Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade (1989)

Indy LC1


Starring: Harrison Ford, Sean Connery    – Directed By: Steven Spielberg

Running Time: 2hr 11 min   – Genre: Action Adventure

Ran-Dizzle (Host)


Movie Relevance:
Since this is going to be my official last post, I decided to end it with this movie as it is the “Last Crusade” that Kimmay! and I shall be a part of. That being said I wish Big JD a long and prosperous ride with his blogs and hope that it continues to blossom for him.


This is my favorite of the Trilogy (yes Trilogy I don’t count that other movie that claims to be part of Indy’s world) You get to see the connection between Indy’s past and how and why he does what he does, and his relationship with his father and his father’s passion for finding the Holy Grail.

What I felt went right with the story was giving it some background, going back and showing us how Indy became Indy, and how he progressed so far. What I didn’t like about the story is that it does kind of beat a dead horse when Indy is always getting involved withThe-Last-Crusade-Screencap-indiana-jones-18999827-1024-440 Nazi’s and end of the world situations cause because the Nazi’s are wanting to find a supernatural way of ending the world.

Sean Connery playing Henry Jones Sr. make worth watching this movie to me, he plays a role that is passive yet firm especially with Indy.

Harrison ford always plays Indiana so well, I think my favorite part is when he threw the Nazi Soldier out and says “No Ticket” and then everyone starts producing their tickets …classic Indy humor.indiana_jones

It was good to see Julian Glover added as the bad guy as he tends to play those kind of roles as he was in Empire Strikes back as General Veers he plays the greedy entrepreneur that wants to use the cup for personal gain as well as to sell to the Nazi’s.

There are quite a bit of holes in the movie and areas were not completely thought through like, for example…if you heard a loud CLANG in your library and it happened every time you stamped the book, yeah that’s funny to us but wouldn’t you think as a librarian you would go check that out?

Overall this to me is the best Indiana Jones movie and it is a must watch for all Indiana Jones fans.

P.S I am very glad that we finally got to finish a trilogy while being part of the Movie Review Crew. I’ve had fun and hope that you all continue to read as BIG JD kicks it old school and still pumps out the reviews for you guys. I’ve had a blast and hope you all enjoyed the movies we’ve review and will continue to review.



Now this is my favorite Indy movie. I remember the first time I watched it with my cousins they tried to force me to watch the part were thy guy turns to dust but I was a wimp and refused…I knew nothing good was gonna come from drinking out of the wrong goblet. They made fun of me the rest of the time I was in Oklahoma but the funny parts totally out weighed the one.indiana-image

I didn’t realize how much of this movie I had forgotten until I watched it last night. I was giggling through most of, especially when Dr. Henry Jones entered the scene. The relationship between father and son was hilarious. I loved it whenever Indy removed a few of the bad guys and would look to his dad for a “way to be son” look and would get a “are you serious” look instead. But the touching moments were when at one time or another they thought the other was dead or dying. The-Last-Crusade-Screencap-indiana-jones-19000585-1024-440

When it came to the script, I liked the idea of finding the Holy Grail. I also thought it was fun that the writers mentions the Arc of the Covenant. But the script was witty and kept you engaged in the film.

If you haven’t watched the Indy series I totally recommend it. Might skip the last one though. Wasn’t what it could have been for an Indiana Jones film, but it did have a few shining moments.

So I give this movie…




Warning:  This review is full of spoilers.

I won’t lie… the first 40 seconds of this movie could totally be a Man-Thing sequel.  Ha!  Lots of laughin’.  Just a jk’n you and stuff.  The beginning of this film spawned The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles Television series that ran for oh about a year.  It starred Patrick Flanery as the young Indiana Jones (a far cry from River Phoenix) but, without Patrick we wouldn’t have had the Boondock Saints Duo.  I will proceed now.

indiana-jones-and-the-last-crusade-river-phoenixRiver Phoenix plays a wonderful Indiana Jones.  Facial expressions, body mannerisms, voice inflections the whole yard.  We lost someone special when we lost River Phoenix.  Well, it looks as if Leonardo DiCaprio filled in just fine right?  He just stepped right in there didn’t he.  Anyway this beginning we get to see what inspires him the rest of his life.

In this movie we get to go back to the original formula.  Using the college as the Base of operations and his sanctuary.  And a pleasant addition of Indy’s father.  BTW When they found his fathers house in shambles how did Marcus know that it was “today’s” mail he was looking at?  Something to think about.  A lot of the same was used to make it an Indiana Jones movie such as the fake punch sounds, overacted action sequences, Nazi’s, A huge map that has a red line showing their travelling distance and the most important.  An ancient artifact that has to be found.  In this case it is the Holy Grail.  BTW can you open your eyes in petroleum?  Looks like that would burn.  Even if it is mixed with water it would have to be concentrated enough to actually set a flame.  The girl (Elsa) is pretty lackluster and forgettable in this movie.  Another blonde, what are ya gonna do?  You find out later why she doesn’t fit that role well.  Greed kills.  I loved Harrison Ford’s Irish or is that Scottish accent.  Either one whatever, it was amusing.  It is the first time we see Indy wearing a long tie with his classic brown shirt.

A complaint I have though is that halfway through this movie the bantering between father and son get old quick.  The movie at times just lastcrusadeseems to be regurgitated bits and pieces from the previous two films.  Although getting Hitler’s autograph was pretty original.  Maybe because it has a lack of leading lady.  Maybe Sean Connery takes the place of the leading lady?  One thing I’ve figured out is that Indiana fights best when he’s on the move.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s a motorcycle or a tank he fights all over the place.  Junior!

Just a little bit more “fantasy” then the other two movies but not too much.  This still ranks as third for me in the trilogy.  Mainly because I found most of this movie to be slightly boring.  Boring for an Indiana Jones movie anyway.  But it’s a must see for any fan.

I would like to end this review by saying that this will be the final review with our other 2 members of the Movie Crew.  Ran-Dizzle and Kimmay! Are moving on to greener pastures.  Mainly pastures that don’t make them write a movie review every week.  It’s ok.  It can be daunting at times but I’m here for YOU.  I will  remain here.  The Movie Crew will be a crew of ONE.  I will though take a few weeks off in February.  And you will see posts again late Feb. or first week of March.  I want these reviews to stay original in content so, things may change or things may stay somewhat similar.  Thank you to all of our followers.  You reading is what keeps me doing this.



Man-Thing (2005)

Trailer: Man-Thing (2005)

Starring:  Jack Thompson, Matthew Le Nevez, Steve Bastoni  – Directed By:  Brett Leonard

Running Time: 1hr & 37 mins – Genre: Action, Horror, Sci-Fi


Big JD (Host)

Movie Selection Relevance

This movie is a Marvel comics based character movie.  That’s all I need to say.  But additionally this will be my last chance to pick a bad movie for the crew.  More on that in the coming weeks.


Murders and citizens gone lost are a major problem in this Louisana swamp town.  Not to mention the local businessman is hard at work pumping oil out of the earth into his pockets and destroying the Swamp environment while doing it.  Enter: New sheriff in town to get down to business.  In this movie Man-Thing doesn’t appreciate people that desecrate his land.  For he is guardian and protector of the Nexus of All Realities.  They all are responsible.  They all must pay.


Man-Thing had so much potential to be a very interesting and good movie.  You can figure out right away that this movie wasn’t released in theatres in the US but internationally was instead.  Direct to DVD was its purpose here but not before airing on the Sci-Fi network first.   Like any movie though if there is boobs present then I will definitely give it at least a half star rating.  Boob-tacular!  And this movie starts off like an 80’s slasher flick with the two kids running off into the forest (replace with Swamp) to bake some cookies.  Along with his bad hick accent.  And as to be expected you get the boob scene.  It lasts for a couple seconds but has to be the best part of the movie sad enough.  It wouldn’t be so bad but we don’t get a full clear shot of the Title character until 1 hour and 13 minutes into the movie.  He is hinted and teased the whole movie.  Did I mention that this movie runs 1 hour and 37 minutes.  If you are going to have a movie based on a character then have the character in the movie at least 50% of the time.  5% screen time does not work fella’s.

Speaking of the main character lets touch on some points of Source Material.  Man-Thing is from the Florida Everglades and that is where the Nexus of all Realities is located.  For what reason did this need to be changed?  Ted Sallis was not of Indian origin.  He was not an Elder Shaman he was a scientist.  I guess it really doesn’t matter since we never see him.  But that brings in all the Indian lore that I’ll touch on shortly.  Man-Thing did not go on killing sprees.  He is empathetic.  Very much to the point that someone that is expressing Fear disturbs him greatly and freaks out.  Also, Man-thing does not have these Tendrils of destruction that seem to go anywhere in the swamp.  The moving tendrils really bothered me because it takes away from the look of Man-Thing.  Although they did do a good job bringing him to life.  Even though it wasn’t correct.  Quick question to the writer’s.  Where did Man-Thing get the Oil that he made pour out of Schist?  That doesn’t make sense.  The Seminole Reservation was near the fictitious town of Citrusville in the comics.  So it doesn’t seem cliché if source material is kept right?  We don’t know what city this movie takes place in actually.  So, having this “green”, “let’s save the planet” type of feel to this movie you almost expect to see a crying Indian walking across the screen at some point.    Don’t litter or Man-Thing will rip you in half.

The acting at times is over acted and at others under acted.  Over and Under this seems to be bad.  It may be the writing.  Because as an example the teacher Teri Richards in the beginning is protesting and she shoves the Sheriff into the mud.  I don’t care what “reality” you are living in but that is assaulting a police officer which is not excusable.  Even though he takes her to the pokey he lets her go for other reasons so that maybe possibly one day he can…. Pokey.  “I want to see my lawyer!  I have rights!”  Right.  After you assault a sheriff you lose all those rights lady.  There are other times that her acting is good but for the wrong movie.  Way too dramatic when it doesn’t fit the scene.  Like the goodbye save our lives scene for instance.  It just seemed like the perfect time to give the audience a screen kiss because the first one was interrupted.  One comment I would like to clear up for the good Sherriff.  He mentioned that Life magazine went out of business.  Well, maybe when the script was Written but Life magazine started back up in 2004 and went to 2007.  This movie was released in 2005 so at that time He was telling a lie.  Just thought you should know.

If you don’t have anything to do for an hour and a half and you don’t mind wasting your life then check this movie out.  If you are a Marvel Comics fan then you need to check this movie out simply because you’re a fan.  It’s fun to see what they change for no good reason.  For example Ted Sallis wa s the only character kept from the comic books.  Here is a Easter egg for ya.  Ted Sallis’ wife Ellen Brandt is a character in Iron Man 3.  It’s the lady that attacks Tony in the Bar.  Interesting?  Yes, because originally Ted Sallis was working on recreating Erskin’s Super Soldier Serum along with the infamous Curt Conners (The Lizard).  To adapt to the story she is still an agent of AIM and after Man-Thing burns her face off (after she attempts to steal the formula) she goes into the special testing led by Killian.  Ok, Ok… that is a different movie.  Go watch this one now.  …or not.

Comic book Connection:  None.

Nudity Bonus:  Imogen Bailey (T)(4:28, 5:14)




Well where do I begin…. First of all I didn’t think any Marvel movie could be worse then Elektra…and then I watched this. What fresh hell had Lionsgate Films brought to me this time. Oh they killed a not so popular 70’s-80’s Marvel Character….Man-Thing.

At first it kept my attention, then it kind of faded off…especially when the Sherif Kyle Williams was getting no where in his investigation other then someone or something was in the swamp killing people…the real part where I almost shut this movie off was right after he investigates the girl in the Psyche ward who sits there calm and then screams for no reason…had no real importance other than she witnessed the boy who she was rocking the boat with die. And they didn’t persue anymore…or ask the doctors any questions it was scream in my face move along…I thought WHAT?! nothing?

If I remember right Man-Thing’s role was Ted Sallis was a Scientist that injected a serum into his body and then later during a crash that landed into the swamp where mystical powers take over with the serum and turns him into Man Thing…where in this movie he’s a spiritual being that is ANGRY….and we all know Green Angry things are not good. So I am glad they kept Ted Sallis and the Nexus of All Realities in this movie but seriously I didn’t like how they made Man-Thing more of a avenged killer instead of the “Hero” he’s supposed to be, let alone an angry spiritual defender with a bloodlust.

The story was ok, I think after half way it kind of dragged along as you see people randomly die. I think it had a solid idea but that was all it was, an idea. I kind of half thought this was a thought in the head of the director and fed the actors the lines from his head before the camera.  Like it was all being written while it was in process. I think had the story been more detailed and given a little more depth this could have been better than Ghost Rider. (Of course it wouldn’t have Nicolas Cage but who would stop him from trying?)

For actors I’ve never heard of playing the roles they didn’t do bad but I really don’t see them getting much of a career after this…

Sadly this movie made Elektra worth watching again. Thanks Lionsgate




So I can’t say that I LOVED this movie but it was rather enjoyable for what it was. In the opening scene all I could think was this is a total B-rated horror film. With boobies and blood galore.

The special effects were, well, rather special. The Man-Thing was scary in it’s own right and if I were ever to meet him in the dark of the swamp, he wouldn’t have to stab me to death with his branches of doom, I would just die of fright. His ruby red eyes from the pits of hell were rather fun to look at whenever they did a close up of the face.

I have to say this movie did not go by the rules I thought Marvel played by. I was sure the creature in the swamp was evil and not just trying to protect all the universes and that the new sheriff was going to become some crazy super hero and save the day. Well that did not happen. The sheriff stayed human and the Man-Thing was just doing what it was meant to do, even if it was a lil extreme.

I have no recollection of the music at all so it couldn’t have been that great.

So for all of its glory I give this movie…



Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984)


Starring: Harrison Ford,  Kate CapshawJonathan Ke Quan    – Directed By: Steven Spielberg

Running Time: 1hr 58 min   – Genre: Action/Advent

Kimmay! (Host)

Indy continues on new adventures and just can’t stay out of trouble. Picking up a couple of sidekicks on the way, he helps save a village by finding and returning a sacred stone. He just needs to keep an eye out for his heart.

Movie Relevance:

Well once you watch one Indiana Jones you have to watch them all!


I believe I stated in the last Indy review that I had not watched these films in a while. So I am glad that we decided to watch them again. While

this is not my favorite Jones movie it is still a great one.

Short Round was my favorite addition to the movie. He brought out a side of Indy that is rarely seen. In the Lost Arc film he was kind of that way with Marion but only a few times. He was caring and Short Round had enough pull on him to break him out of the zombie trance. The thing I loved most about Short Round was the fact he was just like his character in the Goonies. Most would say that was bad but I think he was a fun character and it saddens me that he really only did the two movies.

Willie annoyed me to no end. She was super needy and only did ok as a love interest in the movie. But I do have to say her reactions to the dinner was fabulous and I would have probably reacted the same way.

Again the music was great in this film as it was in the first and the script was very original.

So I give this film…



No time for love Dr. Jones….

The best thing about this movie especially following Raiders is you get to see more of Indy and his many adventures. This one isn’t bad actually the only one in the collection that I think was bad was Crystal Skull for personal reasons. I think Last Crusade is the best of them all but let’s review this one.

Short Round stole the show for me. He is a loveable character and always backing up Dr. Henry Jones “Indy” and also causing trouble. Seeing him belt the little voo doo bastard in the mouth while Indy was beating the burly guy was quite entertaining, or seeing him drive the car with the wedge pedal shoes.

Willie Scott, not my favorite Indy girl. (Always have been a fan of Marion.) plays her role well. She portrays the ditzy blonde vaudeville show style girl who is just trying to find her fortune but lands in Indy’s lap.

There is several things wrong with this movie that even for the time sticks out like a sore thumb. Special effects when the plane explodes it obviously was green screened very similar to Star Wars effects however for some reason in the Indy films they seem a little cheesier now. Also I noticed this in both Raiders and this movie…If you count bullets when guns are fired…when you have a six shooter and you fire 14 shots and no reload?! or better yet using musket rifles that involve powder and muskets…and your firing multiple times. Also when they are escaping the tunnels to get away from the water you can tell it’s also green screened…granted back in the day this was top of the line…but to me it’s pretty cheesy now yet I still love these movies.

As any “Good” Indiana Jones this is a must see just for retro sake, or if you’ve never seen it before it’s a must see for any Indiana Jones fan.




This is my favorite Indiana Jones movie of all time.  Out of 4 movies this one comes out on top.  I betcha wonderin’ why this is the case?  Well, it’s kinda why I’m writing this review.  Walk with me for a second…

So, you know how some of the most horrible movies may stick in your heads as good experiences?  Most of that is caused by nostalgia.  It was a movie that you watched when you were young and it always stuck with you.  Getting older you’ve seen how bad that it may be but for some reason watching it brings back those nostalgic feelings of being young and without care.  This movie sort of wins but Indiana Jones film to me mostly because of this reason.  This was the movie that I discovered how cool Harrison Ford can be if he played another character.  In the “Raiders” review I spoke about how I was strictly a Star Wars fan and didn’t give that movie a chance.  But this is the movie I did give a chance and I’m glad I did.  Now, that I think about it I do that a lot…  Shun the first outing of something and then become a fan on the second outing…  Eminem comes to mind.  I digress.

I think the biggest “like” of this movie for me is that there isn’t a clear setup of story for Indy.  In the beginning he is concluding another adventure and he winds up stuck in a situation were he feels compelled to go on yet another adventure when it really didn’t call for it.  So, it kinda feels like we the audience are getting something for free.  Bonus mission!  There are many likes I have in this film like the dinner scene, the bugs scene, the heart scene (definitely), and finally the mine car chase.  So epic they made it a ride at Universal Studios.  And the punch sounds.  Many may think “corny” but even my daughter while watching the movie noticed the outright ridiculousness of the fake punch sounds.  It’s Indiana Jones Gold.

Now with all this love, I can’t let go some of the bad writing that we the audience was just supposed to accept.  Examples being, 1.  Indiana Jones drinks poison yet, he is able to run around (for quite some time) and fight and everything before getting the antidote.  Even after the bad guy says “it works fast!”.  2.  If you jump out of a plane on a life raft and hit the ground they hit you would most likely break some legs.  As soon as it was “aired up” and went over the cliff, I’m sorry but it would have flipped over many times its just physics.  What was the point in having all these guests show up at the palace if they didn’t do anything to contribute to story?  Ok, the british guy sort of told the story of them being overseen and watched by Britain.  But other than that?  That close to lava and Willie didn’t burn up?  Not even a red shade of rosey?  Just alittle sweat is what we got.  If that stuff is hot enough to melt bone from its cage then being that close would have made her skin bubble.  Just sayin’.  Things like that come up and I’m like what?!  How the heck does Indiana get his whip to latch on to things so that he can swing on it?  That doesn’t make any sense at all.  And most likely many more points to make if I were to be nitpicky.

The relationship between Willie & Indie was annoying to say the least.  It reminded me more of Romancing the Stone than Indiana Jones.  Come to think of it Romancing the Stone came out the same year as this movie so, I might be on to something.  I liked the inclusion of short round.  He was great.  I wish he would have been included in more movies.  It was a side of Dr. Jones that we haven’t seen yet.  The ending was very satisfying and yet this movie doesn’t explore many of the formulas the first one had it still has its own piece of history.  Indiana Jones on an adventure.  That’s all you need.  …with a slight flare for the “unbelievable”.


Iron Man 3 (2013)

Trailer: Iron Man 3 (2013)

Starring:  Robert Downey Jr., Guy Pearce, Gwyneth Paltrow  – Directed By:  Shane Black

Running Time: 2hrs & 10 mins – Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy


Big JD (Host)

Movie Selection Relevance

It’s pretty obvious that I’m a Marvel fan.  But why did I select this movie during Christmas time?  1.  It’s Marvel.  2. It takes place during Christmas time. 3.  One of the few Marvel movies that we haven’t done and the final review in the Iron Man trilogy.  To be honest I selected A Christmas Story first but I guess, I decided that having a movie with a kid that reminded Tony Stark of the kid from A Christmas Story was good enough.


After the events of Marvel’s The Avengers (2012) Tony Stark has came to grips with reality that he is now surrounded by Aliens, Gods, and more powerful beings than himself.  This gives him great stress and how does Tony Stark deal with stress?  He builds things.  Things that come in the form of Iron Man Armor’s.  We see how Tony’s past catches up with him in a very big way and how Tony has to metaphorically revisit the cave that he fought his way out of many years ago.


When I saw this in the movie theatre there was only one thing that stood out to me.  Wait.  2 things that stood out to me.  The first was the confusion of the after credits scene.  I won’t give it away but It doesn’t matter because it has no relevance whatsoever.  I sat through the credits for that?  The second thing was I wasn’t too thrilled about the whole “Mandarin” thing.  That’s how it stood after first viewing.  After buying the Blu-Ray when it came out and watching it many more times thereafter I have came to the conclusion that the “whole Mandarin thing” is not such a “thing” to me anymore.  *If you go any further Spoilers may follow* Be warned.

I understand that they couldn’t have had this evil Chinese character called The Mandarin because that tends to be quite racist nowadays.  That’s what they’ve said anyway.  They went the route that they started in the 2008 movie.  Where the face of evil was Middle Eastern.  How is that less racist?  Moving forward.  They got me, they really did.  They got everybody that saw this movie.  “That was a limited edition” –Tony Stark  The way that Trevor was portrayed as the fake Mandarin was absolutely infuriating at first but once you get use to the idea of the whole thing it becomes pretty ingenious.  For one they surprised everyone in the theatres.  Two, is that it is totally left open for them to manipulate things to where he really was the true Mandarin.  It’s an open book really.  I won’t even speak about the Marvel Short that they shot to be featured on the THOR: The Dark World Blu-Ray that will have Ben Kingsley in it.  Could they be poised and ready to add to the Mandarin legacy.  The ten rings didn’t have functionality but again, I’m ok with that.  It may have came off cheesy.  But no more cheesy that guys running around breathing fire.  “You can breathe fire now?!”-Rhodey

In the comic book story of Extremis Aldrich Killian ends up “offing” himself at his computer because he sold the formula to some less than reputable people.  Maya Hansen was originally involved and went to jail.  She did not die.  Tony gets Maya to help him use the Extremis virus to help him control his armor remotely (also can google things without a computer.  Awesome)  During this self discovery he reminds himself of the “cave”.  This movie takes queues from the original storyline.  Which is good and we all have to remember that this all has to fit in a movie universe that has many contributors and it grows and breathes as the comic book universe does as well.

The things I love most about this movie is Tony Stark, and finding and seeing original storyline aspects.  “drop the needle, Jarvis”-Tony Stark.  I didn’t like the inclusion of the 42 suits.  I wasn’t that big of a fan seeing a bunch of suits that I’ve never seen before.  I would have loved to have seen suits that I was familiar with.  Like when Tony rescues Pepper but gets detained by Killian it looks as if he is wearing the Silver Centurion armor.  Tony also talks with Harley about a Stealth armor which is kinda cool as well.  Enough about the many armors lets talk about Shane Black.  If you’ve seen Kiss Kiss Bang Bang then this movie will feel similar in places.  Like RDJ narration could be one.  The second his how Shane Black really gets Buddy movies.  I love the dialogue between Tony and Rhodey.  “password is War Machine Rox with an X and all caps”-Rhodey.  Great stuff.  Pepper handling the armor was a nice treat too.  With me thinking a little bit of “Rescue” action but Pepper was quite clumsy at first.  She’s a quick study though as she proves.

The casting was great, Rebecca Hall as Maya Hansen nailed it.  Ty Simpkins was new to the Marvel Universe as Harley but he did well.  Although I’m still trying to figure out why it had to be a kid.  I’m sure there was something simplistic to be said about Tony battling his inner demons and Harley is how he started out with all the passion to build and naivety.  The soundtrack was great.  Actually, truth be told I have most of the soundtrack on my phone, and yes I’ve been known to listen to it occasionally.

The only beef I have with this movie is that midway throughout the movie (When he enters Tennessee) the story dives into a lull.  I understand thematically it works well, but I am watching an Iron Man movie to see Iron Man.  It gets a bit boring during this part of the movie and I have to say that it affects my watching it multiple times.  That and like I mentioned before that all of the liberties that were taken/created just for the movie.  Mostly in regards to the source material.  For example Killian was not the founder of AIM and was never a member.  He really didn’t have much of a Marvel Universe career before he blew himself away to have Maya clean up his mess.  I could be trife and site the Mandarin thing but I’m putting that on hold for now.  If nothing ever comes of it down the road I might think its stupid but, the jury’s still out on Trevor. Also, with Iron Patriot being in this movie it can set some people off because this was never James Rhodes’ suit.  It was Norman Osborn’s and since he belongs to Sony and we won’t be seeing Spider-Man anytime soon then this was the only way we would see the Iron Patriot suit.  I’m ok with IP.

This movie was a great 3rd movie as a nice wrap up to a trilogy.  I’m sure Iron Man 4 will happen at some point just not anytime soon and don’t count on RDJ sticking around for that to happen.  He’s signed to Avengers 2 & 3 and that’s all folks.  Iron Man 4 I’m sure would happen sometime after Avengers 3.   It’s sad to see them wrap this up but it is also exciting to see what is yet to come from the MU.  Keep it locked in!

Comic book Connection: Cast from the previous Iron Man movies.

Nudity Bonus:  are you kidding me?




You’ll never see me coming…

Probably the most action packed Iron Man out of the trilogy, I just love the Iron Man trilogy it stays fairly true to the comic books more than any others I know, plus Robert Downey Jr is Tony Stark I can never see anyone replace him.

The writing was decent, I loved it gave it more depth and brought it from a classic comic line “Demon in a bottle-ish time” and a modern comic line like “Extremis” Alot of people disagree with the “Demon in a bottle” reference, to an extent it is true, “Demon in a bottle” was more Iron Man 2, but there is some left over aura of it in Iron Man 3.

Bringing in of the Mandarin and the Suits…that made me very happy, however what I love and maybe it’s just my imagination…I don’t think who they tell you Mandarin is in the end was really the Mandarin. I think the official person “to take the fall” was/is the Mandarin I mean what better way to make someone disappear yet keep them in the game other than keep them right in the open.

Also bringing Pepper into the Iron Man world was very creative and I would like to see her have her own suit in the next one, but with the ending it gives it makes me wonder if there is going to be a next one of it they are going to call it good and just keep Tony with the Avengers?…

As for the acting even the kid Harley was pretty good, and performed well with RDJ. No one really out did the other, and everyone was pretty up to par, Guy Pierce as a bad guy for this role not my choice, but did well, I think even Ben Kingsley played well in his role, because he does have me believing that he’s the real Mandarin…”You’ll never see me coming.”

Overall I think it’s the best out of the Trilogy but don’t take my word for it, go check it out, you’ll enjoy it. And the Ginormous Christmas Rabbit…




As I have said before, I am still kind of new to this whole Marvel thing. So when it comes to being original, I have no idea but I like how it was written and acted out. Robert/Tony was witty, even while have panic attacks and his heartfelt apology to Pepper, wonderful. I thought Pepper did a fantastic job of being annoyed with the suit hobby but yet being understanding at the same time. Well until she thought one of the suits was going to kill her.

The action was amazing and super fun to watch. Especially the “fireworks” near the end.  All I can say is hobbies do come in handy.

The soundtrack was ok. Didn’t really standout but it blended in with the movie which still makes it a win for me.

Now, I’m not going to go into detail but….What’s with the ending?! What is going to happen next!? I do not like where this may be going. Still watch the movie to find out what I mean because it was fabulous.

So I give this movie….


Thor (2011)

Trailer: Thor (2011)

Starring:  Chris Hemsworth, Anthony Hopkins, Natalie Portman  – Directed By:  Kenneth Branagh

Running Time: 1hr & 55 mins – Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy


Big JD (Host)

Movie Selection Relevance

Thor: The Dark World hit theatres November 8th and is currently made $146 million Domestically and $479 million world wide.  Check out Box Office Mojo for more news on that.  Here!

But the reasons why I selected Thor (2011) seems to be quite obvious.  Plus it is one of the few Marvel movies that we have yet to review.  Somebody keeps saying “Howard The Duck“!  Just give it a rest eh?!


He was cocky and stuff and his Dad sent him away to learn humility.  He met this hot chick and they wanted to hook up but his family issues followed him and kept them from….  well, anyway Thor’s hammer shows up and the rest is in the movie but remember…  Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.  -surfer dude Sam (synopsis by)


For the most part this movie is pretty great.  It’s not your typical “hero” film but it still has it’s hero moments.  Kenneth Branaugh was the perfect choice to bring Thor to the big screen.  Seeing Asgard for the first time was just amazing.  I thought Kenneth Branaugh and crew did a great job with creating Asgard and the characters within it.  The acting was excellent and to be expected really.  With a cast this good it’s kinda hard to have a bad movie.  Chris Hemsworth was kinda unproved before this movie.  He shined.  He shined mighty.

The story of how Thor came to earth and eventually joined the Avengers is outlined in this movie.  I’m glad they stuck with the original storyline of Thor being cast out of Asgard to learn humility.  I’m sort of glad they didn’t go the route of Donald Blake.  It would have been too Clark Kent/Superman feeling.  Tapping his cane on the ground and suddenly with a bolt of Thunder he becomes Thor!  Yeah So…  just keeping D. Blake in there as an Easter Egg is quite fine with me.  The rise of the Mischievous Loki is well detailed in this movie only to follow up in the Avengers.  I believe this movie is a great stepping stone for the Avengers movie as it shows why Loki is full of pain and angst.  The score was a little light in the chain mail but the main theme is pretty special.  If you are having problems catching the “main theme” then you will notice at the end of the movie during the galaxy romp right before the credits the main theme is played.

With so many good things in this movie how can I have given this movie a 4.  Well, the two things I disliked was pretty important to me.  The first was Thor’s hair.  That might seem a bit nit-picky but it seriously bothered me.  It looked like a Halloween wig that you could pick up for $15 at your local Halloween store.  It was so obvious and the blonde eyebrows made Chris Hemsworth look like a male version of the old GI Joe dolls once they left the service (became long haired hippies).  My second thorn is the entire love story of Thor & Jane Foster.  This movie really had the chance to tap the romance genre with a terrific love story that pretty much writes itself.  The so called “love” was never developed and seems more like “lust” on Jane’s part.  We are just made to assume that somehow they have developed feelings for each other.  I mean, what did Jane Foster possess that no other earth woman had?  The way this aspect was rushed made me feel that Thor could have fallen for the first earth women he meets.  That’s not cool.  I have really learned to look past these things and still enjoy the movie on the whole.

The ending was not as action packed as some comic book endings are but it is more of an emotional struggle between two brothers and I can accept that fully.  Can you?  This was an excellent movie and I can’t wait to watch it again and again.  You know I will.



Thor is one of the greater of the Marvel movies, The cast is phenomenal, and what I love the most about the story line is it gives lots of morals during the movie, it touches base with Politics, Family, and Humility.  Although I have not had much experience with Thor’s line of comics although I am more familiar with him in The Avengers comics and stories  I think they did really well.
As for Directing Joss Whedon is amazing but both Kenneth Branagh and Joss Whedon unstopable… I think out of the Avengers so far Thor’s line is the best written story. Iron man is good, but I think Thor’s was done better.
As for the actors and acting I didn’t know much about Chris Hemsworth when I learned about this movie and therefore not really sure how it was going to play out for Thor, and Anthony Hopkins as Odin?! I was a little skeptic about that one… But after watching the movie I couldn’t really see anyone playing the roles.
Natalie Portman has always delivered a very good performance and her playing Jane Foster the human love interest to Thor, although she didn’t have much more of relevance to the story other then helping Thor learn more about humanity and humility and be the love interest to Thor, but she did well.
The soundtrack is done well, it keeps with the mood and settings well, and not to mention one of my favorite bands performs one of their best songs during the credits (Foo Fighters)
Overall it’s one of the better stories in the Marvel world and I can’t wait to see Thor 2, well worth seeing.




I have to say that all I know about Marvel comic books is what I have watched in the current movies. As for how accurate these movies are, you will have to read either John or Randy’s reviews.

As for the movie Thor, I love it. Chris Hemsworth does an amazing job of acting like a god out of place. Also that of a spoiled prince that only cares of his own wants. I have two favorite scenes in this movie that contain Thor. The first is when he gets tazed by the science assistant, and the other is when Thor cannot lift hammer from the pit. To me these were growing moments for Thor. One showed how even a small female can take him down and the other made him realize that at that moment he was not fit to be the new king.

Jane, Natalie Portman, plays the love interest and the role of teacher. She shows Thor the balance between being a self-serving hero and that of a true hero. And of course as it is Natalie playing the part it is done fantabulously.

All in all I enjoyed the story. It touches on a little of everything. From how to deal with being adopted, even if it was by a king, to make sacrifices that hurt close to the heart.

The soundtrack was good. Not amazing but good. It kept up with the movie but didn’t really draw me in.

Now I’m gonna add the hottie factor. Chris Hemsworth definitely gets a 9 out of 10 stars on that one.

So I totally give this movie…



The Other Guys (2010)

Trailer: The Other Guys – 2010

Starring:  Will FerrellMark Wahlberg, Michael Keaton  – Directed By:  Adam McKay

Running Time: 1 hour and 47 minutes  – Genre: Action, Comedy, and Crime


Kimmay! (Host)

This was a rather original film as far as I know. When the two heros of New York suddenly die a tragic a death, new detectives must take their place. When a seemingly unimportant case turns into a huge elaborate million dollar scam, Allen Gamble (Will Ferrel) and Terry Hoitz (Mark Wahlburg) were the only two who could put the clues together.

I must start say the only reason I watched this movie was Mark Wahlberg is in it. While even I must admit this is not one of his better films, he still made me giggle. He was kind of needy but really wanted to be taken serious as an officer of the law, but because of one tiny (slightly understated) mistake, he was passed over for a promotion and pretty much put on desk duty. All I can say is you must let the peacock fly, he has to fly.

To this day I am still not a huge Will Ferrel fan. For the most part I could stand him in this movie, until he started sharing his past with Terry. His story was way to far fetched and just beyond the ridicalous. But since it was Will playing the part, it made since to me and no one else would have been able to pull it of to the extent that he did.

Michael Keaton was also a huge favorite of mine. His little blurps of TLC songs and his small quips through out the film gave a good balance to the film. He was a man just trying to make a living and get his special son through college. He wanted his life to be as stress free and everyone to have a little decorum.

The opening scences did not leave anything lacking when it came to the boom and flash of an action film. Total destruction on part of the city that would have cost the city hundreds of thousands of dollars but all in the name of justice (even if it was only for a few pounds of green). I just like how this so far is the only movie that questions the excess of carnage.

All in all I give this movie…


Big JD

Will Ferrell is a giant when it comes to ad lib comedy.  Mark Wahlberg is probably more known to be in a good action flick or your occasional drama.  But when they are put together it is a disaster.  They are oil and water.  Seriously.

In all honestly it is a bit of acting and writing probably all tied together.  I could probably also blame the Director on this but I don’t want to be counting down for too many categories for the same thing.  It was mainly Mark Wahlberg constantly being upset and going too far with stuff and sort of out there at times (girlfriend was at ballet practice but he sees her as being in a stripclub.)  I know the strippin’ for dollars scene was suppose to be funny but it took the “serious” character and made him whacky as everyone else.  I feel that there should have been a mixture of the serious and funny.  But they just decided to make it all whacky.  You get a shot of that when you find out what happens to two cops when they “aim for the bushes”.  Also, Will Ferrell is a comedic genius but I feel that they didn’t yell “cut” enough.  Because half of the stuff he was yammering on about was just not funny to me.  Even when he references the Millennium Falcon.  Just not funny.  They were obviously fine coming out of that explosion because they had their rear deflector shields up and they were in a metal tin can of a ship.  …

Michael Keaton was cool to see as the whacky police chief.  He does comedy pretty well.  And what’s a comedy without throwing a Wayans Brother in there.  (Damon Wayons Jr.)  Favorite scene  … probably the quiet fight?  I don’t know really they are all pretty average.  Worst scene: Eva Mendes singing “Pimps don’t cry”.  Ughhhh.

The plot was put together pretty well and it was the only thing that really kept me in this movie.  Besides the occasional funny parts I think the plot had me thinking how they were gonna nail this guy Ershon.  I liked the soundtrack all throughout the movie.  There was one point during the beginning the soundtrack had me wanting to watch a full movie on the two Super Cops instead of the “other guys”.  Way to go soundtrack.

This movie has a bit of history as Randy has touched upon.  This movie was our first real movie that brought up “ratings” when Randy, Will and I would always talk movies.  Will loved this movie and I didn’t like it so much.  He wanted to know how many stars would I give it and I said 2.  Then we talked about it and he eventually got me up to a 2.5 but that’s as far as I would go.  I think its pretty funny that still to this day even with our ratings system in place it still gets a 2.5.




-Did someone call 9-1-Holy S***-

I remember sitting in the theater the very first time I saw this trailer and thought…Will Farrell, Mark Walberg, The Rock, and Samuel L. Mutha F-ing Jackson this movie cannot be bad at all… Well it’s no Max the Magician but it’s not the best Will Farrell movie. Thanks to Kim kickin’ 2010 this weekend by bringing this movie back into my life. I wanted to put out there this movie is the “Birth” of the Movie Review Crew… you see Willie- Good Cook and Big JD were having difference of opinion on this movie. To me this is either you love it or hate.  Well after we were all in the office discussing what we didn’t like about it Big JD got this Brainstorm that we should do a review blog…of course he wanted more of a video blog but we are still kickin’ and thank you to all you viewers for coming to check us out means a great deal to us here. Now back to the review.

I’d have to say this is not my favorite Will Farrell movie, and it certainly is not my favorite Mark Walberg movie either. However that being said this movie to me is an acquired taste. First time I watched it, I thought what the h***?!, the more I watch it the more it kind of grows on me.
For a goofy cop buddy spoof style movie it’s ok. Will Farrell did a good job but it’s Will Farrell, besides Casa de Mi Padres he’s not really had a horrible movie because he brings a special comedy, however I felt he kind of toned it down a bit mostly cause his character isn’t over the top like usual.

Mark Walberg… WHY MARK! WHY?! I think he went way over the top for his character and really he sounded like a whiny bitch most of the time. I was a little disappointed with his performance in this film.

Michael Keaton, Samuel L. Jackson and The Rock to me had better one liners and just over all better fit for their roles. Michael Keaton cracked me up when he was giving a team meeting at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and then started going over the Serial Rapist and then tried to play it off…to me that is class, but Michael Keaton has always made me laugh in most of his movies.

Story wise I think it was pretty interesting not a complete cookie cutter cop/buddy spoof movie but pretty close had a little bit of a Lethal Weapon feel. I thought the writing was pretty good for Adam McCay, he has a way to write good goofy comedies my personal favorite is Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby.

The soundtrack was interesting especially with LRB. It fits to make the comedy a little better but even when the essential action scene and bar scene the music seemed to fit very well. Also the song at the end “Pimps don’t cry” by Eva Mendes and Cee-Lo Green good addition.

Overall I would say this is a either you love it or hate it style movie when you first watch it, but the more you watch it the more you enjoy it I guess would be the right word, it seems to flow better for me.


Star Trek: Into the Darkness



Starring:     – Directed By:

Running Time: 2hr 20min  – Genre:


Ran-Dizzle (Host)

Movie Selection Relevance-

I chose this movie mostly cause even though I am not an avid Trekkie, I do like the newer movies.  And I had been wanting to see this movie since in theaters but missed it so now Redbox has it I figured we’d give it a go.


After exposing themselves to another species the Enterprise is called back for a review once back the discover an unstopable force sending Captain Kirk and his team into a manhunt which leads into war-zone, where it’s a chess game of life or death.


As much as I was impressed with the first one this one was far more entertaining.

What I loved most about this movie is it follows through with the first one being a worm hole altered time, and as the story continues it’s nice to see the character although have changed basically into an alternate time line still remain very much similar to the previous characters. Spock still remains Spock, but in this movie seeing him expression his emotions when he goes after Harrison (Khan) it is awesome.

Overall the acting remains the same but seems to progress a little. I noticed that Chris Pine has some William Shatner pauses once in a while in the movie. I was originally against Simon Pegg being Scotty…but now seeing him in the roles in both films I’m more the impressed with the way he stays with the character.

The one person whom I did feel kind of mocks his role in the films is Karl Urban. We all know Dr. McCoy has famous lines like “Damnit Jim, I am a Doctor not a _____________” but when he does it maybe it’s just me but it feels a little more like a mockery of the real Dr.McCoy than it is his portrayal. STID5

J.J Abrams impresses me more and more when I watch his stuff, Star Trek will never be the same and I hope he keeps a hand in the projects when the new director comes in, and the cast stays the same because Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto  they have these characters pegged. But going back to J.J. Abrams his ability to morph the new stories into an alternate reality through the worm hole is absolutely amazing, and the fact he’s able to keep Leonard Nimoy makes me happy, even though I am not a trekkie like my dad was.  Like Abrams I am more of a Star Wars fan.

Overall this is a must see for all Trekkies and newer Trekkies to come.




This will probably mostly be a girly take on this movie, because well, I can at times be girly. The reason why I watched the first Star Trek (2009) was because of the actors that played the New Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock. I was more than entertained and fully enjoyed it. I had meant to watch Star Trek: Into the Darkness long before this but kept putting it off. I now regret that decision.

Of course Spock is witty and funny without even meaning too. His comments are dry and to the point in a way that only Spock can manage. Zachary Quinto may not be Leonard Nimoy but I think he makes a decent Spock.  He keeps his face void of emotion even in the scenes that about did me in. His lack of human understanding almost made him more human to me. He tries his best to be Vulcan but at times he does slip and acts a bit more human. Now I have to say that his looks (even with the slanted eyebrows) are still remarkable. (That’s girly moment number one.) But when his emotions do break through and he can not turn them off. Oi, I even had a tear or five to shed. He embraces his friends lack of care for safety to get the mission done.

Now for girly moment number two. Chris Pine..umm…I mean Captain Kirk.. There is hardly anything better than a man with a wild streak a mile wide and a grin to kill. He grows up a bit in this movie while overcoming many challenges and well, life changing events. STID6

The plot seemed to me rather orginal. If I am mistaken and this copies one of the older movies, my bad. While I grew up watching the many different T.V. series, I never did watch the movies. On the note of watching the series, one of the actors, Scott Lawrence, who only had a tiny moment on the Admirals ship, was in one episode of Star Trek: Voyager.

I bet the soundtrack was good but I kept getting caught up in the movie that I forgot to pay attention to. So all I can tell you on that note is that it did not take away from the movie and must have added to the scenes.

So for hottie factor and just plain liking this movie I give Star Trek Into Darkness…

4.0 ‘s



As a Star Wars fan I cannot say that I was ever impressed with any of the prior Star Trek films prior to 2009.  So, when I say that I liked this movie is a big step in the right direction.  It also shows that JJ Abrams has not only made a good film but he has made the Star Trek universe interesting and very entertaining to me.

I think the best part of this movie for me (and the franchise for that matter) is that JJ Abrams has kept the original movies canon in tact and still viable and still able to create new exciting stories.  This is a challenge at anytime for any filmmaker building on the success of other movies in a franchise but he succeeded with ONE wormhole in the 2009 movie.  Wormholes solve everything.  I like the fact that they brought back “old” Spock for this movie.  For some reason he gives the movie credibility and a certain emotion attached to the Kahn character.  Although the timeline’s have separated the old Spock knows what kind of man Kahn (Harrison) is because they dealt with him in the movie Star Trek: The Wrath of Kahn.  It makes me want to go back and re-watch that movie.  There are some similarities between the two movies proving that you can’t change fate but, I’ll let you figure those out for yourself.  I’ll give you the first one.  Spock, Kirk, Radiation… nuff said.STID7

I could do without the new timeline relationship of Ohura & Spock.  It just seemed like their banter between each other is forced and really unnecessary.  Plus, it makes me wonder… What “event” would make those two come together?  A wormhole and life threatening situations?  I don’t think so.  And having the Tribble scene be the one thing that saves Kirk’s life is kind of planted in there a bit too obviously.  I’m ok though because… well, you’ll see at the end of the review.

Some small issues I had start with the following:  How did Harrison get a ship that close to Starfleet command war-room without setting off any security red flags in a stolen ship?  You know that Pike will die In that scene.  You know because Cpt. Kirk lost the bridge of his ship, it wasn’t too concerning because you know he’ll have the ship back before the movie ends.  It was just a matter of piecing it together beforehand.  And yes, I figured that out as soon as I saw the first explosion in the war-room.  Also, the new Athletic and Very Agile & Strong Spock.  I’m kinda torn on him.  I like the fact that he’s way more exciting but still I don’t feel it’s in his character to be the way he is now.  And him running is hilarious with his haircut flopping in the breeze.STID4

I like the exploration of new planets/creatures.  Kind of expected in this movie but, It gives the movie visual set pieces that keep you intrigued.  I hope in future movies we see more creatures instead of having random alien officers on the ship spout out unnecessary nonsense.  And I would like to add as a side-note.  Alice Eve in this movie was great.  Even though her character was a total plot device.  She was originally up for the Emma Frost role in X-Men: First Class.  I think she would have nailed that role.  I mean, this movie proves that she looks good in lingerie.

I liked this movie a lot due to some very small issues that I can just attribute to writing.  So if you weren’t a fan before give this movie a shot and I guarantee you’ll love it.  It will in fact make you want to know more about the Star Trek universe and that is very promising for Star War fans come 2015.

Oh, I didn’t forget.  Tribble’s rule.

Comic book Connection:  Zoe Saldana- Guardians of the Galaxy,

Nudity Bonus:  n/a


World War Z (2013)



Starring: Brad Pitt, Mirellie Enos    – Directed By:  Marc Forster

Running Time: 1hr 56 min  – Genre: Action, Adventure, Horror


Ran-Dizzle (Host)

Movie Selection Relevance-

There are actually a few reasons why I picked this movie this month.

1.) It’s October and it’s the time to be festive with Vampires that don’t sparkle, Ghosts that are not friendly and with Cherub faces, Monsters, and anything else that goes bump in the night, or stab you with steely claws in your dreams, Zombies actually are an interesting horror film for me to choose I normally don’t care for zombie movies but this one stuck out for reason # 2….

2.) Double Tap….oh wait that’s another movie, #2 reason why I picked this movie… Brad Pitt in a Horror film. Last time I saw him in anything related to horror was Seven and that was a great movie, so hopefully he will do good in this one.

3.) and the most important reason of all… because I want to. So sit down strap in, grab your popcorn boy/girlfriends hand and hold on tight we are getting ready to watch the most interesting Brad Pitt movie since Fight Club.


Gerry Lane (PItt) a United Nations employee travels the world in a race against time to save his family and stop the Zombie pandemic that is taking over humanity as a whole destroying every things in it’s path.


This movie was interesting and kept my attention however I didn’t see why they call them Zombies, yes they are infected so technically are zombies but these “Zombies” were more able to move faster then regular humans, it was more a virus infection then it is zombies, I think of undead people in motion when I think about zombies, not like resident evil super zombies creatures. I did like how the zombies were attracted to sound, and how they solve how to get around the zombies without killing them.

What I did like is how they did keep it more realistic by creating flaws in systems like knowing zombies are attracted to sound so why did they have people singing in celebration in Jeruselem? Also Gerry being able to piece together everything together so fast just seemed a little odd but do-able. Then the little mistakes that they make like making noises even in the moments you tend to forget your surroundings but carboard and magazine gauntlets are going to prevent a flesh devouring infected person from biting you…I think not.

One thing that bothered me it’s very little, the sound of the teeth chomping from the Staff at the W.H.O facility, and the fact that Gerry should have died by being impailed by the piece of metal in his middle.

Actors were ok, Brad Pitt did well but the others seemed pretty ok nothing specatcular I felt that Mireille Enos was not really a huge role nor did I feel she was nothing but to keep Gerry moving in his search to keep his family alive so basically to me she was bait, in that manner the she did great, but other then that I don’t see her purpose.

The score was decent didn’t really stand out but it did set the mood to keep you engaged so I think that was done well.

Overall it’s a great movie but I was expecting more from the hype I heard about.  Worth a watch.



 Wow, let me say it again…Wow. This is probably another one of my favorite Brad Pitt movies. Of course he is the hero that figures out the clues left by mother nature to solve the slight issue on how not to get eaten by the infected people. He is quick on his feet and can survive anything that is thrown his way. The scene that stuck with me the most was when he saved the Mossad agent, Segen, by chopping her hand off after she got bitten. I think if I was her I would have just curled up and died but she kept going and even helped save the day.

For a “Zombie” this one was rather good. Not a whole lot of blood and gore but still intense. I think the thing that disturbed me the most were the mannerisms of the undead. How they would chatter their teeth when they were in their calm mode and just glitch around. But the slightest noise will send them tearing around searching for the next victim. The makeup on the zombie was done well and they were appropriately creepy.

The music was ehh, some of it was good but most of it was lost in the film. To me the music should enhance the movie and if you can’t remember it then it did not enhance it.

 I did do a lot of jumping and squirming around so if that is something you look for in a scary movie, this is a go. 




If you like the “infected people” movies such as 28 Days Later then this is your movie.  But, if you are looking for a true Zombie flick then you may need a “Pitt-Pass” on this one.  What bothers me is when people call this a Zombie movie.  It is NOT a Zombie movie.  Zombies don’t act like world class athletes.  These are true runners.  The infected?  Yes, I can say that.

You start this movie with the normal everyday life that everyone has until that one moment when Pancakes hit the fan.  Then from that moment on you are on ride with the survivors as they try to figure out how to find a cure.  …and survive.  Not much different than any Zombie/Infection movie we’ve all seen.  That’s about my biggest beef with this movie.  You just about know what’s gonna happen as it is happening so, there isn’t much of that surprise factor.  Speaking of Cliché… “I use to be the best in my field and now I’m retired, now I’m being pulled back into my job” cliché.

The reason these “infected” movies are such a success is that it is so believable that this type of thing can happen.  Everyone has that fear that one normal day may be the last normal day you may experience because some crazy virus strand could hit the populous.  The government would even seem like they are helpless.  Even if you get Brad Pitt to save the day.  The casting was decent.  I didn’t really understand how the “wife/mom” got married to Brad Pitt.  Didn’t seem plausible but I can deal with that.  Maybe his feet really stink and that’s something that she “deals” with because of his looks.  It was cool to see Jack (Matthew Fox) from Lost in there but sort of disappointing that his role was absolutely one line.  Word is that his part was much bigger before they essentially reshot the entire the movie.  His part had something to do with an affair with the “wife/mom”.  That would have been interesting.

A couple points of interest.  Spoilers ahead.  How does Brad Pitt see the first infected person turn when they are like a block or two away and like all these people running everywhere?  Our best hope comes from a kid that doesn’t have the coordination needed to wield a firearm?  That’s scary.  The wife has issues with her husband going back to his “old” job?  Not really a time to be petty.  In Jerusalem why weren’t they monitoring their outer walls?  Seems like that would be the standard protocol.

This movie really hits home the point that if you are deemed as an “important” person by the ones that are in charge then you can count on you and your family being safe.  Even if they make you leave their secret aircraft carrier I’m sure they’ll dump you in a safe spot.

With the occasional WTF this movie is pretty good.  Even though not much was actually accomplished. (just found a way to fight the infected).  I am looking forward to the sequel.  No Pitt-Pass needed.

Comic book Connection:  James Badge Dale: Iron Man 3

Nudity Bonus:  n/a


The Incredible Hulk (2008)

Trailer: The Incredible Hulk Trailer

Starring:  Edward Norton, Liv Tyler, Tim Roth  – Directed By:  Louis Leterrier

Running Time: 1hr & 52 mins – Genre: Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller


Big JD (Host)

Movie Selection Relevance

This will be a new section of our reviews where we will tell you why we selected the movie we decided to review.  It may have a social relevance or just plain personal relevance.  I feel that you (the reader) should be aware of why we pick what we pick.  I selected this movie because yes, I’m trying to get all of the Phase 1 Marvel Studio movies reviewed.  Why this one more than the others we haven’t reviewed?  We have reviewed Iron Man 1 & 2.  In the middle was this movie.  It came out the same summer as Iron Man.  That, and I feel that the Hulk has been somewhat overshadowed because his movie failed to hit the mark with audiences like the others did.  And the possibilities this movie had in terms of sequel value is interesting to think about.


After a failed Gamma Project experiment Bruce Banner has a slight side effect of turning Large Hulking Green beast at the first feeling of anger.  General Ross would like to use that gift to help him win wars and to satisfy a personal vendetta that he has against Banner.  Bruce goes on the lamb leaving his love behind (Betty Ross) all while trying to find a cure.  Although General Ross will stop at nothing to capture this new “weapon” even if it means making a Hulk abomination of his own.


First of all I would like to clear up one thing.  This movie has NO relation to the 2003 Hulk movie that came out in 2003 directed by Ang Lee.  None whatsoever.  This is a brand new take on The Hulk with brand new actors and it falls within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  With that said I will go out on a limb here and say that this was far superior to that aforementioned movie that donned the screens in 2003.  Superior does not always mean a fantastic movie though.  They did a lot right in this movie but being Marvel Studio’s only second outing I’m sure they learned from their mistakes.  (Yeah, the Hulk is a hard property to make into a movie.)

This movie was heavily influenced by the TV series that aired back in 1978.  There were many scenes that they gave nods to.  Try to find them… I’ll give you the first one.  The opening credits.  Also, we don’t have to sit through an origin story this time around.  The origin takes place in the opening credits which I feel is a breath of fresh air.  The audiences have seen how the Hulk came to be, we didn’t need to see it again and I think Louis Leterrier realized that.

As for the cast and their acting efforts?  I think they all did well.  Edward Norton plays a fine Bruce Banner.  Although I only saw glimpses of Banner in him throughout the movie.  Maybe because, I’ve seen Fight Club a billion times but it was hard to suspend my disbelief on this one.  It’s nothing Norton could fix it’s just me.  Liv Tyler plays a better and more emotional Betty Ross then we’ve seen in prior efforts.  I liked William Hurt as General Ross & Tim Blake Nelson as a very believable Dr. Samuel Sterns.  There were 2 characters I did not like however.  First Ty Burrell as Dr. Leonard Samson I found to be a horrible casting choice.  Not because of his acting because he did the “serious” role well.  It’s just that he looks nothing like a “un-gamma’d” Doc Samson at all.  No spinoff here!  The second was Tim Roth as Emil Blonsky aka The Abomination.  Emil Blonsky is Russian.  Where is the accent?  That was actually my only beef with Roth.  If your cast as a Russian character speak in a Russian accent.  If you don’t know how then maybe you should ask Scarlett Johansson.  Ok, that would be bad.  Go call & meet up with Johansson and both of you go to lingual coaches.  Learn the Russian Accent!!!

The soundtrack is a lackluster uneventful grace on my ears.  It works fine within the movie where you don’t really realize that you are listening to a score.  In that sense it works good.  It helps with tempo and pace all that good stuff.  Memorable?  Not so much.  I’ve seen this movie many, many times and I still cannot hum you the Theme to this movie.  That is important in my book when it comes to Super Hero Comic Book films.

The CGI is far better than any Hulk we have seen up to 2008.  He wasn’t as large but it worked well.  He was still big enough.  My only problem is that many times the Hulk looks like one of those Zombie bad guys from” I Am Legend”.  Maybe because the man that created those creatures in “I Am Legend” also created the Hulk.  Bad choice in my opinion.  Worst moment probably was in Sterns Lab.  It just looked horrible.  It was an Abomination.  Speaking of the whole Brown/Bald Abomination design choice.  I understand The Abomination could not have the “fins”.  Yes that would be a bit too much.  But why couldn’t he have stayed a shade of Green?  Why wasn’t he scaley?  I do not like the bones popping out idea.  His whole head was just way too smooth and humanlike to make me think “scary”.  Nor did it make me feel like I was seeing Abomination on screen.

When Hulk “Breaks” Harlem?  Great cinematic experience.  That final fight is really well done.  You feel the anger and just total loss of control that the Hulk has and the exact moment he realizes that he is “out of control”.  Again, the CGI kinda distracts me a bit but I get over it knowing that we will get a great looking Hulk in the Avengers movie.  This movie definitely falls into last place of the Phase 1 movies.  Sorry Hulk.  Better luck next time.

Comic book Connection: William Hurt – A History of Violence

Nudity Bonus:  Hulk Boobs.

I Am Legend

Incredible Hulk




 This to me is the best re-make of any Hulk Movie, that has ever been done since Bill Bixby was the Hulk. Over all the casting on this was excellent. Edward Norton does a wonderful job catching the Bruce Banner we all know and love.  Liv Tyler didn’t do so bad but I wondered if they could have found a better Betty Ross? I am not too familiar with Abomination but seeing Tim Roth playing him was kind of cool and listening to him take that needle in the back good lord that made me twinge bad. I think that General Ross would have been played better by Jeff Bridges (instead of him playing Obadiah Stane) but after seeing William Hurt playing the General I think he did an awesome Job as well.

As for the plot, I liked it. It kept to the story fairly well that I know, I thought it followed what I know very well, I liked how they brought in Abomination and explained a little bit about his story, I also loved the hostility captured between General Ross(William Hurt) and Banner (Norton)

The Marvel Studios never ceases to surprise me when it comes to the CGI and Special Effects in the movies. I mean truly these were done well. The Hulk was done well didn’t seem childlike like they made him in the previous movie with Eric Bana.

Overall the best standalone Hulk Movie, I was very sad when Edward Norton didn’t sign on for The Avenger’s but Mark Ruffalo did a great job taking over. This is a must see if you are a Hulk or overall Marvel Fan this is a great Film.




I had never watched “The Incredible Hulk” before tonight. I’d watched some of the other Marvel movies and I think this one fits in rather well. I must say I don’t know much about the Marvel comics, other than what I have watched in the movies. So if I say something ignorant, please forgive me.

 I really enjoyed the story line between Bruce and Betty. You have the drama of Bruce almost killing Betty when he first changes into the Hulk to her dad being the General who wants to capture Bruce and experiment on him. Liv Tyler did a fantastic job as did Edward Norton in conveying the emotions that two star crossed lovers must of felt. 

Also, I was impressed with all of the CGI and special effects used in this film. When the Hulk and the Abomination were fighting the fire and explosions were spectacular. Plus all of the flying cars.

I can’t say much about the score because nothing really stood out to me. So it was probably bleh at best.

All in all this was a decent movie. I can’t say I would watch it over and over again but I would watch it again if someone asked me to.

So i would give this movie…



Fight Club (1999)


Starring: Edward Norton, Brad Pitt, Helena Bonham Carter     – Directed By: David Fincher



I first saw this movie after the hype had died and everyone went on to the next movie, as do I do a lot of stuff…Harry Potter movies (like me or hate me the first 2 suck.) but I digress back to this movie… So I am sitting there thinking when is the fighting going to start…and who cares about his Ikea Collection.

Then like magic I started to get involved in this movie, why am I getting intrigued by this character to which we don’t even know his frickin’ name…I’ll tell you why. DAMN GOOD Writing.  I cannot name another movie to where it brings you to a level where you want to know what is going on with this everyday drone of life and not know his name?!…

“In Project Mayhem we have no names, Sir.” – The Mechanic.

I’d seen other movies with this actors/resses except one… Helena Bonham Carter I’d never seen her acting and she astounded me she played what I Helena-Bonham-Carter-and-Edward-Norton-in-Fight-Club-1099-1 thought was a crazy woman…but was she?, Brad Pitt I’d seen a few of his movies and knew he was good. I’d seen Italian Job Re-make and knew that Ed Norton was a good villainous character but this character is such and Anti-Hero it makes me so happy to see this movie.

Holt McCallany played in several movies I’ve never noticed him in…one of my personal favorites is The Loser’s which is a movie we maybe reviewing in the future (So stay tuned.) He was also in a TV series “Lights Out” he plays a very good Anti-hero himself in those roles.  In this movie he was a character that had some speaking lines towards the end but his character is known as “The Mechanic”

The writing astounded me as well, it was well written, and great one liners. It’s a dark drama with loads of sarcasm and malicious intent. Which really brings out the crazy in me like it does Tyler Durden.

How else can you go 2/3 of the way through the movie and never learn the characters name but can connect and understand a little bit about him enough to latch on to this character and wanting to know his crazy story. The writers were genius. I love how towards the end the movie everyone ends up flashing back in their own mind going all that makes sense now…once you have learned Tyler Durden’s Dirty little secret.

The soundtrack is amazing, Every song, Every Score, Every movement that goes on fits to the last moment of the movie, Even my favorite The Pixie’s song “Where is my mind?” Which plays at the ending credits of the movie.

All and All if you have never watched this movie, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR…and when you get done watching it you will thank us for it later.

” God Damn! We just had a near-life experience, fellas.” – Tyler Durden



I LOVE THIS MOVIE!! And not just for Brad Pitt’s V-cut and I’m not talking about a shirt.  BPFC

The first time I watched this movie, I felt like a rebel. It was edgy, dark and exciting.

The main settings that are used in this movie show a darker side of life. The house that Tyler and Jack end up turning in to a base is all but falling down upon them, the bar that is first used for Fight Club is dingy and pretty much owned by the mob, and Marla’s apartment is shady at best. Also before we meet Tyler, Jack is going to different support group meetings so he can sleep. These are all held in dark gyms, and grungy meeting halls, with all the coffee you can drink.

The story line was pretty amazing. You have a man that is broken mentally but is still able to gain enough power over other men to start his own military cell with the purpose to create chaos in the US. His life views are intoxicating to those who feel like they are nothing in a world that can’t really function without them. When two men are in the fight, he is king for a while.

edward-in-fight-club-edward-norton-562473_1600_900Now for the acting. WOW! Edward Norton was phenomenal. He played his character so flawlessly. Helena Bonham Carter has enough crazy flair with looks and persona to pull Marla off, and of course there’s Brad Pitt. This is one of his “dirtier” roles and not his clean cut self. They interact in a way that the big surprise at the end is still a big surprise.

On a girly note the blood and some of the hits were hard to watch. But that’s why we have hands to cover our faces and fingers to peek through.

So take the time and watch the complex story of a man who loses and finds himself all for the thrill of a near-life experience.



Fight Club is one of those movies that you need to see before you leave this earth.  For me it was a late bloomer movie.  I passed on it for acouple years just because at the time I wasn’t “into Brad Pitt”.  I just figured that women liked him so, I didn’t need to.  Basically he was a Channing Tatum to me.  Until I saw this movie.  It was great, because it opened me up to the wonderful actor that Brad Pitt is.  I hadn’t really heard of Edward Norton before this movie either.  But, I will say that I became a fan of him as well. Fightclub, nicehed

A near perfect movie for me in all aspects.  The Score/Soundtrack was done mainly by The Dust Brothers and takes you in out and around the mind of Tyler Durden.  I will say though on the DVD Menu music I am thoroughly tired of that jingle.  For I use to go out drinking with a buddy of mine (Colby) and we use to come back and watch this movie while we chomped on some late night food.  I would eventually pass out with this DVD Menu song playing for hours.  Yeah, I almost have an intense hatred for that song now, but I believe I’m over it.  The casting and acting ability of that cast was top notch.  You won’t find anything better than what you get here.  Even Meatloaf is a joy to watch as Bob BT. Fight-Club-meatloaf-873496_852_480

His name is Robert Paulson…  Well, his name has no matter here.  It’s Tyler Durden everyone wants to be like.  With his words of wisdom that work as a dark social commentary or the fact that he is this guy that does everything you are afraid to do.  Either way you will love this character.

*Spoiler Alert Start*

Although you come to know this character it is quite the shock when you find out that he is a figment of your imagination.  Well, I am Jack’s imagination, I go crazy.  I almost kill Jack.  By Jack I’m referring to Edward Norton’s character since you will never know his true name.

*Spoiler Alert End*

Did you know that the names that Jack (Edward Norton) used in his “therapy” sessions were all characters from the Planet of the Apes series?  Yeah, along time ago I watched the Commentary for that tidbit of glory.  Anyway, The Script was written well.  I cannot compare it to the Book as I have not read it.  But I will say that there are so many “one liners” in this movie it will haunt you.  My only fault is that this movie lists itself as a Drama.  There are some dramatic moments but, I feel that it fits better into the Thriller, Mystery genre’s better.  That is just a sense of a movie trying to be something its not.  The end result works better for everyone anyway.

Let me end by informing you that you need to see this.  It is not ALL about fighting.  Sometimes Tyler speaks for me.  *Watch the damn movie!-Tyler* Watch the damn movie!