Fast & Furious (2009)

Fast and Furious

Running Time: 1hr 47 min.

Starring-Paul Walker, Vin Disel, Michelle Rodriguez   – Directed by Justin Lin

Synopsis- After Dom and team manage to finish a job the heat is on to them so he leaves due to they are after him. Brian O’Connor works for the FBI and help Letty try to bring Dom back, Only to find out Letty get’s killed. Now Dom is back and after the Cartel lord known as “Braga” and kill him, O’ Conner helps in Dom’s mission trying to clear Dom’s name.

Ran-Dizzle (Host)

Well it could have been worse, I could have picked Tokyo Drift. This leads me to my first point of why the franchise part kills me…Ok so they make the first movie…was ok. They make a sequel could have been better…then they make the 3rd movie (Tokyo Drift) This movie bombed so bad they try to re-sell it for people to watch again, Here is my example….in this movie right after the gas got jacked (Keep note of this we will becoming back to this point.) Han and Dom are talking about the cops learning about Dom. Han says ” I hear they are doing some interesting stuff in Tokyo”…. NO THEY ARE NOT!!! (Tokyo Drift worst movie of franchise…seriously)

Ok so back to this movie.  I choose this movie on Valentine’s Day week because  there is a little romance to this movie. Letty and Dom, and the what would you do if you tried to keep someone safe and they die and your not there story. And then there is Brian and Mia and that story kind of sucks because Well Brian (Paul Walker) isn’t that great of an actor…I mean their love story was easier to believe then the fact that he was FBI… Really?!

Vin Diesel’s Character is pretty vague, I mean he doesn’t really do anything other then organize heists and partake in some racing to get into these heists. This heist wasn’t even meant to happen he wanted to kill the person responsible for killing Letty. So in the long way around wouldn’t he have to kill himself for bringing her into it all from the beginning, since he started her life of crime.

Soundtrack was definitely better on Gone in 60 seconds then in this movie, to me it just wasn’t very fitting ok it works for  racing  in LA but really it didn’t feel like it fit with the rest of the movie, like when Brian is chasing the guy downtown, it felt angry and adrenaline pumping but not  like what I would imagine when chasing someone downtown…

Braga’s character felt a little useless too, as did the old man that was supposed to play him.  Ok really do you think a drug cartel would even have waited that long or gave a fake sorry for killing your girlfriend sentiment to Dom?! No…a really cartel would have just shot them all upon arrival and survivors would have had their limbs hacked off and displayed for the next guy who tried to rip them off.  Just saying I read stuff about Mexico from time to time. Getting back to what I was saying Braga felt too weak for a Villain, his side kick was more of a Villain then him.

Something that did bother me about O’Connor towards the end of the movie, he gets shot in the gut right, he reaches and grabs the side kick villain and holds him in place while Dom nails him with the Camero, and the tires are still on the ground…The side kick is impaled by the car in the middle of the hood…Brian doesn’t get hit at all…Dom isn’t that good a shot.

Even though this sounds like I really hated the movie. I enjoy this and the following movie in the series. And can’t wait to see Fast 6.


Big JD

I am not one they call “a fan” of this franchise.  I don’t hate it.  I just haven’t had the want to watch them.  I saw the first one when it came out on video post 2001.  I hardly remember anything from that movie, so needless to say that watching the 4th one is definitely a stand-alone watcher for me.  I can’t tell you how the 4th one is in the series as a franchise movie but I can tell you how it is as a stand-alone movie that may be compared to the first.  It’s funny they take the word “The” out of the title twice and they have a brand new movie.  Lazy in my opinion.

This is an all out action movie.  If you are looking for non-stop pulse pounding car crashing, chasing action then you’ve found it my friend.  They are building on the one part of a movie that has always captivated audiences.  The Chase Scene.  They took it further by attempting to put a story behind it all.  This is a fail.  It took 4 movies to get them back to the events following the first movie.  I’m guessing.  The story is built around the death of the character Letty (Michelle Rodriguez).  How honored she must feel that they made her a plot device.  The story is weak and the acting mainly by Paul Walker had my in a constant cringe.  It felt as if he was auditioning for a commercial for a new Webisode “My Fratboy is a Badboy”.  Oh damn, I just gave someone an idea.  Hey that’s mine!  TM.  I knew that they Bad guy wasn’t the bad guy when Dom (Vin Diesel) asked the supposed bad guy assistant if he was really the boss.  Yeah, from there my suspicions arose only to be confirmed by the fingerprint confirmation scene.  Oh and the Federal Investigator that gave the early “go ahead” on nabbing Bragga without confirmation should have been in trouble for that.  Instead Brian (Paul Walker) gets suspended.  It wasn’t his fault yet he doesn’t say anything.  That stuck with me sorry.  I hate when they write characters that are so dislikable for no apparent reason.  It drives me crazy.

The soundtrack was not one of my favorites.  I say soundtrack and not score because most of this was music not ambience.  Music that I really didn’t care to hear but yet I was forced to hear it throughout the entire movie.  Don’t get me wrong, I love hip hop.  This was crap hop.

Did anyone else catch the name one of the drivers dropped while talking to the “Booty Juice” driver?  He called him a Ghetto Smurf.  Now, this is the second time I’ve heard this name.  The first being in our other Review of Gone in 60 Seconds.  Neither are blue nor are they … ok well they aren’t blue, so I don’t get it.  Unless they were tipping the hat to Gi60S.  Another car movie so, that makes sense.  I guess.

Did this movie have anything I liked?  Yes!  It did.  Actually I was happy to see the cast from the original all return.  It’s hard to get that to happen so I commend the producers on that.  Was it a good reason to come together?  No, the overall plot sucked and the ending was ridiculous.  But let me sandwich this cuda by saying that the special effects were top notch!  It was crazy action-ny and I didn’t believe any of it.  By the way, were those special street racing navigation computers in everyone’s car?  Wow.  How expensive for just some guys “trying out”.  Street Racing Navigation.  I have to bite my thumb at you Justin Lin.  I got over some of the ridiculousness action scenes but as always the small things grab me and never let go.  Like Paul Walker diving on a guy falling 1 to 2 stories onto the roof of a car and still has the gumption to say “who are you working for!” Ugh!

Will I give the other movies a chance?  I really don’t know now.  I still might have a mind to go back and watch them all in order in a week or something.  That may give me better character development than I could get in a single movie.

Comic Book Movie Plus:  Laz Alonso – Constantine, Sung Kang – Mystery Men


Willie Good-Cook

-Fast and not so Furious-

What I remember most about this movie is….nothing. This was another generic title in the Fast and Furious series. Guess what, they are gonna race cars. They are going to steal cars. And they are going to do crazy impossible stunts and make it seem like it was perfectly normal. They even make Brian an FBI agent again. What kind of government agency takes someone who turned on them and allows them back into their organization? Seems like a stretch to me.

Once again, the cars and the hot women were the highlight of this movie.  It wasn’t the plethora of great acting moments, let me tell you that. And once again, after watching this movie I drove very quickly around town. The sound track was also fairly generic and didn’t do much to stand out to me. It was nice to see Paul Walker and Vin Diesel again in this franchise, though I still feel this series should have stopped after the first one…maybe the second. It was ok…but only ok.

They were able to get a good portion of the cast from the first movie to return…not that it was hard. They really didn’t have much else going for them at the time…nor do they now. Except maybe Vin Diesel. The cast did work well together once again. The overall acting was ok, but it did have some moments that bothered me. I didn’t buy the Mia/Brian romance. Seemed fake to me.

There were some cool parts. The ending sticks out the most. It makes everything come full circle and sets up the events that will transpire in fast 5.


If you haven’t seen this series go ahead and watch it, but don’t expect too much. Set your expectations low so you wont be easily disappointed.



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