X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)

Trailer: X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)

Starring: Hugh Jackman, Liev Schreiber, Ryan Reynolds  – Directed By: Gavin Hood

Running Time: 1 hr & 47 mins – Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

Big JD (Host)


The coming of age of Wolverine & Sabretooth and the length’s they go to separate themselves from one another.  Also, a bad organization that goes by the name of Weapon X get’s one over on Wolverine and you get to see William Stryker and everything that was referenced to in X-Men 2: X-men United.


Wolverine’s mysterious past has always been a fan favorite.  Mainly because for a long time there it was left a mystery.  Until a comic limited series titled “Origin” came out in 2001 that revealed many things of Wolverine’s past.  This movie takes quite a bit from that limited series which is a good thing.  The unfortunate thing is that FOX likes to make up a lot of their own material.  As we have covered in our other X-family movie reviews.

The beginning contains much of his actual origin story.  Except instead of “Dog Logan” they’ve inserted a young Sabretooth.  Also, they are missing the girl character “Rose”.  This movie doesn’t explain why his parents are fighting with the stranger down stairs.  Well, James’ (Wolverine) father just found out that James was their groundskeeper’s illegitimate child with his wife.  The groundskeepers name was Thomas Logan and James was given his “Logan” name by Rose to hide his identity.  Everything else plays out fairly similar.  His mother commits suicide after they leave.  This is about where the similarity to source material stops.

We go on to see Sabretooth & Wolverine grow up together.  Fighting in ALL of the major wars.  And then somehow getting involved with the Weapon X program.  The true members that appear in this movie that are actually members of the  Weapon X program are Wolverine, Sabretooth, Agent Zero/Maverick, Silver Fox, Deadpool, John Wraith.  Some confusion may cause you to lose your head.  Before the movie had released Dominic Monaghan was listed to be playing a character named “Beak”.  Now he is listed as playing a character named Bolt/Christopher Bradley which ALSO goes by the alias Maverick.  Agent Zero goes by Maverick as well.  So, they convoluted the characters so much that they don’t really care about actual character.  They just wanted a body in there I guess.  Blob, Bolt where never a part of the Weapon X program.  Gambit wasn’t around during that period.  Emma Frost did not know who Cyclops was at that time either.

Let me explain why I cannot stand them messing with Character histories.  Normal everyday joe’s will go water cooler talking about how these characters and how they were portrayed in the movie.  They will then go on to spread the “untruth”.  Then when they find out the true origin then they won’t like it because it’s “not like the movies”.  I’ve heard the complaints.  It drives me nuts.  So, when they get story aspects right I applaud them for correctly telling the story.  I’m sure my wife gets very annoyed with me interrupting movies explaining true CB history and how it should be.  C’mon filmmakers let’s keep my wife happy.  J

Ok, so we know that Wolverine did not take part in the team of which was in this movie.  There was a Team X which did include John Wraith but I digress.  Deadpool was weak.  He was portrayed with super human speed and accuracy.  Later on he has many mutants powers due to the Weapon X experimentation.  This also is not true.  Not only that but It gave the movie a “seriously?!  This is my bad guy?!”  moment.  Now, why did they need to sew his mouth shut?  Lame.

The relationship between Logan & Victor played well for the movie.  Even though it’s a huge lie.  Their relationship is strained by the fact that Victor wants Logan to accept his Feral side.  Which is true in a way?  Sabretooth truly embraces his Feral side as you see him further mutate and is shown in the X-Men movie.

The way Logan got his Wolverine name?  Ha!  So lame.  I’ll let you find it.  But it’s very simple and a third grader could have written that scene.  Casting was hugely mis-treated.  Who in the world thought Taylor Kitsch could play Gambit?  Ok, I did but that was only based off of a picture.  When I heard him without his Creole/Cajun accent and saw him with his baby face softness I couldn’t take it.  I think the moment was when he “helicoptored” down from a second story balcony.  I didn’t mind Kevin Durand in the fat suit when he portrayed Fred Dukes/Blob but the entire time I thought “he’s in a fat suit, he’s in a fat suit, he’s in a fat suit.”

Then we get into the “X-men Movie Universe”.  That’s funny.  There really isn’t one to speak of.  Yet.  But these movie’s are loosely brought together.  These discrepancies come mostly in the form of the young Cyclops connection.  He runs into a young Emma Frost & normal aged Charles Xavier.  Which in X-Men: First Class Emma is older and Charles is younger.  Hmmm, I don’t think they thought that one through.  I think I caught it correctly, they said that Emma was Silver Fox’s sister?  Now, they never said it was Emma Frost.  No, they listed it in the movie as so.  Big Mistake.

The Plot:  The coming of age of Wolverine & Sabretooth and the length’s they go to separate themselves from one another.  Also, a bad organization get’s one over on Wolverine.  It works ok in the long run.  Although the magical “Forgetting Bullet” was a bit farfetched.  As all of this disturbs the crap out of me, the point of it all is to see Wolverine on the big screen.  That’s what I look forward to.  I’ve said it once & I’ll say it again.  One of these days they will find a way to get Wolverine in his Blue/Yellow costume.  Till then I’ll keep watching these loosely based adaptations of my favorite Marvel Characters.




Seeing one of my favorite X-Men’s storyline was exciting to me, and quite frankly I can’t wait until we see the next installment coming soon. But as for this movie it was ok, more hyped up for me then anything. The story line was different, however there are some flaws with this movie again that co-insides with the other movies, it will continue to be this way as long as FOX owns X-Men. One day there will be a day where all Marvel movies will be owned by Marvel/Disney and they shall be a great and powerful movie installment, but as long as fox owns X-Men…it will constantly change except for Wolvie.

Something that confused me about this movie, is It starts out with Wolvie being James (Jimmy) and then through the movie he was known as Logan…no where does it state when he changed his name, I have a feeling it was when they ran away as kids but it’s all speculation due to they didn’t really cover that.

What I did like was how the mentioned Weapon X and the story of “The Wolverine” into this movie, Something else I didn’t like is how they make Sabertooth (Victor) Wolverine’s Brother, when through the entire comics they’ve always been arch-enemies. I wished they would have covered some of the Alpha Flight however it didn’t get done, oh well perhaps next reboot, if Hugh Jackman can pull it off, he’s starting to show his age a little, as Wolverine does as well.

The whole Weapon X saga part was pretty cool, however seeing Ryan Reynolds (As excited as I was) didn’t really seem to fit the bill for Deadpool, I mean he had all the means but he just wasn’t Deadpool enough for me. So that was a little bit of an issue for me, and since when did Deadpool have the power of cyclops?Regeneration, Teleporting, all that is true but Cyclops blast? little much guys.

As far as the story line as a whole it was ok, as a Stand alone movie I think it was entertaining however as part of the X-Men family, no I don’t think it followed well with the previous story lines.

As far as Casting, I think over all was done well, it’s more the creation of the characters like Sabertooth being a brother instead of an enemy kind of bothered me a bit, and Will I. Am…seriously his character was pointless in the movie other then he played Specter but even then it wasn’t an important role, and Taylor Kitsch was a horrible Gambit (That is all.)





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