To The Bone (2017)


Trailer: To The Bone (2017)

Starring: Lily Collins, Keanu Reeves, Leslie Bibb

Directed by: Marti Noxon

Runtime: 1 hr 47 mins

Genre(s):  Comedy, Drama

Review by:  John Dixon

Spoiler Free Review: (read if you have NOT seen this movie)

To the bone is a dreadful glimpse into a young girls struggle with anorexia. Not only how it affects her as a person but everyone that is in her life past, present and future. Will she accept the help that she needs or will she continue walking around in the sack of bones that is her life. I would pass on this romp in depression if you had the chance to. If you’re forced to watch it then, I would just sit back, relax, and appreciate the acting.


Spoiler Filled Review: (read only if you HAVE seen it and don’t care about spoilers)


This movie in no way will make you understand what it is like to fight anorexia (I’m assuming) but it will make you feel the desolation and hopelessness one would associate with such a disease. The Doctor gave an unconventional view of looking at things. Some would say that the view is a fresh and much-needed approach to most people living in America in 2017. Grow a pair. Find a way through it.

Lily Collins did a fantastic job. I’m most curious though if she actually dropped the immense amount of weight to star in this movie. She was Skinny yo! She provided a dark Queen vibe to her character that in fact dealt with her problems in dry sarcastic way. I related in a way, but couldn’t fully relate because I’ve never had an eating disorder. I do have a weight problem. I can’t weight to eat! OK, that was tasteless. Moving on. The supporting cast was acceptable. Keanu Reeves played a small part but believable while there. Leslie Bibb even smaller and was quick to exit (She lost weight too). Carrie Preston gets my “most annoying” award. I had a feeling that someone would get it, I didn’t think it would be the True Blood alumni but it was. Her stuffy self obsessed with image character drove me nut-balls. I’m just glad that she was the only character to make my blood temp go up.

The plot was probably more deep than I’m giving it credit for. If you are reading this spoiler section I shouldn’t have to warn you again that spoilers do occur in this part of the review. The movie was lacking direction. Throughout the movie we are watching this girl go through pain and suffering. Constantly saying that she’s sorry but never showing it. Never really turning any corners. There was a period of her “getting better” but it was written so obviously I could see a mile away that her and Luke’s relationship would go downhill and in turn the 3rd act would begin. I was truly on board waiting for that turning point or maybe like her doctor had said “that rock bottom point that was necessary for her” to happen but before that happened I fell off the bus when Ellen/Eli’s mom broke out the Rice milk bah bah. It was hard to go forward from that. Having Ellen/Eli then pass out like I’m sure she’d done many a times suddenly realize that she wasn’t dead this time was what made her want to live? I just didn’t buy it.

My first review for a Netflix Original movie! That is a first. I just hoped that it would have lived up to the Netflix quality standard. The side characters were in and out. I would have liked to have seen more from each one. Maybe how they were affected by Ellen/Eli’s life would have been narrative-ly in place. But we didn’t really see that. They were supporting characters to watch this character drown further and further, and did little to actually support.

Once she hit rock bottom, the movie was basically over. She went home and hugged an awful person, said hi to her sister and went and stood in the doorway to the “Threshold”. Did she stay? Did she go back? Did she see Luke? She said that she would be alright but I just sat through an hour and a half can I get some more closure? Nope. I just have to assume that everything worked out for young Eli.




Comic Book Connection Leslie Bibb (Iron Man, Iron Man 2), Keanu Reeves (Constantine),
Nudity Bonus Ok, yeah I think it was Lily Collins but it was sad seeing her naked body so skinny.  During her fall to rock bottom.
Favorite Moment When Ellen was able to eat a goo goo chocolate nutcluster.  It was monumental for her.
Most Hated Moment Anything 1 second after Susan (Carrie Preston) said anything.
THIS Movie reminded me of THAT Movie This movie reminded of many movies that depresses the shit out of you and then doesn’t give you a strong positive feeling before it ends.  Not saying all movies need to do this but this movie put the character through the ringer with little to no pay off in the end.
What did my wife think of this movie? “It was good.  I thought it was a touching and realistic expression of what people who deal with this go through.”
Box Office Budget This may not count as budget but, Netflix bought the film for 8 million dollars.
How much it made Domestically Netflix doesn’t release these numbers
Was it a Box office Success? Or Failure? Success?  Who knows.
Did you notice? 1.  Lobo was played by “Retta” from Parks and Recreation.  What day is it?  “Treat yo self day!”
2.  Keanu reeves didn’t say “whoa” one time during the entire hour and 47 minutes.  Old joke.  I’m retiring it.
3.  When close-ups of Ellen’s body was shown showing her “skinniness” her head is not shown.  Body double??
Rotten Tomatoes Score
Critics 73%
Audience 71%

Minions (2015)


Trailer:  Minions (2015)

Starring:  Sandra Bullock, Jon Hamm, Michael Keaton

Directed by:  Kyle Balda, Pierre Coffin

Runtime:  1 Hr 31 min

Genre(s):  Animation, Comedy

Review by:  John Dixon

Spoiler Free Review: (read if you have NOT seen this movie)


You’ve seen the Despicable Me movies right?  Well, have you ever wondered where the Minions come from and how they long to serve the most evil of villains?  This movie points you in the right direction.  Seriously, there is one goal here and it is to find out that one thing that happened to the minions to bring them to where we know them today.  The kids will love it and you will like it.  How does this movie rank against the Despicable Me movies?  It comes in 3rd.  Lacking that specific touch that Gru has.  Unfortunately, the Minions cannot carry an entire movie by themselves.  Although it made a TON of money in the box office so, millions of people can’t be all wrong… right?


Spoiler Filled Review: (read only if you HAVE seen it and don’t care about spoilers)


I’ve always thought the Minions were the highlights to the Despicable Me movies.  Like everyone else it made you wonder why they just don’t have their own movie.  I’m glad we get a taste of what that would be like.  Can we go back now?  Even though you singled out 3 Minions and made them stand out as individuals.  It doesn’t help me feel like there are hundreds of minions that could do the same job.  Ok, they aren’t singled out as much but there are some changes made to them to make them more unique.  For example, Bob’s eyes & hair, & Kevin is a different Kevin from the first film.

With Sandra Bullock and Jon Hamm leading the charge you would figure that the acting is top notch.  …and it is.  I have no problems with the acting but I do have to say why use these actors/actress if you’re going to make them so different than what we can expect.  I don’t really find Sandra Bullock to be a great villain-ess, but she hardly sounded like Sandra and I knew Jon Hamm was in this movie but couldn’t peg him until I IMDB’d it.  So, in this case why not pay some cheaper actors for the job that they did anyway?  Why?  because Sandra and Jon put little denim butts in the seats that’s why.  The only casting I was happy with was Steve Carrell as young Gru.  Michael Keaton was in this movie!?  He played Walter somebody?  I didn’t even know that!

How was that plot?  It was interesting to see what the Minions did pre-Gru.  I wished they would have spent more time on the days before Villain-Con.  I thought the evolution of the Minions was super interesting but it went by way too fast.  We basically jumped right into 1968 and they just so happen to meet the Villain just before they meet Gru.  If it were me, I would be looking at this as a series of movies.  Take them way back and track their adventures.  Don’t introduce a young Gru until the final 3rd movie!  Winner!  No, it’s like they felt this movie had no legs.  The minion characters were written pretty plain even though each one of the 3 stood out on purpose.  Nothing new here, same old antics, same old banana.  Scarlett Overkill was a little bit over kill.  She was nice then she was bad, then nice then crazy.  What did she do to earn the spot of top villain?  Nobody knows, its just a title as easily won as grabbing them red gem out of my hand…  I did like Herb.  He was funny.

I want to tell the directors that they forgot something.  If they weren’t planning on making another Minions movie then why didn’t they throw in Dr. Nefario.  He could have been younger and awesome to see what he was doing in the 60’s.  The reason I bring him up is because he has been instrumental in the movies and to not even give him a shout out I think is a missed opportunity.  This movie flows fairly well until the ending.  Its just a flippity floppity here’s the ending because we didn’t know how else to end it type ending.  Although the very ending…

…was my favorite part.  Gru completes these characters.  I think we all know that now.  I was interested in finding the true Hollywood story of the Minions and I get one anecdote about this chick claiming to be all evil tricking them to steal the Queen’s crown.  Weird sloppy story and the end.  We meet Gru.  Don’t get me wrong, My Kids loved this movie!  My son is all about the Minions and he loved it especially.





Comic Book Connection Michael Keaton – Batman, Batman Returns
Nudity Bonus Minion Butt.
Favorite Moment The introduction to Gru
Most Hated Moment I thought the giant Kevin was a bit too much on the side of “ok, lets go big or go home” type movie making.
THIS Movie reminded me of THAT Movie Reminded me of Puss In Boots, or Penguins of Madagascar where the spin-off wasn’t as good as the main movie.
What did my wife think of this movie?
Box Office Budget $74,000,000.00
How much it made Domestically $324,755,670.00
Was it a Box office Success? Or Failure? Success
Did you notice? 1. That Michael Keaton played Walter Nelson in this movie.  Yeah, I had no clue (as I mentioned above)
2. Geoffrey Rush was the Narrator.  Wow they needed to exentuate their voice talent here.
3. This movie ranks #2, just below Despicable Me 2 in terms of Box Office haul in the 3 film series.
Rotten Tomatoes Score  Did not watch the entire movie.  Fell asleep…
Critics 54%
Audience 52%

Trainwreck (2015)

Trailer:  Trainwreck (2015)

Starring:  Amy Schumer, Bill Hader, Brie Larson

Directed by:  Judd Apatow

Runtime:  2 hrs & 5 min

Genre(s):  Comedy Romance

Review by: John Dixon

Spoiler Free Review: (read if you have NOT seen this movie)1_natural

Growing up with a father that didn’t believe in monogamy is what sisters Amy & Kim did.  After their mother was out of the picture there was nobody left to raise them but their father.  This spells trouble for Amy (Amy Schumer) when her future shows up right in her face and she doesn’t know how to handle it.  That means she doesn’t date well.  With an all star cast to help out Amy’s first theatrical release written and starring her you will love the relationships, cringe at the self destruction, and then wonder how it all stays together.  If this is considered her freshman effort man, I can’t wait to see what she does next.  Standard practice for Judd Apatow, as his comedies are always good.


Spoiler Filled Review: (read only if you HAVE seen it and don’t care about spoilers)


I bet you figured that Amy Schumer was funny.  Yeah, you got that from the trailers.  Really, she is a talent.  She is more daring in her comedy than most females and Bill Hader was the perfect combination to make this thing hit.  I’m also glad that Hader finally was substantial this time around.  Most of the time he’s playing a side character that is funny as hell but has no real purpose.  He plays the boyfriend that almost gets away and even though there wasn’t an airport scene with Amy running through it dodging people, bags & babies he played the girl getting on the plane.  …so to speak.  I did enjoy the many appearances from a lot of stars.  Amy really called in the favors for this one.  Check this out:  Colin Quinn, John Cena, Dave Attell, Tilda Swinton, Randall Park, Ezra Miller, Mike Birbiglia, LeBron James, Daniel Radcliffe, Marisa Tomei, Method Man (nice accent), Tim Meadows, Amare Stoudemire, Matthew Broderick, Marv Albert, Chris Evert just to name the ones I recognized.

Which brings me to my next part.  Casting.  Who wasn’t cast in this movie?  I wasn’t.  I thought Colin had a perfect role as well as Amy Schumer & Bill Hader.  Perfect roles.  Mike Birbiglia nailed the “playin it safe” hubby perfectly.  So, I liked the casting a lot.  Brie Larson (sister Kim) could have been played by anyone I feel, but maybe I just missed her “nailed it” part of the movie.  Not only bringing the perfect role selections but acting was on Par for your typical Comedy/Romance film.  Although LeBron is not your typical actor on a scale from Kazamm to He Got Game LeBron scored a slightly better than MJ in Space Jam.  I make it sound like Amy made the movie but I got to give credit to the director Judd Apatow.  With movies like This is 40, Knocked Up, The 40 year-old virgin, this movie falls right in there.

I’m impressed that Amy Schumer wrote and starred in this movie.  But that’s not going to stop me from picking it apart.  My first problem was the non-information about her dad.  If it was briefly mentioned and I didn’t catch it I’m sorry, but I had no idea what was wrong with him.  I wanted to understand why he was the only “Younger” guy in a assisted living facility.  He just didn’t look aged enough to warrant that.  So, my wife had guessed stroke.  Most stroke victims have it affect one side of their body.  He was facially all there.  Expressions all over the place.  So, that wasn’t it.  Then he dies of what?


alcoholism?  I don’t know, I can’t tell ya.  I wished there was some explanation on that.  I could have felt that loss a bit more if I wasn’t spending that time trying to figure out why he died.  Second problem, LeBron James is besties with a doctor (surgeon)?  I didn’t buy it.  It felt more like a conversation was made “wouldn’t it be cool if you were best friends with King James?  Yeah!  Let’s make THAT happen!  Oh, and Amy next time you write a

movie… give your characters last names.  No biggie just a small thing that makes people human.  Aaron got a last name and the “guest” stars got to keep their names.  My final gripe would be the fact that they were apart for several months before she tried to “win” him back.  I’m sorry but after a girl/guy self destructs a relationship if it isn’t resolved in that week then its over buddy.  Sorry but thats the truth.  The longer you go without that person that bad taste that was left in your mouth grows into a horrible fungus and you learn to not want to be with them.  So, other than that piece being totally fictional once in a lifetime type stuff, I did enjoy how she won him back.  It was very fitting of the character.  The plot was overused and it could have been found in any romantic comedy out there in your local Netflix queue.  That’s why I think everyone did great with a overused plot.  They made it feel new.

It’s not everyday you get a 2 hour comedy.  Most are scheduled for 1 hr and a half.  So, with that being said I didn’t notice the time and they made it as long as it needed to be to tell a great story.  Her destructive bomb towards the end felt forced and annoying because we were all expecting it to happen but the movie recovered fast and kept it going.  The soundtrack was a party soundtrack at times which I enjoyed.  Other than that nothing to write home about.  Actually, it did make me think when is the “y’all ready for this!” anthem at basketball games is going to go away.  Its been around since forever ago and I’m ready to say goodbye.  Anyone else?

Like I said above, it didn’t seem very believable but lets pretend this is a movie and say that this is make believe.  I liked the ending.  Very fitting and well deserved.




Comic Book Connection Tilda Swinton (future role) – Doctor Strange, Ezra Miller (future role) – The Flash, Marisa Tomei (future role) – Untitled Spider-Man (2017)
Nudity Bonus Oh, and all the Man Ass in this movie doesn’t get a Nudity bonus.  Sorry.  Not today!
Favorite Moment Cheerleader Win Back dance with a double flip not-quite-dunk!
Most Hated Moment LeBron James asking Amy what her intentions are.  It was bad yall.
THIS Movie reminded me of THAT Movie Most Rom Coms but with a role reversal.
What did my wife think of this movie? Trainwreck was pretty funny, some of it might have made me a little nostalgic for my younger years.  And no, I will not be more specific on which parts reminded me of my younger self.  Amy Schumer is absolutely hilarious and Bill Hader was amazing as usual.  I am like most other chicks and love the Rom-Coms all day long!  This one was no different, but it was a nice reminder of what would have happened if I hadn’t met my husband at the age of twenty. 🙂
Box Office Budget $35,000,000.00
How much it made Domestically $102,384,000.00
Was it a Box office Success? Or Failure? Success
Did you notice? 1.  Method Man was using an African Accent.  I think it was African?
2.  How much Chris Evert looks like an older Cheri O’Teri.  I was lookin for Will Ferrell to pop out.
3.  Six SNL Alum was in this film:   Bill Hader, Vanessa Bayer, Pete Davidson, Leslie Jones, Tim Meadows and Colin Quinn
Rotten Tomatoes Score
Critics 85%
Audience 75%


Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)



Starring: Harrison Ford, Karen Allen   – Directed By: Steven Spielberg

Running Time: 1hr 55 min   – Genre: Action/Adventure

Ran-Dizzle (Host)

Indiana Jones Archeologist / Professor of Archeology has been asked to find the Ark of the Covenent before the Nazi’s do, now it’s a race between Indy and Belloq who is helping the Nazi find the Arc.

Movie Relevance:

This is one of my favorite films of all time so I picked it.


You can never go wrong with a classic, even when I was a little boy and I heard the theme to Indiana Jones I would stop what I was doing and go running in to watch it, Something about Raiders of the Lost Ark that is just so amazing I can watch it multiple times. I grew up wanting to be like Indy. That being said here is the review.

Raiders of the Lost Ark is a classic for Speilberg and Lucas it introduces us to this brilliant, daring professor/archeologist that we all know and love. Indiana Jones, Harrison ford who while making the Indy films portrayed a scruffy looking nerf herder Han Solo, so we see him in his bold, sarcastic, brilliance as a rouge pirate basically in Star Wars…alot of Han is shown in Indy, but since it’s in a Galaxy far far away…. you can’t really compare the two, But Harrison Ford has created a staple for many to attempt and follow as the loveable, charismatic character Indiana Jones.*May 01 - 00:00*05_Flatbed_WEB

Karen Allen playing to me the ONLY love interest that Indy has ever had and that would be Marion a Spit-Fire brunette that can hold her own but is madly in love with Indy but keeps her guard up. I cannot see anyone else playing this character because she at the time this was created had a decent career and was very beautiful for the tom-boy next door look. If anything I could have seen her easily replace Margot Kidder as Lois Lane but that’s neither here nor there.

John Rhys- Davies also played very well as Indy’s friend that was a “Digger” for the archeologists in Cairo. He speaks english very well and honestly hearing him talk I can trace a hint of UK English in his voice which can sometimes be annoying but since some people in Cairo do go to Oxford for studying I am not really out ruling on that.

As for the plot, it’s original at its time but it felt like a chess game between Belloq and Indy, I got your prize, now I got you prize, no I got your prize, nope sorry I got your prize, HAHA neither of us get it. Kind of situation which keeps the movie rolling, but I mean the last time the Nazi’s take it from Indy…seriously enough is enough. indiana-jones-and-the-swordsman-in-raiders-of-the-lost-ark_7-best-movie-fight-scenes

I did have a few quirks about the movie that annoyed me, When he’s a professor he has his glasses on, when he’s Indy he doesn’t need them… Does he think he’s Superman/Clark Kent… Daily Professor and then Treasure Hunting, Adventure seeking Archeologist by night?

Face Melt 1The graphics were pretty cheesy but at the time they were top of the line, the stop animation of the face melt is a classic. Or when Alfred Molina gets skewered and see the fake face still jiggling with the spikes like a rubber mask it is.

Overall though for the special effects and wardrobe it all seemed to be ok for the time, looking back though as we are spoiled moving forward it’s kind of cheesy but I still love it. This is a classic you must see, you can’t miss this.



To start this review it has been many, many years since I watched this movie. It amazes me what the film industry used to consider PG in the 1980’s. If I had to rate this movie I would give it a rating of PG-13. It’s got faces melting off and heads blowing up but I guess it is a bit cheesy by today’s standards.

Indy GlassesI must say that Harrison Ford was quite the stud muffin in his younger days and he aged rather well at that. I don’t think anybody else could have played Indiana Jones the way he did. He was quirky and when he gave his “sexy” look…the female heart just sighs. Karen Allen as Marion Ravenwood was a good choice. She can drink most men under the table and isn’t above trying to save herself when Indy won’t. I have to say my favorite scene was when she climbed up Indy to get away from all of the snakes. It made me giggle because I would have done the same thing.

Now the theme song is known everywhere. I have to say it is one of the best written out there. It plays and the since of adventure fills the year.  I have to say it is one of my favorites.

The script was original and super fun to watch. The dialog was easy to follow and fun to listen to.

After watching this one I’m gonna have to go back and watch the others. Maybe not the last one, but that’s a different review.

So I give this one…




Harrison Ford before he was a legend but you can tell that he was well on his way.  The first installment of the Indiana Jones series still proves to be my second favorite of them all (4).  What makes it come in runner up?  I can tell ya!

First of all I would like to state that I was a Star Wars fan way before I was a suedo fan of Indiana Jones.  As a kid I had always looked at Harrison Ford playing this boring teacher guy as something I wasn’t at all interested in.  So, needless to say I had passed up Raiders of the Lost Arc the first time around.  I saw bits and pieces but like I said I had no interest because Harrison was NOT Indiana he was Han.  Period.  Fast forward to 2014 and I’m watching Raiders not for the first time but, still it feels new in places.  Karen Allen plays a formidable partner for Indy and helps drive along the story very well.  Minus the fact that we never know much about their past.  I guess that’s how Kasdan likes to write.  He always puts that stuff in his movies (Star Wars) that reference the characters past to give them depth.  Too bad he didn’t have a hand in the prequels.  Ok, I know… off topic.

The flow of the movie seems to go pretty well, until the Nazi’s steal the arc after Indy had stole it back from them after they stole it from him initially which happens to be the 2nd time that we know of as an audience that Belloq steals something from Indy after he went to the trouble of getting it.  Phew!  It just becomes a bit “done” and honestly it gets old after awhile.  Hey look kids he fighting Nazi’s for like an hour.  Maybe not that long but at times it feels like it.

Alfred MolinaThe movie starts off with an actor that we all know pretty well nowadays especially if you’ve seen Spider-Man 2.  Alfred Molina had his big movie break here and what seems confusing to me is that he gets opening credits fanfare.  I’m confused only because (spoiler) he doesn’t make it too far into the movie before he gets “stuck”.

Storywise the movie follows a pretty straightforward story.  Find arc – bring it back.  Don’t trust anyone because it’s going to be dangerous.  Simple enough right?  Well, one of the things that bothers me the most is that after Indiana Jones goes off on these dangerous artifact finds he runs into opposition that end up shooting guns, arrows and swinging swords at his face.  After he makes it out alive he comes back to his teaching job and nobody ever thinks to follow him and continue their fight.  It’s like he’s in a “safe” zone and I’m wondering to myself “now, why didn’t I ever notice that before?”  If I were Belloq why wouldn’t I just follow Mr. Jones back to his teaching job and take him out while he is going through his lecture?  Some might say “well, Belloq needs Indy to get the artifacts for him so that he can steal them from him.”  To that I say, then why does Belloq try to kill Indiana every time they run into each other?  Yeah, thought so.  Magically delicious safe zone.

Indy BelloqClassic soundtrack by Williams and you can feel a Star Wars influence in this movie.  Directly after Empire so, it still feels thematic.  Very good though.  I liked it, but only second best to me.  Stay tuned until next week and you might find out what comes in at number one.

Comic book Connection: Alfred Molina- Spider-Man 2

Nudity Bonus: n/a  (there is a whip though…)


Crazy, Stupid, Love. (2011)

Trailer: Crazy, Stupid, Love.

Starring: Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, Julianne Moore, Emma Stone, John Carroll Lynch, Marisa Tomei and Kevin Bacon

Directed By:  Glenn Ficarra and John Requa

Running Time:1hr and 58min – Genre: Comedy, Romance, Drama


Kimmay! (Host)

Ohhh, how I love Crazy, Stupid, Love. With the all-star cast of Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, Julianne Moore and Emma Stone, this movie could hardly go wrong. I thought they all interacted well and played off each other.

The scenes between Emma and Ryan were great. She’s quirky and he was charming. Their banter is fun to listen to and was just fun to watch. Plus, could she be the one to change him from his wicked womanizing ways? That could be drama later in the movie.

When a couple that had been married for over 20 years find themselves at a crossroads in their marriage, growth is inevitable. When Cal is found nursing his watered down vodka and cranberry by Jacob, he couldn’t know how his life was going to change. After a few smacks to the face, Cal learned how to dress and how to become a ladies man. I’m not gonna say much more about the plot because I don’t want to ruin it. Though one of my favorite scenes in this whole movie is when all the grown men get into a fight and one of them doesn’t even know why. It was comical and entertaining to watch. The women are just kind of standing there staring at them, “trying” to get them to stop.

Since I always say something about the music in the movies I watch, this one won’t be any different. Just like most other films the music fit. Wasn’t too great but wasn’t awful either.

The script seemed mostly original to me.  Well as original as a transformation story can be but it was never a drag to watch.

But ladies, you will be happy to know you get to see Ryan shirtless a couple times and plus a lil more. 😉

So all in all I give this movie a…



What tangled webs we weave…I never would have probably picked this movie up if it wasn’t for Kimmay! picking it. I’ve heard a bunch of things about it, so I was very leery in watching it. But now I was actually kind of blown away, even a little bit of a surprise that caught me off guard (not going to spoil it for you)

So the cast was amazing, but general at the same time for a drama rom/com it felt like they’ve been in these roles before but to me Emma Stone is still beautiful (has a soft spot for that fiery red head) and you know they picked Ryan Gosling because they asked like 90% of women who would be a good attractive star that you would like to see shirtless and they said Channing Tatum, but he can’t act so they got Ryan Gosling #2 pick…(just kidding…or am I ?!?!)  what I loved is how the stories mesh into each other. Each character had an interesting story that kept getting weird to me, but then you get that feeling that you know there is going to be a happy ending…but your not sure…but you have that feeling.

That being said I would think it was difficult to write having so many plot lines, about love as someone who is working on a personal project much similar but not quite I can understand so I give them kudo’s on that. But how it all wrapped up I thought was done rather well even if it wasn’t the perfect ending.

Overall I had my doubts I was going to enjoy this movie, but after seeing it, I actually enjoyed it. But then again I tend to be the Rom/Com- Drama guy. I will say it did have a bit of Wes Anderson feel to the film but maybe that’s me.

Definitely check this out.

 4.0 ‘s


Big JD

The Crazy, the Stupid-o and the Lovely is all showcased in this movie of the drama-dy collection.  You can’t ask for more when you have a cast of this stature.  The casting is definitely a strong point of this movie.  Although it is a problem.

The cast is great, I feel that the decisions are pretty much “easy picks”.  Steve Carrell plays a character that isn’t sure of himself and gets “made over” by a more confident person.  Sound familiar?  40 year old virgin?  Julianne Moore plays the wife that struggles with the fact that she doesn’t know if she’s “happy” in that marriage or not.  The same role we’ve seen her in during the last 5-10 years.  Emma Stone confident daughter… most of her movies but Easy A comes to mind.  Ryan Gosling a good looking strong and confident guy that “knows” everything about being cool?  I can’t think of any movies that he’s done this before but it should be a reoccurring role for him.  He did great.  I could go on but the examples really stand on their own.  So, this is really a type cast movie.  No stretching of talents, No concerns, and no real breakthroughs in performance just continual advancements.

I was never bored throughout this movie.  I felt engaged the entire time.  Although, at times it seemed like a real downer at times I was able to get through that and enjoy the movie.  I felt the growth of Steve Carrells character was done well, with the help of Ryan Gosling’s character and Marisa Tomei.  Having the couples come together without the knowledge of each other was a nice touch by the writer.  It was like a nice little bow on the present of family.  The happy happy good good feeling you get when everybody’s together at the end of the movie and everything’s gonna be ok.  Likely to say I enjoyed the ending as well.

The drama-dy genre really bothers me.  I understand to have true drama you must have some comedy to make you feel for the characters to pull you in to make you feel the drama for when it occurs.  Kinda like without good you will never have evil type deal.  BUT, when they go to extremes it feels like the movie doesn’t know which direction to go.  The exteme drama mixed with the extreme comedy doesn’t mix well.  When I say “extreme” comedy I may be stretching it a bit.  But when you are extremely dramatic at one moment any time you try to be slightly funnier thereafter it may seem extreme because it’s the opposite reaction.  When you have the simple plot of this movie doesn’t help you pull off the drama-dy either.  Cool guy gets the uncool guy back to reality all the while he dates his daughter and finds love himself.  Blah blah generic generic.  And as I say that I will say that I blindly liked it.  Without thinking about it I still enjoyed this movie and wouldn’t mind watching it again with my wife…  Not too soon but let’s say in about a month… or two.


Scrooged (1988)

Scrooged 1


Starring: Bill Murray, Karen Allen   – Directed By: Richard Donner

Running Time: 1hr 41min   – Genre: Comedy, Drama, Holiday, Fantasy

Ran-Dizzle (Host)


Frank Cross President of a Broadcast Company has over time developed a very narrow path, as he creates a live Scrooge show on Christmas Eve he is visited by his old boss and 3 spirits living the true tale of Scrooge.

Movie Relevance:

Well tis’ the season to enjoy Christmas movies, but as I found out from friends and family I was becoming a bit of a Scrooge myself, Hesitated about putting up my tree and lights, and when Christmas music played I would change the station. So even though I believe in the holiday just didn’t really feel like living the moment this year I got tired of being called a Scrooge. So since I hadn’t seen this version of the Charles Dicken’s Tale I thought it would be fun to watch.

Now for the Review


This being the first time I’ve ever seen this movie I thought it was done rather well as a modern day (well in the 80’s) tale of Scrooge and how people lose their way in the holidays and everyday life in order to get where they want on their path, only to be lost down the wrong path and lose focus of the things that are really important like love, family, and faith.BCG1

Seeing Bill Murray playing Frank Cross was probably the best role for him next to the Groundskeeper in Caddy Shack. I loved and was very much able to relate to Frank Cross’s character. Billy Murray’s incredible over the top but keeps it just enough where it’s not too over the top acting and funny man, he has the ability to mesh well with other characters, like Bobcat Goldthwait. The whole scene towards the end and just watching them struggle through the whole movie very similar situations was pretty interesting.

KABM1Karen Allen, the true love to Indiana Jones playing the love interest to Frank Cross in this film was amazing, I’d never seen her in anything else other the Indiana Jones and her acting skills (except for Crystal Skull to which we do not mention) have gotten better.

The writing was pretty true to the story of Scrooge, with a little flair from the 80’s little bits of modern day things… I love how they even had a bag phone in the film. I actually enjoyed the person doing the censoring getting hurt and also ironically cussing as she was inflicted into painful circumstances. (Made me chuckle a little)

Overall the movie was done well I would recommend this if you’ve never seen it (like me)



It is the season of giving and sharing. This is something many of us forget to do the rest of the year but manage the few weeks around Christmas. In Scrooged, Frank Cross, played by Bill Murray, is the type of man who doesn’t do it at all. Christmas to him is a sham and just another way to get the ratings for his T.V. station. But the one thing he forgot is Christmas is about miracles whether you want them of not.scrooged_01

In this adaptation of Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol, the story is brought to life in the means of Cross changing. He sees what he used to be and what he has become. Also how his actions effect other people.

The acting in this movie was done rather well. Murray portrayed a man who thinks he is going crazy fabulously. His facial expressions and antics were great.  Alfre Woodward, his secretary Grace, did a great job of showing how the working class puts up with the quirks of the upper management.

The music was typical for a Christmas movie but still done well. But I have nothing really special to say about it.

The make-up team was rather creative with the various ghosts of the Christmas. I liked Christmas yet to be and his little gremlin type beings in his chest. Plus Christmas Present was a hoot with her rough love.

I don’t know if this is one I would watch with little kids but it is still an enjoyable  family movie.

So I give this film a…

3.5 ‘s



Bill Murray has had ups and downs in his career.  He’s gone years without making movies at times.  This movie just so happens jump started his career again for his most memorable movie run in his career.  This movie is of course a current (late 80’s) rendition of the Charles Dickens classic A Christmas Carol.  We all have seen many of the versions.  Heck we reviewed the Muppet version last year.  Do I smell tradition?  So, obviously the story isn’t something that’s going to pull you in because you already know what’s going to happen.  No surprises are made and the movie still stands on its own.  Maybe not recognized as one of the best versions of the Humbug Tale but to me, one of the most memorable.

scrooged 3It’s the cast that holds this boat together.  It’s almost a who’s who in 80’s movies.  Bill Murray – Duh, Karen Allen – Indiana Jones, John Glover –
Glover maybe wasn’t as big in the 80’s as he was later in life when he played Lex Luthor’s father in Smallville.  I guess you can cite Gremlins 2?, Bobcat Goldwait – Police Academy series, Jamie Farr – MASH, Robert Goulet – singer and stuff, Buddy Hackett – They got Buddy Hackett!, Lee MF’in Majors – 6 million dollar man, ALL 3 OF BILL MURRAY’S BROTHERS – Joel, Brian, John Murray!!!  That’s nice isn’t it?  Mary Lou-Retton – Gymnist, and finally as a street musician Miles Davis – Best trumpet player next to Dizzy Gilespie.  With a cast like that, you can’t lose.

You see Scrooged and you can say that it is a Christmas film.  It is, kinda.  Ok, I guess it explores the good will to all men aspect but other than that I guess it misses out.  The dialogue can seem a bit forced at times like they are all timid to speak in waiting for Bill Murray to go off with his loud whining and carrying on fits.  The Old Boss, The cabbie, and the fairy were nice touches to make this movie original enough to set it apart from others with the same story.  Although, it’s not much of stretch of the imagination when I’m predicting what’s gonna happen.scrooged-movie-image

With all that said I enjoy watching this movie every other Christmas or so.  I love Bill Murray back when he was confident.  The voiceless child in the end had that classic line and it was the only thing they got perfect in this movie.  Why?  Because they didn’t change anything and it will surprise you that he speaks and it makes you genuinely happy for him.  In many ways I think that this can beat out the original Christmas Carol incarnations just based on making the audience feel something instead of just watching Ebenezer be a dick and then start being nice all of a sudden.  This version builds up to the “nice” part and it’s more believable.  So, if you haven’t seen this movie, go watch it now.  Quick before Christmas is over because nobody watches Christmas films AFTER Christmas.

My favorite scene has to be the ending credits.  Not because it is the end ot the movie but I think that it is a fun way to end a movie.  Just as the guys who made “There’s something about Mary”.  Oh, and yes Richard Donner starts this movie like a Tim Burton film but I would say that this falls into his best jobs.  He has a lot.  Ie.  Superman!

Merry Christmas ALL!!!

Comic book Connection: N/A

Nudity Bonus:  just a ltitle bit of nipples but you can’t really see anything “and these guys are really looking!”


Home Alone (1990)


Starring:   Macaulay CulkinJoe PesciDaniel Stern    – Directed By:  Chris Columbus

Running Time: 1hr 43min  – Genre: Comedy, Family


Kimmay! (Host)

I must say that this is one of my all time favorite Christmas movies. I have enjoyed Kevin’s antics over and over for many years. I even tried sledding down my stairs when i was little, but not with the same ending results.

Now as I watch it as an adult, I there are things that I realize would never happen. First being the fact that if the police were called to check on the house, they would announce themselves to the people inside. But knowing movies like I do, that would have made for a pretty short film. Second, how many people just let this little boy wander around by himself. I thought suburbs like that were close nit and everybody knew everything about everyone else.

Anyways, if you have well behaved kids you could probably let them watch this movie. But if you have one of those kids that gets into everything and all kinds of mischief, you might want to think twice or you’ll have fireworks going off in your kitchen.

Now for the review…

The acting was typical for a holiday film. Nothing really stood out to me as great.  The movie revolved around the character Kevin and his reaction to “wishing” his family away. All I can say is that he is a stronger kid than I ever thought of being. I would have been screaming up and down the streets for my parents. So besides lots of screaming and some cute kid faces any kid could have pulled off this movie.

The music was typical Christmas songs, so I have nothing really bad or good to say about that. But whoever picked out the songs did pick out a lot of my favorites.

The story was original. Can’t say I saw one quite like it before. Because really, who leaves their youngest kid at home when you leave the country. Plus having a couple of dim-witted thieves trying to break into your house.

As a family movie I give this a thumbs up. One you can teach your kids how it was in the good ol’ days. Two, it still made me laugh when Harry and Marve get beat up by an 8 year old, and three, it does have a little bit of a morale to it: your family is family, even if it sucks sometimes.

So I give this movie…



So it makes me wonder if the writers for this movie were sitting around and thinking “You know what would be hilarious, let’s leave a little kid home alone for the holidays, or better yet he’s left alone because his family forgot him, and he has to survive the 90’s in Chicago Illinois in a huge mansion style house.” ” Great job Bob this will be a gold mine…” I highly doubt that but I am sure it was something along these lines.

Out of all the Holiday movies this is the MOST played at all my families houses… Which makes me want to go “Shoot my eye out” and then go watch A Christmas Story, or It’s a wonderful life, now recently I’ve been called a Grinch and Scrooge, but Christmas movies to me just don’t have what National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation had, anyways this is one of the Christmas movies I wouldn’t mind never watching again but it’s like a broken record you get tired of the same loop, same thing with this movie I get tired of watching it. BUT it was chosen so let’s review it.

As for the story, it’s kind of unique, I mean you have a little kid running around the house by himself after he wished to never see his family again, His family had before he woke up running around left for Paris late and forgot to check to see if Kevin (Macaulay Culkin) was even on board the plane. So the kid survives Suburbia Chicago, (Oooooh Poor kid, if I was the writer I would put it in the Ghetto) the only thing I found wrong with this movie is the excessive amount of holes. Other then that

1.) You forget your Child…I am sorry Uncle Buck there is no way I wouldn’t let that mother feel better about leaving their child alone, YOU LEFT YOUR CHILD ALONE! that’s the problem even today kids running around screaming…(Hmmm gee wonder where they got it from) by themselves. I mean yeah sure they left the kid alone nothing they can do, stop whining about it move on.

2.) What store clerk needs to know if a Toothbrush is ADA approved? or for that matter doesn’t know? If it doesn’t say then it probably doesn’t. That was something that bothered me in that whole movie, is this kid is obviously left alone even one store clerk within walking distance of the house obviously noticed that he was buy himself? Wouldn’t you think to alert the authorities. Of course this is before Amber Alert.

3.) Police man only knocks a few times and then says “Have them count their kids again no one is there.” I would at least make a point to check a few times or at least around the house just to make sure. But maybe that’s just Police in Chicago.

4.) Why does he scream at everything? Even Mel Brooks made fun of him in Robin Hood: Men in Tights…what’s so funny about the kid screaming about everything? I never got that when this movie came out originally I found it annoying then as I do now.

Anyways as for acting nothing really stood out over 80% of the movie was following Kevin around so for a 9-10 year old to have a major part in the film and on his own I think Macaulay did a good job, HOWEVER that being said I think his brother (Kieran) does a heck of a lot better acting which surprisingly he has a small cameo in the film as Fuller (2 things real quick…the Culkins have named their kids weird names although that tends to be the fad now, and last little soap box is Who names their kid their first name Fuller, and he has a wetting problem…kid is meant to have lots of therapy)

Joe Pesci did a good job playing a loveable villain…you kind of feel bad when he burns his hand and catches his head on fire, and gets hit by 2 paint cans…(Yes he did watch it again hit by 2nd can and then the original can from the shock of the 2nd can…double whammy) and Daniel Stern did well as well that was his biggest part of his career was the early 90’s City Slickers, Home Alone….what else has he done?

Overall this movie is sadly a Christmas Classic, and probably a must see if you’ve never seen it. However unless you were born in lately there really should be no reason not to have seen this as I swear everyone and their family has seen it.

With that I bid you all with a Bah Humbug and go watch the movie.

**Kuddos to all you who watch this and either had or remember someone who had Micro Machines I know I had like 10 of them that were shown in the film…That is all**




Macaulay Culkin, was an icon of the 90’s that has faded pretty quick.  I don’t think he made it out of the 90’s famous.  Sorry, that’s what happens when you let your kid stay at the neverland ranch for an extended period of time.  No, I don’t know what or why Macaulay fell off the radar I do know though that this movie was the movie that started it all.  Or was it Uncle Buck?  Hmmmm.  Yeah, for me it was Uncle Buck.  Love that movie.  Anyway, this is Home Alone.

Your standard Christmas movie that is suppose to give you the Christmas feel and warm tidy feelings that makes you NOT want to leave your kid at home alone.  For starters let me just put out there that no parent should have left their child if they were in this situation.  Total irresponsibility and negligence.  Once the mother realizes the fact that she left her youngest son then she gets emotional.  The father?  “oh, he’ll be ok honey”.  Right.  You have to really suspend that disbelief for the first 30 minutes or so just because it is SO unbelievable.  Like how everybody was mad at Kevin?  Oh, c’mon If that dude called my kid a “jerk” that guy would be pickin’ himself up off the ground.  For Real.  Nobody should be that mean (all at once) to any 8 year old kid.  Lettin’ it go.

The acting was sub-par by most of the cast.  The standout’s were Macaulay himself and the old man Marley.  I think most of the charm of this movie is watching Kevin act older than what he really is.  It’s cute.  People like to see dog’s dressed up in clothes too.  People like to see kids reading the paper or pulling out coupons.  It’s a cliché thing but for this movie Macaulay does a good job at what made him famous in Uncle Buck.  Acting older than his age.  Old man Marley was a steal of casting genius.  He had so much emotion just in his face I’m sitting here wondering why this guy wasn’t in more movies while he was in his prime.  Maybe it was just his side story that did it.  I don’t know.  I liked it.

I thought the score had good Christmas music throughout.  The plot was original and although it was very unbelievable it made you love this kid for his brilliance.  All of the traps were great.  Favorite part of the whole movie were the traps.  The ending was not to my liking.  *Spoiler*  When the mom gets home she is shortly followed by everyone else.  Just luck?  So, she fought her way there and the people that didn’t care for Kevin’s safety makes it shortly after and the Dad is like “hey, hug.” Ok, I gotta unpack….”  No, not really but the lack of emotion shown by these horrible parents was a let down.  The scene that was going on across the street had more emotional impact than the main character’s story.  I wish that could have been different.  But, since I did not direct then I will concede to Chris Columbus for making a wonderful Christmas movie that usually makes it’s way to a tv in my house every year.

*note*  Aftershave wouldn’t have burned Kevin’s face because it only burns if you shave.  They not only made fun of the audiences one time but twice they called the audience stupid for believing that iconic scene.


Rock of Ages (2012)



Starring: Julianne Hough, Diego Boneta, Tom Cruise     – Directed By: Adam Shankman

Running Time: 2hr 5min  – Genre: Musical, Comedy, Drama


Ran-Dizzle (Host)

Synopsis:  in 1987 A girl comes from a small country town to Hollywood to become a singer of rock music she meets a boy they fall in love, when fame and situations occur their path has been split and fate steps in and brings everything to light and all wrongs are made right.


I kind of choose this film because alot of people have come up to me, “Man you really need to watch Rock of Ages…you’ll love it.” I hate to admit it but they were right I had a blast through the whole movie and every song they sang is on my computer, phone, and external hard drive. Anyways back to the movie.

This was a cheesy, campy musical movie for me. The star power was amazing, Brian Cranston, Cathrine Zeta Jones, Tom Cruise, Paul Giamatti, Alec Baldwin, and Russell Brand. But even with the star power it did ok, I mean don’t get me wrong I loved how it was done, but the cheesy goodness of their acting skills came out. I do think Cathrine Zeta Jones played the antagonist very well, “Hit me with your best shot” was done well couldn’t get over the horrible 80’s outfits but it was the 80’s so there ya go.

Alec Baldwin can’t sing very well…I am sorry to say that…not really actually I am not. He didn’t really impress me. However I thought with current events after him “Gay Bashing” and his role he played in the film I thought was kind of Ironic, however he really didn’t stand out to me.

Paul Giamatti plays a slicked back manager very well kind of makes you feel like he’s going to slither his way out like the snake he is so he did a fairly good job.

Russell Brand didn’t have a major part in the movie, but seeing his hairdo and when he sings I could see him playing a young Freddie Mercury like the 70’s Queen Freddie. But as for his role in this part not really major but did a good job none the less.

Rock-of-Ages-600-4001Julianne Hough and Diego Boneta the upcoming stars in this movie do amazing the well with acting and singing, impressed me quite a bit, and Julianne Hough her voice was amazing with the songs she sang.

The story was pretty much cookie cutter though, small town girl coming to big city to make it big, gets lost along her way, travels a dark path to find light at the end of the tunnel, but even the side characters had similar stories. So to me I wouldn’t say it’s original but using the music the way the did and the mash-ups was pretty ingenious.

Overall I loved the movie, however scoring the way we do it doesn’t reflect that but it to me is a must see for family fun, and or musical lovers.



Incase you did not know this about me already but I love musicals. Doesn’t really matter what type just as long as the music is good. And the music in Rock of Ages is of course awesome. You can’t really go wrong with the classics.

As for the script, well I can’t say it was all that original. It starts with the girl full of hope going to the big city to pursue her dream of becoming a star, only to wind up a stripper all because the city boy she fell in love with broke her heart. The city boy does get signed to make an album but the agent is so weasley he ends up being a pop-star and not a rock-star. Let us not forget about the Rock God, Stacee Jaxx. He has become so jaded in the world of rock that he has lost sight of what true rock and roll is.


The acting was ok. Nothing really stood out to me as spectacular or award winning. But the singing was pretty good and I was impressed with Tom Cruise, I didn’t know he could sing at all. The two main actors, Sherrie Christian and Diego Boneta, both did a fabulous job showing emotions while singing their songs and I did like that. There is nothing worse than dead faces when singing a sad, sad song.  5

The costumes were amazing. Catherine Zeta-Jones outfits are conservatively awful and just make me giggle in delight. But I think they really captured the perceived rock scene of the 80’s.

So the fact that I really love the songs and the acting was at most a lil cheesy I would give this movie a…

3.0 ‘s



Should you ever find  yourself in need of watching a 2 hour episode of Glee then pull this movie out of the future 5 dollar bin and give it a go, because what else do you have to do?  Besides pouring sugar all over yourself.

I am obviously not impressed with this movie.  The gimmick just wasn’t enough to pull me in.  The gimmick I speak of is the fact that this is a Rock Ballad musical.  Just like many rock ballad musical’s that came before it ie Rocky Horror Picture Show and others this musical is chalk filled full of covers.  (I find it funny that once Drew got his break Dennis says “3 original songs & no covers!”)  The covers are probably the movies saving grace.  I won’t deny that after I watched this movie I jumped on my Songza app and started listening to 80’s rock playlists.  Then I’m reminded after about 20 minutes that yes, I come from that era but this was not my music of choice. So, needless to say the Soundtrack is decent with a couple skip able musical numbers.

The writing and plot of the entire thing is simplistic to say the least.  I figure that you will watch the movie to hear the songs vs. wanting to see a good story.  There were 4 story lines in the movie.  2 major & 2 minor.  We could have done without both of the minor storylines.  In fact Catherine Zeta-Jones owns the worst musical performance in the movie for me.  Awful.  We get to witness Dennis & Lonny find out who they 2truly are.  That wouldn’t have been so bad if they didn’t get so cheesy with it.  It almost felt insulting or stereotypical during the reveal song of theirs.  Of the two Major story lines the Drew/Sherry yarn was very thin and …well…  ridiculous.  “I saw you pulling your shirt sleeve up and I saw him zipping up his pants.! I ban you from my life!  Now!”  So, passive aggressive it makes me wanna smack Justin Thereoux.  Which is very disappointing because I remember that Justin wrote the Iron Man 2 screenplay and… wait that’s not a good example.  He wrote Tropic Thunder?  Ok, I don’t like him for his writing skill I just think he would make a killer Doctor Strange.  You heard it here first!  As for the other major storyline…

The acting is hard to gauge on this movie.  Only because you can’t really tell if they are trying to be a serious movie or take them selves to the corny side of the camp.  For example Malin Akerman destroy’s any seriousness that the Rock God in love storyline even presents to us.  With 3the facial expressions, tongue in the ear, and Blow up doll face in the end of the movie says it all.  This takes the storyline that I feel holds water in this movie and pisses down its drunken leg.  So, if you want to watch Tom Cruise try to sing or maybe two unknown’s that would do better being in Glee then this is your movie.  Me, I like glee but I usually have to be persuaded to watch it.  This movie will fall into THAT category.

Comic book Connection: Alec Baldwin – The Shadow, Paul Giamatti – Amazing Spider-Man 2

Nudity Bonus:  Nope.


The Other Guys (2010)

Trailer: The Other Guys – 2010

Starring:  Will FerrellMark Wahlberg, Michael Keaton  – Directed By:  Adam McKay

Running Time: 1 hour and 47 minutes  – Genre: Action, Comedy, and Crime


Kimmay! (Host)

This was a rather original film as far as I know. When the two heros of New York suddenly die a tragic a death, new detectives must take their place. When a seemingly unimportant case turns into a huge elaborate million dollar scam, Allen Gamble (Will Ferrel) and Terry Hoitz (Mark Wahlburg) were the only two who could put the clues together.

I must start say the only reason I watched this movie was Mark Wahlberg is in it. While even I must admit this is not one of his better films, he still made me giggle. He was kind of needy but really wanted to be taken serious as an officer of the law, but because of one tiny (slightly understated) mistake, he was passed over for a promotion and pretty much put on desk duty. All I can say is you must let the peacock fly, he has to fly.

To this day I am still not a huge Will Ferrel fan. For the most part I could stand him in this movie, until he started sharing his past with Terry. His story was way to far fetched and just beyond the ridicalous. But since it was Will playing the part, it made since to me and no one else would have been able to pull it of to the extent that he did.

Michael Keaton was also a huge favorite of mine. His little blurps of TLC songs and his small quips through out the film gave a good balance to the film. He was a man just trying to make a living and get his special son through college. He wanted his life to be as stress free and everyone to have a little decorum.

The opening scences did not leave anything lacking when it came to the boom and flash of an action film. Total destruction on part of the city that would have cost the city hundreds of thousands of dollars but all in the name of justice (even if it was only for a few pounds of green). I just like how this so far is the only movie that questions the excess of carnage.

All in all I give this movie…


Big JD

Will Ferrell is a giant when it comes to ad lib comedy.  Mark Wahlberg is probably more known to be in a good action flick or your occasional drama.  But when they are put together it is a disaster.  They are oil and water.  Seriously.

In all honestly it is a bit of acting and writing probably all tied together.  I could probably also blame the Director on this but I don’t want to be counting down for too many categories for the same thing.  It was mainly Mark Wahlberg constantly being upset and going too far with stuff and sort of out there at times (girlfriend was at ballet practice but he sees her as being in a stripclub.)  I know the strippin’ for dollars scene was suppose to be funny but it took the “serious” character and made him whacky as everyone else.  I feel that there should have been a mixture of the serious and funny.  But they just decided to make it all whacky.  You get a shot of that when you find out what happens to two cops when they “aim for the bushes”.  Also, Will Ferrell is a comedic genius but I feel that they didn’t yell “cut” enough.  Because half of the stuff he was yammering on about was just not funny to me.  Even when he references the Millennium Falcon.  Just not funny.  They were obviously fine coming out of that explosion because they had their rear deflector shields up and they were in a metal tin can of a ship.  …

Michael Keaton was cool to see as the whacky police chief.  He does comedy pretty well.  And what’s a comedy without throwing a Wayans Brother in there.  (Damon Wayons Jr.)  Favorite scene  … probably the quiet fight?  I don’t know really they are all pretty average.  Worst scene: Eva Mendes singing “Pimps don’t cry”.  Ughhhh.

The plot was put together pretty well and it was the only thing that really kept me in this movie.  Besides the occasional funny parts I think the plot had me thinking how they were gonna nail this guy Ershon.  I liked the soundtrack all throughout the movie.  There was one point during the beginning the soundtrack had me wanting to watch a full movie on the two Super Cops instead of the “other guys”.  Way to go soundtrack.

This movie has a bit of history as Randy has touched upon.  This movie was our first real movie that brought up “ratings” when Randy, Will and I would always talk movies.  Will loved this movie and I didn’t like it so much.  He wanted to know how many stars would I give it and I said 2.  Then we talked about it and he eventually got me up to a 2.5 but that’s as far as I would go.  I think its pretty funny that still to this day even with our ratings system in place it still gets a 2.5.




-Did someone call 9-1-Holy S***-

I remember sitting in the theater the very first time I saw this trailer and thought…Will Farrell, Mark Walberg, The Rock, and Samuel L. Mutha F-ing Jackson this movie cannot be bad at all… Well it’s no Max the Magician but it’s not the best Will Farrell movie. Thanks to Kim kickin’ 2010 this weekend by bringing this movie back into my life. I wanted to put out there this movie is the “Birth” of the Movie Review Crew… you see Willie- Good Cook and Big JD were having difference of opinion on this movie. To me this is either you love it or hate.  Well after we were all in the office discussing what we didn’t like about it Big JD got this Brainstorm that we should do a review blog…of course he wanted more of a video blog but we are still kickin’ and thank you to all you viewers for coming to check us out means a great deal to us here. Now back to the review.

I’d have to say this is not my favorite Will Farrell movie, and it certainly is not my favorite Mark Walberg movie either. However that being said this movie to me is an acquired taste. First time I watched it, I thought what the h***?!, the more I watch it the more it kind of grows on me.
For a goofy cop buddy spoof style movie it’s ok. Will Farrell did a good job but it’s Will Farrell, besides Casa de Mi Padres he’s not really had a horrible movie because he brings a special comedy, however I felt he kind of toned it down a bit mostly cause his character isn’t over the top like usual.

Mark Walberg… WHY MARK! WHY?! I think he went way over the top for his character and really he sounded like a whiny bitch most of the time. I was a little disappointed with his performance in this film.

Michael Keaton, Samuel L. Jackson and The Rock to me had better one liners and just over all better fit for their roles. Michael Keaton cracked me up when he was giving a team meeting at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and then started going over the Serial Rapist and then tried to play it off…to me that is class, but Michael Keaton has always made me laugh in most of his movies.

Story wise I think it was pretty interesting not a complete cookie cutter cop/buddy spoof movie but pretty close had a little bit of a Lethal Weapon feel. I thought the writing was pretty good for Adam McCay, he has a way to write good goofy comedies my personal favorite is Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby.

The soundtrack was interesting especially with LRB. It fits to make the comedy a little better but even when the essential action scene and bar scene the music seemed to fit very well. Also the song at the end “Pimps don’t cry” by Eva Mendes and Cee-Lo Green good addition.

Overall I would say this is a either you love it or hate it style movie when you first watch it, but the more you watch it the more you enjoy it I guess would be the right word, it seems to flow better for me.


Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid (1982)

Trailer:  Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid (1982)

Starring: Steve Martin, Carl Reiner, Rachel Ward – Director: Carl Reiner

Running Time:  1 hr 28 mins – Genre:  Comedy, Crime, Mystery


The First time I watched this movie I fell in love with it.  I thought it was absolutely wonderful how the director blended classic old movies with the new movie being filmed. The setting starts out at an old style private eye office, where of course a “D.I,D” (damsel in distress) comes in a faints into our hero’s arms. She of course has murder case that must be solved. Through many adventures and near misses the two solve the case and obviously fall in love. While the plot itself is not original, it was still super fun to watch.

Steve Martin, one of the few “live” actors in the film did a terrific job of acting with the classic movie bits, making them fit very smoothly in to the movie.

 It was hard to tell where the a clip started and ended. Also his acting with his fellow actors was humorous as only Steve can do. Just remember never to say “cleaning woman” in his presence.

I liked the soundtrack. It fit with the whole private eye theme that was going on. And the sound effects from the parts that were being filmed seemed to use the style from the classic films. Where they are slightly delayed from what is going on in the film. I don’t know if that made since but the best way i can describe it is when someone is walking up wooden stairs, two pieces of wood are hit together.

I have to say what I liked most about the movie was trying to name the actors from the other films used. I was impressed with how many I knew.

So for those of you who like the classics and enjoy a good comedy I would recommend this movie. Just keep in mind that you might have to watch it twice to catch some of the subtle jokes and risque comments.



This movie had an interesting way of telling the story, let’s mesh several Film Noir movies and write a movie around it only using like 4 main characters and rest all extras, to me it was genius. I loved how they blended the stories to make one using Steve Martin to act alone to converse with the actors in the other films.  However Steve Martin, and Carl Reiners Comedy is one of an acquired taste.

as Over 90% of the movie revolved around Steve Martin on his own or accompanied by a supporting character his acting was good, I mean for his taste in comedy Steve Martin has the ability to over act in certain scenes (all actors do) but sometimes the right scene calls for that, like when he’s making the Java.

Carl Reiner plays a butler who is secretly a nazi spy, which was an interesting twist at the end but other then his German accent there really was no huge

 variable that made him stand out for his little parts.

Rachel Ward played Julia Fox, And although she played the Dame from the Film Noir style very well, and man can she suck a bullet out of an arm.

For special effects I think being able to have that much of cost savings and use black and white like they did and splice in the films from the other movies (which I believed were owned by company that made the film)  Wardrobe was done well, Even with the Dark hair JD and I agree in certain moments Steve Martin looked like a Younger Harrison ford…keep in mind we said moments.With the plot and whole story, I have to agree with JD on this, that it did very much feel like it was written around the other little tidbits, but to me that is ingenious. To me it was the most creative spoof of all the spoofs I’ve seen in my life.  But again the writing felt like it was written around the other films which can make the film seem like it’s not following a steady path, and for some people confuse or lose interest in the film.

Overall for this movie I enjoyed it but I like spoofs, and Film Noir style movies.  Although it did seem in parts to run on over all a good movie, Now would I recommend this movie to people not your average people I think you have to have an acquired taste for Steve Martin and a good understanding of Film Noir to truly enjoy the movie. But it is at least a check it out in my book


Big JD – 

Steve Martin is a comedic genius.  This movie fails to really capitalize on his worth.  If you are a huge fan of his then this may be a good watch for you.  But, if you like Steve Martin from his rom com’s or his earlier stuff than I would say this fails to hit the mark.  Now, I did find myself chuckling to myself and many occasions.  It is a funny movie.  Dry.  But funny.

In the same vein as Police Squad or the Naked Gun series the dry humor can be detected if you are paying attention, and I’m sure is funnier the second time you watch it.  If there was a decent plot I would probably consider watching it twice but, the plot is really everywhere.  This movie has a certain niche that it has found where it splices old movies into their ongoing movie.  I don’t know if they just didn’t have the budget to pay other actors or if they had this idea and really swung for the fences.  The only problem with this niche is that it leaves the audience feeling pulled in many different directions.  Because a lot of the dialogue is based off of what is being said in the movie clips.  Honestly it felt like I was listening to a 4 year old trying to tell me a story with all of the non relating tangents included.

The actual 4 actors that were in this movie acted fairly well for this dry comedy.  I thought Steve Martin actually reminded me of a younger Harrison Ford at times.  Yeah, that’s funny but somewhat true.  The editing was done very well, even though I feel it was a bad idea.  The soundtrack

seemed stale, old and crusty.  Like some old bread that was going bad that you toast so, you can serve it to people. Just as in this movie anytime you get shot you can just have “Juliett” suck out the bullet.  A device used once too many times.  It was funny the first time.

If you have time to waste and you haven’t seen this Steve Martin in this forgettable gem then waste some time why don’t ya and give this one a view.

(hint: Its on Netflix)