Crazy, Stupid, Love. (2011)

Trailer: Crazy, Stupid, Love.

Starring: Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, Julianne Moore, Emma Stone, John Carroll Lynch, Marisa Tomei and Kevin Bacon

Directed By:  Glenn Ficarra and John Requa

Running Time:1hr and 58min – Genre: Comedy, Romance, Drama


Kimmay! (Host)

Ohhh, how I love Crazy, Stupid, Love. With the all-star cast of Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, Julianne Moore and Emma Stone, this movie could hardly go wrong. I thought they all interacted well and played off each other.

The scenes between Emma and Ryan were great. She’s quirky and he was charming. Their banter is fun to listen to and was just fun to watch. Plus, could she be the one to change him from his wicked womanizing ways? That could be drama later in the movie.

When a couple that had been married for over 20 years find themselves at a crossroads in their marriage, growth is inevitable. When Cal is found nursing his watered down vodka and cranberry by Jacob, he couldn’t know how his life was going to change. After a few smacks to the face, Cal learned how to dress and how to become a ladies man. I’m not gonna say much more about the plot because I don’t want to ruin it. Though one of my favorite scenes in this whole movie is when all the grown men get into a fight and one of them doesn’t even know why. It was comical and entertaining to watch. The women are just kind of standing there staring at them, “trying” to get them to stop.

Since I always say something about the music in the movies I watch, this one won’t be any different. Just like most other films the music fit. Wasn’t too great but wasn’t awful either.

The script seemed mostly original to me.  Well as original as a transformation story can be but it was never a drag to watch.

But ladies, you will be happy to know you get to see Ryan shirtless a couple times and plus a lil more. 😉

So all in all I give this movie a…



What tangled webs we weave…I never would have probably picked this movie up if it wasn’t for Kimmay! picking it. I’ve heard a bunch of things about it, so I was very leery in watching it. But now I was actually kind of blown away, even a little bit of a surprise that caught me off guard (not going to spoil it for you)

So the cast was amazing, but general at the same time for a drama rom/com it felt like they’ve been in these roles before but to me Emma Stone is still beautiful (has a soft spot for that fiery red head) and you know they picked Ryan Gosling because they asked like 90% of women who would be a good attractive star that you would like to see shirtless and they said Channing Tatum, but he can’t act so they got Ryan Gosling #2 pick…(just kidding…or am I ?!?!)  what I loved is how the stories mesh into each other. Each character had an interesting story that kept getting weird to me, but then you get that feeling that you know there is going to be a happy ending…but your not sure…but you have that feeling.

That being said I would think it was difficult to write having so many plot lines, about love as someone who is working on a personal project much similar but not quite I can understand so I give them kudo’s on that. But how it all wrapped up I thought was done rather well even if it wasn’t the perfect ending.

Overall I had my doubts I was going to enjoy this movie, but after seeing it, I actually enjoyed it. But then again I tend to be the Rom/Com- Drama guy. I will say it did have a bit of Wes Anderson feel to the film but maybe that’s me.

Definitely check this out.

 4.0 ‘s


Big JD

The Crazy, the Stupid-o and the Lovely is all showcased in this movie of the drama-dy collection.  You can’t ask for more when you have a cast of this stature.  The casting is definitely a strong point of this movie.  Although it is a problem.

The cast is great, I feel that the decisions are pretty much “easy picks”.  Steve Carrell plays a character that isn’t sure of himself and gets “made over” by a more confident person.  Sound familiar?  40 year old virgin?  Julianne Moore plays the wife that struggles with the fact that she doesn’t know if she’s “happy” in that marriage or not.  The same role we’ve seen her in during the last 5-10 years.  Emma Stone confident daughter… most of her movies but Easy A comes to mind.  Ryan Gosling a good looking strong and confident guy that “knows” everything about being cool?  I can’t think of any movies that he’s done this before but it should be a reoccurring role for him.  He did great.  I could go on but the examples really stand on their own.  So, this is really a type cast movie.  No stretching of talents, No concerns, and no real breakthroughs in performance just continual advancements.

I was never bored throughout this movie.  I felt engaged the entire time.  Although, at times it seemed like a real downer at times I was able to get through that and enjoy the movie.  I felt the growth of Steve Carrells character was done well, with the help of Ryan Gosling’s character and Marisa Tomei.  Having the couples come together without the knowledge of each other was a nice touch by the writer.  It was like a nice little bow on the present of family.  The happy happy good good feeling you get when everybody’s together at the end of the movie and everything’s gonna be ok.  Likely to say I enjoyed the ending as well.

The drama-dy genre really bothers me.  I understand to have true drama you must have some comedy to make you feel for the characters to pull you in to make you feel the drama for when it occurs.  Kinda like without good you will never have evil type deal.  BUT, when they go to extremes it feels like the movie doesn’t know which direction to go.  The exteme drama mixed with the extreme comedy doesn’t mix well.  When I say “extreme” comedy I may be stretching it a bit.  But when you are extremely dramatic at one moment any time you try to be slightly funnier thereafter it may seem extreme because it’s the opposite reaction.  When you have the simple plot of this movie doesn’t help you pull off the drama-dy either.  Cool guy gets the uncool guy back to reality all the while he dates his daughter and finds love himself.  Blah blah generic generic.  And as I say that I will say that I blindly liked it.  Without thinking about it I still enjoyed this movie and wouldn’t mind watching it again with my wife…  Not too soon but let’s say in about a month… or two.



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