World War Z (2013)



Starring: Brad Pitt, Mirellie Enos    – Directed By:  Marc Forster

Running Time: 1hr 56 min  – Genre: Action, Adventure, Horror


Ran-Dizzle (Host)

Movie Selection Relevance-

There are actually a few reasons why I picked this movie this month.

1.) It’s October and it’s the time to be festive with Vampires that don’t sparkle, Ghosts that are not friendly and with Cherub faces, Monsters, and anything else that goes bump in the night, or stab you with steely claws in your dreams, Zombies actually are an interesting horror film for me to choose I normally don’t care for zombie movies but this one stuck out for reason # 2….

2.) Double Tap….oh wait that’s another movie, #2 reason why I picked this movie… Brad Pitt in a Horror film. Last time I saw him in anything related to horror was Seven and that was a great movie, so hopefully he will do good in this one.

3.) and the most important reason of all… because I want to. So sit down strap in, grab your popcorn boy/girlfriends hand and hold on tight we are getting ready to watch the most interesting Brad Pitt movie since Fight Club.


Gerry Lane (PItt) a United Nations employee travels the world in a race against time to save his family and stop the Zombie pandemic that is taking over humanity as a whole destroying every things in it’s path.


This movie was interesting and kept my attention however I didn’t see why they call them Zombies, yes they are infected so technically are zombies but these “Zombies” were more able to move faster then regular humans, it was more a virus infection then it is zombies, I think of undead people in motion when I think about zombies, not like resident evil super zombies creatures. I did like how the zombies were attracted to sound, and how they solve how to get around the zombies without killing them.

What I did like is how they did keep it more realistic by creating flaws in systems like knowing zombies are attracted to sound so why did they have people singing in celebration in Jeruselem? Also Gerry being able to piece together everything together so fast just seemed a little odd but do-able. Then the little mistakes that they make like making noises even in the moments you tend to forget your surroundings but carboard and magazine gauntlets are going to prevent a flesh devouring infected person from biting you…I think not.

One thing that bothered me it’s very little, the sound of the teeth chomping from the Staff at the W.H.O facility, and the fact that Gerry should have died by being impailed by the piece of metal in his middle.

Actors were ok, Brad Pitt did well but the others seemed pretty ok nothing specatcular I felt that Mireille Enos was not really a huge role nor did I feel she was nothing but to keep Gerry moving in his search to keep his family alive so basically to me she was bait, in that manner the she did great, but other then that I don’t see her purpose.

The score was decent didn’t really stand out but it did set the mood to keep you engaged so I think that was done well.

Overall it’s a great movie but I was expecting more from the hype I heard about.  Worth a watch.



 Wow, let me say it again…Wow. This is probably another one of my favorite Brad Pitt movies. Of course he is the hero that figures out the clues left by mother nature to solve the slight issue on how not to get eaten by the infected people. He is quick on his feet and can survive anything that is thrown his way. The scene that stuck with me the most was when he saved the Mossad agent, Segen, by chopping her hand off after she got bitten. I think if I was her I would have just curled up and died but she kept going and even helped save the day.

For a “Zombie” this one was rather good. Not a whole lot of blood and gore but still intense. I think the thing that disturbed me the most were the mannerisms of the undead. How they would chatter their teeth when they were in their calm mode and just glitch around. But the slightest noise will send them tearing around searching for the next victim. The makeup on the zombie was done well and they were appropriately creepy.

The music was ehh, some of it was good but most of it was lost in the film. To me the music should enhance the movie and if you can’t remember it then it did not enhance it.

 I did do a lot of jumping and squirming around so if that is something you look for in a scary movie, this is a go. 




If you like the “infected people” movies such as 28 Days Later then this is your movie.  But, if you are looking for a true Zombie flick then you may need a “Pitt-Pass” on this one.  What bothers me is when people call this a Zombie movie.  It is NOT a Zombie movie.  Zombies don’t act like world class athletes.  These are true runners.  The infected?  Yes, I can say that.

You start this movie with the normal everyday life that everyone has until that one moment when Pancakes hit the fan.  Then from that moment on you are on ride with the survivors as they try to figure out how to find a cure.  …and survive.  Not much different than any Zombie/Infection movie we’ve all seen.  That’s about my biggest beef with this movie.  You just about know what’s gonna happen as it is happening so, there isn’t much of that surprise factor.  Speaking of Cliché… “I use to be the best in my field and now I’m retired, now I’m being pulled back into my job” cliché.

The reason these “infected” movies are such a success is that it is so believable that this type of thing can happen.  Everyone has that fear that one normal day may be the last normal day you may experience because some crazy virus strand could hit the populous.  The government would even seem like they are helpless.  Even if you get Brad Pitt to save the day.  The casting was decent.  I didn’t really understand how the “wife/mom” got married to Brad Pitt.  Didn’t seem plausible but I can deal with that.  Maybe his feet really stink and that’s something that she “deals” with because of his looks.  It was cool to see Jack (Matthew Fox) from Lost in there but sort of disappointing that his role was absolutely one line.  Word is that his part was much bigger before they essentially reshot the entire the movie.  His part had something to do with an affair with the “wife/mom”.  That would have been interesting.

A couple points of interest.  Spoilers ahead.  How does Brad Pitt see the first infected person turn when they are like a block or two away and like all these people running everywhere?  Our best hope comes from a kid that doesn’t have the coordination needed to wield a firearm?  That’s scary.  The wife has issues with her husband going back to his “old” job?  Not really a time to be petty.  In Jerusalem why weren’t they monitoring their outer walls?  Seems like that would be the standard protocol.

This movie really hits home the point that if you are deemed as an “important” person by the ones that are in charge then you can count on you and your family being safe.  Even if they make you leave their secret aircraft carrier I’m sure they’ll dump you in a safe spot.

With the occasional WTF this movie is pretty good.  Even though not much was actually accomplished. (just found a way to fight the infected).  I am looking forward to the sequel.  No Pitt-Pass needed.

Comic book Connection:  James Badge Dale: Iron Man 3

Nudity Bonus:  n/a



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