The Other Guys (2010)

Trailer: The Other Guys – 2010

Starring:  Will FerrellMark Wahlberg, Michael Keaton  – Directed By:  Adam McKay

Running Time: 1 hour and 47 minutes  – Genre: Action, Comedy, and Crime


Kimmay! (Host)

This was a rather original film as far as I know. When the two heros of New York suddenly die a tragic a death, new detectives must take their place. When a seemingly unimportant case turns into a huge elaborate million dollar scam, Allen Gamble (Will Ferrel) and Terry Hoitz (Mark Wahlburg) were the only two who could put the clues together.

I must start say the only reason I watched this movie was Mark Wahlberg is in it. While even I must admit this is not one of his better films, he still made me giggle. He was kind of needy but really wanted to be taken serious as an officer of the law, but because of one tiny (slightly understated) mistake, he was passed over for a promotion and pretty much put on desk duty. All I can say is you must let the peacock fly, he has to fly.

To this day I am still not a huge Will Ferrel fan. For the most part I could stand him in this movie, until he started sharing his past with Terry. His story was way to far fetched and just beyond the ridicalous. But since it was Will playing the part, it made since to me and no one else would have been able to pull it of to the extent that he did.

Michael Keaton was also a huge favorite of mine. His little blurps of TLC songs and his small quips through out the film gave a good balance to the film. He was a man just trying to make a living and get his special son through college. He wanted his life to be as stress free and everyone to have a little decorum.

The opening scences did not leave anything lacking when it came to the boom and flash of an action film. Total destruction on part of the city that would have cost the city hundreds of thousands of dollars but all in the name of justice (even if it was only for a few pounds of green). I just like how this so far is the only movie that questions the excess of carnage.

All in all I give this movie…


Big JD

Will Ferrell is a giant when it comes to ad lib comedy.  Mark Wahlberg is probably more known to be in a good action flick or your occasional drama.  But when they are put together it is a disaster.  They are oil and water.  Seriously.

In all honestly it is a bit of acting and writing probably all tied together.  I could probably also blame the Director on this but I don’t want to be counting down for too many categories for the same thing.  It was mainly Mark Wahlberg constantly being upset and going too far with stuff and sort of out there at times (girlfriend was at ballet practice but he sees her as being in a stripclub.)  I know the strippin’ for dollars scene was suppose to be funny but it took the “serious” character and made him whacky as everyone else.  I feel that there should have been a mixture of the serious and funny.  But they just decided to make it all whacky.  You get a shot of that when you find out what happens to two cops when they “aim for the bushes”.  Also, Will Ferrell is a comedic genius but I feel that they didn’t yell “cut” enough.  Because half of the stuff he was yammering on about was just not funny to me.  Even when he references the Millennium Falcon.  Just not funny.  They were obviously fine coming out of that explosion because they had their rear deflector shields up and they were in a metal tin can of a ship.  …

Michael Keaton was cool to see as the whacky police chief.  He does comedy pretty well.  And what’s a comedy without throwing a Wayans Brother in there.  (Damon Wayons Jr.)  Favorite scene  … probably the quiet fight?  I don’t know really they are all pretty average.  Worst scene: Eva Mendes singing “Pimps don’t cry”.  Ughhhh.

The plot was put together pretty well and it was the only thing that really kept me in this movie.  Besides the occasional funny parts I think the plot had me thinking how they were gonna nail this guy Ershon.  I liked the soundtrack all throughout the movie.  There was one point during the beginning the soundtrack had me wanting to watch a full movie on the two Super Cops instead of the “other guys”.  Way to go soundtrack.

This movie has a bit of history as Randy has touched upon.  This movie was our first real movie that brought up “ratings” when Randy, Will and I would always talk movies.  Will loved this movie and I didn’t like it so much.  He wanted to know how many stars would I give it and I said 2.  Then we talked about it and he eventually got me up to a 2.5 but that’s as far as I would go.  I think its pretty funny that still to this day even with our ratings system in place it still gets a 2.5.




-Did someone call 9-1-Holy S***-

I remember sitting in the theater the very first time I saw this trailer and thought…Will Farrell, Mark Walberg, The Rock, and Samuel L. Mutha F-ing Jackson this movie cannot be bad at all… Well it’s no Max the Magician but it’s not the best Will Farrell movie. Thanks to Kim kickin’ 2010 this weekend by bringing this movie back into my life. I wanted to put out there this movie is the “Birth” of the Movie Review Crew… you see Willie- Good Cook and Big JD were having difference of opinion on this movie. To me this is either you love it or hate.  Well after we were all in the office discussing what we didn’t like about it Big JD got this Brainstorm that we should do a review blog…of course he wanted more of a video blog but we are still kickin’ and thank you to all you viewers for coming to check us out means a great deal to us here. Now back to the review.

I’d have to say this is not my favorite Will Farrell movie, and it certainly is not my favorite Mark Walberg movie either. However that being said this movie to me is an acquired taste. First time I watched it, I thought what the h***?!, the more I watch it the more it kind of grows on me.
For a goofy cop buddy spoof style movie it’s ok. Will Farrell did a good job but it’s Will Farrell, besides Casa de Mi Padres he’s not really had a horrible movie because he brings a special comedy, however I felt he kind of toned it down a bit mostly cause his character isn’t over the top like usual.

Mark Walberg… WHY MARK! WHY?! I think he went way over the top for his character and really he sounded like a whiny bitch most of the time. I was a little disappointed with his performance in this film.

Michael Keaton, Samuel L. Jackson and The Rock to me had better one liners and just over all better fit for their roles. Michael Keaton cracked me up when he was giving a team meeting at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and then started going over the Serial Rapist and then tried to play it off…to me that is class, but Michael Keaton has always made me laugh in most of his movies.

Story wise I think it was pretty interesting not a complete cookie cutter cop/buddy spoof movie but pretty close had a little bit of a Lethal Weapon feel. I thought the writing was pretty good for Adam McCay, he has a way to write good goofy comedies my personal favorite is Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby.

The soundtrack was interesting especially with LRB. It fits to make the comedy a little better but even when the essential action scene and bar scene the music seemed to fit very well. Also the song at the end “Pimps don’t cry” by Eva Mendes and Cee-Lo Green good addition.

Overall I would say this is a either you love it or hate it style movie when you first watch it, but the more you watch it the more you enjoy it I guess would be the right word, it seems to flow better for me.



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