Fight Club (1999)


Starring: Edward Norton, Brad Pitt, Helena Bonham Carter     – Directed By: David Fincher



I first saw this movie after the hype had died and everyone went on to the next movie, as do I do a lot of stuff…Harry Potter movies (like me or hate me the first 2 suck.) but I digress back to this movie… So I am sitting there thinking when is the fighting going to start…and who cares about his Ikea Collection.

Then like magic I started to get involved in this movie, why am I getting intrigued by this character to which we don’t even know his frickin’ name…I’ll tell you why. DAMN GOOD Writing.  I cannot name another movie to where it brings you to a level where you want to know what is going on with this everyday drone of life and not know his name?!…

“In Project Mayhem we have no names, Sir.” – The Mechanic.

I’d seen other movies with this actors/resses except one… Helena Bonham Carter I’d never seen her acting and she astounded me she played what I Helena-Bonham-Carter-and-Edward-Norton-in-Fight-Club-1099-1 thought was a crazy woman…but was she?, Brad Pitt I’d seen a few of his movies and knew he was good. I’d seen Italian Job Re-make and knew that Ed Norton was a good villainous character but this character is such and Anti-Hero it makes me so happy to see this movie.

Holt McCallany played in several movies I’ve never noticed him in…one of my personal favorites is The Loser’s which is a movie we maybe reviewing in the future (So stay tuned.) He was also in a TV series “Lights Out” he plays a very good Anti-hero himself in those roles.  In this movie he was a character that had some speaking lines towards the end but his character is known as “The Mechanic”

The writing astounded me as well, it was well written, and great one liners. It’s a dark drama with loads of sarcasm and malicious intent. Which really brings out the crazy in me like it does Tyler Durden.

How else can you go 2/3 of the way through the movie and never learn the characters name but can connect and understand a little bit about him enough to latch on to this character and wanting to know his crazy story. The writers were genius. I love how towards the end the movie everyone ends up flashing back in their own mind going all that makes sense now…once you have learned Tyler Durden’s Dirty little secret.

The soundtrack is amazing, Every song, Every Score, Every movement that goes on fits to the last moment of the movie, Even my favorite The Pixie’s song “Where is my mind?” Which plays at the ending credits of the movie.

All and All if you have never watched this movie, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR…and when you get done watching it you will thank us for it later.

” God Damn! We just had a near-life experience, fellas.” – Tyler Durden



I LOVE THIS MOVIE!! And not just for Brad Pitt’s V-cut and I’m not talking about a shirt.  BPFC

The first time I watched this movie, I felt like a rebel. It was edgy, dark and exciting.

The main settings that are used in this movie show a darker side of life. The house that Tyler and Jack end up turning in to a base is all but falling down upon them, the bar that is first used for Fight Club is dingy and pretty much owned by the mob, and Marla’s apartment is shady at best. Also before we meet Tyler, Jack is going to different support group meetings so he can sleep. These are all held in dark gyms, and grungy meeting halls, with all the coffee you can drink.

The story line was pretty amazing. You have a man that is broken mentally but is still able to gain enough power over other men to start his own military cell with the purpose to create chaos in the US. His life views are intoxicating to those who feel like they are nothing in a world that can’t really function without them. When two men are in the fight, he is king for a while.

edward-in-fight-club-edward-norton-562473_1600_900Now for the acting. WOW! Edward Norton was phenomenal. He played his character so flawlessly. Helena Bonham Carter has enough crazy flair with looks and persona to pull Marla off, and of course there’s Brad Pitt. This is one of his “dirtier” roles and not his clean cut self. They interact in a way that the big surprise at the end is still a big surprise.

On a girly note the blood and some of the hits were hard to watch. But that’s why we have hands to cover our faces and fingers to peek through.

So take the time and watch the complex story of a man who loses and finds himself all for the thrill of a near-life experience.



Fight Club is one of those movies that you need to see before you leave this earth.  For me it was a late bloomer movie.  I passed on it for acouple years just because at the time I wasn’t “into Brad Pitt”.  I just figured that women liked him so, I didn’t need to.  Basically he was a Channing Tatum to me.  Until I saw this movie.  It was great, because it opened me up to the wonderful actor that Brad Pitt is.  I hadn’t really heard of Edward Norton before this movie either.  But, I will say that I became a fan of him as well. Fightclub, nicehed

A near perfect movie for me in all aspects.  The Score/Soundtrack was done mainly by The Dust Brothers and takes you in out and around the mind of Tyler Durden.  I will say though on the DVD Menu music I am thoroughly tired of that jingle.  For I use to go out drinking with a buddy of mine (Colby) and we use to come back and watch this movie while we chomped on some late night food.  I would eventually pass out with this DVD Menu song playing for hours.  Yeah, I almost have an intense hatred for that song now, but I believe I’m over it.  The casting and acting ability of that cast was top notch.  You won’t find anything better than what you get here.  Even Meatloaf is a joy to watch as Bob BT. Fight-Club-meatloaf-873496_852_480

His name is Robert Paulson…  Well, his name has no matter here.  It’s Tyler Durden everyone wants to be like.  With his words of wisdom that work as a dark social commentary or the fact that he is this guy that does everything you are afraid to do.  Either way you will love this character.

*Spoiler Alert Start*

Although you come to know this character it is quite the shock when you find out that he is a figment of your imagination.  Well, I am Jack’s imagination, I go crazy.  I almost kill Jack.  By Jack I’m referring to Edward Norton’s character since you will never know his true name.

*Spoiler Alert End*

Did you know that the names that Jack (Edward Norton) used in his “therapy” sessions were all characters from the Planet of the Apes series?  Yeah, along time ago I watched the Commentary for that tidbit of glory.  Anyway, The Script was written well.  I cannot compare it to the Book as I have not read it.  But I will say that there are so many “one liners” in this movie it will haunt you.  My only fault is that this movie lists itself as a Drama.  There are some dramatic moments but, I feel that it fits better into the Thriller, Mystery genre’s better.  That is just a sense of a movie trying to be something its not.  The end result works better for everyone anyway.

Let me end by informing you that you need to see this.  It is not ALL about fighting.  Sometimes Tyler speaks for me.  *Watch the damn movie!-Tyler* Watch the damn movie!




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