Children of the Corn (1984)

Trailer:  Children of the Corn (1984)

Starring:   Peter HortonLinda HamiltonR.G. Armstrong 

Running Time: 1 hr and 32 min – Genre: Horror


Kimmay!  (Host)

I think it is important to go back and watch the classics no matter what genre it is. I love old musicals, comedies, and even some of the dramas. But when it comes to the horror movies, I have been surprisingly disappointed. This goes for It, The Exorcist, Halloween and now Children of the Corn. I don’t know if this is because I am now to jaded when it comes to horror flicks or if I am not the big pansy I always thought I was. I’m thinking it has more to do with the first and not the second.

I’m not really going to go into the plot because I don’t think it is really all that important in the movie. I just hope it was way better in the book or otherwise I’m sadly disappointed. Guess I might have to read this book soon.

Some of the music was pretty epic in all of its 80’s glory, my favorite was the gloriously computerize bits, but the rest was just mediocre .

When it came to the scare factor of this movie there were two major aspects of the movie that got to me. One,the creepy kids that followed Issac blindly and two, the creepy ginger kid who kept trying and succeeding in killing people. Everything else was just cheesy. The other thing was that the little girl, who couldn’t have been more than 5, helped bandage the wanna be doctor with little to no problem.Malachi

The man who walks behind the rows is not scary at all but just looked like a scene from Trimmers with the ground moving around. And when he gathers his powers into the retro storm with the absolutely fabulous lighting it made my heart giggle with glee.

So, with a drum roll please…

1.5 ‘s


So perhaps this would have been better watching when I was younger but this movie just did not interest me at all.  It just goes to prove that Gingers devour peoples souls.

As for the writing I am sure this is better in book format since Stephen King is an awesome writer however this movie just the acting wasn’t that great of course most of the actors are children and a midget.  Linda Hamilton did ok but she plays a victim well between this movie and Terminator.

The Special effects was horrible again for the time it might have been ok, but seeing it now vs when it was more popular that tends to kill it for people who never saw it before so it’s hard to compare the special effects like that but to me they were very cheesy.

The score/soundtrack kept the horror edge, except for when Burt was running away from the child cult mob and the 80’s sound kicked in.

Overall not my cup of tea for horror/halloween movies but perhaps you should check it out yourself.

1.5 ‘s


Big JD

To say that I love Stephen King is neither an overcompensation nor a underwhelming lie.  I think his books are great.  His movies that are usually “loosely” adaptations are hit or miss.  Children of the Corn provides the “creepy” but ultimately delivers a “miss”.

Not that you should expect excellent acting in a Horror genre styled movie but this is just too much.  Linda Hamilton overacts and Peter Horton underacts most of the movie.  Example:  Oh Sh*t I just hit a kid with my car!  Are you ok?  Here let me check out your bump on your head and then

proceeds to get out of the car to “check” on the kid he just hit.  I think I would be acting a bit more concerned if I hit a kid going 50-60 mph.  That’s just one example.  I’m sure you can find more.  I almost don’t want to blame the actors entirely.  I mean, this was based from a short story so, you know much was added into the movie as filler.  Like the “non-commitment” issue that Burt (P. Horton) has. Ok, I don’t care if it was in the story or not.  It was just annoying.  I have a question though.  So, all the kids were like enthralled with the will of Issac so, why wasn’t Joby or Sarah?  Is it because she had the gift of vision?  Strange.  How this movie got 6 sequels is beyond me.  Usually a good guy lives to tell the story.  Not here folks.  Sorry spoilers.

The soundtrack was good and creepy.  Probably the best asset of the movie.  It keeps you feeling creeped out.  If you’ve ever been in a corn field then you will understand how cornfields are just plain creep-tastic.  There weren’t too many scenes that really stand out except for the beginning Massacre scene and the Boy getting hit by a speeding car part.  The rest of the movie just kinda mosie’s along with the threat of seeing “The one who walks behind the rows” or should I say “Sa-tan?!”  Ok, that was my best church lady impersonation.  Too bad you didn’t hear it.  I didn’t like the plot.  I thought it was weak to put it lightly.  So, how did all these kids survive without having grownups there?  They did their own farming.  Yeah, right.  Give me a break.  So, the kids are killing the grownups for being… over 18 and basically grownups yet, they are trying to be grownups anyway?  Shouldn’t the babies then in turn kill all the kids then?  Just following the logic here.  I also, would have liked to have a better look at the “Lucifer in charge”.  It was always hinted towards and had some dirt fly up like a giant bugs bunny scene but no real evil.  Ok, Malachi was pretty evil but that’s as good as it gets.  Best actor in the movie.

In summation.  Weak, Creepy soundtrack, bad acting/writing, typical 80’s horror flick.  Plot doesn’t need to make sense.  Now, if you’ll excuse me I’m gonna go draw stick figures and listen to my record player.  Why?  Because it’s forbidden!



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