Iron Man 3 (2013)

Trailer: Iron Man 3 (2013)

Starring:  Robert Downey Jr., Guy Pearce, Gwyneth Paltrow  – Directed By:  Shane Black

Running Time: 2hrs & 10 mins – Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy


Big JD (Host)

Movie Selection Relevance

It’s pretty obvious that I’m a Marvel fan.  But why did I select this movie during Christmas time?  1.  It’s Marvel.  2. It takes place during Christmas time. 3.  One of the few Marvel movies that we haven’t done and the final review in the Iron Man trilogy.  To be honest I selected A Christmas Story first but I guess, I decided that having a movie with a kid that reminded Tony Stark of the kid from A Christmas Story was good enough.


After the events of Marvel’s The Avengers (2012) Tony Stark has came to grips with reality that he is now surrounded by Aliens, Gods, and more powerful beings than himself.  This gives him great stress and how does Tony Stark deal with stress?  He builds things.  Things that come in the form of Iron Man Armor’s.  We see how Tony’s past catches up with him in a very big way and how Tony has to metaphorically revisit the cave that he fought his way out of many years ago.


When I saw this in the movie theatre there was only one thing that stood out to me.  Wait.  2 things that stood out to me.  The first was the confusion of the after credits scene.  I won’t give it away but It doesn’t matter because it has no relevance whatsoever.  I sat through the credits for that?  The second thing was I wasn’t too thrilled about the whole “Mandarin” thing.  That’s how it stood after first viewing.  After buying the Blu-Ray when it came out and watching it many more times thereafter I have came to the conclusion that the “whole Mandarin thing” is not such a “thing” to me anymore.  *If you go any further Spoilers may follow* Be warned.

I understand that they couldn’t have had this evil Chinese character called The Mandarin because that tends to be quite racist nowadays.  That’s what they’ve said anyway.  They went the route that they started in the 2008 movie.  Where the face of evil was Middle Eastern.  How is that less racist?  Moving forward.  They got me, they really did.  They got everybody that saw this movie.  “That was a limited edition” –Tony Stark  The way that Trevor was portrayed as the fake Mandarin was absolutely infuriating at first but once you get use to the idea of the whole thing it becomes pretty ingenious.  For one they surprised everyone in the theatres.  Two, is that it is totally left open for them to manipulate things to where he really was the true Mandarin.  It’s an open book really.  I won’t even speak about the Marvel Short that they shot to be featured on the THOR: The Dark World Blu-Ray that will have Ben Kingsley in it.  Could they be poised and ready to add to the Mandarin legacy.  The ten rings didn’t have functionality but again, I’m ok with that.  It may have came off cheesy.  But no more cheesy that guys running around breathing fire.  “You can breathe fire now?!”-Rhodey

In the comic book story of Extremis Aldrich Killian ends up “offing” himself at his computer because he sold the formula to some less than reputable people.  Maya Hansen was originally involved and went to jail.  She did not die.  Tony gets Maya to help him use the Extremis virus to help him control his armor remotely (also can google things without a computer.  Awesome)  During this self discovery he reminds himself of the “cave”.  This movie takes queues from the original storyline.  Which is good and we all have to remember that this all has to fit in a movie universe that has many contributors and it grows and breathes as the comic book universe does as well.

The things I love most about this movie is Tony Stark, and finding and seeing original storyline aspects.  “drop the needle, Jarvis”-Tony Stark.  I didn’t like the inclusion of the 42 suits.  I wasn’t that big of a fan seeing a bunch of suits that I’ve never seen before.  I would have loved to have seen suits that I was familiar with.  Like when Tony rescues Pepper but gets detained by Killian it looks as if he is wearing the Silver Centurion armor.  Tony also talks with Harley about a Stealth armor which is kinda cool as well.  Enough about the many armors lets talk about Shane Black.  If you’ve seen Kiss Kiss Bang Bang then this movie will feel similar in places.  Like RDJ narration could be one.  The second his how Shane Black really gets Buddy movies.  I love the dialogue between Tony and Rhodey.  “password is War Machine Rox with an X and all caps”-Rhodey.  Great stuff.  Pepper handling the armor was a nice treat too.  With me thinking a little bit of “Rescue” action but Pepper was quite clumsy at first.  She’s a quick study though as she proves.

The casting was great, Rebecca Hall as Maya Hansen nailed it.  Ty Simpkins was new to the Marvel Universe as Harley but he did well.  Although I’m still trying to figure out why it had to be a kid.  I’m sure there was something simplistic to be said about Tony battling his inner demons and Harley is how he started out with all the passion to build and naivety.  The soundtrack was great.  Actually, truth be told I have most of the soundtrack on my phone, and yes I’ve been known to listen to it occasionally.

The only beef I have with this movie is that midway throughout the movie (When he enters Tennessee) the story dives into a lull.  I understand thematically it works well, but I am watching an Iron Man movie to see Iron Man.  It gets a bit boring during this part of the movie and I have to say that it affects my watching it multiple times.  That and like I mentioned before that all of the liberties that were taken/created just for the movie.  Mostly in regards to the source material.  For example Killian was not the founder of AIM and was never a member.  He really didn’t have much of a Marvel Universe career before he blew himself away to have Maya clean up his mess.  I could be trife and site the Mandarin thing but I’m putting that on hold for now.  If nothing ever comes of it down the road I might think its stupid but, the jury’s still out on Trevor. Also, with Iron Patriot being in this movie it can set some people off because this was never James Rhodes’ suit.  It was Norman Osborn’s and since he belongs to Sony and we won’t be seeing Spider-Man anytime soon then this was the only way we would see the Iron Patriot suit.  I’m ok with IP.

This movie was a great 3rd movie as a nice wrap up to a trilogy.  I’m sure Iron Man 4 will happen at some point just not anytime soon and don’t count on RDJ sticking around for that to happen.  He’s signed to Avengers 2 & 3 and that’s all folks.  Iron Man 4 I’m sure would happen sometime after Avengers 3.   It’s sad to see them wrap this up but it is also exciting to see what is yet to come from the MU.  Keep it locked in!

Comic book Connection: Cast from the previous Iron Man movies.

Nudity Bonus:  are you kidding me?




You’ll never see me coming…

Probably the most action packed Iron Man out of the trilogy, I just love the Iron Man trilogy it stays fairly true to the comic books more than any others I know, plus Robert Downey Jr is Tony Stark I can never see anyone replace him.

The writing was decent, I loved it gave it more depth and brought it from a classic comic line “Demon in a bottle-ish time” and a modern comic line like “Extremis” Alot of people disagree with the “Demon in a bottle” reference, to an extent it is true, “Demon in a bottle” was more Iron Man 2, but there is some left over aura of it in Iron Man 3.

Bringing in of the Mandarin and the Suits…that made me very happy, however what I love and maybe it’s just my imagination…I don’t think who they tell you Mandarin is in the end was really the Mandarin. I think the official person “to take the fall” was/is the Mandarin I mean what better way to make someone disappear yet keep them in the game other than keep them right in the open.

Also bringing Pepper into the Iron Man world was very creative and I would like to see her have her own suit in the next one, but with the ending it gives it makes me wonder if there is going to be a next one of it they are going to call it good and just keep Tony with the Avengers?…

As for the acting even the kid Harley was pretty good, and performed well with RDJ. No one really out did the other, and everyone was pretty up to par, Guy Pierce as a bad guy for this role not my choice, but did well, I think even Ben Kingsley played well in his role, because he does have me believing that he’s the real Mandarin…”You’ll never see me coming.”

Overall I think it’s the best out of the Trilogy but don’t take my word for it, go check it out, you’ll enjoy it. And the Ginormous Christmas Rabbit…




As I have said before, I am still kind of new to this whole Marvel thing. So when it comes to being original, I have no idea but I like how it was written and acted out. Robert/Tony was witty, even while have panic attacks and his heartfelt apology to Pepper, wonderful. I thought Pepper did a fantastic job of being annoyed with the suit hobby but yet being understanding at the same time. Well until she thought one of the suits was going to kill her.

The action was amazing and super fun to watch. Especially the “fireworks” near the end.  All I can say is hobbies do come in handy.

The soundtrack was ok. Didn’t really standout but it blended in with the movie which still makes it a win for me.

Now, I’m not going to go into detail but….What’s with the ending?! What is going to happen next!? I do not like where this may be going. Still watch the movie to find out what I mean because it was fabulous.

So I give this movie….



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