Twister (1996)

Twister (1996)


Starring: Helen Hunt, Bill Paxton

Director: Jan de Bont


I picked this movie because it’s a tradition in my family, and other families that here in Kansas when you hear about the weather might possibly be bad or severe we watch Twister, as my movie pick was during the week of some possible Tornado weather I chose this classic movie.

I remember watching this movie in theaters when I was in Junior High and thought it was awesome, looking back now it’s still a great movie however there are some issues.

Some aspects about this movie that I did like, the on screen romance between Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton was good. It was great seeing Alan Ruck in this movie he did fairly good, Cary Elwes had a great cameo for his part he didn’t really have a lot going on but it was nice to see him in a movie that didn’t involve swords or fantasy.Airdate: Saturday, November 18 (8-11 ET)

Things that did bother me, Some of the characters acting was a little much, Phillip Seymour Hoffman was still a relatively unknown actor at this point and his character for a Midwestern guy seemed more like a surfer that had a huge man crush about Bill “The Extreme”

Some of the special effects while at the time in 1996 were pretty good, like the Cary Elwes truck getting sucked up in the Tornado and the slammed down and exploded,  or the CGI of the Twisters,  One of my favorite scenes is “The Shinning” playing in the drive-in while the Tornado is ripping the screen a part.

The Soundtrack was not really standing out, however as a lover of classic rock, and country music doesn’t really seem to fit well with the scenes to me but I mean what exactly would fit well with a Twister? So it’s not bad but not what I would choose.

Overall if you just want to watch this movie and not break it apart it’s a great movie but has it’s flaws, and no matter what this will always be a movie in my family to watch until it can no longer be watched.



Big JD-

Being a resident of Kansas this movie really does hit close to home.  I’ve seen it a billion times and the movie is as exciting the first time as it was this last time.  Don’t get me wrong it has it’s “issues” but you have to shut your brain off to enjoy it.

Let’s begin with the writing and acting.  It seems like this is a “smart” movie on the outside but deep down there are so many unbelievable things that it turns “dumb”.  Like, in the intro  why didn’t the father just let go of the door and run over to his wife & child?  They were fine, so he should have been too right?  Ok, when Bill (Paxton) & Jo (Hunt) were trapped under the rickety bridge as the tornado passes over them.  A truck can be lifted away but less than a foot away they are able to “hang on” and end up safe?  Ha!  Right.  Also, with the flying cow.  It was being tossed around rotating around the truck as they are moving.  So, the wind is strong enough to hurl a cow around with ease but yet the truck doesn’t move at all?  This must have been weaker than the Tornado before.  The physics thing happens many times in this movie.  I understand stuff being thrown but when things are floating by you then you should be effected by that same force.  Oh, and let’s say that you are able to strap yourself to some pipes that go 30 mile down (how would he know that?) I’m guessing that you wouldn’t be able to keep your eyes open let alone keep from blinking every second.  Aside from that you would most likely be killed by the amount of debris flying around.  Either that or your arms would be ripped from their socket’s ala wookie style.  Paxton’s character tended to overact at times.  Hunt’s character seemed to have a speech impediment at times. twister-movie-alan-ruck-philip-seymour-hoffman But nothing compared to the overall horribleness of Dustin Davis (Phillip Seymour Hoffman).  Ok I get it!  He is a free spirit that loves rock & roll.  Got it.  His character is SUPER annoying.  Why didn’t he get sucked up by a tornado?  Dr. Melissa Reeves (Gertz) played the hoyty toyty therapist over the top.  I didn’t like the character and I’m sure she was written that way but it led the audience to dislike her almost immediately which doesn’t do anything for the watcher when that relationship goes bad.  The casting was pretty spectacular considering the acting delivered.

The soundtrack/score of the movie was really un-remember-able.  The voiceover’s were terrible at times.  Couldn’t we get the words to match up with the mouth’s at least half the time?  “We’re goin’ green!”.  That fake background was horrible.  It looked really bad.  But everything else was decent in terms of special effects.  The Tornado’s looked great.  Very ominous.

Like I said earlier this is a Action/Disaster movie.  You can’t really expect anything more than that.  It delivers on intense action scenes.  It’s almost entirely action.  With small downbeats to catch your breath.  So, for a disaster movie I would say I liked it.  Even if you have to magically drive through a house that fell in front of you.Jo and Bill



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  1. Issy R. · April 16, 2013

    Good reviews fellas. I haven’t seen it in years but I used to watch all the time back when I was younger and I loved it. I have to watch it again and notice all the flaws it has and hopefully still enjoy it.

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