Rain Man (1988)

Trailer: Rain Man (1988)

Starring: Tom Cruise, Dustin Hoffman, Valeria Golino  – Directed By: Barry Levinson

Running Time: 2 hrs & 13 mins – Genre: Drama

CK-One (Guest Host)


Rain Man is a road movie in the traditional sense but with a story that is actually far from traditional. It focuses on two individuals, who are surpisingly similar, in that they have trouble developing relationships with
people; one because of actual disability, the other being a product of his environment and upbringing — Raymond and Charlie Babbit, respectively.

The film leans heavily on the performances of its two stars, Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise, and the two do a remarkable job in their roles. By the time Oscar season

rolled around in 1988, the Academy did its fair share by awarding the film in Best Actor (Hoffman), Best Director, Best Screenplay, and Best Picture.
They also nominated the film in several other categories as well. One of the categories the film received a nomination was for Best Original Score in Hans Zimmer‘s first movie score, which I found to be an incredible addition to the film. I have since become a huge fan of Zimmer’s work with everything from The Rock, to Crimson Tide, The Batman Trilogy, and more.
I honestly can’t recall the first time I saw this movie, but I know I was quite young and believe it was shortly after it showed on video. Surprisingly at a time when my attention span was surely very short, and my favorite movies probably skewed to a younger audience, here was a movie that I drew an attachment to early on and have loved ever since.



Big JD

First, I would like to welcome CK-One to Guest Host this week’s Movie Review post!  I’ve known him about 14(+) years and he has always been a good source for movie news.  Please welcome him to our Blog.

Tom Cruise & Dustin Hoffman together in 2 hours of you feeling like you are watching someone get abused.  More about that in a minute.  But why hasn’t Valeria Golino made anymore movies since?  My sources says that she has but they are all foreign movies.  Shame.  She’s hot.  And don’t feel bad if you don’t think she’s your type.  Even if you’re a special needs individual she will dance with you and give you a “wet” kiss in an elevator.

All right, as much as everyone says that this movie was great I have to put that on HOLD.  The first half of this movie was so hard to watch due to Charlie Babbitt (Tom Cruise) being an ultimate Prick!  His verbal abuse to Raymond (Dustin Hoffman) was unbearable at times.  Back then (1988) I felt that Tom Cruise was acting but, now that we know more about him I’m not so sure.  He plays a really good douche-bag.  Charlie Babbitt basically uses Raymond for the entire movie.  When he finds out that he will not get the 3 million dollars he then sees that he wants to have his brother around.  I guess.  He was a dick the whole movie I really didn’t see him changing.  Even though we are to belive that his older brother gave him this epiphany on how to treat others.  That should be enough about me picking on this character.  No wait, one more.  Charlie Babbitt = Supreme Ass-hat

Dustin Hoffman was great!  He saved this movie for me.  He played Raymond Babbitt entirely believable.  I’m glad they didn’t go the route of extreme connection.  Meaning that they had to show small “connections”

between brothers throughout the movie.  They kept them small.  Examples:  The maple syrup, Heads touching each other, Raymond making eye contact in the end scene.  Levinson kept it simple which in turn kept it believable.  As for Valeria Golino?  I spoke about her earlier.  Seriously she’ s ok with Voyerism!  Just joking.  She was decent in this movie.  We didn’t see her much but why must she molest the special needs brother in an elevator?  Totally unnecessary.  Side Note:  If they were hurting so bad for money then why was it necessary for them to get matching custom made suits/shoes before hitting up the casino?  Just for the “New Man Montage” apparently.

The music in this movie is so totally 80’s. (not the score)  Minus the one song that almost put me to sleep.  (Hip bone is connected to the thigh bone, the thigh bone is connected to the…etc.)  Maybe it was to signify the feeling one gets when travelling on the road for a stint of time.  If so, well done.  I about nodded off right there.  As for the plot for this movie first let me start me Charlie Babbitt’s job.  Was it an illegal operation?  It seemed like it was but nothing was ever explained.  Ok, so he estranges from his father at the age of 16 because he stole his dad’s car and when he was caught his dad left him in jail to teach him a lesson for 2 days.  Seems like Charlie was an uber-brat and a bit extreme if you ask me.  They dumped Raymond in a home shortly after the death of their mother and after Raymond burns Charlie giving him a bath.  My question is that Why wasn’t anyone watching Raymond??  He has special needs!  Your letting him bathe your baby??  I’m not too keen on the whole idea of this movie.  The father dies, he leaves the big chunk of inheritance to the special needs brother that he exiled 20 years prior.  Maybe he thought that the 2 brothers would get together but that is me thinking for the film.  1 brother tries to get the money by “loving” the other brother and fighting to get custody. (which there wasn’t any fight).  Then after a long road trip he finds out that he can’t get the money.  Then he gives up Raymond.  The End.  Ugh!  Seriously!  And this movie was nominated for awards?!  Dustin Hoffman I can see but story?  Nope.  I couldn’t stand all of the over talking of each other.  Sometimes it just felt like the director said “ok, just go with it”.

I didn’t hate this movie.  It’s just when someone asks me if I liked it I would most likely say “eh, it was ok.”  “Dustin Hoffman did a good job”.


Comic Book Movie Plus: N/A

Nudity Bonus:

Valeria Golino – (T) kind of 36:09



So this is my official first time ever watching this movie, That is what I love about the Movie Review Crew sometimes you find yourself watching a movie where your not really ever going to watch it, sometimes you enjoy sometimes you don’t that’s the luck of the draw.  Now as everyone has mentioned above this won a lot of awards for this film in 1988, And overall this story was done rather well, Guy is down on his luck and if it couldn’t get any worse he realizes he lost his father, to which he wasn’t overly upset since they didn’t have a great relationship, then to find out that you get shafted on the estate…I can kind of understand that, but you don’t have to be a jerk about it.

Some view points on this is, Charlie (Tom Cruise) uses Raymond (Dustin Hoffman) to try and make up for his short comings in life he’s acquired so far. In the process of this he pieces together his life of the missing holes, like Who Rain Man was/is, Why he wasn’t around when Charlie got older…among everything, was he a jerk about thing with Raymond. Yes but at the same time he was still trying to deal with everything, am I saying that makes it ok? No.

And also something else to keep in mind do you not think the Doctor wasn’t using Raymond as well? He was friends with the father so when his father was dying or making the will do you think the doctor might have persuaded him to make the will out that way?he took him in to the Institute “Voluntarily” and has the 3 million dollars of the Charlie and Raymond’s. Then says to Charlie later “Even if you keep your brother, I still keep the 3 million dollars.” Ok that might be a good point because he’s left as the heir, but technically shouldn’t it be used for Raymond’s interests? Not the doctors? I bet he bought a brand new speed boat after all that was done…

Over all very well written, Casting was done pretty good. Both Tom and Dustin were very strong acting roles since over 80% of the movie was based on them, and also in small settings. So I believe that being able to make a 2 hours movie that keeps your attention with 2 actors you have to be very well talented to keep the audience engaged.

Over all I would say the movie was done rather well, and needs to be on the top 100 list of movies to watch.




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