Horrible Bosses 2 (2014)

Trailer: Horrible Bosses 2 (2014)

Starring: Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, Charlie Day

Directed by:  Sean Anders

Runtime: 1 hr 48 mins

Genre(s):  Comedy, Crime

Spoiler Free Review:

The sequel to the very funny Horrible Bosses movie does more of the same but with a different formula.  Dean, Kurt, and Nick want to live life without having a boss in their life.  They want to be the boss.  So, they come up with an idea that can make them millions.  Just because they have an idea though doesn’t mean that they know how to run a business.  This sequel does not fall into the pitfall of the first formula which is nice but doesn’t have a lot of the laugh out loud moments the first had and it really is less funny all together.  Chris Pine is a welcome but seems to be out of his element here.

Spoiler Filled Review:

Horrible Bosses 2 was supposed to be just as funny if not funnier than the original movie.  It’s hard to have a movie were they try to kill another boss so, they are now the Bosses (in a way) and instead they kidnap Rex (Chris Pine).  There wasn’t much room to move with this movie.  Once the idea was layed out it played out the rest of the movie with 1 twist that I could have done without.  As a comedy it felt it may have been better as a Crime flick.  Because the funny was too forced at times.

I love Charlie Day (plays Dale) normally.  But in this movie he annoyed the heck out of me.  But so did Jason Sudeikis’ (Kurt) character too.  They seemed very shallow as characters and were there only for jokes.  Jokes that didn’t come off as that funny.  I would say 30% of everything they said made me chuckle.  The other 70% had me like Jason Bateman’s character (Nick).  “See, prime illustration that you two are idiots!”.  Jennifer Aniston, Kevin Spacey, and Jamie Foxx’s characters felt forced a bit but they were additions that helped make it feel like it was a true sequel instead of just another movie with these 3 guys from Horrible Bosses.  Finally, with the addition of Chris Pine & Christoph Waltz it seemed like this movie just got a shot of class.  I said “seemed” like.  Waltz (Bert) had very short scenes but was great and Pine seemed very much out of his element.  I would rather him be in an action flick even though I do believe he got his start in rom coms.  I found his character to be campy and annoying.

The idea that they had in this movie was very nice.  Obviously most of the plotting came from the Rex character because these idiots couldn’t do something that complicated.  I thought it added a nice touch to a new feel of the movie.  The Score/Soundtrack helped freshen this movie up by throwing in some Katie Perry, NWA, Cali Swag District to name a few.

It felt the 3 main actors had a lot of control in this movie.  I felt they used a lot of ad-lib throughout giving the director something to edit in the final process.  I thought the movie followed a very cohesive track until we hit the twist.  After that it felt the movie tried to hurry up and end.  Maybe that’s just me but I wasn’t a fan of the twist.  I wanted to see these guys have it all and beat the “bad” guy in the process.  It was very formulaic until that point and I get thrown a curveball.  It’s fine I guess, just wasn’t my favorite.  As for the director?  Sometimes if everything goes without problems it’s because the director handled everything pretty well and did a fine job editing the final product.

I liked it.  It wasn’t the funniest movie of the year but definitely earns a spot right behind the first film.



Comic Book Connection Jamie Foxx – The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Christoph Waltz – The Green Hornet
Nudity Bonus None.
Favorite Moment Riding in the getaway car with MF’r Jones
Most Hated Moment When Rex is trying to convince Nick to not give up and the other 2 guys are over talking him.  It really annoyed me.
THIS Movie reminded me of THAT Movie The Hangover 2 – Not following the exact same formula like this movie but still…
Box Office Budget $42,000,000.00
How much it made Domestically $54,445,357.00
Was it a Box office Success? Or Failure? Success
Did you notice? 1.  That beginning weather guy was the guy from the old Playstation Commercials.  Glad to see him get some work.
2.  Keeley Hazell was Rex’s Assistant in the movie  (Woah!!  Here is a link to show you what I’m talking about)
3.  That the outtakes at the end of the movie were not funny at all.  Most outtakes are hilarious.
Rotten Tomatoes Score
Critics 35%
Audience 49%

Django: Unchained (2012)


Starring: Jaime Foxx, Christoph Waltz, Leonardo Di Caprio   – Directed By: Quentin Taranteno


As a True Tarantino fan that I claim to be this is probably in the top of his movies, it’s close for me between this and Inglourious Bastards. The Cast is phenomenal. I would have to say the most impressive would be Christoph Waltz, he continues to astonish me in his acting career, (Water for Elephants, Inglourious Bastards..etc.) Even though he’s a German Dentist turn Bounty Hunter in this movie, still very good acting for me.  django cw jf rifleAnother great one in this movie is Jamie Foxx (aka Django) watching his transformation through this movie from Slave, to Freeman and how he develops and deals with the racial bigotry for the time is amazing. Even Don Johnson’s Character (Big Daddy) Played a decent role…the slim version of Col. Sanders…I kid but he does bring a comedic light to the movie, as does alot of the one liners and poetic justice scenes in this movie.images5

What I love about Tarantino films besides his writing style is the way to incorporate the 70’s music vibe into the films, well it’s not him personally doing it but he gives off that style in his being and his writings, Pulp Fiction, Inglourious Bastards, Reservoir Dogs ect. It gives it that cheesy 70’s style to me bringing the B-Movies back with a flare.

Tarantino is one of the most talented writers to me, he has a touch of taking the most weird angle of any argument and developing it into the most intense scene like in Django when they are all around the dinner table and Calvin Candy (DiCaprio) has discovered their plan, he in a battle of wits conveniences them that he’s on to their scheme and will handle the matter. But the best scene that describes what I mean is the argument between Candy and Dr.Schultz in the library as Dr. Schultz goes to cool off and settle the matter calm and rationally with Calvin Candy, as Candy gloats and then it leads to the blood bath that is probably the most thrilling action scene in the movie.


A little Easter egg and fun fact. The Original Django (Franco Nero) from the 60’s – 70’s was in this film as a head nod to the original character. He plays the Italian gentleman opposing Calvin Candy in the Mandingo fight, which explains the awkward scene of him bellying up at the bar next to Django.

As much flack that the movie got being racist the thing you have to remember is this movie takes place right before The Civil War where racism was one of the key factors. So the tolerance of using the N-Word and slavery was acceptable then. People seem to forget that for some reason. This is a historical fiction, spaghetti western style movie so always keep that in mind, and yes Tarantino may have went a tad overboard with using the derogatory word but as a creative artist he does have a right to display the actions he feels is necessary to replicate the time, Do I necessarily agree…no I think it was used a tad too much, but still something to keep in mind with watching this movie.

I say it’s a must see!



Big JD-

This is Quentin Tarantino’s best film to date.  At least I think so anyway.  With so many things going right for this movie there wasn’t much that went wrong.  The cast was just amazing.  Jamie Foxx again steals the show as Django.  (the D is silent)  I say again, not because he’s played Django before but because he is often under estimated when acting is in question.  He really is an amazing actor and this movie once again proves it.  It was really close to being cheesy and he kept it in check.  With Christopher Waltz, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kerry Washington & Samuel L. Jackson in this movie there is no way that it can go wrong.  There is one but I’ll get to that later. Django_Unchained3

The writing was very Tarantino like.  Just like all of the blood.  He has a knack for writing long dialogue tension filled scenes.  This movie has plenty of those.  They do not disappoint.  Neither does the cast.  Many times I was just enthralled & captivated by Christopher Waltz & DiCaprio in there respective scenes.  My favorite for the good Dr. Schultz was capturing his first bounty on screen.  Very Awesome.  DiCaprio has to be when he is speaking about the 3 dimples.  (did he cut his hand for real in that scene?)  Curious.  As for my favorite scene with Django?  Anyone could guess it was the 2pac laced shootout scene.  It had be gushing!  Samuel L. Jackson was his first encounter with Django and Kerry Washington’s had to be the hotbox scene.  No.  Just kidding.

The soundtrack was filled with old 70’s style spaghetti western type songs with the exception of Rick Ross & 2pac on 2 occasions.


Unexpected but somehow fit.  This is also very Tarantino-like.

The amount of racism displayed had a lot of people cringing and disliking certain parts of this movie.  Yet, I thought it was a little extreme at times.  I allowed for it to move me because at the end it makes the payoff more worthy.  Then there was the subject of the length of this movie.  Yes, it sits at 2 hours and 45 minutes and the first time you watch it may go fast.  But as the second viewing is half over you notice that time starts to drag.  You know whats gonna happen yet you push through it.  I couldn’t honestly give this movie a 5 star rating knowing that it is a hard movie to watch multiple times.  If it was about 2 hours I would say 5 star no problem.  But this is a slight problem for me.

In the end I was very pleased with this movie.  Awesome in fact!  If you don’t mind extreme Racial slavery scenes and huge amounts of blood then you will find this movie to have a certain flair for the dramatic.  Enjoy.


Comic Book Movie Plus:  Jamie Foxx:  The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – Kerry Washington: Fantastic Four 1 & 2 – Samuel L. Jackson: Iron Man 2, The Avengers (acouple other appearances in Marvel Movies), The Spirit

Nudity Bonus:  Kerry Washington: 1:34:34 (full/T)