Red (2010)


Director: Robert Schwentke

Starring: Bruce Willis, Mary-Louise Parker, Karl Urban

Synopsis: a Retired CIA Black Ops agent Frank Moses struggles with the dealings of everyday life, the only joy he finds in his life is calling the pension services representative Sarah Ross. Now everyone involved in a past mission is being killed off, Frank rushes to save Sarah and meets with some of his old team that have retired as well to put an end to what is going.

Ran-Dizzle (Host)

This is one of my favorite movies. I don’t know really why I love it so much other then the comedy side of the sarcastic one-liners.  It’s pretty much a Hero getting out of the game, then his name gets tarnished so has to prove himself kind of situation, even though it’s the whole team he’s trying to save not just himself. Certain moments you can tell felt like you could see it in a comic panel, like when Frank (Bruce Willis) shot his gun and light flashed to me it was kind of cool yet lacking in special effects. Red 3

Best character out of the group was Marvin to me. He had the best one-liners and just made the show worth it for me, I’d have to say the worst acting was done by Richard Dreyfus. Did we use up all the money for casting the other parts and special effects or were the other villains that would have been better doing other films?  However seeing Julian McMahon play a secondary weasel role instead of his normal evil villain role was quite interesting, even though it was pretty short role but not like he had a lot of purpose and he gets shot anyways.

To me the humor was a little dark, but I like things like that.

Soundtrack wasn’t really overly done but seem to fit.

If you want a movie to kind of chuckle at, and have some bullets flying by then this is the movie for you.


Willie Good-Cook


This movie had one bad thing going for it. All my friends loved it. So once again, after hearing all the talk I went into this movie expecting great, GREAT!! things. I received ok….ok things.

Red 4

The cast was great for this movie. The studio did a good job of recruiting a great group of actors/actresses for this movie. They all worked pretty well together too…except Mary-Louise Parker. Among all the stars in this film, I felt very underwhelmed by her performance. She should have stuck to “Weeds” and let the grown-ups do the grown-up movies. Or maybe they could have given her a way smaller part. Like a secretary or something unimportant.

The plot was ok, the score was nothing special. I never read any of the graphic novels so I cannot say whether the story stuck true to it or not, but I can say that it didn’t do a lot to make me fall in love with it. To be honest, I think Parker annoys me so much when I watch this movie that it makes it not very enjoyable for me. Bruce Willis tries all that he can, but he cannot save her terribleness.


I got nothing. Enter at your own risk. You might like it.


Big JD

Graphic novels to film is sort of the going trend the past 10 years or so.  I can’t complain.  I think it’s a fantastic way to develop movies.  Storyboards and stories are already written.  That gives the filmmakers more time to focus on the movie itself.  Warren Ellis wrote the original comicbook for Wildstorm Comics.  In 98 the publisher was “acquired” by DC comics.  Hence, the DC logo at the beginning of the movie.

The cast in this movie is one of my favorite parts of this whole movie.  Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren & Karl Urban are great additions to the movie.  Mary Louise Parker doesn’t do much in the movie but her inclusion is also an understated addition.  Oh, and if you ever include Brian Cox In your movie.  No brainer success.  The action is top notch.  Love the part where Moses (Willis) steps out of a spinning car not missing a beat while firing off shots.  Awesome.  Retired, Extremely, Dangerous (R.E.D.)  The story is great at keeping you interested.  Marvin (Malkovich) has to be my favorite character.  Insane & hilarious.  Bazooka faceoff was a classic.  Keeping all of the assassins all “human” was cool to see.  Ya know CIA contract killers have normal conversations too.  The biggest part is that as spectacular as they are, they  want the simple things in life.  Like love and a real life.

From Kansas City to Moldova this movie has many, many locales that they explore.  It’s nice to keep it moving like that.  Nothing gets stale that way.  “Next time you get to wear the dress!”.

The plot as complicated as it may seem, it actually isn’t.  The best CIA agent retires and then he is flipped and they are all out to kill him.  The entire movie he strives to clear his name.  Been there many times & seen that many times.  The only bonus to a simple plot is the acting and intertwined characters involved.  That saves the movie.  Just a warning if you get dizzy easily.  The director likes to spin the camera a lot.

At times this movie will remind you of an “Ocean’s” movie.  Which is in fact not the worst group of movies to compare it to.  It will keep you entertained the entire movie.  I can’t wait for Red 2 coming August 2013.

Red_Movie_Image _Bruce_Willis_Morgan_Freeman



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