The Movie Crew consists of 2 members.  Big JD (John), Ran-Dizzle (Randy).  We’ve always had a love for movies.  Discussing movies between ourselves has no longer been relegated to ourselves.  We are now sharing it with you all.

We will not only stay with “current” movie’s like other sites out there.  It will be all across the board.  From older movies to new theatrical releases we’ll give you our opinion.  So, if your just in the mood to watch a movie and you are lookin’ for suggestions.  Give one of our movie’s a try.  If we gave it a good review of course.

Occasionally we will have a Guest Host in our Reviews.  These Host’s will range from other Blogger’s to that one dude that stands on the corner of the Quik Trip.  Hey!  He’s very incite-full!  🙂  If you are interested in becoming a HOST for a week.  Just let me or Randy know and we may be able to schedule you in.  (Big JD: johnny_blaze2k@yahoo.com)  Who knows… we may contact you.

Our 5 Star System:  (each criteria point will recieve a half a star)





5-Continuity/Editing/Special EfX

6-Overall Plot/Good idea for a movie?

7-Genre Design (does it fall into a genre or is it all over the place)


9-How was the ending?

10-Did you like the movie?



Big JD

Big JD has an obsession with comic books.  Mostly Marvel comics but it’s really all across the board with him.  He like’s gaming on his PS3 and hangin’ out with his family.  He also maintains another blog site called JD’s Out Of His Box!  You should check it out.


Ran-Dizzle has a wide range of movie like’s.  He’s the only person I know who can sit through any movie made pre-1980.  He loves the 1st person shooter and is using this to find his voice.



Guest Host’s for The Movie Crew

Issy R.  (Memento (2000))





CK-One (Rain Man (1988))





T-Bird (Zombieland (2009))






Past Members of The Movie Crew

Willie Good-Cook (7-2-12 to 3-28-13)

Willie Good-Cook was the smart one of the group.  He was also the devil’s advocate.  Sometimes He would just disagree with you because it’s fun.  Will loves to PC game.  WoW, LoL and probably other 3 letter acronym games.  He may be back to Host a Post in the future.  Until then, if you are looking for some Willie Good-Cook Flavor check out some of our posts during his time with us.


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