X-Men: First Class (2011)


Trailer: http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8ccSiH4olo

Starring: James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence

Director: Matthew Vaughn


Where to start with this movie, Well I choose this movie as a continuance of what happened in X-Men in the beginning with Erik.  When watching this movie though it felt like it follows another universe line but not one I am familiar with, there are alot of holes in this film involving the characters and well their acting abilities.  Something that bothered me about the character picks were there was 2 of the original X-men that existed with the classic X-Men comic line, Professor X and Beast. The rest were more modern characters.  If you go back to X-Men how come the Hench men in X-Men like Mystic not really know her way around the castle? Since evidently she was there before and grew up there.

As far as acting abilities, let’s start off with the worst actors in the movie. It’s sad when a random Russian Soldier on a ship that in uncredited acts better then the guy that was playing Banshee. Dear god his acting was horrible, there were so many scenes that this “Ginger” made my skin crawl when he would open his mouth. Banshee is SCOTTISH to boot, and not once did he attempt an accent, but that’s ok because he’d probably butcher that too. One of the scenes that bothered me was when he asked Hank McCoy if he could fly this plane just really bothered me.

I’d say the best acting was done by January Jones, to me her acting never broke once, she stayed in character the whole time, but that was a tough call because Kevin Bacon did a fantabulous job portraying Sebastian Shaw, Going from German to the Campy 60’s coolness wonderful. January was able to keep the cool, cold heart with a little bit of sexiness she played a James Bond Villainous attitude very well as the White Queen has always portrayed to me.

The Story was ok, but like I said earlier not a line I am familiar with but in away I kind of liked that because it was interesting story. However when your trying to piece together other story lines like let’s say X-Men, or Wolverine Origins…you can’t really do that you can have references but then again in the X-Men post I mentioned it’s hard to compare movies due to being in the Marvel Universe. So I can’t really count off for that, But some of cheesiness that was going on with the Havok calling Hank a Bozo…a little lame.

Soundtrack not really much of one just alot of action music so that was ok.

Just think they needed to get better casting for parts or better character roles.


Willie Good-Cook-

^—Is done doing movie reviews.


Big JD

What is supposed to be the First incoming class of the X-Men team this turned out to be more of a “Origins” story for Professor X & Magneto.  Which makes me wonder if this movie is pulled fromthe X-Men Origins: Magneto movie that was in development for many years.  In any case this movie was good.  It had many, many continuity problems but as a standalone movie it was terrific.  And for the record I see this group of kids as pre-members of the X-Men team.

Writing within the continuity seems to be something that writers are incapable of doing in Hollywood today.  They don’t want their “story” to be hampered by previous stories.  To me it’s just laziness.  In some cases it would just be a statement or a small dialogue to explain everything away.  Because this is NOT being done it just seems that they don’t care.  Then they hide behind the statement “this is a standalone movie and we aren’t connected to any of the other movies… sort of.”

Every one of these X-family films have had continuity and character issues.  This would have been the perfect time to tie some of those up and give the fans real X-Men.  But instead we get a watered down version of Bryan Singer’s X-men.

We start the continuity/character issues with Charles Xavier growing up with Raven Darkholme (Mystique).  That just had me like “WTF!”.  It did bring her to Magneto and explained why she walks around without clothes but that stuck out to me as bothersome.  Michael Fassbender playing Magneto.  Is this before or after he loses his wife & child in a fire set by an angry mob of villagers?  I would have liked to have seen that included.  Moira McTaggert is a CIA agent?  Seriously?  She will always be a Dr. to me.  She is supposed to have a relationship with Charles & then fall in love with Banshee.  Well, Banshee is an awkward kid so, that’s not happening.  Riptide:  The Hellfire member that creates tornadoes.  Wow, this is something that Ghost Rider filmmakers would do.  They changed his look, powers and even team.  He was never a part of the Hellfire Club.  His powers were to spin/rotate his body incredibly fast & able to generate Shuriken that can punch through steel.  Oh, and he had white hair and did not dress in a suit.  As for Azazel:  Again, he was never a member of the Hellfire Club.  Not even sure he knew of Sebastian Shaw.  He did father Nightcrawler through an unwilling Mystique but that was never even hinted towards in the movie.  (she was married to another man in Germany at that time.)  His powers were teleportation but they left out his Metamorph/Bending Will/Parylization powers.  Oh, and he can’t spend long periods of time on Earth.  It’s really confusing to me.  Did Mathew Vaughn learn to do this from Michael Bay?  He borrowed his “pull a character from a hat” routine.  Banshee is not Scottish.  Why can’t they include the different nationalities in these characters?  Is this racism in Hollywood?  William Stryker is too old for being placed in the 60’s.  He looks older than the Cox/Stryker in X2.  This would have been shortly following the Huston/Stryker in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.  He aged really fast I guess.  I guess Danny Huston wasn’t available.  Emma Frost:  The White Queen of the Hellfire Club.  She was as close to her character as anyone but don’t people remember that a few years before this she was a kid helping a young Cyclops escape captivity with the help of Wolverine in his movie.  Speaking of a young Cyclops.  His younger Brother Havok is an older version so now he’s the older brother?  Is this movie saying that the Professor knew Alex Summers before Scott?  BS!  Since they have made him out to be a felon then I guess this is before he attains his masters in Geophysical Science.

The acting on a whole was good.  Kevin Bacon’s German accent was top notch.  I really felt he was German.  Even though he was a skinny version of Sebastian Shaw he did well.  James McAvoy did fairly well playing Professor Xavier.  Although each time he used his power he had to touch his temple.  That felt forced a bit.  Beast:  In human form with big feet?  Yes.  They got that right.  Was he a “pre-member” of the X-men?  No, but did he build the first Cerebro?  No.  Not even in these movies.  Professor X stated in X-Men (2000) that Magneto helped him build the Cerebro in the Mansion.  I’m guessing that they made up & Magneto helped him build it and then they were enemies again?  BS!  Angel Salvadore:  The winged girl that should have gone by Tempest.  She wasn’t even created as a character until 2001.  She doesn’t go to the Xavier Institute until Emma Frost finds her way to “the good side” and is a teacher there.  She was never portrayed as a stripper.  She was never a member of the Hellfire Club nor did she ever “side” with them.  She does however have a relationship with “Beak” which was another “picked” member that was thrown into the X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie.  He was the guy that could light the unlit lightbulbs.  Ugh!  Oh, and that stuff she spits out?  She uses that to digest her food.  Yuck.  Darwin:  The guy that could “adapt”.  His first appearance wasn’t until 2006 so, the question is “Why?”.  Obviously he wasn’t a pre-member of this team.  He was on Dr. Moira McTaggerts special team.  So, maybe someone missed something there.  He is still alive in the comics today.  That concludes my rant on how these characters were thrown together with pieced together origins for the writers convenience.  So frustrating.

Okay, so we get to see the friendship of Magneto & Professor X blossom.  We see how Mystique finds her way to Magneto’s arms.  We also see Beast become a Beast.  I would like to mention that Beast’s voiceover work was terrible.  We also see a movie version of how Professor X loses the ability to Walk.  Let me just tell you here and now that he lost his ability to walk in a fight with Lucifer.  Look it up.  And he lost his hair by the age of 16 due to his mental powers being so strong.

The Score was very catchy.  I enjoyed it.  The overall plot for a standalone movie not based on these iconic characters was a good story.  And in the end I liked the movie.  Mainly because I’m a fan of the X-Men.  Not because I liked the casting/writing.  Can someone tell Michael Fassbender that switching to a Scottish accent during his “Brothers” speech makes him come off as a horrible actor?  Ah, it’s ok.  He’s a great actor.  I barely noticed it.



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