The Host (2013)

Trailer: The Host Trailer

Starring: Saoirse Ronan, Diane Kruger, Max Irons  – Directed By:  Andrew Niccol

Running Time: 2hrs & 5 mins – Genre: Action, Adventure, Romance (& Sci-Fi too)


Big JD (Host)


In the future we are invaded by aliens that inhabit our body and run our world in the quest for a peaceful planet.  We as humans are hosts to our alien invaders.  There are few humans that have been able to escape and are constantly on the run.  Melanie is one of those humans until she is captured and implanted with “The Wanderer”.  Melanie still being alive inside fights the being and the 2 struggle to work together to change their world.


From the writer of the Twilight series Stephenie Meyer’s novel is adapted into a surprisingly good movie.  I say that I’m surprised for 2 reasons.  1.  I’m not a fan of the Twilight series 2.  The movie domestically grossed 26 million at the box office.  So, it tanked in the theatres.  But, I kept an open mind from start to finish and this movie surprised me.  Like I said.

The story is basically taking the “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” theme and expanded upon it.  It takes an in depth look at the struggle of 2 minds in one body.  Also, the epic scale of a silent alien invasion that has taken most of the planet.  Saoirse Ronan plays the main character Melanie and she proved to be an excellent unknown (to me) actress.  Maybe it’s the eyes but she did very well playing two different personalities.  Diane Kruger plays the “seeker” that is after Melanie.  Although she plays a very good villain I thought she could have been pushed to do a little more to go over the top.  William Hurt plays an old man that is uncle to Melanie.  Hurt can do no wrong in this role.  It’s perfect for a seasoned vet.  Not too long but just enough of a role for you to like his character.  One line that I did not care for actually came from Uncle Jeb (Hurt).  When he asks Wanderer to call her by a shortened name and then names her Wanda..  Like the “errrrr” sound was too difficult to say?  Your already saying a 2 syllabel name “Wan-Da” might as well say “errrr” or at least give me another excuse.  Here I got one.  “Hey Wanderer, I find it difficult calling you by this name.  May I call you Wanda?  It makes you seem more human”.

The side characters were all basic needs.  Meaning that they were there and none of them really stood out.  Nobody did a bad job but nobody else stood out.  There were opportunities to have some bad acting moments but they were avoided and for that I give credit to Director Andrew Niccol for a superb editing job.

The writing, Directing, Special effects were all good.  Even the soundtrack was decent and no not because of the Imagine Dragons song at the ending credits.  The score kept the calmness and Sci-Fi feel of the movie.  I had no problems.  Wait, yes I did.  It was the ending.  The ending felt “tacked on”.  It could have ended prior to the original ending but the ending they showed just had to set up another movie.  If we were going by domestic box office numbers then it will not have a sequel.  The studio wouldn’t risk it.  But, there is something to take note of when you look at Worldwide numbers.  Domestic & Foreign totals to be 48 million dollars and with a 40 million dollar budget it made like 8 million and that’s not counting DVD sales.  So, I think it may be possible to get a sequel out of this.  And although IMDB does not list this as a Sci-Fi genre movie it is ALL Sci-Fi baby!  Somebody at IMDB needs to watch this again.  Very little Romance aspects although they really marketed it as such.

Comic book Connection:  William Hurt – The Incredible Hulk

Nudity Bonus:  Nopers…




 What would you do if you woke up and had 2 voices in your head? and unable to control your own body? It was an interesting story of Sparkling  Blue Parasites that control your bod,. But when you get a strong willed host that fights you too keep their loved one alive, after an invasion and you start to see their point of existence and that they are not as harmful as you are lead to believe. The story line was for the most part pretty original, it made me think in like a love story mixed with invasion of the body snatchers but for the most part pretty interesting lots of morals to it as well.

Acting was done fairly well, No one really stood out which can be good or bad in this case it was good. Diane Kruger did a good job but for me she didn’t seem very villainous to me but still did well being the seeker with a one track mind of world domination, one mustache twirl away from pure evil….just kidding.  Diane Kruger and William Hurt were probably the 2 biggest stars I saw in the casting, so it really impressed me when this group of “unknowns” were able to keep my attention and act very well. I guess that’s why I prefer actors that are no names because they have a lot more to lose then ones who’ve been in several movies.

Special Effects were done pretty well, I was amazed by the healing spray stuff.  I think the one that got me the most was the huge picture of “The Store” that just said STORE on the front of it, keeping it really simple. Also having the cars the seekers and people had…how can they afford all of this…oh wait if you go to the store and don’t pay, then do you go to the car lot and just drive off the lot with a car? I want to visit the Lamborghini store then 😀

Overall this movie wasn’t horrible, actually sadly it kept my attention. Although I know JD picked it just to hear the Radioactive song from Imagine Dragons.  (Not really….or Did he?) I would say this is a must rent, some people might not like the fact that it was from the Author of “The Twilight Saga” to be honest I told JD if there were Sparkly Aliens making love to humans I was going to hurt him for making me watch it…but it didn’t happen. So that might turn people away, but for you Stephanie Meyer Fans Kudos because this is probably I think way better then Twilight (though haven’t seen it and unless JD has a death wish hopefully never will)




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