naked body so skinny.  During her fall to rock bottom.
Favorite Moment When Ellen was able to eat a goo goo chocolate nutcluster.  It was monumental for her.
Most Hated Moment Anything 1 second after Susan (Carrie Preston) said anything.
THIS Movie reminded me of THAT Movie This movie reminded of many movies that depresses the shit out of you and then doesn’t give you a strong positive feeling before it ends.  Not saying all movies need to do this but this movie put the character through the ringer with little to no pay off in the end.
What did my wife think of this movie? “It was good.  I thought it was a touching and realistic expression of what people who deal with this go through.”
Box Office Budget This may not count as budget but, Netflix bought the film for 8 million dollars.
How much it made Domestically Netflix doesn’t release these numbers
Was it a Box office Success? Or Failure? Success?  Who knows.
Did you notice? 1.  Lobo was played by “Retta” from Parks and Recreation.  What day is it?  “Treat yo self day!”
2.  Keanu reeves didn’t say “whoa” one time during the entire hour and 47 minutes.  Old joke.  I’m retiring it.
3.  When close-ups of Ellen’s body was shown showing her “skinniness” her head is not shown.  Body double??
Rotten Tomatoes Score
Critics 73%
Audience 71%

Iron Man (2008)

Trailer: Iron Man (2008)

Starring: Robert Downey Jr., Terrence Howard, Jeff Bridges  – Directed By: Jon Favreau

Running Time: 2 hrs & 6 mins – Genre:  Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

Big JD (Host)


Billionaire Industrialist Tony Stark is a weapons manufacturer like his father before him.  The accolades came easy until Tony was captured by the same people that had his weapons and was forced to make them one of Tony’s most remarkable weapon of all.  The Jericho.  With his back against the wall he chooses not to make their weapon but something that will define his life for years to come.


Iron Man was the first movie created under the Marvel Studio’s banner.  It is a day & night difference when you have the actual publisher/studio creating their superhero movie.  Why?  Because they understand the characters.  They treat them with respect.  Of course there will be liberties taken, but in the end what makes each person who they are is still retained and the fans have a great movie.  I think the casting was the most intregal part of this movie.  Robert Downey Jr. nailed it as Tony Stark.  He is Tony.  I couldn’t imagine anyone else playing the part.  Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts was equally great.  Jeff Bridges played Obadiah Stane which was curious for me at first but I think I like Jeff playing a bad guy.  Terrence Howard did well with James “Rhodey” Rhodes.  I felt he may have been too “sensitive” at times but I would have been fine with him continuing the part.

I’m glad they updated the origin story.  It would have been very dated if he would have gone back to Vietnam like the source material suggests.  Even more dated than Tony speaking to a soldier saying “I don’t want this (pic) on your MySpace page.”  I’m glad they included Yensin.  Even the Mark I was clunky and everything.  Although it was destroyed shortly thereafter.  In the comics he adapted that Mark I and turned it Gold.  Hence the nickname The Golden Avenger.  After that the suit became more refined.  Although the suits don’t follow the same release pattern as the books each one is so great that I don’t know if it really matters.  The Mark III is what is used primarily in the movie.  Inputting “The 10 Rings” into the movie is sort of an easter egg.  Things to come you might say.  Obviously referring to The Mandarin’s 10 Rings that he wears.  The writing was great.  The soundtrack has you locked in immediately from the AC/DC intro.  Throughout the entire movie, the only thing I didn’t agree with was the announcement at the very end of the movie.  “I Am Iron Man”.  I felt that they didn’t give the Tony Stark character enough time with his Body Guard persona.  I was always a problem for Tony for many, many years.  Yet it was solved in one movie.  I am ok with the decision but, I felt there was a lot to explore that was missed out on.

The suit was amazing.  Couldn’t ask for better.  Even Iron Monger was good.  A bit clunky but very true to the source material.  Having Jarvis as a “computer intelligence” was offputting for me at first but, I couldn’t imagine things working out any better.  In the comic books Jarvis was Tony’s butler.  I’m glad they went the AI route due to this movie releasing the same time as Return of the Dark Knight.  Since Bruce Wayne already has the “butler” thing covered it would have seemed like they were duplicating the Batman series.  So, when in doubt make the Butler a computer intelligence system that will give you anything your heart desires.  The Pepper & Happy dynamic wasn’t much explored but it is in fact a bit early for that.  We will dogear that conversation for another sequel review.

Obadiah Stane was a good choice for villain.  Someone that stood close to Tony & his father for many years.  We get to see why he turns against Tony.  I really wish Jeff Bridges didn’t do the TRON sequel because everytime I see this movie I think of that one.

In summation, this was a great movie standalone.  It was the benchmark and beginning of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the introduction of S.H.I.E.L.D and Nick Fury. (After credits).  Also, it started the trend with the After Credits scenes.  Now you got people sitting through the entire credits just to see the scene that may tease other movies.  Other studio’s are taking note and doing the same.  (etc. Green Lantern, Evil Dead…)  The most exciting thing is that this isn’t only a movie about one character.  It falls within an ongoing universe that contains “others”.  Just like in the comics there is always room for a team up.  This end scene sets up The Avengers and it had me completely and utterly excited.  I’m sure it was like that for everyone.

Oooh, wait!  I forgot about the flub that I caught.  After Tony gets back in the states he asks Happy to grab a cheeseburger.  They get to the press conference, Tony gets out of the limo finishing up A cheeseburger and Happy extends to him a Burger King bag with One more cheeseburger in it.  Tony Takes it.  Obadiah says “you got one for me?”  Tony says “No, there’s only one left”.  Next scene shows Tony walking into the press conference and he is taking the last bites of his cheeseburger and then pops the last bite in his mouth.  Then he gets into the conference, goes up by the podium sits down and begins to open his “last cheeseburger”.  The one that he already ate walking in.  I call this the Everlasting Cheeseburger Mistake.




My Marvel knowledge is a little shakey with Iron Man, even though he’s a major staple in The Avenger’s and has been for years, I never really got invovled in his story line, until this movie. I was in the through process of here is another Marvel Movie that will be decent or have a decent shot then it will be flushed down the toliet. Boy was I ever so happy to be wrong.

At First I didn’t think that RDJ was going to be good enough to be Tony Stark, I mean he wasn’t as tall as what I think Tony is in the comics or atleast portrayed to be, and his acting has been kind of hit or miss in the last few years, but this changed everything for me, (Well this and Tropic Thunder) I grew to be a bigger fan of RDJ then I thought, as well as an Iron Man fan. Over all the casting done for this movie did shock and awe me, so I am glad this movie was done the way it was.

Gwyneth Paltrow did a great job as Pepper Potts, I did some research on her right before watching this for the first time in Mexico when it came out in theaters. (Yeah all the good Marvel Movies I saw in Mexico on vacation) her acting and love interest that was but wasn’t there with Tony was ok, but I was hoping to see more of Pepper and Happy, and while on the subject I know that Jon Favreau was playing Happy Hogan, and portrays him well, but you’d think he’d have more lines then “You did lose me, Sir” I mean if Mel Brooks can direct a movie and have several speaking parts why can’t Jon Favreau?

Overall the writing was done exceptionally well, I like how they took it out of the past and made it modern day and even brought in the 10 rings, and I hope to learn more about that this weekend with Iron Man 3 😀 (Oh yes there is a Count Down Clock going for this movie I am so excited I can’t wait!!)

Again Marvel succeeded to me, nothing really stood out to me other then what I mentioned above, and I am happy they continue to impress and wow me.