The Bay (2012)

Trailer: The Bay (2012)

Starring: Kristen Connolly, Kether Donohue, Frank Deal  – Directed By: Barry Levinson

Running Time: 1 hrs & 24 mins – Genre: Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller


Big JD (Host)

A small town in Chesapeake Bay seems like any normal American town but, the chicken factory has added a bit of crap to the water supply.  Mixed with Steroids and many other factors an organism is mutated and decides to feed on the inhabitants of The Bay town.



No, no this is not a review over a movie documenting the life & times of Michael Bay.  But if it were let me first add I would have changed his first name to Simon.  Just because I can.  And I would have had Morgan Freeman play the part of Michael Bay.  Just because I feel its something he would want.  Ok, off topic a bit.  I didn’t come here to trash on Michael Bay.  It just seemed fitting.

The Actual Review:

This “found footage” movie seems to have all of its footage in place to make a decent movie.  But what it lacks is a fulfilling story.  There could be many factors that will add to your story and give it depth and feeling.  We will find what it is I tell you!  And I will not call the CDC because they are of no help.

The Acting was decent.  A bit overacted at times by the young reporter played by Kether Donohue but she does fine.  The top billing actress didn’t even seem to have much of a role.  Kristen Connolly played Stephanie.  (The woman with the baby)  I will say that everyone did ok with acting.  Maybe this was a design led by Barry Levinson.  If you do not give actors a ton of screen time then you can’t have any bad acting cluttering your film.  Maybe?  Well, the footage was all put together very well.  Filmed as such too.  It was very believable.  You didn’t find yourself saying “Oh c’mon you wouldn’t have a camera there!  You wouldn’t still be filming!!”  well, maybe a couple times but nothing too crazy.  On the part of the footage there was one thing that I did not like.  It was the 2 news anchors and how their broadcast was like all “bubbly” or “walleyed” looking.  It was very distracting and extremely different than anything else in the movie.  In all I think Barry did a fine job.  And no I did not plan on reviewing back to back Barry Levinson films.  I was actually shocked when I saw his name because this movie is such a departure from Rain Man.  It didn’t hold up to his reputation.  Although he did take 2nd place at the Toronto International Film Festival in the “Midnight Madness” category.  Yeah, I don’t know what that is either.  Let’s move on.

It was written with good dialogue and the story flowed well.  The scenario of what would happen if this really happened was really focused hard on.  But does that make this an original plot or even a good plot?  I have to say no.  In fact I felt a very mild resemblance to the movie Piranha and Piranha 3D.  Not as cheesy but very similar in story.

The special effects were very limited but believable.  Except when they found the dead body by the fountain.  I thought that looked very fake.  I mentioned limited effects?  Yes, I did.  There were actually tons but Barry had them woven in very subtlety.  He made them work for him instead of the Special Effects working the movie.  The score could have worked for the movie but I think needed some time off.  It was very not noticeable either.  As far as this movie sticking to the Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller genre I don’t think it nailed any of it.  Horror:  It wasn’t scary.  Sci-Fi:  It was all explained scientifically enough to make you think it could really happen.  Thriller:  It was kinda thrilling in parts but not really a thriller kind of movie.  Most movies get the Genre score from me but this one needs to be in a genre of its own.  The Found Footage genre.

The casting was all mediocre.  This is where this movie could have shined bright.  This is freakin’ Barry Levinson!  He couldn’t get 1 actor that is well known or up and coming to push his movie?  This is confusing.  It was kind of like watching a B film movie because of this factor.  C’mon Barry!  If you put 1 actor in there that people can relate to it can change this movie that grossed $30,668 domestically to something that would at least gross $70,000.  Which will probably cover the well known actor’s fee but so what?  Go for it!

My final criticism’s over The Bay end with the ending.  It sucked.  It was an hour and a half long which didn’t feel that long at all. (Which is a good thing)  But it ended way to fast and it tied everything up way too quickly.  I guess it’s a drawback in having a movie based on film footage of an event that when the event is over than so is the movie.  I could have done with more closure.  But with all that said it wasn’t a bad movie.  I felt “meh” the entire time.  It was decent.


Comic Book Movie Plus: n/a

Nudity Bonus:  Almost but not quite.



For a mad epidemic style movie this was done pretty well.  The writing and acting was done ok, but I have to agree with JD on it not being original….there are aspects of it being original like the Chicken Feces and the Steroids mutating an organism that is out to get everything in the bay. To me since I’ve not seen Piranha or Piranha 3d, it felt more like Cloverfield or Paranormal Activity, What I do like about this genre that is forming (dating all the way back to Blair Witch Project) is that it gives it a sense of reality, when watching these movies it feels more realistic, then the average horror/thriller/zombie movie.

For the budget of the film, the acting, and special effects were decent nothing out landish but for an indie film I think it was done well.

I disagree with JD on the putting in the big star, with these style of films, Cloverfield, Paranormal Activity things like that to me keeping hollywood out is a good call, it keeps it more realistic, the only way I would want to have a huge star in it, is if Hollywood was taken over by zombies…oh wait they are kind of doing that with James Franco…Seth Rogen ect. I think it’s called This is the End.

With all that said, over all my experience with the movie wasn’t horrible, but wasn’t great either. I think it did rather well in the indie cult circle and indie festival, however as far as my expectations I think it was done ok.





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