Pirates of The Carribean: Curse of the Black Pearl (2003)

Willie Good Cook

-Gentlemen, ladies, you will always remember this day as the day that you almost caught Jack Sparrow!-

This is probably one of my favorite movie franchises of all time. Right up there with Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, and The Batman movies. The movie is based off the ride at one of the Disney theme parks. Though the movie has little to do with the ride itself other than the pirate theme.

The ensemble cast worked great together. I loved Geoffrey Rush playing Barbosa and Johnny Depp parlayed this into a four movie run so far which has grossed over a billion dollars world wide. The sound track to this movie is also very appealing and it fits the movie very well. The plot and story were also very entertaining. This swashbuckling comedy is fun for the whole family!

Really there isn’t anything to say negatively about this one. The whole movie from start to finish is entertaining. Even the ending comes full circle and is great as a stand alone movie. The chemistry between the main cast is also very evident. From Norrington’s hatred of Jack, to Will’s love of Elizabeth, the whole movie worked well together and I still enjoy watching it even after having seen it a few hundred times.


Watch the first 3 movies, skip the fourth movie. Trust me.


Big JD

Yo Ho! Yo Ho!  A Pirate’s Life For Me!

Johnny Depp has turned this franchise into a tremendous hit.  And let’s face it.  Without Johnny Depp’s portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow this movie would fall into the same category as many Fantasy type movies such as the Mummy or The Three Musketeers.  All of which are just mediocre.  Johnny Depp takes a bilge rat movie and makes it fantastic.  Savvy?

Arrrgh!  This movie be keepin’ me entertained longer than a landlubber lost in Davey Jones Locker!  Ok, that’s enough of that.  Captain Jack is an escape artist just as much as a Pirate.  He is sort of like Batman in a way that he always has a way out.  The difference is that Jack doesn’t plan it out and the Dark Knight has everything planned out.  Although Depp’s character was fantastic Geoffrey Rush’s (captain Barbosa) character had me lovin’ his acting ability.  I like how he is played as a bad guy but he necessarily isn’t a “bad guy”.  (wrong movie reference)  Then you have Orlando Bloom (Will Turner) & Keira Knightley (Elizabeth Swan) that in most parts play as boring characters.  Miss Swan is so obsessed with the Pirate’s Life that she has the slightest feelings for Sparrow.  Even though her “love” is Mr. Turner.    The whole Love Octagon is a bit much.  Although (Swan) is the only girl that is featured during the entire movie.  Sure there are girls in the movie but none of which are in it for longer than 5 minutes.  Why wouldn’t all men want to be with her?

The soundtrack is very reminiscent of some Michael Bay movie.  But very catchy and satisfying.  The directing/Plot and writing were very superb.  Writing for Pirates has to be a tough job.  A bunch a guys sailing around the world for Swag?  Yeah, a pirates life for me.

The only problem I had with this movie was the special effects of the Skeleton’s.  Maybe because this was done in 2003 or resembling the animation done in The Mummy. (hated that movie).  Everytime I see it doesn’t sit well with me.  Now, if that’s the only bad thing I can conjure then I think Gore Verbinksi is in good shape.

So, this movie begins the franchise.  You should definitely see one of these movies if not all of them.  Honestly though, you see one and you’ve seen them all.



For a movie based on a ride in the Disneyland this is a pretty decent movie.

The entire cast brought all the characters to life, I think Johnny Depp did an awesome job bring the beloved Captain Jack Sparrow to life, He didan awesome job with making Jack Sparrow a favorite amongst the crowd. Geoffrey Rush played a true undead villain very well.  I honestly didn’t notice any acting that would be considered bad enough to comment on, so good job on that.

The Special effects in this movie were fairly good, watching this in blu-ray now would probably be better but I think it was done very well, especially with the undead pirates that show their true form in moonlight.

As far as the writing goes, I think the screenplay was written very well, and to create this story from a pirate ride in Disneyland I think it was done fairly well and creative.

Music was done fairly well everything seem to fit in place.

Overall a great movie for family and friends, I think this is probably my favorite out of the Pirates of the Carribbean series.



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