Gone in 60 seconds (2000)

Willie Good-Cook(Host)

“Don’t start with me….no. Start. START!”

This movie is a lot like Fast and The Furious for me. Not in plot, more in the fact that after I watch either of these movies I tend to drive my car faster and harder than usual. This movie is actually a remake of the classic Gone in 60 seconds made in 1974. Though the cars, actors, and the plot have changed, the premise remains the same. Steal cars and makes it look cool.

This movie is about retired carjacker Memphis Raines(Nic Cage). After he leaves his criminal life behind his brother follows in his footsteps and starts “boosting” cars. After a botched attempt, Kip (Giovanni Ribisi) is in danger of losing his life. Memphis must return to finish the job Kip started and steal 50 cars in three days. The man putting them up to this is Raymond Calitri.

The cast was fairly star studded and they had some very good names in this movie. I also thought the cast worked very well together to deliver a really good movie. One of my favorite scenes is when he cons the cop into revving up the engine to the car to blow away the drugs using the exhaust pipe. Very funny. Also, when they are stealing the cars was pretty awesome. The naming of all the cars also had me laughing. Using the black lights to hid the list was also very 90’s of this movie (Even though it was made in 2000 you can see 90’s influence all over it.). And who can forget, the stranger? Haha! Classic!

The score was also very good in the movie. Low rider? Yes please!  And I can’t say enough about the cars. They did a great job of assembling some really neat and unique cars for this film. Of course my favorite is the 1967 Shelby GT500 (Eleanor). I have always wanted this car after seeing this movie and if I won the lottery I would probably buy two. Angelina Jolie was also in her sexy period during this. The scene with the manual transmission was always memorable.

The ending of this movie was also pretty enjoyable. Kill the bad guy, vindicate the hero, save the cop trying to discover the truth, and save the kid brother. Their idiot friend does get shot, but we knew that was going to happen right after he stole the car full of drugs.This movie also has some of my favorite chase scenes. “This is Nastar sir, not an Apache.”


A good pick for a night at home. Just try not to drive too fast after you watch this movie. Speeding tickets are no fun for anyone.


Big JD

Gone in Sixty Seconds is an action movie for car enthusiasts.  If you’ve ever had a love for the 4 wheeled, rubber burnin’, gear shiftin’, poetic yet deadly fast vehicles then this is your movie.  Even better this catches Nicolas Cage in his prime.

To start this whole thing I would like to say the opening of the film is one of my most favored intros.  I just love that song!  They play it many times throughout the entire movie but for me… it’s more than ok.  I can even get over every single photo shown in that opening is horribly photo-shopped.  Nice job on that.

If you make a movie you need to have a strong lead character name.  Memphis Raines is about as good a name as I can imagine.  Strong name.  Definitely stronger than “Kip”.  Hmmm, I wonder if that is supposed to subtly show the older brother dominance over the sibling.  I betcha.   Better yet, Memphis Raines is played by the one and only Nicolas Cage.  Before the horrible barrage of movies mind you.  This was during his reign.   Be it at the end of the dynasty but still definitely not his last good movie.  I mean, he is so cool in this movie he gives this “bad guy” (Raymond Calitri) 10 thousand dollars and ole Ray throws it back in his face.  What does Cool Cage do?  He leaves it laying on the ground… not even worried to pick it up.  See, I would have been on my hands and knees (after Calitri left of course) grabbing all of my money.  I probably would have asked Atlee to get down there and help out.  But that’s just me.  I like money.  Memphis doesn’t do this for the money.  Hence he’s a cool guy.  That is why he pulled out the Ghost Rider jacket to listen to “Lowrider”.  C’mon!  Cool!

I had totally forgotten Master P showed up in this movie playing a secondary “bad guy”.  Not even associated with the main “bad guy”.  Just a car thief that has his own operation in town but yet Raines threatens that business and he’s pissed because of it.  Plausible?  No, not really.  But whatever.  Master P shows his awesome lack of acting ability.  To be expected.  They even gave him a similar name.  Johnnie B.  Wow.   I was just glad I didn’t have to watch many scenes with Percy Miller.  Oh, for those of you that doesn’t know.  The “P” stands for Percy.

It’s a very large cast of some of my favorites.  I won’t list them all.  That’s what IMDB’s for.  But, I will say that I wish Giovanni Ribisi had done more films.  I really liked him.  C’mon Giovanni you had 4 movies in 2012 and I didn’t remember!  Let’s get you a lead.  Giovanni Ribsi playing Agent Silvermane in the ABC Family TV Series S.H.I.E.L.D. coming this fall.  Ok, maybe we’ll have to wait till the second season or even being Green Lit but hey! You can do it!  Give it a shot!  If you think he should here is his twitter address.  @GiovanniRibisi  Keep in mind the account isn’t verified so, this may not actually be him.  🙂

Let’s keep this car moving’!  Look, I know there was 50 cars stolen in one night and there wasn’t many car casualties…  ha!  Yeah there were!  Out of all of those car fender benders I did not see 1 air bag deploy!  Seriously!  Not one.  Check it out if you don’t believe me.  That’s not safe!  Craziness, I tell ya.

The acting on whole was decent.  The writing for the African American characters were bothersome.  I thought Master P was “not” gangsta.  I think he may have been able to wreck shop on a Pottery Barn but other than that.  Nope.  I thought Mirror Man was not smart.  He did “look like a lil ghetto smurf”.  Severely annoyed me with his one liner’s.  Hey Mirror Man, we get it.  Black people don’t like the cold.  We know.  I think Chris Rock already told us that.  You don’t need to reiterate a comedic great.  YOU ARE NOT FUNNY!  …and that made me want to pass on those characters.  And a ding mark goes to writing.  But thankfully this movie doesn’t have to be written well to be entertaining.  Just like shifting gears gives you an immediate boost of speed at the split second you shift.  Right… I’ll continue.

Soundtrack was stellar!  I love that intro!  Everything was good.  Ok, now is where I comment on the plot not being original because it is a remake.  True, I’ve never seen the original 1974 version but as far as I could tell, the only similarities are 1.  They are car thieves & 2. The unicorn is still “Eleanor”.  Oh, and 3.  They are chased by Detectives.  But that’s all.  Nice job with originality!  Keepin that remake fresh.  Now, tell me you got that reference to “The Stranger” in the beginning right?  Oh yeah.  Classic.

Before I leave you, I need to know if anyone out there is a Friday Night Lights fan.  Well, good news if you are!  Coach Taylor can be spotted as an extra!  That’s Right!  While Memphis goes to visit his mother in the diner there are 2 cops that make a call on the radio.  It’s not the cop that makes the call but the other one.  Played by Kyle Chandler.  Not even on his IMDB profile.  I found something!!!  Ha!  Now, I’m going to leave you on this note.  Vinnie Jones as Spinx giving you a Silent Bob moment.  Classic or Been there done that moment?

Comic Book Movie Plus:  Nicolas Cage:  Ghost Rider, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, Kick-Ass – Angelina Jolie: Wanted – Will Patton: The Punisher (2004) – Christopher Eccleston: Thor: The Dark World (2013) – Vinnie Jones: X-Men 3: The Last Stand

Nudity Bonus:  None.  Zilch.  Almost but nada.



– I am a little tired, I am a little wired…

This is one of my top 10 personal will watch this movie until it stops working movies.

I remember watching this movie in the theaters, I love movies that involve Cars, Heists, and even though she’s not as hot as normal Angelina Jolie, (She’s still hot, but the hair just was not right.)

So one of the things that bothered me the most about this movie besides Crazy Cage’s random acting abilities (I say random acting because 90% of the movies he’s in he takes it over the top being ‘Crazy’ Cage.) The acting was OK. I say ok because it’s not fair to ding everyone for little bits here and there I think the most believable actors in the movie, Giovanni Ribisi, and Vinnie Jones, and even Angelina Jolie. The rest were ok had little hiccups here and there. Like the unnamed girl in the driving course who fake cried (Obviously bad acting) then ran into her again when they were getting the addresses for the DMV and she said “your supposed to speed up when your being followed.”

Crazy Cage in the moment when they are listening to “Low-Rider” and he does the “Let’s Ride” thing. Or when he says “I’m a BAAAAD Man” pulling out the leather jacket. Although my favorite part is him in the dealership and “Saturday nights are the loneliest night for me” that is probably one of his better scenes, or seeing him go Crazy Cage after he gets Elenore to the dock. Robert Duvall looking at Nicolas Cage when he is giving the speech so quietly and calmly like ‘WTF’ is he doing…go back and look at Robert Duvall I swear he is giving Nick the Stink eye (Nick better use the egg to clean his soul….eh too soon?)’

Another one that kind of got on my nerves was Calitri. When he was talking about the things he made, and was getting furious he reveals a coffin and says I made one of these as well…it was just so damn awkward, I could imagine someone way better doing his role or at least playing a decent villain.

The Soundtrack was decent, I’ll know have “Bring Sally Up, Bring Sally Down” stuck in my head for a week, but well worth it watching this movie. All the music was fast pace, and in a car jacking movie, fast is good.

Overall great movie, definitely a must see for everyone. I personally would love to watch the original to compare the two.

Good Job Willie!



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