Daredevil (2003)

Starring: Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner, Colin Farrell    – Directed By: Matt Steven Johnson



Ok so before I get the stacks of hate mail about A.) this movie and B.) Why I chose this one. Let me explain the purpose of the movie pick.

With all the fuss about Ben Affleck dawning the Cowl of Batman in the new Batman/Superman movie I thought it was time to reflect back and watch this atrocity  known as Daredevil. In fact as you will see in my review I don’t doubt that Ben will be a good Batman however Daredevil had lots of flaws not really at the hands of Ben Affleck as it is the director…that being said I’ll move to my review. daredevil_8480

Daredevil was probably the second worst Marvel Storyline to be made in a film, obviously the 1st one is The Punisher (With Dolph Lungerden in 1989) What was wrong with this movie (This being the Theatrical version not Directors cut we watched) was the fact that the this is why Studios should not dictate to directors, also the Casting director should have been shot. Why do I say this? well let’s take look at that.

Mistake#1 Colin Farrell should never have played Bullseye. First of all his acting or overacting for this part was just not how I ever have seen Bullseye act, and his dialog was horrible, again not actors fault, but still very atrocious.

Mistake #2 Why would you put Jennifer Garner as Elektra she’s not even Greek or even remotely felt like she had the essence of Elecktra in her acting.

Alot of the casting decisions I thought were bad, Ben Affleck was ok, I mean he’s a blind guy that developed a 4 supernatural senses. Michael Clarke Duncan as King Pin I had mixed feelings because Yes he was a Ginormous man in real life, and would definitely be a good Marvel Villian but King Pin, I don’t know so wasn’t impressed nor was I disappointed. Colin Farrell played the worst Villan ever to me… just horrible again not really his fault per se but was not impressed.  I think the 2 people I thought that did a good job in the movie…had the smallest roles in the movie. Joe Pantoliano and Jon Favreau.

Writing was also done by the Director Mark Steven Johnson whom had some very corny material I think the worst line of the whole movie to me that sticks in my head is “I want a costume” WHAT VILLIAN SAYS THAT?!?! especially as lame as Colin Farrell…and then it wasn’t even a costume…Daredevil wears a Costume or “Suit” grrr…but I digress.


The soundtrack wasn’t really an variable in this horrible movie, I think the special effects were ok since most of the movie was CGI (especially the fight scenes between Bullseye and Daredevil.)

With all that said since I know BIG JD is going to rip into this with his vast knowledge of Comic Book movie genres, I don’t think that Ben Affleck really got to pursue a real comic book movie, to me this was written in a fast time, covered too much material in a short time span and wasn’t given the attention it needed and less studio execs trying to put crap down the throat of the directors… do I know this for fact no, but honestly that’s how I felt when watching the movie. With that being said and not watched the Director’s Cut to which I was told was a little better then this I think Ben Affleck needs to be given a fair shot at donning the Batman Cowl and all the trolls in the fan filled comic con minds to keep this information in thought before attacking Ben for his portrayal of Daredevil just remember he’s the actor, The Director and Studio execs are the ones that make the monkey’s dance to their drum.

To anyone wanting to watch Daredevil I would suggest trying the Director’s cut first.



So I must say that this movie was surprisingly good. I made a point not to watch this movie because of what I heard from other people. Plus
I kind of have a hard time watching Ben Affleck after his wonderful (no sarcasm intended of course) movie Gigli. Yet like I said I laughed, didn’t cry but got pretty annoyed a few times, and it almost moved me. images 2

The actors in this movie did a good job portraying their characters. The Kingpin played by Michael Clarke Duncan was a business man that didn’t let emotions or anyone get in the way. He was cocky and that was his downfall in the end. Daredevil was a complex character who wanted to be good but at the same time struggled with the notion that he was bad. Ben played the part of a blind man very convincingly. Even to make a point of showing how money is folded in different ways to show the different amount of the bill, to also the labeling of his clothes.  His friend Foggy was the comic relief of the movie. His dry humor and quick responses made me chuckle. One of my favorite scenes was when Foggy tried to trick Matt into putting mustard in his coffee but it got switched at last minute and Foggy ended up drinking it instead.

The music in this movie was mostly good. I did feel at one point that it was an Evanescence music video because it played one of their song after another.

The fighting in this movie was well done. I have to say the scene were Matt first puts on the Daredevil outfit and shows off all of his skill did kind of annoy me because it didn’t really seem to fit in the movie and just seemed like a time filler. And I must say Jennifer Garner did a fabulous job as Elektra and looked pretty amazing in her outfits. Plus kicking Bens butt was pretty fun to watch.

So I give this movie…drum roll please



Daredevil had so much potential to become Marvel’s version of Batman for the Fox movie studio.  But there were many problems with the movie that took hold and never let anyone forget that “The Man Without Fear” became the Comic book character without a franchise.

Let’s begin with the acting/cast.  Ben Affleck performed fairly well as ole Hornhead.  His fighting were a mix a CG and live action fighting.  Most of which was a lot of wire work.  Some fight scenes came off cheesy but there were glimpses of seeing Daredevil actually in there fighting.  One thing that has always bothered me is that they made Daredevil so “heavy footed” in this movie.  Meaning he doesn’t really come off as “light on his feet” as a true indexmartial artist would.  Maybe it’s the boots.  Jennifer Garner was miscast as Elektra Natchios in my opinion here.  Elektra is a greek hottie that I would have been very excited to see.  I was also excited to see someone fight with a Sai.  I’m still wating to see someone fight with a Sai.  Jennifer “man hands” Garner just didn’t fit the bill.  That kinda gets into my color blind casting debate.  This movie is all over the place with that.  Let me first state that I am not racist and I feel that a person’s race is a big part of their character.  It makes them who they are not to mention when you go against the grain here you are tampering with iconic recognition.  It’s like having Donald Duck play Mickey Mouse.  #1 Kingpin is being played by a man of color.  I love Michael Clarke Duncan (RIP) but when it comes to him as Kingpin I never felt it.  Sorry.  #2 Elektra wasn’t Greek.  Her father appeared to be somewhat Greek but she was as white as an Old Navy commercial.  Very Fake Green eyes too.  3# Bullseye was not an Irish man.  Bullseye grew up in the Bronx.  Period.  Oh, and the Target ensignia on his head was strictly all movie character there.  Bullseye wore a Target on his head (minus the cross hairs) on his costume.  Not his head.  Also, he clamors for a “costume” and he just gets a coat change?  Sad.  They did get the psychopath personality correct.  Character itself  D-. images3

The story was decent as how it kind of was built on the characters origin.  They missed the fact that he was trained by his Sensei Stick.  It made it seem he learned everything on his own.  It also seemed at times like he had super powers.  Jumping great distances and falling great distances just to grab a pipe or something.  Seemed a bit cheesy.   The death of Elektra was similar and her death was probably my favorite part.  Straight from a comic book panel.  Loved that.  Check out that panel Here.  Loved Favreau as Foggy Nelson.  Good stuff.  Pantilioni was also decent as Ben Urich.  Not really matching the character much but giving a decent spin on a small time character.  Small time to those that don’t read comic books.

For 2003, the special effects were decent.  Although now you look and they are god awful.  I can’t count it down for something like that.  The overall plot was Daredevil’s origin.  They kept fairly close to that so, I give them Kudos for that.  Except halfway through when Daredevil & Elektra started forwarding the story many years ahead.  I wanted to see Karen Page.  She was Matt’s true love.  (she left a message on his phone).  Ok, time for ending movie type stuff.  Daredevil gets stabbed and is “worthless” for quite a while but yet he ends up pulling it together somehow to fight Bullseye.  Then after he goes through all of that he goes and hunts down Kingpin and fights again?  It just doesn’t make sense to me.  If he was well enough to fight two people he didn’t have enough in him to keep Elektra from being hurt?  No, they just wanted to kill someone.  They used her storyline as an excuse.  Lazy writing.  But, I guess we’ll always have Evanescence.

ps.  Go watch the Directors Cut.  It’s somehow better.

pps.  Worst scene of all time goes to the Teeter-totter Scene.

ppps.  Mark Steven Johnson also Directed Killed the First Ghost Rider movie.

pppps.  Ben Affleck will do fine as the new Batman.





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