Love Actually (2003)


Running Time:2hrs 15 min

Directed by: Richard Curtis

Written by Richard Curtis

Love Actually Official Trailer

Ran-Dizzle (Host)

All I want for Christmas is Will to enjoy a movie that doesn’t involve the $5.00 bin at Wal-mart or Youtube.

So This is a movie of about several different ways love invades us all, even around holidays such as Christmas. Most of these stories that John has mentioned below will have a common ground with most of us. But what I loved about these different love stories is how one can connect to the characters, to me that means it’s well written.

I think the worst part about this film is the horrible music “Love is all around us” Bill Nighy Cannot sing at all….Sorry if you read this Bill (But I doubt you will)  But the All you need is love during the wedding ceremony was pretty awesome.

Casting was phenomenal and couldn’t imagine a better cast. Although some parts were a little bit over done….like the diving in for the screen play, learning the drums so fast and then playing awesomely for the show…..little cheesy but liked it.KN

Overall pretty decent chick-flick holiday movie that doesn’t involve  traditional holiday shenanigans.


Big JD

“Love Actually…  is all around”

A series of Love stories strategically placed into one movie.  On top of that it turns out to be a Christmas movie.  How bout that.  A hopeless romantic’s dream movie that can be watched year after year with the excuse that its “tradition”.

This is a look at the many forms of Love that we all encounter in our lives.  I feel that this movie really did well at touching upon all forms.  Break out your Love Dictionary’s were going on a trip.  1) The” Lost Love”.  2) The “step-parent Love”. 3) The “Puppy Love”.  4) The “We’re Just Married” Love.  5) The “My best friend just married the girl I’m in love with I better keep my mouth shut” love.  6) The “I thought I was in love until she cheated on me” love. 7) The “I’m looking for love but I’m mistaking that for lust” love. 8) The “foreigner’s are always more attractive” love 9) The “we work in a sexual environment but still found each other’s hearts” love 10) The “lust that causes men to cheat” love. 11) The “I think I want to do my boss” love.  12) The “I know you cheated on me to some degree but I’m willing to forgive you for the kids” love.  13) The “secret love”. 14) “The obligated family member love” 15) The “platonic love that one feels for a really good friend” Love. 16) “I love my profession” love.  17) The “I just fell in love with someone I work with” love.  And probably the best one in the entire movie.  18) The “I have no idea what you are saying and neither do you but somehow we still fell in love” love.  So, with all of those messages of love wrapped into 2 hours and 15 minutes do you feel overwhelmed?  No, not actually.  I can’t go through all of the story lines, nor can I mention ALL of the actors, but I will talk briefly about what was lacking.  Was there anything lacking?


The cast was fantastic.  It is really fun watching a movie with so many stars involved.  With so many recognized actors it almost made up for the fact that everyone was British (exception of a few) and that’s fine and everything but I have a small pet peeve annoyance for the British accent.  I’m sorry, it’s like nails on a chalk board to me.  But if that’s the worst I can come up with then this movie will not disappoint you.  I will say it’s one of those movie for men that they really don’t want to watch until they’ve watched it and then they say “that wasn’t that bad… it was actually pretty good.”  Well, ok let me just say Denise Richards was totally out of place and I could have done without seeing her show up.

Little fact after the movie was over I had realized that the actor that played the friend that was in love with Kiera Knightley’s character is no other than “Rick” from “The Walking Dead”.  I was amazed really.  Also, saw “January Jones” from “Mad Men & X-Men: First Class” in there.  Can you find her?

Comic Book Movie Bonus:  Liam Neeson – The Dark Knight Trilogy, Emma Thompson – Men In Black 3, Andrew Lincoln – The Walking Dead …ok it’s TV but I had to mention it, January Jones – X-Men: First Class

Nudity Bonus: Laura Linney – Sarah (1:11:04)(T), Joanna Page – Just Judy (14:32/24:12)(T,A)


Willie Good-Cook

-Randizzle pick a good movie for once…actually.-

Take my two least favorite things and put them in one movie and you get this “wonderful” movie. From the opening scenes I knew this movie was not for me. British romance comedy with more characters and stories to tell than a Tolkien novel. This movie has Hugh Grant in it which I guess you could say was their star power…though not in my book (or Liam Nieson…but again…yah.) This movie kind of bothered me honestly. This is a great example of a good idea which was take too far. Lets have 10 couples and tell their whole story and put it all in one movie. or you could cut it down to 2-3 couples and have 2 -3 movies. But no! this director says. Who would want that?

I am not even going to try to sum up the story for you (good luck Ranny,) but I will say most of these stories don’t seem to be rooted in reality. It’s like they tried to fit the plot from every other sappy Romance movie or book and crammed it into one movie. I thought my head would explode by the end of this movie. (but it’s ok, my movie pick next week will promise to bring them both to their knees. MWHAHAHAHAH!) If I were to describe this movie in one word it would have to be: WHY?!

I mostly blame the writers for this movie. The casting was ok…not great. The actors delivered decent performance…but still. You can only fit so much into one movie. You can’t have a person show character development in a 15-20 minute segment. It was like watch a soap opera. Hell, I would have rather watched the soap. At least it isn’t over 2 hours of bad writing. And the way they tie this all together? Lets just do a short montage at the end to show how all the characters have grown and changed because of these experiences….HOW F’N LAZY CAN ONE MOVIE BE!!

If you ask me, there is a reason this movie isn’t award winning, emmy nominated, or anything at all really. The only thing this film deserved was a razzle for having a huge ensemble cast but not being able to make a good movie with it. All this movie was missing was a cameo from Elton John…oh wait. They threw that in too.

-Suggestion- If you dangle between the legs don’t ever…EVER!!!….EVER!!! watch this horrid movie. But if you are a girl…I guess you might like it…a really girly girl….like the Notebook on steroids girly.

0‘ s (Nope, I didn’t forget the rating.)


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