Thor (2011)

Trailer: Thor (2011)

Starring:  Chris Hemsworth, Anthony Hopkins, Natalie Portman  – Directed By:  Kenneth Branagh

Running Time: 1hr & 55 mins – Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy


Big JD (Host)

Movie Selection Relevance

Thor: The Dark World hit theatres November 8th and is currently made $146 million Domestically and $479 million world wide.  Check out Box Office Mojo for more news on that.  Here!

But the reasons why I selected Thor (2011) seems to be quite obvious.  Plus it is one of the few Marvel movies that we have yet to review.  Somebody keeps saying “Howard The Duck“!  Just give it a rest eh?!


He was cocky and stuff and his Dad sent him away to learn humility.  He met this hot chick and they wanted to hook up but his family issues followed him and kept them from….  well, anyway Thor’s hammer shows up and the rest is in the movie but remember…  Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.  -surfer dude Sam (synopsis by)


For the most part this movie is pretty great.  It’s not your typical “hero” film but it still has it’s hero moments.  Kenneth Branaugh was the perfect choice to bring Thor to the big screen.  Seeing Asgard for the first time was just amazing.  I thought Kenneth Branaugh and crew did a great job with creating Asgard and the characters within it.  The acting was excellent and to be expected really.  With a cast this good it’s kinda hard to have a bad movie.  Chris Hemsworth was kinda unproved before this movie.  He shined.  He shined mighty.

The story of how Thor came to earth and eventually joined the Avengers is outlined in this movie.  I’m glad they stuck with the original storyline of Thor being cast out of Asgard to learn humility.  I’m sort of glad they didn’t go the route of Donald Blake.  It would have been too Clark Kent/Superman feeling.  Tapping his cane on the ground and suddenly with a bolt of Thunder he becomes Thor!  Yeah So…  just keeping D. Blake in there as an Easter Egg is quite fine with me.  The rise of the Mischievous Loki is well detailed in this movie only to follow up in the Avengers.  I believe this movie is a great stepping stone for the Avengers movie as it shows why Loki is full of pain and angst.  The score was a little light in the chain mail but the main theme is pretty special.  If you are having problems catching the “main theme” then you will notice at the end of the movie during the galaxy romp right before the credits the main theme is played.

With so many good things in this movie how can I have given this movie a 4.  Well, the two things I disliked was pretty important to me.  The first was Thor’s hair.  That might seem a bit nit-picky but it seriously bothered me.  It looked like a Halloween wig that you could pick up for $15 at your local Halloween store.  It was so obvious and the blonde eyebrows made Chris Hemsworth look like a male version of the old GI Joe dolls once they left the service (became long haired hippies).  My second thorn is the entire love story of Thor & Jane Foster.  This movie really had the chance to tap the romance genre with a terrific love story that pretty much writes itself.  The so called “love” was never developed and seems more like “lust” on Jane’s part.  We are just made to assume that somehow they have developed feelings for each other.  I mean, what did Jane Foster possess that no other earth woman had?  The way this aspect was rushed made me feel that Thor could have fallen for the first earth women he meets.  That’s not cool.  I have really learned to look past these things and still enjoy the movie on the whole.

The ending was not as action packed as some comic book endings are but it is more of an emotional struggle between two brothers and I can accept that fully.  Can you?  This was an excellent movie and I can’t wait to watch it again and again.  You know I will.



Thor is one of the greater of the Marvel movies, The cast is phenomenal, and what I love the most about the story line is it gives lots of morals during the movie, it touches base with Politics, Family, and Humility.  Although I have not had much experience with Thor’s line of comics although I am more familiar with him in The Avengers comics and stories  I think they did really well.
As for Directing Joss Whedon is amazing but both Kenneth Branagh and Joss Whedon unstopable… I think out of the Avengers so far Thor’s line is the best written story. Iron man is good, but I think Thor’s was done better.
As for the actors and acting I didn’t know much about Chris Hemsworth when I learned about this movie and therefore not really sure how it was going to play out for Thor, and Anthony Hopkins as Odin?! I was a little skeptic about that one… But after watching the movie I couldn’t really see anyone playing the roles.
Natalie Portman has always delivered a very good performance and her playing Jane Foster the human love interest to Thor, although she didn’t have much more of relevance to the story other then helping Thor learn more about humanity and humility and be the love interest to Thor, but she did well.
The soundtrack is done well, it keeps with the mood and settings well, and not to mention one of my favorite bands performs one of their best songs during the credits (Foo Fighters)
Overall it’s one of the better stories in the Marvel world and I can’t wait to see Thor 2, well worth seeing.




I have to say that all I know about Marvel comic books is what I have watched in the current movies. As for how accurate these movies are, you will have to read either John or Randy’s reviews.

As for the movie Thor, I love it. Chris Hemsworth does an amazing job of acting like a god out of place. Also that of a spoiled prince that only cares of his own wants. I have two favorite scenes in this movie that contain Thor. The first is when he gets tazed by the science assistant, and the other is when Thor cannot lift hammer from the pit. To me these were growing moments for Thor. One showed how even a small female can take him down and the other made him realize that at that moment he was not fit to be the new king.

Jane, Natalie Portman, plays the love interest and the role of teacher. She shows Thor the balance between being a self-serving hero and that of a true hero. And of course as it is Natalie playing the part it is done fantabulously.

All in all I enjoyed the story. It touches on a little of everything. From how to deal with being adopted, even if it was by a king, to make sacrifices that hurt close to the heart.

The soundtrack was good. Not amazing but good. It kept up with the movie but didn’t really draw me in.

Now I’m gonna add the hottie factor. Chris Hemsworth definitely gets a 9 out of 10 stars on that one.

So I totally give this movie…




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