Memento (2000)

Trailer: Memento (2000)

Starring: Guy Pearce, Carrie-Anne Moss, Joe Pantoliano  – Directed By: Christopher Nolan

Running Time: 1 hr & 53 mins – Genre: Mystery, Thriller

Issy R. (Guest Host)


Christopher Nolan has a talent for making a film that has a refreshing original story and making a major impact. This implies to Nolan’s second and major film Memento. Memento is one of those pictures that will have you wanting to talk to someone else about what they thought of the movie. This is a highly intelligent and original brain teaser that will have you guessing from beginning to end, and even afterwards. The story is told in a linear perspective but backwards at the same time, which sounds confusing but it is what makes the movie fun and intriguing. Between each scene there are black and white scenes, that if you overlook it you will miss the importance of them. The film is constructed and told in such a way that you are constantly put into the shoes of Leonard Shelby, perfectly played by Guy Pierce. The rest of the cast gives a mysterious and complex performance. This film is well-made all the way around, from the direction, to the editing, and especially the unique story that is rarely found in Hollywood these days. Christopher Nolan is one today’s modern master in cinema and he showcases that in this film.




What I love about this movie that love about most of Christopher Nolan’s movie are the psychological thrillers he does where perception is reality, and even though you see it now it might not really be that way. I have to say first of all this is the first time ever I watched this movie it has always been on the list just never quite made it to the top. I am shocked I never watched it sooner because it’s really a good thriller, and those are the ones I love the most. Anyways back to the Movie.

The acting was very performed, and the casting I don’t think I could cast anyone else in these roles, normally I am not a huge Guy Pearce person but he did extremely well in this movie, I guess not only the acting was done rather well but the directing and writing was done pretty very well.

Carrie-Ann Moss was surprising in this role, she’s been a good actress but this role was nice to see her in being a sort of vindictive person,

One of the things I like most with this any of the thrillers, is the reverse it gives you a scene and then rewinds it so you see everything, then fast forward then rewinds back, that to me is a great way to express the suspense of the thriller.

Not really much of a soundtrack or background music for that matter so nothing spectacular there, nor with the special effects.

Over all this was a great movie


Big JD

First off I would like to thank Issy R. for being our Guest Host for this week.  He comes to us from A great “out in theatres” movie review site.  Check out it why don’t ya!  Like always the Host chooses the movie of review.  Issy chose Memento.

I would like to say that Christopher Nolan can’t seem to do no wrong.  I would like to say.  But with as good as this movie is I felt annoyed the entire time I watched it.  This was a First Watcher for me and this is a

movie you need to pay attention to detail with.  If you are not a fan of movies not following the formula for the basic movie (you know Start, Middle, End) then you need to run fast from this movie.  This movie is told from the Ending first slowly making it’s way to the beginning of the story.  Which in fact when you think about it is an entire circle of events.  Each scene is shown to you in 5-7 minute increments.  The ending of each scene is the beginning of the previous scene that you watched.  Then you will see scenes that happened from his previous long term memory.  You really do need patience and maybe a notepad to watch this movie.  I was lucky to have mine already so, I was covered.  By saying that it is frustrating to watch this movie doesn’t really portray how I feel about it.  I’m glad Nolan used this device for this movie.  It makes sense.  The lead character has memory issues and usually has to work backwards to get his information.  No different than the audience as they follow his journey in how his wife was “murdered”.

The acting was good.  I had no complaints whatsoever.  I will say that every time I see Joe Pantoliano I always think Mork & Mindy then directly to The Matrix.  “ignorance is bliss”  Two completely different entities.  But hey! Carrie Anne-Moss was in The Matrix too!  What gives?  Well, for my hat trick of Matrix references for this movie, Lenny writes on Teddy’s picture “He is the One”.  Well, no Neo was “The One” but close enough for me.

The writing was good.  Nothing too strange or out of place except for the moment of “ending” Jimmy.  That took quite a bit of time.  Yet, Leonard was able to do all the things he did plus drag him down to the basement ALL while keeping his memory.  Other times in the movie his memory has a shorter hold.  Like the “I’m gonna use you” argument with Natalie scene for instance.  In all it all fit together like a puzzle.  Which is satisfying for a person like me.  It seems that this movie was made on a small budget so the soundtrack/score is probably one of the things that was “skipped”.  I’m sure it has one but I really can’t say that it did anything for the movie.

The ending was not good for me.  For one, the ending was the beginning.  It took me full circle.  Second, I didn’t like the evil character twist.  I thought it was unnecessary to the character.  Nolan could have easily kept the character a good guy by throwing in more mis-communication to himself.  And finally, I know that I said earlier that I was glad Christopher Nolan chose the backwards format but It would have been a better movie to me if he would have filmed it in order of events leaving audiences intrigued by leaving parts out until the end.  I liked the movie because of the uniqueness it had.  The story was decent with the actors playing their parts well.  I will watch it again.  It’s probably even better the second time around.  Now, if someone could shave Leonard’s head or give him a bottle of hair-dye I would be



  1. Issy R. · April 23, 2013

    Thanks fellas for inviting me to host. Im glad overall you guys enjoyed the movie. This is still one of those films that not alot people know about. Sorry for not sending you my star score but it would of been a perfect 5 stars. This was fun and I hope you ask me to vote again the future.

  2. Issy R. · April 23, 2013

    Reblogged this on The Filmster and commented:
    The guys at the Movie Crew invited me to host their movie week and I chose Memento. So here are our reviews. Check out The Movie Crew website at

    Comments are much appreciated. Thanks for reading.

  3. lavernjdewilde · April 23, 2013

    Appreciate the review. I’m one that thought the movie quite boring!!!!

    • bigjd1976 · April 23, 2013

      I feel that you deifinitely have to be in the frame of mind to watch it. No distractions at all.

  4. beautifulorange · April 23, 2013

    Nice review. And great film. For me, it’s actually one of Nolan’s best films. Sure, with a story like this you can pull bits of it apart of you want – but when I was watching it I was going along for the ride – and you can do the same with all the plot holes in the batman trilogy and inception if you really want.

    • bigjd1976 · April 23, 2013

      Thank you. Yeah, tearin’ it up is kinda somethin I do. 🙂 If I didn’t people would think I skimmed through the movie. Lol

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