Quills (2000)

Trailer: Quills (2000)

Starring: Geoffrey Rush, Kate Winslet, Joaquin Phoenix  – Directed By:  Philip Kaufman

Running Time: 2hrs & 4 mins – Genre:  Biography, Drama

KIMMAY! (Host)-

Well this movie was definitely different. I was not prepared for what was to follow in the two hours that it took to watch this film.

ImageIt does have a pretty amazing cast with Kate Winslet, Geoffery Rush,  Joaquin Pheonix and for all of you True Blood fans, a few scenes with Stephen Moyer.  The cast is the main reason why I watched this film because with them the acting would be a joy to watch and it was.  Each actor played their respective part well.  From the craved writer with perverse sexual scenarios running through his head to the Abbe struggling with temptation, power, sorrow, and finally being crazed himself.

The whole point of this movie was to push boundaries and it did that. But some of the scenes were rather, for lack of a better term, eww. When the Abbe (Joaquin) dreams of finally doing the do with Madeline (Kate) it starts out just magical and then turns just plain nasty. Well that’s what happens when you wait till the love of your life is killed. Thank goodness he wakes up so I could stop squealing with disgust.

ImageIt also shows that just because a man can hide his wicked ways doesn’t mean he is any better than the man who embraces his demons. The Doctor (Michael Caine) is not any more morally superior than the Marquis (Geoffery). The Marquis did have his bloopers in his younger days but was forced to live out his fantasies in his writings were as the doctor was allowed to live his out with the blessing of society.

Because of the content of this movie I would make sure the kiddos are in bed and sound asleep, if not completely out of the house before watching. This is not a family film.Marquis (Geoffery).

All in all, I was not to crazy about this movie. It was just to ehh for me.



This movie is definitely a strange one.  My definition of strange is vast in this certain context.  A biography about one of France’s notorious Author’s.  Yes, it is based on a real person.  Once you see it though you will play this in your mind as strict fiction.  Believe me.  I guess it is open for interpretation because not much was known while Marquis De Sade was imprisoned at the Charenton Asylum.  It’s interpretation will leave you troubled at the very least.

The acting was fair to say the least with a few stand outs to mention.  Geoffrey Rush was top of his game here.  He played crazy mixed with eccentric and classy pervert.  He was very entertaining to watch.  Joaquin Phoenix was a surprise to see since I hardly get to see him act anymore.  He played the
The overall plot and storyline leads you to believe that this is a story about how they though writing smut was evil and it led to other “evils” that people may do.  Hence the inclusion of the Doctor played by “Michael Caine”.  This gives you the offset to the “Geoffrey Rush” character.  Although original there were flaws with the entire movie.  For one, I did not need to see Geoffrey Rush’s penis.  And I’m guessing that he didn’t check to see if there were any other bigger penis’ being filmed as well.  Because there were.  It’s not hard to find.

Oh, the word play is terrifying.  The sexual orientation of Marquis in this movie left you confused.  Is he gay or is he straight?  Was he hitting on the Abbe?  Did he secretly love Maddy?  Did he really care for his wife?  All questions I asked myself trying to get an understanding of his character.  What I did not know is that the real Marquis De Sade had a sexual  Abbe a little over the top at times but I felt he worked with what was given to him.  Kate Winslet plays the character fine its mainly the writing that brought me down with her character.  I get that she wanted to be the outlet of this most famous writer.  Kinda like “doing her part” in a sexual revolution type thing.  But it was never really discussed why she is helping the Marquis.  Although in real life Madeleine ‘Maddy’ LeClerc was actually 12.  And her fate was not the same as the movie.  She was the Marquis final “romance” as it would be also hers too.  Thank you STD’s.

relationship with a 13 year old boy (son of an employee at Charenton).  This helps a little and wouldn’t have destroyed the movie if at all mentioned.  Flaw about Bouchon & Maddy goes like this.  Ok, he’s clinically insane and he’s assisting you in the play productions but one day he tries to rape you.  Yeah, any normal person would not let that guy come within 10 feet.  But towards the end he is assisting her in telling Sade’s final tale of sexual nature.  Which then bites her in the ass.  Not plausible.

The writing could have been better if made a little more seriously.  I caught hints of cheesiness at times that threw me off.  Sort of like if you made a movie with Jane Austen & Monty Python.  I saw glimpses of Theatrics (like they were on stage)  The soundtrack was not a player for me as well as the directing of this mess.  I will give props to the Winslet Boobs.  Although after I figured out they were make believe dream boobs I lost hope.

If your wondering… yes that was Napoleon Bonaparte.

Comic book Connection:  Michael Caine: The Dark Knight Trilogy – Geoffrey Rush: Green Lantern, Mystery Men – Stephen Moyer: Priest

Nudity Bonus:  Rebecca Palmer (40:17-T) – Kate Winslet (1:21-SideT, 1:50-T) – Geoffrey Rush (1:18-P/A) and there is a random dude in there somewhere( –P)



We all have our bad movies picks, Kimmay got hers out of the way first, I guess a good way to look at it is, all you can do is move forward. Unfortunately I failed to mention the Broken Flowers pick but I digress with this movie.

This has to be the most uninteresting, disturbing movie I’ve ever had to watch. I was not overly impressed with with the story of the film, I thought it was original however I later found outThe Nudity wasn’t that great but there is a bit of nudity. The sound track was not overly impressive.  Special effects was horrible reason why I say that is the heads in the basket at the first scene looked obviously fake.  But nothing else was pretty average so nothing impressed. that it was a true story (for the most part), however I digress. That acting wasn’t great even for the big named cast I mean the play the roles well however seeing Joaquin Phoenix as a religious man was interesting, but the most disturbing was hearing Michael Caine grunting when making his newly acquired  wife perform her wifely duties. Not really one person impressed me with the acting which is sad but everyone has a bad film from time to time.

Overall I would suggest if you watch this movie, find something happy afterwards and keep all sharp objects away while watching movie, because the infectious need to write may consume you without having a quill and ink….be creative.



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