Collateral (2004)


Starring: Jaime Foxx, Tom Cruise  – Directed By: Michael Mann



So this movie had a great original story, Wrong place Wrong time situation with a Contract killer that uses a taxi service so that’s good but here are the flaws with that, First of all the Taxi driver shows to be timid early on in the movie, and then develops later on that he can pass as a contract killer, highly unlikely to me. I mean I understand you have to adapt to survive but really? Also killing a guy over a Miles Davis question… need I go on?  And what about introducing a killer to you mom in the hospital?! WTF?!

The acting is done well, Tom Cruise plays a bad ass killer but honestly the grey/white hair bothered me, Not like Lou Diamond Phillps did in that one movie we watched earlier last year (Stark Raving Mad) but still noticeable, and then the build up to the end, and you fumble the extra magazine clip and call it done….bull **** go out with glory like a real killer drop down grab the mag make the shot finish the job and die honorably.

Jaime Foxx did a remarkable job, but his Spanish kind of bothered me when he was talking to the gas station attendant earlier in the film, it wasn’t bad just felt awkward, He played a good taxi driver put in a situation but when he develops a bad ass persona towards the end it’s hard to believe, but he’s the hero so we have to. 15

Jada Pickett Smith did well, she I think was probably the best actress/actor in the movie, she did the fear thing very well, and played a good lawyer and damsel in distress.

Mark Ruffalo…takes second place to me in worst fake Hispanic actors playing Hispanic parts…(For the record Steven Segal takes #1 in Machete) I mean I know he’s a cop undercover but seriously I had a better time believing Jaime Foxx’s Spanish vs his. Also there was a little spot for Javier Bardem to join in as Felix (The main bad guy) so he snuck in on me I didn’t realize it was him your welcome for that easter egg.

Rest of the movie was ok for it’s time, sound track wasn’t outstanding or anything but was decent.  Overall the movie is good, but it has it’s flaws but it’s something I would suggest to atleast watch once.



Bad guy Hijacks Taxi Cab with driver and makes him do his bidding!  Basically this is the entire movie.  You are suppose to really feel for this Max (Jamie Foxx) character hence the whole buildup of drab taxi driver stuff & then getting Jada Pinkett Smith’s Digits which will in turn make you root for the character to be able to get that “first date” with her.  Giving the audience a future to look forward to for the main character.  This subtley makes you hope that he doesn’t die.  In a nutshell.  Oh, and anytime you introduce the Mom to the story?  Oh yeah.  Pulls you right in.  Kinda makes you want for him to play hero doesn’t it?

Jamie Foxx played Max which in my opinion was quite a drop in character when in the same year he played Ray Charles in “Ray”.  There wasn’t much of a showcase on display in terms of acting ability.  I mean, he didn’t do horrible but c’mon!  A Cabbie!  Yeah, not much room to grow I’m afraid.  I think he did the best of what was able to be done with that character.  Even though his character was a complete idiot at times and then brilliant at other times.

500fullIt was interesting to see Tom Cruise play a “bad guy”.  A bad guy with a very warped sense of right and wrong.  He definitely doesn’t have enough roles as the baddie and I think with some advice from Alan Rickman he would be fantastic.  Just as long as he doesn’t have the haircut he had here.  I swear it was so distracting!  Oh, and isn’t that the same suit Tom Cruise wore in Rain Man?  I think soooo. 0013

Mark Ruffalo was decent as the undercover investigator.  Actually I was glad to see him in this film.  I didn’t recognize him the first time I watched this in 2004.  Although if he was “undercover” then why is he walking/talking around with the other cops at a crime scene with his badge shining brightly for anyone to see.  This is his area that he is undercover.  He should stay undercover careful not to blow his cover.

The main problem I have with this movie is just the sheer simplistic nature of this movie.  Or maybe you could just say that its boring.  And you may ask yourself why do these 2 characters stay civil with each other?  Well, Vincent needs max so that’s a given.  Max confuses me a bit.  With all that he was made to do he would still have nice little conversations with the enemy.  I don’t know about you but that doesn’t seem plausible.  I can see the fact that Max is wanting “change” in his life so maybe that is the directions he is heading.  Maybe deeply he is intrigued by Vincent.  Maybe Vincent is someone that he wants to be like.  Minus the killer stuff I’m guessing.  His “transformation of character” was very good during the Felix conversation.  Very Superman/Clark Kent stuff.

So, when it comes down to it, the movie is a decent watch.  Do you need to see it right now?  No.  But if you are fans of either Tom Cruise or Jamie Foxx then I would probably say watch it within the month.  No hurry.  Not to ruin it for you but the ending will leave you like “ok? … and?”  It also makes you wonder who the main character really is.  Throughout the movie you think it may be Max but, I tend to think that it is Vincent.


p.s. Michael Mann, If you would have thrown in a boob or 2 I would have rated you a half star more.  🙂

Comic Book Movie Plus:  Jamie Foxx:  The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – Mark Ruffalo: The Avengers

Nudity Bonus:  n/a




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