Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade (1989)

Indy LC1


Starring: Harrison Ford, Sean Connery    – Directed By: Steven Spielberg

Running Time: 2hr 11 min   – Genre: Action Adventure

Ran-Dizzle (Host)


Movie Relevance:
Since this is going to be my official last post, I decided to end it with this movie as it is the “Last Crusade” that Kimmay! and I shall be a part of. That being said I wish Big JD a long and prosperous ride with his blogs and hope that it continues to blossom for him.


This is my favorite of the Trilogy (yes Trilogy I don’t count that other movie that claims to be part of Indy’s world) You get to see the connection between Indy’s past and how and why he does what he does, and his relationship with his father and his father’s passion for finding the Holy Grail.

What I felt went right with the story was giving it some background, going back and showing us how Indy became Indy, and how he progressed so far. What I didn’t like about the story is that it does kind of beat a dead horse when Indy is always getting involved withThe-Last-Crusade-Screencap-indiana-jones-18999827-1024-440 Nazi’s and end of the world situations cause because the Nazi’s are wanting to find a supernatural way of ending the world.

Sean Connery playing Henry Jones Sr. make worth watching this movie to me, he plays a role that is passive yet firm especially with Indy.

Harrison ford always plays Indiana so well, I think my favorite part is when he threw the Nazi Soldier out and says “No Ticket” and then everyone starts producing their tickets …classic Indy humor.indiana_jones

It was good to see Julian Glover added as the bad guy as he tends to play those kind of roles as he was in Empire Strikes back as General Veers he plays the greedy entrepreneur that wants to use the cup for personal gain as well as to sell to the Nazi’s.

There are quite a bit of holes in the movie and areas were not completely thought through like, for example…if you heard a loud CLANG in your library and it happened every time you stamped the book, yeah that’s funny to us but wouldn’t you think as a librarian you would go check that out?

Overall this to me is the best Indiana Jones movie and it is a must watch for all Indiana Jones fans.

P.S I am very glad that we finally got to finish a trilogy while being part of the Movie Review Crew. I’ve had fun and hope that you all continue to read as BIG JD kicks it old school and still pumps out the reviews for you guys. I’ve had a blast and hope you all enjoyed the movies we’ve review and will continue to review.



Now this is my favorite Indy movie. I remember the first time I watched it with my cousins they tried to force me to watch the part were thy guy turns to dust but I was a wimp and refused…I knew nothing good was gonna come from drinking out of the wrong goblet. They made fun of me the rest of the time I was in Oklahoma but the funny parts totally out weighed the one.indiana-image

I didn’t realize how much of this movie I had forgotten until I watched it last night. I was giggling through most of, especially when Dr. Henry Jones entered the scene. The relationship between father and son was hilarious. I loved it whenever Indy removed a few of the bad guys and would look to his dad for a “way to be son” look and would get a “are you serious” look instead. But the touching moments were when at one time or another they thought the other was dead or dying. The-Last-Crusade-Screencap-indiana-jones-19000585-1024-440

When it came to the script, I liked the idea of finding the Holy Grail. I also thought it was fun that the writers mentions the Arc of the Covenant. But the script was witty and kept you engaged in the film.

If you haven’t watched the Indy series I totally recommend it. Might skip the last one though. Wasn’t what it could have been for an Indiana Jones film, but it did have a few shining moments.

So I give this movie…




Warning:  This review is full of spoilers.

I won’t lie… the first 40 seconds of this movie could totally be a Man-Thing sequel.  Ha!  Lots of laughin’.  Just a jk’n you and stuff.  The beginning of this film spawned The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles Television series that ran for oh about a year.  It starred Patrick Flanery as the young Indiana Jones (a far cry from River Phoenix) but, without Patrick we wouldn’t have had the Boondock Saints Duo.  I will proceed now.

indiana-jones-and-the-last-crusade-river-phoenixRiver Phoenix plays a wonderful Indiana Jones.  Facial expressions, body mannerisms, voice inflections the whole yard.  We lost someone special when we lost River Phoenix.  Well, it looks as if Leonardo DiCaprio filled in just fine right?  He just stepped right in there didn’t he.  Anyway this beginning we get to see what inspires him the rest of his life.

In this movie we get to go back to the original formula.  Using the college as the Base of operations and his sanctuary.  And a pleasant addition of Indy’s father.  BTW When they found his fathers house in shambles how did Marcus know that it was “today’s” mail he was looking at?  Something to think about.  A lot of the same was used to make it an Indiana Jones movie such as the fake punch sounds, overacted action sequences, Nazi’s, A huge map that has a red line showing their travelling distance and the most important.  An ancient artifact that has to be found.  In this case it is the Holy Grail.  BTW can you open your eyes in petroleum?  Looks like that would burn.  Even if it is mixed with water it would have to be concentrated enough to actually set a flame.  The girl (Elsa) is pretty lackluster and forgettable in this movie.  Another blonde, what are ya gonna do?  You find out later why she doesn’t fit that role well.  Greed kills.  I loved Harrison Ford’s Irish or is that Scottish accent.  Either one whatever, it was amusing.  It is the first time we see Indy wearing a long tie with his classic brown shirt.

A complaint I have though is that halfway through this movie the bantering between father and son get old quick.  The movie at times just lastcrusadeseems to be regurgitated bits and pieces from the previous two films.  Although getting Hitler’s autograph was pretty original.  Maybe because it has a lack of leading lady.  Maybe Sean Connery takes the place of the leading lady?  One thing I’ve figured out is that Indiana fights best when he’s on the move.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s a motorcycle or a tank he fights all over the place.  Junior!

Just a little bit more “fantasy” then the other two movies but not too much.  This still ranks as third for me in the trilogy.  Mainly because I found most of this movie to be slightly boring.  Boring for an Indiana Jones movie anyway.  But it’s a must see for any fan.

I would like to end this review by saying that this will be the final review with our other 2 members of the Movie Crew.  Ran-Dizzle and Kimmay! Are moving on to greener pastures.  Mainly pastures that don’t make them write a movie review every week.  It’s ok.  It can be daunting at times but I’m here for YOU.  I will  remain here.  The Movie Crew will be a crew of ONE.  I will though take a few weeks off in February.  And you will see posts again late Feb. or first week of March.  I want these reviews to stay original in content so, things may change or things may stay somewhat similar.  Thank you to all of our followers.  You reading is what keeps me doing this.



Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984)


Starring: Harrison Ford,  Kate CapshawJonathan Ke Quan    – Directed By: Steven Spielberg

Running Time: 1hr 58 min   – Genre: Action/Advent

Kimmay! (Host)

Indy continues on new adventures and just can’t stay out of trouble. Picking up a couple of sidekicks on the way, he helps save a village by finding and returning a sacred stone. He just needs to keep an eye out for his heart.

Movie Relevance:

Well once you watch one Indiana Jones you have to watch them all!


I believe I stated in the last Indy review that I had not watched these films in a while. So I am glad that we decided to watch them again. While

this is not my favorite Jones movie it is still a great one.

Short Round was my favorite addition to the movie. He brought out a side of Indy that is rarely seen. In the Lost Arc film he was kind of that way with Marion but only a few times. He was caring and Short Round had enough pull on him to break him out of the zombie trance. The thing I loved most about Short Round was the fact he was just like his character in the Goonies. Most would say that was bad but I think he was a fun character and it saddens me that he really only did the two movies.

Willie annoyed me to no end. She was super needy and only did ok as a love interest in the movie. But I do have to say her reactions to the dinner was fabulous and I would have probably reacted the same way.

Again the music was great in this film as it was in the first and the script was very original.

So I give this film…



No time for love Dr. Jones….

The best thing about this movie especially following Raiders is you get to see more of Indy and his many adventures. This one isn’t bad actually the only one in the collection that I think was bad was Crystal Skull for personal reasons. I think Last Crusade is the best of them all but let’s review this one.

Short Round stole the show for me. He is a loveable character and always backing up Dr. Henry Jones “Indy” and also causing trouble. Seeing him belt the little voo doo bastard in the mouth while Indy was beating the burly guy was quite entertaining, or seeing him drive the car with the wedge pedal shoes.

Willie Scott, not my favorite Indy girl. (Always have been a fan of Marion.) plays her role well. She portrays the ditzy blonde vaudeville show style girl who is just trying to find her fortune but lands in Indy’s lap.

There is several things wrong with this movie that even for the time sticks out like a sore thumb. Special effects when the plane explodes it obviously was green screened very similar to Star Wars effects however for some reason in the Indy films they seem a little cheesier now. Also I noticed this in both Raiders and this movie…If you count bullets when guns are fired…when you have a six shooter and you fire 14 shots and no reload?! or better yet using musket rifles that involve powder and muskets…and your firing multiple times. Also when they are escaping the tunnels to get away from the water you can tell it’s also green screened…granted back in the day this was top of the line…but to me it’s pretty cheesy now yet I still love these movies.

As any “Good” Indiana Jones this is a must see just for retro sake, or if you’ve never seen it before it’s a must see for any Indiana Jones fan.




This is my favorite Indiana Jones movie of all time.  Out of 4 movies this one comes out on top.  I betcha wonderin’ why this is the case?  Well, it’s kinda why I’m writing this review.  Walk with me for a second…

So, you know how some of the most horrible movies may stick in your heads as good experiences?  Most of that is caused by nostalgia.  It was a movie that you watched when you were young and it always stuck with you.  Getting older you’ve seen how bad that it may be but for some reason watching it brings back those nostalgic feelings of being young and without care.  This movie sort of wins but Indiana Jones film to me mostly because of this reason.  This was the movie that I discovered how cool Harrison Ford can be if he played another character.  In the “Raiders” review I spoke about how I was strictly a Star Wars fan and didn’t give that movie a chance.  But this is the movie I did give a chance and I’m glad I did.  Now, that I think about it I do that a lot…  Shun the first outing of something and then become a fan on the second outing…  Eminem comes to mind.  I digress.

I think the biggest “like” of this movie for me is that there isn’t a clear setup of story for Indy.  In the beginning he is concluding another adventure and he winds up stuck in a situation were he feels compelled to go on yet another adventure when it really didn’t call for it.  So, it kinda feels like we the audience are getting something for free.  Bonus mission!  There are many likes I have in this film like the dinner scene, the bugs scene, the heart scene (definitely), and finally the mine car chase.  So epic they made it a ride at Universal Studios.  And the punch sounds.  Many may think “corny” but even my daughter while watching the movie noticed the outright ridiculousness of the fake punch sounds.  It’s Indiana Jones Gold.

Now with all this love, I can’t let go some of the bad writing that we the audience was just supposed to accept.  Examples being, 1.  Indiana Jones drinks poison yet, he is able to run around (for quite some time) and fight and everything before getting the antidote.  Even after the bad guy says “it works fast!”.  2.  If you jump out of a plane on a life raft and hit the ground they hit you would most likely break some legs.  As soon as it was “aired up” and went over the cliff, I’m sorry but it would have flipped over many times its just physics.  What was the point in having all these guests show up at the palace if they didn’t do anything to contribute to story?  Ok, the british guy sort of told the story of them being overseen and watched by Britain.  But other than that?  That close to lava and Willie didn’t burn up?  Not even a red shade of rosey?  Just alittle sweat is what we got.  If that stuff is hot enough to melt bone from its cage then being that close would have made her skin bubble.  Just sayin’.  Things like that come up and I’m like what?!  How the heck does Indiana get his whip to latch on to things so that he can swing on it?  That doesn’t make any sense at all.  And most likely many more points to make if I were to be nitpicky.

The relationship between Willie & Indie was annoying to say the least.  It reminded me more of Romancing the Stone than Indiana Jones.  Come to think of it Romancing the Stone came out the same year as this movie so, I might be on to something.  I liked the inclusion of short round.  He was great.  I wish he would have been included in more movies.  It was a side of Dr. Jones that we haven’t seen yet.  The ending was very satisfying and yet this movie doesn’t explore many of the formulas the first one had it still has its own piece of history.  Indiana Jones on an adventure.  That’s all you need.  …with a slight flare for the “unbelievable”.


Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)



Starring: Harrison Ford, Karen Allen   – Directed By: Steven Spielberg

Running Time: 1hr 55 min   – Genre: Action/Adventure

Ran-Dizzle (Host)

Indiana Jones Archeologist / Professor of Archeology has been asked to find the Ark of the Covenent before the Nazi’s do, now it’s a race between Indy and Belloq who is helping the Nazi find the Arc.

Movie Relevance:

This is one of my favorite films of all time so I picked it.


You can never go wrong with a classic, even when I was a little boy and I heard the theme to Indiana Jones I would stop what I was doing and go running in to watch it, Something about Raiders of the Lost Ark that is just so amazing I can watch it multiple times. I grew up wanting to be like Indy. That being said here is the review.

Raiders of the Lost Ark is a classic for Speilberg and Lucas it introduces us to this brilliant, daring professor/archeologist that we all know and love. Indiana Jones, Harrison ford who while making the Indy films portrayed a scruffy looking nerf herder Han Solo, so we see him in his bold, sarcastic, brilliance as a rouge pirate basically in Star Wars…alot of Han is shown in Indy, but since it’s in a Galaxy far far away…. you can’t really compare the two, But Harrison Ford has created a staple for many to attempt and follow as the loveable, charismatic character Indiana Jones.*May 01 - 00:00*05_Flatbed_WEB

Karen Allen playing to me the ONLY love interest that Indy has ever had and that would be Marion a Spit-Fire brunette that can hold her own but is madly in love with Indy but keeps her guard up. I cannot see anyone else playing this character because she at the time this was created had a decent career and was very beautiful for the tom-boy next door look. If anything I could have seen her easily replace Margot Kidder as Lois Lane but that’s neither here nor there.

John Rhys- Davies also played very well as Indy’s friend that was a “Digger” for the archeologists in Cairo. He speaks english very well and honestly hearing him talk I can trace a hint of UK English in his voice which can sometimes be annoying but since some people in Cairo do go to Oxford for studying I am not really out ruling on that.

As for the plot, it’s original at its time but it felt like a chess game between Belloq and Indy, I got your prize, now I got you prize, no I got your prize, nope sorry I got your prize, HAHA neither of us get it. Kind of situation which keeps the movie rolling, but I mean the last time the Nazi’s take it from Indy…seriously enough is enough. indiana-jones-and-the-swordsman-in-raiders-of-the-lost-ark_7-best-movie-fight-scenes

I did have a few quirks about the movie that annoyed me, When he’s a professor he has his glasses on, when he’s Indy he doesn’t need them… Does he think he’s Superman/Clark Kent… Daily Professor and then Treasure Hunting, Adventure seeking Archeologist by night?

Face Melt 1The graphics were pretty cheesy but at the time they were top of the line, the stop animation of the face melt is a classic. Or when Alfred Molina gets skewered and see the fake face still jiggling with the spikes like a rubber mask it is.

Overall though for the special effects and wardrobe it all seemed to be ok for the time, looking back though as we are spoiled moving forward it’s kind of cheesy but I still love it. This is a classic you must see, you can’t miss this.



To start this review it has been many, many years since I watched this movie. It amazes me what the film industry used to consider PG in the 1980’s. If I had to rate this movie I would give it a rating of PG-13. It’s got faces melting off and heads blowing up but I guess it is a bit cheesy by today’s standards.

Indy GlassesI must say that Harrison Ford was quite the stud muffin in his younger days and he aged rather well at that. I don’t think anybody else could have played Indiana Jones the way he did. He was quirky and when he gave his “sexy” look…the female heart just sighs. Karen Allen as Marion Ravenwood was a good choice. She can drink most men under the table and isn’t above trying to save herself when Indy won’t. I have to say my favorite scene was when she climbed up Indy to get away from all of the snakes. It made me giggle because I would have done the same thing.

Now the theme song is known everywhere. I have to say it is one of the best written out there. It plays and the since of adventure fills the year.  I have to say it is one of my favorites.

The script was original and super fun to watch. The dialog was easy to follow and fun to listen to.

After watching this one I’m gonna have to go back and watch the others. Maybe not the last one, but that’s a different review.

So I give this one…




Harrison Ford before he was a legend but you can tell that he was well on his way.  The first installment of the Indiana Jones series still proves to be my second favorite of them all (4).  What makes it come in runner up?  I can tell ya!

First of all I would like to state that I was a Star Wars fan way before I was a suedo fan of Indiana Jones.  As a kid I had always looked at Harrison Ford playing this boring teacher guy as something I wasn’t at all interested in.  So, needless to say I had passed up Raiders of the Lost Arc the first time around.  I saw bits and pieces but like I said I had no interest because Harrison was NOT Indiana he was Han.  Period.  Fast forward to 2014 and I’m watching Raiders not for the first time but, still it feels new in places.  Karen Allen plays a formidable partner for Indy and helps drive along the story very well.  Minus the fact that we never know much about their past.  I guess that’s how Kasdan likes to write.  He always puts that stuff in his movies (Star Wars) that reference the characters past to give them depth.  Too bad he didn’t have a hand in the prequels.  Ok, I know… off topic.

The flow of the movie seems to go pretty well, until the Nazi’s steal the arc after Indy had stole it back from them after they stole it from him initially which happens to be the 2nd time that we know of as an audience that Belloq steals something from Indy after he went to the trouble of getting it.  Phew!  It just becomes a bit “done” and honestly it gets old after awhile.  Hey look kids he fighting Nazi’s for like an hour.  Maybe not that long but at times it feels like it.

Alfred MolinaThe movie starts off with an actor that we all know pretty well nowadays especially if you’ve seen Spider-Man 2.  Alfred Molina had his big movie break here and what seems confusing to me is that he gets opening credits fanfare.  I’m confused only because (spoiler) he doesn’t make it too far into the movie before he gets “stuck”.

Storywise the movie follows a pretty straightforward story.  Find arc – bring it back.  Don’t trust anyone because it’s going to be dangerous.  Simple enough right?  Well, one of the things that bothers me the most is that after Indiana Jones goes off on these dangerous artifact finds he runs into opposition that end up shooting guns, arrows and swinging swords at his face.  After he makes it out alive he comes back to his teaching job and nobody ever thinks to follow him and continue their fight.  It’s like he’s in a “safe” zone and I’m wondering to myself “now, why didn’t I ever notice that before?”  If I were Belloq why wouldn’t I just follow Mr. Jones back to his teaching job and take him out while he is going through his lecture?  Some might say “well, Belloq needs Indy to get the artifacts for him so that he can steal them from him.”  To that I say, then why does Belloq try to kill Indiana every time they run into each other?  Yeah, thought so.  Magically delicious safe zone.

Indy BelloqClassic soundtrack by Williams and you can feel a Star Wars influence in this movie.  Directly after Empire so, it still feels thematic.  Very good though.  I liked it, but only second best to me.  Stay tuned until next week and you might find out what comes in at number one.

Comic book Connection: Alfred Molina- Spider-Man 2

Nudity Bonus: n/a  (there is a whip though…)


Clear and Present Danger (1994)


Starring:Harrison Ford, Willem Dafoe, Anne Archer   – Directed By: Phillip Noyce



 I am not really one for Political Movies but this one is pretty good one, I mean it has Harrison Ford, James Earl Jones, and Willem Dafoe?! what else does it need, Well the plot was pretty good, nothing really original, The US tries to start a war with Colombian drug cartels, all the while the US involves CIA Deputy Director Jack Ryan (Harrison Ford) while Jack Ryan doesn’t really know about the war, he’s just there to investigate and seize funds he finds himself getting wrapped up in a political scandal. Since this is a kind of Sequel

Acting was ok nothing really stood out a few of the extras were obviously never been in a film but other then that ok, Harrison Ford was perfect as always, Willem Dafoe was pretty good although his role was small. It was nice to see a little reunion of the Voice of Darth Vader (James Earl Jones) and Han Solo (Harrison Ford) together in another movie, kind of makes you wonder what they talked about between takes, perhaps reminiscing over old Star Wars times? Probably not but Wan could only hope. ( I know horrible Star Wars pun)

Special Effects and Soundtrack was nothing really spectacular.

Overall this movie is ok, for it’s time it was done well.


Big JD-

Jack Ryan is a character that was created by Tom Clancy in a series of books by the same author.  If you haven’t had the chance to see any of these Jack Ryan movies then you are missing out.  Heavily themed as political thrillers you might think it would be boreing but surprisingly they are quite entertaining.  Even the one with Ben Affleck.

This movie is a classic in terms of Harrison Ford playing yet another great character.  Playing Jack Ryan is a perfect fit for him and I wasn’t at all disappointed with him.  James Earl Jones was fantastic as well.  I need to watch more movies with him in them.  Speaking of Ford & Jones, it was a reunion of sorts for them.  They haven’t appeared in a movie together since Star Wars.  Well, James Earl Jones’ voice anyway.  If you liked his character less ailing you can check out The Hunt For Red October.  But you would have to put up with Alec Baldwin playing Jack Ryan.  Willem Dafoe plays yet another bad guy / good guy / who knows guy.  Very reminiscent of Platoon in parts for me.

clark-gregg-clear-and-present-danger_480x270I was very surprised to see Clark Gregg (Marvel’s Agent Coulson).  Where?  Ok, do you remember when they were testing out the young Sniper?  Remember that?  You know when they couldn’t find him but they did find his cheeseburger wrapper?  Yeah, that’s the part.  Well, to the right of the guy with the binoculars there stands Clark Gregg.  Nice.

The score/soundtrack was very typical for this type of political action thriller.  It wasn’t bad but I can say that it was to be expected.

It wouldn’t be a Big JD review if I didn’t find some problems with the writing/directing.  I’m sure Clancy wrote a fine book but the screenplay adaptation had some problems.  First it was the initial idea that a drug cartel was actually deemed a “Clear and Present Danger” by the President of the United States.  Consider it a product of the nineties I guess.  They made the President played by Donald Moffat a blithering idiot.  Maybe that was by design but it bothered me.  During the ambush in Bogata I counted many more “white” vans being blown up than there actually were.  Only by like two so, that’s not bad right?  During Jack Ryan’s “I need paper for my printer” scene.  Print Screen actually doesn’t send data to a printer.  Wow.  People were so computer illiterate back then.  When Clark asks the heli pilot to pick them up at the “Lindo Coffee” factory the actual name is “Lindo Café” (I saw the sign) and him being an American would not know the difference.  Yes he would.  Just kidding.  But he might have kept looking for “Lindo Café” and cost everyone their lives.  If it wasn’t for his extreme under the influence training I’m sure he would have missed it.  When Jack Ryan is called to the special Committee Hearing the announcer says “The committee will now call Dr. John Ryan”.  Is that his “other” name that I’ve never heard before?

Well, in all it still is a good movie.  Mistakes aside.  The ending is very satisfying and keeps you wanting more Jack Ryan.  I think they need a final Jack Ryan movie with Harrison Ford playing the retired hero.  But what do I know?  I’m only a fan.600full-clear-and-present-danger-

Comic Book Movie Plus:  Willem Dafoe: Spider-Man, Clark Greg: The Avengers, Iron Man Series, Thor

Nudity Bonus:  Nope.



Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back (1980)

Trailer: Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back

Starring: Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher  – Directed By: Irvin Kershner

Running Time: 2 hr & 04 mins – Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

Big JD (Host)


After the destruction of the Death Star the rebel alliance has hid on the far side of the galaxy on an ice planet named Hoth.  Meanwhile Darth Vader is searching for young Skywalker using all of his resources to do so.  Remember, he felt the force within him as he was trailing him during the battle on the death star in Episode IV.  Obsessed with finding him he finally locates him with the Rebel Alliance on Hoth and begins an attack to draw them out.


Out of the six movies this one by far is my favorite.  There are many reasons why this is top of the class for me and I will try to explain that here.  But first, we are starting with the negative aspects.  Don’t worry there aren’t many.

At the battle of Hoth, I noticed that everyone was “human”.  The Rebel Alliance was made up of many different races from all over the galaxy.  Yet, there were only humans inhabiting this rebel base.  I found that to be weird.  Although, at that time (2nd movie of the franchise) a lot of the story specifics had not been planned out.  So, at the time of filming, I’m sure the Rebel Alliance was only comprised of humans.  Also, same battle, the AT-ST’s were just kicking ass and taking names.  Yet Luke was the only one out of the whole group that could take ‘em down.  Damn, he even took one down by himself.  Even after he showed them how to tow-cable them down, nobody followed suit.  The Battle of Hoth could have been more then what it was but I’m ok with what had turned out.

Yoda’s Lazy eye had always given me problems.  I guess you really start to go downhill once 900 years you reach.  880 is ok… just when you turn 900.

The acting, writing, score, was all fantastic for me.  Now, am I biased because this is the first movie that I ever remember watching in a theatre?  I don’t think so.  Is it just because I love the original trilogy? No.  Is it because it’s a beatdown movie?  Yeah, probably.  I don’t know why, but I like to see the protagonist just straight get their ass kicked.  Only to be left at the end of the movie where everyone has a huge uphill battle to face.  This only makes the rise of our hero’s much greater and inexplicably more exciting to watch.  You can watch this movie as a standalone movie and get a wonderful love story and a hero’s battle to step in some very large shoes.  The love story between Han & Leia was probably the best love story in the Star Wars films to date.  And we all know Luke was trying to be more than what he was.  That was the point.  He hurried off to help his friends when he wasn’t ready to confront Vader.  See where that left him?

During the movie my wife asked me “Do you think the reason Darth Vader is searching for Luke so hard is because he loves him deep down?”.  I answered “yes, definitely.  He wanted Luke to see things from his perspective and together they could be dark ruling the galaxy as father and son.  Classic take on any drug addict.  The drug addict doesn’t see anything wrong with his life.  Yet, he wants the ones he loves to share in his ecstasy.  I think Darth Vader was so enthralled with the presence of his Son that he knew way before the Emperor told him of his presence.  I think he was playing dumb there during that conversation.  Then he had to say something to throw off any concerns of the Emperor by saying “He will join us or die”.  Knowing that he would never out rightly kill his own son.  He had already accidently killed his wife.  He wouldn’t make that same mistake twice.

A lot of people that have seen the movie have had problems understanding “The Cave” in dagobah.  “Remember your failure at the cave!”.  Let me explain.  The cave is filled with anger, fear, aggression, and basically it is strong with the dark side.  A person goes in as a test.  How one deals with the dark side of the force.  Luke was presented with a “fear”.  Facing Darth Vader.  He reacted to that fear with aggression and cut his head off.  A Jedi mustn’t be the aggressor.  The lightsabers are meant for defense not attack.  That is why when the mask was blown off the face, it was Luke’s face under the mask.  Meaning that if he continued this path it would lead him directly to the dark side.  He would become a sith.

5 Things I love about this movie:  1. It’s got Hoth, Dagobah, Cloud City 2.  It’s got bounty hunters!  3.  Did I mention that I loved Cloud City?  4.  Han gets frozen in carbonite  5.  The group get’s their ass kicked and Luke’s hand is chopped off.  Now, go watch this movie!

Comic Book Movie Plus:  Billy Dee Williams – Batman,

Nudity Bonus:  N/A




To me this is one of the greatest of the Star Wars Saga. The story of this movie to me is pretty decent, I think the better of the sub-plots though is the mesh of Han’s Ego and Leia’s stubbornness, To me the romance between those to in this movie really ties together well, like fire and ice. The most important part of the movie is when Luke presents himself to Yoda and goes to learn the ways of the force. If Obi Wan was present when the twins were born (Ep. 3) then how come he didn’t know that Luke wasn’t the only hope? I think the thing that entertained me the most was Vader going through his head officers. After the third one I wondered if he started to realize he was going to eventually run out of Admirals. 

Special Effects for the time were decent, I think honestly they were a little better in the Origianl I noticed alot of clay animation style with the Tauntauns. Yoda was pretty good, obviously he was just shy of showing his strings to realize he was a puppet, Frank Oz did a wonderful role as Yoda even through the years he managed to keep it pretty close to the original voice.
Lando was an interesting character to bring in. To me the only purpose besides possibly giving Han a back story was to just be a subplot for the main story line. Although Billy Dee Williams did a great job playing him, but really he didn’t have much of a major role in this film nor the next one.

This is probably the best film for Han Solo, it shows a little of his past with Lando, and that kind of dabbled into the romance of his ego chauvinistic personality to the slightly emotional side with Leia, who herself was in a turmoil of being in love with Han yet being irritated by the Scruffy looking Nerf herder.

Not really much of a soundtrack or at least a noticeable one other then the Imperial march.

This is a must see actually the Whole Saga is a must see but this one has to be watched.


Willie Good-Cook

-Appropriately named-

This movie’s title says it all. It is easily the 5th best Star Wars movie ever!(So far) Right in front of episode 1: Phantom Menace, and right behind Episode 2: Clone Wars. (This is my opinion, but I think most of you agree.) Personally, I hate spending two and a half hours watching a movie, only to have no real conclusion and having to wait through another 2 1/2 hour movie to finally get closure.

Now, to the movie itself. I found most of Harrison Fords acting to be sub par. To be honest, the whole cast bothered me at times…except maybe Vader. But how can a plastic suit be a bad actor? The real place the actors shined was as a cast. The banter between the cast members is still very entertaining. I do love the score of the Star Wars series. It is very enjoyable to listen too and they did a pretty good job of setting the mood of scenes with well places musical numbers. The Light Saber is still probably my favorite fictional weapon, I have wanted one since I was young and still do.

The plot of the movie is probably part of the reason I dislike it. The story is good, but it goes unfinished so I can’t really say that the storyis at fault. Part of the problem with this series is that I don’t carry the nostalgia factor into this. I was born way after this. I was watching stuff like Jurassic park and The Matrix growing up. This movie seemed dated to me the first time I ever watched it, and it seems equally dated now. Dated movies can be enjoyable though. I still watch Wizards from time to time and it feels REALLY dated.

This movie did have some great classic “Star Wars” moments. Like when Luke loses his hand and finds out who his father is, Luke’s training with Yoda, or when Lando betrays everyone to save his skin but feels so bad about it that he helps them escape. I know my review sounds negative, but you have to understand, being the 5th best Star wars is still way better than many of the movies we have reviewed. I am just comparing it to 4 other really good movies…and one terrible one. (Sorry phantom menace.) And the ending still pisses me off. I HATE CLIFF HANGERS!!! THEY NEED TO DIE AND GO TO HELL!!! Now I have to go watch Return of the Jedi. Thanks Big JD!


Save yourself 2 1/2 hours. Vader is Luke’s father and Han is frozen in Carbonite. The end.




Blade Runner (1982)

Trailer: Blade Runner (1982)

Starring: Harrison Ford, Rutger Hauer & Sean Young – Directed By: Ridley Scott

Running Time: 1 hr & 57 mins – Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Synopsis:  It is the year 2019 and the technology has furthered itself to the point were making exact android replica’s of humans has occurred.  These are called “Replica’s”.  They are deemed illegal.  It is up to the Blad Runner units to hunt them down and eliminate them.  They choose to use the verbage of “Retirement”.  Deckard (Harrison Ford) is tasked with bringing 4 Replica’s into retirement when he meets a 5th replica that has special programming.  Tracking down replica’s isn’t an easy task and even when you do it is after all “retirement” that hurts the most.

Big JD (Host)

*according to this movie we only have 6 years remaining before we get our flying cars.  Yay!*

Why didn’t we get more Science Fiction out of Harrison Ford in his prime?  Why!?  He was obviously fit for the genre.  Whether he would like to admit to it or not.  It’s him.

This was a first time watch for me.  Yeah, it took way too long for me to watch this film.  Not just in terms of 31 years but also the hour and 57 minute journey was also a bit long for me.  It took awhile to get going and then when it “got going” it barely kept itself afloat for that 1:57.

This film was a Visual Stunner as of 1982.  I have to try to keep the year in mind when talking about this but back then the Special effects were amazing.  And the way it was filmed you could tell that they were showing that off to the audience.  Usually when you have a visual stunner on your hands you also have to deal with a weak story line.  Not in this case.  The story line was fantastic.  More so that I wish they could have done more with it.  Basically this movie is about 1 guy that is after 4 people.  Meets a 5th person falls in love.  Catches the people he was after and has his happy ending.  Straight to the point.  But with all of that style.  You would think Mr. Scott would have fixed any voice-over issues.  Check it out:  At the end of The Egyptian interrogation scene.  (The guy who sold snakes.)  Huge voice-over flaw.

The lighting was a problem for me.  It was way too dark.  There was even a point where a character wanted it even darker.  I was like “ah c’mon! Not Darker!”.  Anyway, I guess the best way to hide flaws in your science fiction is to make everything dark.  Or maybe the symbolic darkness was just 1 of the many symbolic metaphors in this movie.  Symbolic Tour –  Dark/Rainy Movie: Symbolizes Deckard’s dark times in his life at this point.  Giving Tyrell thick glasses:  He could see down the road in great detail but couldn’t see that road when it was right there in his face.  Batty has white hair:  white hair is a sign of old age.  In his life cycle he is essentially in his twilight year.  The unicorn:  Deckard is chasing the one thing that seems impossible for a hired “retirement officer” like him to obtain.  Love.  You will see the Unicorn again at the end.  Making Roy’s last name Batty:  2 reasons, he is the “baddie” in this film, and also he honestly goes Batty before film is fin.  You will find more metaphor’s in this movie.  It is jam-packed.

As soundtrack’s go, it was fairly typical of an 80’s science fiction movie.  It kinda reminded me of 2001: A Space Odyssey, or Star Trek: the Motion Picture from time to time.  But, once it started in with the elect

ric synth and god forbid the 80’s love scene Saxophone I wanted to deny my ears.

In the end I was more disappointed in the overall movie than anything.  I’ve heard so much about this movie being one of the Science Fiction greats.  But really, it turns

out to be one of the Science Fiction normalities.  Maybe it was the best movie to come out of 1982?  It is better than Total Recall or some other horrible SF movies from the 80’s that come to mind.  I will give it that.  But “Great”?  I think not.  It is possible though that this is a double viewer.  Meaning that you have to watch this movie a

few times for it to attach itself to your psyche.

Don’t forget William Sanderson!  This is my creation Daryl… This is my other creation Daryl.  Couldn’t help but think that at his introduction.  Oh, and Marvel did a 2 issue limited series adaptation on this book.  Check it out.

Comic Book Movie Plus:  Rutger Hauer – Sin City, Batman Begins.

Nudity Bonus:  Joanna Cassidy – Zhora (54:26)(T)




This has to be one of the weirdest movies I’ve seen in awhile.  For an 80’s Sci-Fi Noir style film. For the time the graphics were done pretty well. Better then some of the other’s 80’s Sci-Fi Cop show I’ve seen.

The Casting was done very well, Harrison Ford does a good job as always but I did kind of feel more like I was watching Indy playing more of a detective role then Archeologist.  It’s fun to see things like Larry from Newhart (Odd how his brothers were named Darryl) and then Daryl Hannah was in this movie. (Oh how my humor is off tonight) Seeing Daryl Hannah play those types of roles are in interesting seeing her from Splash, to Blade Runner, then fast forwarding to Kill Bill very impressive. But I would say the casting was done well.een. Something I did notice was I believe this movie inspired I Robot, Due to the Detective vs Robot(Android) story, and meeting and killing of the maker. However I did like how it brings to light the moral of life and death how we are born and then we die there is no prolonging the end it’s going to happen to everyone.

The Soundtrack did place relatively well, nothing about it really stuck out to me, The only thing that bothered me was the floating advertisement of the asian lady taking a pill then smiling…What was that about? Did I miss something.


Willie Good-Cook

-Wake up, time to die-

Gaff's Origami unicorn from the Director's Cut...

Something to remember is that this movie was made over 30 years ago. So we can’t go in expecting “Avatar” out of this. It is hard to rate a movie that came out 4 years before I was born, but here we go. Spoiler alert, THERE IS A MIDGET IN A MILITARY UNIFORM!!! This may indeed be the best part of the whole movie.This movie is like if you took Indiana Jones, I robot, and any other bad 80’s futuristic movie and mashed them together. Not to say that this movie was bad by any means. There were some very entertaining scenes. Any movie with Harrison Ford beating the crap out of robots is a win in my book.

Some of the acting was kind of bad, but then again when is peoples acting in the 80’s any good? The score seemed fairly bad…or i just didn’t notice it really.  And the chick with the clear poncho with a bikini under it, is that what fashion is headed to in 6 years? Or the shitty futuristic cars that look like ghost buster mobiles? And what was with the chick with crazy blonde hair and clown makeup? Does that make her a better fighter?

The cast itself worked fairly well together. The plot was also nice and fairly original. I really liked the premise of this story as well. A future where they are hunting down hostile robots called replicants? Gold in my book. Some of the imagery also reminded me of a comic book at times which was nice for the time period. Some of the dialogue in this movie is also really really good. “some things are lost in time, like tears in the rain.” Good stuff.


If I had went to see this in theaters when I was -4 I probably would have loved this movie, seeing it 30 years later I thought it was ok.