Top 5 Sci-Fi Cop Movies

Sci-Fi Cops…  Ya gotta love ’em!  Protecting the innocent from the baddie even in Space, the Future, or even in your own back yard.  The point is that these cops aren’t dealing with what our boys in blue deal with.  The Science Fiction twist is what creates our top 5 this week and I’m all over it.

Big JD
1.  I, Robot (2004)

2.  Demolition Man (1993)

3.  Minority Report (2002)

4.  Mad Max (1979)

5.  Robocop (1987)


Willie Good-Cook

Ok, this one was a little harder. I can genuinely say I like the first two movies on this list. After that they are only ok. Mad Max was good for it’s time, but doesn’t endure the test of time. Judge Dredd was so bad it was good so it made my list. And I, Robot deviated so far from the original story it really had little to do with the book. But hey, it’s Sci-fi, what do we expect?

1.  Demolition Man (1993)

2.  Men in Black (1997)

3.  Mad Max (1979)

4.  Judge Dredd (1997)

5.  I, Robot (2004)


1.  Minority Report (2002)

2.  Men in Black (1997)

3.  I, Robot (2004)

4.  Mad Max (1979)

5. Green Lantern (2011)




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