Blade Runner (1982)

Trailer: Blade Runner (1982)

Starring: Harrison Ford, Rutger Hauer & Sean Young – Directed By: Ridley Scott

Running Time: 1 hr & 57 mins – Genre: Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Synopsis:  It is the year 2019 and the technology has furthered itself to the point were making exact android replica’s of humans has occurred.  These are called “Replica’s”.  They are deemed illegal.  It is up to the Blad Runner units to hunt them down and eliminate them.  They choose to use the verbage of “Retirement”.  Deckard (Harrison Ford) is tasked with bringing 4 Replica’s into retirement when he meets a 5th replica that has special programming.  Tracking down replica’s isn’t an easy task and even when you do it is after all “retirement” that hurts the most.

Big JD (Host)

*according to this movie we only have 6 years remaining before we get our flying cars.  Yay!*

Why didn’t we get more Science Fiction out of Harrison Ford in his prime?  Why!?  He was obviously fit for the genre.  Whether he would like to admit to it or not.  It’s him.

This was a first time watch for me.  Yeah, it took way too long for me to watch this film.  Not just in terms of 31 years but also the hour and 57 minute journey was also a bit long for me.  It took awhile to get going and then when it “got going” it barely kept itself afloat for that 1:57.

This film was a Visual Stunner as of 1982.  I have to try to keep the year in mind when talking about this but back then the Special effects were amazing.  And the way it was filmed you could tell that they were showing that off to the audience.  Usually when you have a visual stunner on your hands you also have to deal with a weak story line.  Not in this case.  The story line was fantastic.  More so that I wish they could have done more with it.  Basically this movie is about 1 guy that is after 4 people.  Meets a 5th person falls in love.  Catches the people he was after and has his happy ending.  Straight to the point.  But with all of that style.  You would think Mr. Scott would have fixed any voice-over issues.  Check it out:  At the end of The Egyptian interrogation scene.  (The guy who sold snakes.)  Huge voice-over flaw.

The lighting was a problem for me.  It was way too dark.  There was even a point where a character wanted it even darker.  I was like “ah c’mon! Not Darker!”.  Anyway, I guess the best way to hide flaws in your science fiction is to make everything dark.  Or maybe the symbolic darkness was just 1 of the many symbolic metaphors in this movie.  Symbolic Tour –  Dark/Rainy Movie: Symbolizes Deckard’s dark times in his life at this point.  Giving Tyrell thick glasses:  He could see down the road in great detail but couldn’t see that road when it was right there in his face.  Batty has white hair:  white hair is a sign of old age.  In his life cycle he is essentially in his twilight year.  The unicorn:  Deckard is chasing the one thing that seems impossible for a hired “retirement officer” like him to obtain.  Love.  You will see the Unicorn again at the end.  Making Roy’s last name Batty:  2 reasons, he is the “baddie” in this film, and also he honestly goes Batty before film is fin.  You will find more metaphor’s in this movie.  It is jam-packed.

As soundtrack’s go, it was fairly typical of an 80’s science fiction movie.  It kinda reminded me of 2001: A Space Odyssey, or Star Trek: the Motion Picture from time to time.  But, once it started in with the elect

ric synth and god forbid the 80’s love scene Saxophone I wanted to deny my ears.

In the end I was more disappointed in the overall movie than anything.  I’ve heard so much about this movie being one of the Science Fiction greats.  But really, it turns

out to be one of the Science Fiction normalities.  Maybe it was the best movie to come out of 1982?  It is better than Total Recall or some other horrible SF movies from the 80’s that come to mind.  I will give it that.  But “Great”?  I think not.  It is possible though that this is a double viewer.  Meaning that you have to watch this movie a

few times for it to attach itself to your psyche.

Don’t forget William Sanderson!  This is my creation Daryl… This is my other creation Daryl.  Couldn’t help but think that at his introduction.  Oh, and Marvel did a 2 issue limited series adaptation on this book.  Check it out.

Comic Book Movie Plus:  Rutger Hauer – Sin City, Batman Begins.

Nudity Bonus:  Joanna Cassidy – Zhora (54:26)(T)




This has to be one of the weirdest movies I’ve seen in awhile.  For an 80’s Sci-Fi Noir style film. For the time the graphics were done pretty well. Better then some of the other’s 80’s Sci-Fi Cop show I’ve seen.

The Casting was done very well, Harrison Ford does a good job as always but I did kind of feel more like I was watching Indy playing more of a detective role then Archeologist.  It’s fun to see things like Larry from Newhart (Odd how his brothers were named Darryl) and then Daryl Hannah was in this movie. (Oh how my humor is off tonight) Seeing Daryl Hannah play those types of roles are in interesting seeing her from Splash, to Blade Runner, then fast forwarding to Kill Bill very impressive. But I would say the casting was done well.een. Something I did notice was I believe this movie inspired I Robot, Due to the Detective vs Robot(Android) story, and meeting and killing of the maker. However I did like how it brings to light the moral of life and death how we are born and then we die there is no prolonging the end it’s going to happen to everyone.

The Soundtrack did place relatively well, nothing about it really stuck out to me, The only thing that bothered me was the floating advertisement of the asian lady taking a pill then smiling…What was that about? Did I miss something.


Willie Good-Cook

-Wake up, time to die-

Gaff's Origami unicorn from the Director's Cut...

Something to remember is that this movie was made over 30 years ago. So we can’t go in expecting “Avatar” out of this. It is hard to rate a movie that came out 4 years before I was born, but here we go. Spoiler alert, THERE IS A MIDGET IN A MILITARY UNIFORM!!! This may indeed be the best part of the whole movie.This movie is like if you took Indiana Jones, I robot, and any other bad 80’s futuristic movie and mashed them together. Not to say that this movie was bad by any means. There were some very entertaining scenes. Any movie with Harrison Ford beating the crap out of robots is a win in my book.

Some of the acting was kind of bad, but then again when is peoples acting in the 80’s any good? The score seemed fairly bad…or i just didn’t notice it really.  And the chick with the clear poncho with a bikini under it, is that what fashion is headed to in 6 years? Or the shitty futuristic cars that look like ghost buster mobiles? And what was with the chick with crazy blonde hair and clown makeup? Does that make her a better fighter?

The cast itself worked fairly well together. The plot was also nice and fairly original. I really liked the premise of this story as well. A future where they are hunting down hostile robots called replicants? Gold in my book. Some of the imagery also reminded me of a comic book at times which was nice for the time period. Some of the dialogue in this movie is also really really good. “some things are lost in time, like tears in the rain.” Good stuff.


If I had went to see this in theaters when I was -4 I probably would have loved this movie, seeing it 30 years later I thought it was ok.





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