Home Alone (1990)


Starring:   Macaulay CulkinJoe PesciDaniel Stern    – Directed By:  Chris Columbus

Running Time: 1hr 43min  – Genre: Comedy, Family


Kimmay! (Host)

I must say that this is one of my all time favorite Christmas movies. I have enjoyed Kevin’s antics over and over for many years. I even tried sledding down my stairs when i was little, but not with the same ending results.

Now as I watch it as an adult, I there are things that I realize would never happen. First being the fact that if the police were called to check on the house, they would announce themselves to the people inside. But knowing movies like I do, that would have made for a pretty short film. Second, how many people just let this little boy wander around by himself. I thought suburbs like that were close nit and everybody knew everything about everyone else.

Anyways, if you have well behaved kids you could probably let them watch this movie. But if you have one of those kids that gets into everything and all kinds of mischief, you might want to think twice or you’ll have fireworks going off in your kitchen.

Now for the review…

The acting was typical for a holiday film. Nothing really stood out to me as great.  The movie revolved around the character Kevin and his reaction to “wishing” his family away. All I can say is that he is a stronger kid than I ever thought of being. I would have been screaming up and down the streets for my parents. So besides lots of screaming and some cute kid faces any kid could have pulled off this movie.

The music was typical Christmas songs, so I have nothing really bad or good to say about that. But whoever picked out the songs did pick out a lot of my favorites.

The story was original. Can’t say I saw one quite like it before. Because really, who leaves their youngest kid at home when you leave the country. Plus having a couple of dim-witted thieves trying to break into your house.

As a family movie I give this a thumbs up. One you can teach your kids how it was in the good ol’ days. Two, it still made me laugh when Harry and Marve get beat up by an 8 year old, and three, it does have a little bit of a morale to it: your family is family, even if it sucks sometimes.

So I give this movie…



So it makes me wonder if the writers for this movie were sitting around and thinking “You know what would be hilarious, let’s leave a little kid home alone for the holidays, or better yet he’s left alone because his family forgot him, and he has to survive the 90’s in Chicago Illinois in a huge mansion style house.” ” Great job Bob this will be a gold mine…” I highly doubt that but I am sure it was something along these lines.

Out of all the Holiday movies this is the MOST played at all my families houses… Which makes me want to go “Shoot my eye out” and then go watch A Christmas Story, or It’s a wonderful life, now recently I’ve been called a Grinch and Scrooge, but Christmas movies to me just don’t have what National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation had, anyways this is one of the Christmas movies I wouldn’t mind never watching again but it’s like a broken record you get tired of the same loop, same thing with this movie I get tired of watching it. BUT it was chosen so let’s review it.

As for the story, it’s kind of unique, I mean you have a little kid running around the house by himself after he wished to never see his family again, His family had before he woke up running around left for Paris late and forgot to check to see if Kevin (Macaulay Culkin) was even on board the plane. So the kid survives Suburbia Chicago, (Oooooh Poor kid, if I was the writer I would put it in the Ghetto) the only thing I found wrong with this movie is the excessive amount of holes. Other then that

1.) You forget your Child…I am sorry Uncle Buck there is no way I wouldn’t let that mother feel better about leaving their child alone, YOU LEFT YOUR CHILD ALONE! that’s the problem even today kids running around screaming…(Hmmm gee wonder where they got it from) by themselves. I mean yeah sure they left the kid alone nothing they can do, stop whining about it move on.

2.) What store clerk needs to know if a Toothbrush is ADA approved? or for that matter doesn’t know? If it doesn’t say then it probably doesn’t. That was something that bothered me in that whole movie, is this kid is obviously left alone even one store clerk within walking distance of the house obviously noticed that he was buy himself? Wouldn’t you think to alert the authorities. Of course this is before Amber Alert.

3.) Police man only knocks a few times and then says “Have them count their kids again no one is there.” I would at least make a point to check a few times or at least around the house just to make sure. But maybe that’s just Police in Chicago.

4.) Why does he scream at everything? Even Mel Brooks made fun of him in Robin Hood: Men in Tights…what’s so funny about the kid screaming about everything? I never got that when this movie came out originally I found it annoying then as I do now.

Anyways as for acting nothing really stood out over 80% of the movie was following Kevin around so for a 9-10 year old to have a major part in the film and on his own I think Macaulay did a good job, HOWEVER that being said I think his brother (Kieran) does a heck of a lot better acting which surprisingly he has a small cameo in the film as Fuller (2 things real quick…the Culkins have named their kids weird names although that tends to be the fad now, and last little soap box is Who names their kid their first name Fuller, and he has a wetting problem…kid is meant to have lots of therapy)

Joe Pesci did a good job playing a loveable villain…you kind of feel bad when he burns his hand and catches his head on fire, and gets hit by 2 paint cans…(Yes he did watch it again hit by 2nd can and then the original can from the shock of the 2nd can…double whammy) and Daniel Stern did well as well that was his biggest part of his career was the early 90’s City Slickers, Home Alone….what else has he done?

Overall this movie is sadly a Christmas Classic, and probably a must see if you’ve never seen it. However unless you were born in lately there really should be no reason not to have seen this as I swear everyone and their family has seen it.

With that I bid you all with a Bah Humbug and go watch the movie.

**Kuddos to all you who watch this and either had or remember someone who had Micro Machines I know I had like 10 of them that were shown in the film…That is all**




Macaulay Culkin, was an icon of the 90’s that has faded pretty quick.  I don’t think he made it out of the 90’s famous.  Sorry, that’s what happens when you let your kid stay at the neverland ranch for an extended period of time.  No, I don’t know what or why Macaulay fell off the radar I do know though that this movie was the movie that started it all.  Or was it Uncle Buck?  Hmmmm.  Yeah, for me it was Uncle Buck.  Love that movie.  Anyway, this is Home Alone.

Your standard Christmas movie that is suppose to give you the Christmas feel and warm tidy feelings that makes you NOT want to leave your kid at home alone.  For starters let me just put out there that no parent should have left their child if they were in this situation.  Total irresponsibility and negligence.  Once the mother realizes the fact that she left her youngest son then she gets emotional.  The father?  “oh, he’ll be ok honey”.  Right.  You have to really suspend that disbelief for the first 30 minutes or so just because it is SO unbelievable.  Like how everybody was mad at Kevin?  Oh, c’mon If that dude called my kid a “jerk” that guy would be pickin’ himself up off the ground.  For Real.  Nobody should be that mean (all at once) to any 8 year old kid.  Lettin’ it go.

The acting was sub-par by most of the cast.  The standout’s were Macaulay himself and the old man Marley.  I think most of the charm of this movie is watching Kevin act older than what he really is.  It’s cute.  People like to see dog’s dressed up in clothes too.  People like to see kids reading the paper or pulling out coupons.  It’s a cliché thing but for this movie Macaulay does a good job at what made him famous in Uncle Buck.  Acting older than his age.  Old man Marley was a steal of casting genius.  He had so much emotion just in his face I’m sitting here wondering why this guy wasn’t in more movies while he was in his prime.  Maybe it was just his side story that did it.  I don’t know.  I liked it.

I thought the score had good Christmas music throughout.  The plot was original and although it was very unbelievable it made you love this kid for his brilliance.  All of the traps were great.  Favorite part of the whole movie were the traps.  The ending was not to my liking.  *Spoiler*  When the mom gets home she is shortly followed by everyone else.  Just luck?  So, she fought her way there and the people that didn’t care for Kevin’s safety makes it shortly after and the Dad is like “hey, hug.” Ok, I gotta unpack….”  No, not really but the lack of emotion shown by these horrible parents was a let down.  The scene that was going on across the street had more emotional impact than the main character’s story.  I wish that could have been different.  But, since I did not direct then I will concede to Chris Columbus for making a wonderful Christmas movie that usually makes it’s way to a tv in my house every year.

*note*  Aftershave wouldn’t have burned Kevin’s face because it only burns if you shave.  They not only made fun of the audiences one time but twice they called the audience stupid for believing that iconic scene.



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