Inglourious Basterds (2009)

IGB Title

Running Time:2hrs 33 Min

Directed by: Quentin Tarantino

Written by: Quentin Tarantino

Plot Summary: During World Was II, A group of American Soldiers known by the German’s as “The Basterds” are send to Nazi-occupied France to exterminate the Nazi’s in hopes of ending the war. While in the process “The Basterds” meet up with a British Officer who is there to design a plan to assassinate several High Ranking German officers at a Premiere of a movie based on  “Heroic” German War Hero called “Nation’s Pride” The British Officer meets with a German Spy that has some new information on some new developments for the Premier.  After the cover of the British Agent is blow it’s up to “The Basterds” to attempt to finish the plan and take out the Nazi’s during the Premier.

Ran-Dizzle (Host)

So due to Django Unchained being released around the time of the movie choice, I decided to dedicate this movie to one of my favorite directors Quentin Tarantino.

As mentioned in the summary of the film this is a World War II drama, The original was done in 1978 which is on my list of movies to watch.  I think the best thing about this movie is the cast is filled with some big names Brad Pitt, Michael Fassbender, Christoph Waltz (Also in Django Unchained) as well as some others that have been in several movies, Over all the cast was amazing, I believe Brad Pitt, and Christoph Waltz where my favorite Characters.
**SPOILER ALERT do not go any further if you haven’t watched the movie.**

HOWEVER, I did feel one person was pointless and really just a waste of time until the next point…it saddens me to say it. Mike Myers character was truly unnecessary as much as I love Mike Myers I felt that General Ed Frenech was nothing to the movie, He asked questions to which he knew answers gave little information to Lt. Hicox other then to meet a German spy who is an actress (Bridget von Hammersmark)IGB3 and developing the Operation, again who’s bright idea is it to let an actress who has had no experience in anything leading to knowing how to kill, or be a spy.

Another point in the movie that makes you stop and go Hmmmm…. is at the beginning of the movie the French Dairy Farmer is cutting wood, however at the chopping block there is no wood he is chopping…I had to go back and rewatch it you might want to also…go ahead I’ll wait…
I told you he did.

Another one involving about that same scene but let me fast forward Tarantino style and then come back to that point. Durring Nation’s Pride, Zoller tells the Audience “Who wants to send a message to Germany?!”IGB14 then Shoshanna (Meow- Meow as Big JD refers to her) says “I have a message for Germany” now I love that scene but here is what made me go Hmmmm… All this time during the movie she has spoken only French, and Zoller has only spoken in German/French…Interesting is it not? Now going back to the beginning point I was referring to, Landa asks LaPadite “While I hear no disturbances I am guessing they do not know English?!” Interesting is it not that all the sudden Meow-Meow now knows English perfectly after 4 years past her families deaths?!?!

I do have to say my favorite scene in the entire movie,  is where Landa and Raine are speaking Italian (or attempting to) saying his name is Gorlami…Classic.  There were plenty of action scenes that made me giddy as a redneck in Cabela’s on an Ammo sale but this movie to me is well worth it even with the little flaws I have caught.IGB15

((Feels weird giving Muppets Christmas Carol and 5 and this a 4.5…))


Big JD

Quentin Tarantino goes the route of World War II for this epic alternate universe look at what would happen if you watched a movie for 2 ½ hours and finally got some retribution against the most rotten man in existence.  Hitler.

Honestly that’s what this movie felt like to me.  It was like Tarantino said to himself, “I want to kill Hitler., wait a tick!  I can!  I am a famous director, and I can do anything!”  I want to cover what the film was missing first before getting into what I dug.  Also, if you are afraid of *spoilers* then you should stop here.

IGB11First, the entire Shosanna (meow meow) storyline was inept and totally unnecessary.  Why do I say this?  Well, what did her storyline contribute to the movie?  The answer:  Nothing.  There were 2 storylines going on throughout this movie and her storyline was no more important than Brad Pitt eating in another film.  She escaped Col. Landa in the very beginning and that’s were it started.  That scene was to describe his “evil” henchman tendencies.  Also, to show his worth as a excellent detective.  She goes on to own a Theatre that will house most of the Nazi SS during a movie and she wants to burn it down.  That’s great but the other storyline intrudes on that idea and does it with more vigor.  In fact if she didn’t “burn it down” it would have exploded nicely the way it was.  And by having her die In the end left any chances of retribution against Landa dust in the wind.  Thus, me saying that it was worthless to have that storyline in there.  I would have felt much better if it wasn’t in there and we could have seen more exploits of the “Basterds”.  I mean, they do own the title of the film.  Qui?  I would have thought Tarantino would write a better story than this.  I think he focused more on the interrogation scenes and left everything else to fall as it may.  Interesting plot hole for the unnecessary storyline.  She knew that they would be sitting in the balcony seats but yet she did nothing (in her well thought plan) to keep them from running for the doors.  The patrons down below were all locked in but up above?  It wasn’t in her plan to have the Basterds intervene to eliminate those exits.  Well, Tarantino knew this, he just forgot to show that Shosanna supposedly had it covered.  Or did she?  Also, with the trauma she experienced at a younger age would she seriously go over and comfort the German soldier that she just shot in the back 4 times?  I don’t think so.  But to piss me off he made it so.  So much so, that it made me detest the ending.IGB12

Subtitles are an acquired taste.  Actually, subtitles are always the hardest the first 5 minutes in a movie.  That is because you eventually get use to it.  This movie never allows you to get use to subtitles.  Switching back and forth catching you off guard every time.  By the end of the movie I had gotten use to it but I’ll tell you what I didn’t get use to.  The speediness of the subtitles.  Sometimes they would just flash on screen with two lines of dialogue and expect you to read it in a second and a half.  Subtitles in this movie told a story along with the actual speech.  Wouldn’t you think that you would leave the subtitles on screen long enough for the audience to read them?  Apparently not.

What it did well with?  Yes, the casting and the acting of that cast was excellent.  Tarantino even got some surprise guests in there as well.  I was shocked when I heard Samuel L. Jackson narrate twice in the film.  IGB8Also, it wasn’t hard to point out Mike Myers and his unwillingness to stretch his acting ability.  BJ Novack (from The Office) made an appearance as “The Little Man”.  Funny.  “you can’t control the nicknames that you’re adversaries give you”.  Also, when Brad Pitt speaks Italian is classic.  Reminds me of his early years when actually getting an accent was nonexistent.  “Bonjourno!”   I loved the interrogation scenes as well as the intense (someone’s gonna die) dialogue.  Quentin does very well at this and always has.  There were also many good one liners throughout.

The soundtrack was classic Tarantino.  Nothing new here.  Quite expected actually.  About as expected as a montage.  No wait, this is good.  A Makeup Music Montage.  I had to laugh at the ridic.  But not as expected as seeing a French man chopping at air in the beginning scene.  Maybe I’m not well versed in chopping wood, but I was under the impression that you put “wood” on the chopping block then you chop the wood.  Using the chopping block as a “stopper”.  But in this scene he was just going away at the chopping block.  Still confused with that.  Also, did he and his daughters end up living or what?  Somebody tell me now!  I need to know.  Damn you Tarantino!  I need answers!!!

Comic Book Movie Plus:  Michael Fassbender – X-Men: First Class, Samuel L. Jackson (uncredited narrator) – The Avengers, The Spirit, Iron Man 2, Marvel Post Credits


Willie Good-Cook

-Glorious Bastards!-

For once, I was really happy with Ranny’s pick. Usually I am not a fan of movies with subtitles in it due to it being shot in a foreign language. Honestly, it didn’t bother me in this movie. The nice part about this Tarontino movie was that it didn’t try to go over the top in some weird way. Like the torture scene in Reservoir dogs, or the blood shooting 30 feet high in kill bill. He kept to a more realistic setting which I enjoyed.

One of my favorite characters is the milk drinking jew hunter. The first scene in this movie is one of my favorite scenes in cinema to date. The dialogue between him and the man hiding the Jewish family was very intriguing. The Hitler scene was also very entertaining. “Nin Nin nin nin nin!” And the bear jew is still my favorite character period.IGB5

IGB10The plot was fairly strong and the music fit well. Now i finally know what the German 3 looks like.  The Mexican stand off involving genital mutilation was also hilarious, but i felt they took out Til Schweigar was taken out of the film a little too soon. I really enjoyed his character. Brad Pitt playing Aldo was also very entertaining. “I want my scalps.” Classic.

The ending of this movie was ok, not the feel good romp most movies end with, but still good. I felt it could have went a step further but with it already being a 2 and a half hour movie, I can see why they stopped where they did.



Overall a great movie, but I wouldn’t suggest watching it with your kids.

4‘ s


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