The Princess Bride (1987)

Willie Good-Cook


This movie is based on the the book of the same name. The story is mainly about the love story between Wesley ( Cary Elwes) and The Princess Bride (Robin Wright). They live on a farm and he helps her around the farm. Eventually they fall in love. Welsey is captured at sea by the Dread Pirate Roberts. He is presumed dead because Roberts is known to not take any prisoners.

Eventually after the Bride’s depression and despair she decides to marry Prince Humperdink (Chris Sarandon). The Princess Bride is then captured by a group of bandits trying to incite a war. The man in black shows up to rescue the princess. The rest of the story revolves around how the man in black will be able to escape with his princess.

-As you wish-

This movie was one of my favorites growing up. From the corny one liners to the great sets. This movie is still enjoyable to watch after I have viewed it probably over one hundred times. The story is still pretty engaging to me. The only thing I can really count off for is the score. It didn’t really stand out to me. It was rather bland to me. Compare the score of this movie to “The Shinning”. You will get what I am talking about.

The cast worked really well together. This movie did lack a bit of star power, but the chemistry between the cast was strong enough to easily carry this movie. The plot was great and stuck fairly true to the book. (It is kinda hard not to stick to a love story one would assume.) Some of the sword play and fight scenes are my favorite in cinema. They really worked hard to make this seem like a great sword duel between Inigo and The man in black.

I also really liked Inigo’s story line. It was a nice B story to keep the movie interesting. And why was Fred Savage in this movie at all? I get that they wanted to show that the story came from a book, but they really didn’t have to bring him and the old guy in as a framing device. It felt campy and forced. I didn’t like that part. And when they would jump in randomly in the story it would  make me want to jump into the screen and bitch slap both of them. SHUT UP AND GET BACK TO THE STORY!


If you have been living under a rock and haven’t seen this movie, come out. Say hello to life. And go watch this movie.


Big JD

Love this movie!  I remember when I was young watching this movie hoping that all books that my grandma had contained the type of magic that was in this story.  To my luck, no magic.  Fred Savage took it all.  This is a “kissing movie”.  It’s ok though because it has the perfect amount of comedy and swashbuckling one needs to get by the love story.  With the Story inside a story method it will make you think of “The Neverending Story” without the intervention of the kid of course.

There are tons of character favorites in this movie and I mean it.  “anybody want a peanut?”.   My favorite scene has to be the duel between Inigo Montoya & Westley (The Man in Black).   But in terms of quotables this movie has many.  I won’t sit here and quote away, I’m sure the guys have plenty quotes as it is.  If you see doubles, just ignore them.  The movie was written well.  Love the story, very complex with many character stories intertwining into and onto each other.

With the good comes the bad.  The bad comes in the form of the rats that reside in the fire swamp.  They are so bad.  Boo! Boo! Boo!  I want to say that they are dwarves in a rat suit.  It’s painful to watch them knowing that there is someone in that stupid suit.  There are corny moments as well.  Example being as Westley is falling down a hill saying “As you wish”, and having her tumble down with him after she realizes who he really is.  The bad also comes to us a the sounds that the director calls a score.  I would have to compare this score to something as terrible as Max Magician.  No, it’s not that bad, it just doesn’t do anything for me.  It may be because of the time period so, I could give it a pass.

You have to watch this movie young is my theory.  It’s a classic.  The ending is like any story like this should be.  As a romantic story & as a comedy swashbuckler.  The kid also learns a valuable lesson along the way.  Not all love stories are for girls.  That pretty much encompasses this whole movie.  Good job Fred Savage!

Oh, and don’t forget the Billy Crystal cameo.  Very Billy.

Comic Book Movie Plus:  Mandy Patinkin – Dick Tracy

Nudity Bonus:  N/A



Anybody want a peanut?-

So this movie is a classic, I remember every year at the end of the school year in Elementary school we all had to watch this movie, which is why it makes it hard to watch it now, but hence it is the movie pick so let us move on with the review.

So as far as the originality of this movie, it’s pretty much a cookie cutter save the princess story as were the stories before it. The thing that makes this a little different then say Shrek, or Robin Hood, or any other movie involving saving a princess is that it is story being narrated to the crowd as if it was narrated to Fred Savages character by Peter Falk. “Columbo”

Somethings that threw me off were during the sword fight at the beginning when the Inigo Montoya has Westley pinned down on the rocks, the swords are not connected as they should be. Also later one when Westley and Princess Buttercup are rolling down the hill the only thing I can think of is it’s an intro for Monty Python’s flying circus, just they way the keep showing them tumbling down.

What I can say is the casting for the time was pretty big named,  Cary Elwes, Chris Sarandon, Christopher Guest, Andre the Giant, Robin Wright, Fred Savage, Peter Falk and let’s not forget the most famous Academy Awards host Billy Crystal, with all that cast still the movie as great a memory as it from childhood could have been better, even with the romance of Westley and Princess Buttercup, there was still some very dry humor, and cliches. I think Christopher Guest was surprisingly the better of actors next to Cary Elwes, and I say this because Christopher Guest played the 6 fingered man and just gave off this creepy aura around him.  An example would be when Chris Sarandon was retracing the steps of the sword duel he stared at him just awkwardly, all the while the Prince and 6 fingered man were “solving the missing Princess” when they knew the plan the whole time because it was the Prince’s plan to kill the Princess and start a war… guess he doesn’t believe in divorce after marriage.

Cary Elwes to me was definitely channeling Errol Flynn in this and a few other swash buckling movies he’s done. He had the sword fighting down and just the posture, even the little pencil thin mustache, So in away once he did the other swashbuckling films he kind of was typecast-ed as the “New Errol Flynn” by Mel Brooks.

The music reminded me of Bryan Adams playing acoustically, just a 80’s mellow sound so kind of fit probably the closest thing to Kenny G for movie soundtracks then. Which is funny because Bryan Adams did the Theme song to Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.

Overall this is a great family classic movie, I know I’ve seen it with my family a couple times, but not something I would watch repeatedly, but if it were on TV I would probably watch it, as long as nothing else was on I wanted to watch.



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