Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005)

Trailer: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Trailer

Starring: Robert Downey Jr., Val Kilmer, Michelle Monaghan  – Directed By: Shane Black

Running Time: 1 hrs & 43 mins – Genre: Action, Comedy Crime


Big JD (Host)

I chose this movie for one reason.  It is the first team up of Robert Downey Jr. with director Shane Black.  Their most recent effort together is Iron Man 3 which still remains the biggest movie of 2013.  The two make a distinctive and interesting team that deserves more outings.

The narrative is lead by RDJ in this crime/comedy twist of events 4 days in Hollywood.  Apparently were you can stumble and fall into an acting career.  Some narration can be quite annoying but in this movie RDJ makes it enjoyable.  Without sounding like a total RDJ fanboy I will say simply that his character in this movie is great.  Classic.  The supporting cast of Val Kilmer (Gay Perry) & Michelle Monaghan (Harmony Faith Lane) is pretty good.  Its great to see Val Kilmer do something that I don’t hate.  As for Monaghan I don’t remember the last thing she did that I didn’t like.  Needless to say the acting in this movie is top notch.  The writing was equally awesome.  With the amount of quotable’s and twisty crime story I was left in awe.

“I was wetter than Drew Barrymore in a grundge club.”

“Look up idiot in the dictionary, ya know what you’ll find?” “ A Picture of Me?”  “No! The definition of the word idiot which you fuc*ing are!”

A couple things.  Can guns fire underwater?  News to me.  Also, regarding the surrounding plot of girl goes to Hollywood to reunite with daddy.  And then gets killed.  Didn’t that happen in The Adventures of Ford Fairlane? And I will say hanging from a corpse over a freeway for what seemed like forever was a somewhat unbelievable.  It seemed a little lame but the other character stories is what saved the movie.  For sure.  Or maybe it was the random boobs throughout the movie, I can’t be sure.

“Sorry I Fuc*ed you” “No Problem!, Don’t quit your Gay job!”

John Ottman created a wonderful soundtrack.  Very 40’s detective feel.  Since I guess Harry Lockhart is learning to be a detective (for a role) then it fits perfectly.

In the end this movie can be taken as exhausting or maybe hard to follow.  I had no problems but with RDJ’s energy it can be a bit overwhelming.  I will also say that this movie is better during a second or third viewing.

Comic Book Movie Plus:  Robert Downey Jr.:  Iron Man franchise, Avengers – Val Kilmer:  Batman Forever

Nudity Bonus:  Random (T) 8:17 – Michelle Monaghan (Nip)(T)(35:44, 1:11:23) – Random (T)(52:53) – Random – (T)(56:22, 56:34)




 What I love about this movie besides Robert Downey Jr. and Val Kilmer are in it, I love Action Crime style movies, (Hence my infatuation with Ocean’s movies) Nothing is more interesting than a accidental Private Eye style movie. It didn’t seem like a movie I would watch but ended up enjoying it. Something I didn’t like about the movie is the narration of the film, even though it’s meant to be horrible it’s still annoying to me and had me lost for a little bit, even though it worked it’s way out.

Acting was done very well, Val Kilmer played the Gay Perry very well, and Robert Downey Jr has always had ways of having roles land in his lap much like his character. (He was made for Tony Stark) even the extra’s were better then in some movies I’ve seen (Need I remind us of Max Magician…Thanks Willie Good Cook. for showing us the true meaning of horrible acting) Michelle Monaghan was pretty good she made me feel like all the girls that go to L.A. looking for the dream to be an actress.

Special effects weren’t really outstanding, and soundtrack was interesting the themes for most part were ok, but the main theme felt weird but perhaps that’s just me.

Overall good movie, had to keep my attention or I would get lost so if your like me make sure you focus on it.




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