Superman II (1980)

Superman II

Starring: Christopher Reeve, Margot Kidder, Terrence Stamp  – Directed By: Richard Lester

Running Time:  hrs &  mins – Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi



 Synopsis: Superman still saving the day gets his secret identity accidentally discovered by Lois Lane all the while an explosion in space caused General Zod and his minions to break free from the phantom zone, as General Zod lands on earth in hopes to destroy what is left of his arch-nemesis the Son of Jor-el ( Superman)

What I like about this movie is it brings in the love interest of Lois and Superman, and how it tells the classic “With great power comes great responsibility” (Yeah, Yeah I know that’s a Marvel line but it’s true.) So it shows that He would do anything for love, but when the world needs him most he can’t do anything it’s out of his control (Which tells me that Supes is a Control freak) images

I think the graphics were ok for the time, some of the animated images like the bursting out of the Phantom zone reminded me alot of Pink Floyd’s the Wall animations in certain points, but that’s neither here nor there, There was a few scenes that seemed have a little more humor to it then in the last movie.

Acting was done well, nothing really stood out though I mean Superman to me has always been Christopher Reeve, but as for the rest of the actinJimmy Olseng nothing really stood out, (But I do want to know if the fashion designer for Jimmy Olsen was a Doctor Who fan, because Jimmy Olsen in this movie would have been a perfect Dr. Who)

As for the Story line, I am loving the love interest with Lois, and the discovery of Superman’s identity, and showing more of the Fortress of Solitude, But what is up with the Superman Shield wrap thingy? I mean really? and if Zod and his minions can have the ability to levitate objects while pointing a finger how come Superman can’t? Doesn’t have have the exact same powers as them?

All in all a good sequel to Superman. I would say over all done well a must see, for me Superman III and IV well…that’s another time.


Big JD-

“Kneel Before Zod!”

The sequel to which all superhero/comic book movies are judged by.  Superman II is a great continuation of the 1978 movie that we saw Christopher Reeve become Superman.  The 3 Kryptonian criminals that were teased in the first movie get their screen time finally with this hit.images2

We start with the opening credits.  Much better to have a recap of the previous story than to have swooshing names on a starry background.  It just seems to put you right where you need to be.  Right smack dab in the middle of a terrorist situation where Lois Lane is pushin’ for that Pulitzer prize winning story.  It’s good to see Superman going global in this movie where he stayed mainly in Metropolis before.  Take notes Zack Snyder.

Speaking of Director…  Richard Donner filmed 30%  of this movie before the first film even released but he was fired by the Salkinds for creative control reasons.  Richard Lester took over and finished the movie.  Now, since then Donner has released his own cut of the movie with as much as 83% of his shot footage.  Some say it’s the true sequel some say it’s just a mixmash of scenes.  I personally had wanted Donner to do this cut but in the end it’s the Theatrical release finished by Lester that has stuck with me this whole time.  I guess you can’t mess with history.  This was the version I grew up with and it’s hard to deny that.

Back to the movie.  One thing that remains the same from the first where that the extra’s didn’t seem to get better.  The extra’s are characters such as the terrorist group in France, the NASA guys (with exception to John Ratzenberger), and everybody else not main focal points.  I think Lex and Otisthe inclusion of Ned Beatty as “Otis” is as unnecessary as the first.  I guess they needed some comic relief.  He never was in the comics but always for some reason has just been “accepted” in these films.  Well, at least they kept him in prison.

Now as much as I love this film I cannot allow the mistakes to go unspoken.

Kara (Supermom) tells us that it is possible that the Phatom zone can be cracked by a nuclear explosion.  Wow how convenient.  Superman uses his heat vision at Niagra Falls to help save Lois but he is wearing glasses.  Why aren’t there holes in his glasses afterwards?  Ursela is just as powerful as Superman but she flinches when she is bit by a snake.  Since when did Houston, TX look like a town of population 800?  Right before Superman’s transformation into “man” his mother’s hair changes from Red to blonde.  Did they think we wouldn’t notice?  Ok, I never did until just now.  The Super-saran wrap from the chest?  No comment.superman214-1334528872 Too many holes to consider this a writing masterpiece.  Why does Lex Luthor’s “hairpiece” have a balding spot?  If you’re going to go to the trouble of wearing a hairpiece wouldn’t you have a full piece?  (1:27)  Zod is hell bent on revenge but immediately into the fight he’s like “take him, he’s yours”?  Your characters have to stay consistant.

The revenge story that General Zod embodies is simple.  Easy to understand this movie’s motives. The love story between Lois & Clark is easy to understand as well.  Kal-el gives up his responsibilities as Superman for love.  Only to get them back when its most needed.  The classic tale of the lonely hero.  But it did answer the classic query of how Superman & Lois have sex.  He becomes Non-Super.supermanII

The soundtrack/score was not done by John Williams.  Just a replacement (Ken Thorne) that retained his “themes”.  Nobody can tell, even me.  So, no problem there.

The final fight scene between Superman & the Kryptonians is classic to say the least.  He’s not only fighting them but he’s trying to protect the stupid human onlookers in the process.  Just hurl a villain into a Coca-Cola sign and I’m good.  In all this movie stands the test of time… until a valid reboot can be affirmed.  Man of Steel is quite close but lets see how they do with a sequel.





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