Minions (2015)


Trailer:  Minions (2015)

Starring:  Sandra Bullock, Jon Hamm, Michael Keaton

Directed by:  Kyle Balda, Pierre Coffin

Runtime:  1 Hr 31 min

Genre(s):  Animation, Comedy

Review by:  John Dixon

Spoiler Free Review: (read if you have NOT seen this movie)


You’ve seen the Despicable Me movies right?  Well, have you ever wondered where the Minions come from and how they long to serve the most evil of villains?  This movie points you in the right direction.  Seriously, there is one goal here and it is to find out that one thing that happened to the minions to bring them to where we know them today.  The kids will love it and you will like it.  How does this movie rank against the Despicable Me movies?  It comes in 3rd.  Lacking that specific touch that Gru has.  Unfortunately, the Minions cannot carry an entire movie by themselves.  Although it made a TON of money in the box office so, millions of people can’t be all wrong… right?


Spoiler Filled Review: (read only if you HAVE seen it and don’t care about spoilers)


I’ve always thought the Minions were the highlights to the Despicable Me movies.  Like everyone else it made you wonder why they just don’t have their own movie.  I’m glad we get a taste of what that would be like.  Can we go back now?  Even though you singled out 3 Minions and made them stand out as individuals.  It doesn’t help me feel like there are hundreds of minions that could do the same job.  Ok, they aren’t singled out as much but there are some changes made to them to make them more unique.  For example, Bob’s eyes & hair, & Kevin is a different Kevin from the first film.

With Sandra Bullock and Jon Hamm leading the charge you would figure that the acting is top notch.  …and it is.  I have no problems with the acting but I do have to say why use these actors/actress if you’re going to make them so different than what we can expect.  I don’t really find Sandra Bullock to be a great villain-ess, but she hardly sounded like Sandra and I knew Jon Hamm was in this movie but couldn’t peg him until I IMDB’d it.  So, in this case why not pay some cheaper actors for the job that they did anyway?  Why?  because Sandra and Jon put little denim butts in the seats that’s why.  The only casting I was happy with was Steve Carrell as young Gru.  Michael Keaton was in this movie!?  He played Walter somebody?  I didn’t even know that!

How was that plot?  It was interesting to see what the Minions did pre-Gru.  I wished they would have spent more time on the days before Villain-Con.  I thought the evolution of the Minions was super interesting but it went by way too fast.  We basically jumped right into 1968 and they just so happen to meet the Villain just before they meet Gru.  If it were me, I would be looking at this as a series of movies.  Take them way back and track their adventures.  Don’t introduce a young Gru until the final 3rd movie!  Winner!  No, it’s like they felt this movie had no legs.  The minion characters were written pretty plain even though each one of the 3 stood out on purpose.  Nothing new here, same old antics, same old banana.  Scarlett Overkill was a little bit over kill.  She was nice then she was bad, then nice then crazy.  What did she do to earn the spot of top villain?  Nobody knows, its just a title as easily won as grabbing them red gem out of my hand…  I did like Herb.  He was funny.

I want to tell the directors that they forgot something.  If they weren’t planning on making another Minions movie then why didn’t they throw in Dr. Nefario.  He could have been younger and awesome to see what he was doing in the 60’s.  The reason I bring him up is because he has been instrumental in the movies and to not even give him a shout out I think is a missed opportunity.  This movie flows fairly well until the ending.  Its just a flippity floppity here’s the ending because we didn’t know how else to end it type ending.  Although the very ending…

…was my favorite part.  Gru completes these characters.  I think we all know that now.  I was interested in finding the true Hollywood story of the Minions and I get one anecdote about this chick claiming to be all evil tricking them to steal the Queen’s crown.  Weird sloppy story and the end.  We meet Gru.  Don’t get me wrong, My Kids loved this movie!  My son is all about the Minions and he loved it especially.





Comic Book Connection Michael Keaton – Batman, Batman Returns
Nudity Bonus Minion Butt.
Favorite Moment The introduction to Gru
Most Hated Moment I thought the giant Kevin was a bit too much on the side of “ok, lets go big or go home” type movie making.
THIS Movie reminded me of THAT Movie Reminded me of Puss In Boots, or Penguins of Madagascar where the spin-off wasn’t as good as the main movie.
What did my wife think of this movie?
Box Office Budget $74,000,000.00
How much it made Domestically $324,755,670.00
Was it a Box office Success? Or Failure? Success
Did you notice? 1. That Michael Keaton played Walter Nelson in this movie.  Yeah, I had no clue (as I mentioned above)
2. Geoffrey Rush was the Narrator.  Wow they needed to exentuate their voice talent here.
3. This movie ranks #2, just below Despicable Me 2 in terms of Box Office haul in the 3 film series.
Rotten Tomatoes Score  Did not watch the entire movie.  Fell asleep…
Critics 54%
Audience 52%

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