The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992)

The Muppets Christmas Carol (1992)

Running Time: 1 hrs 25 min – Comedy, Drama, Family

Starring: Michael Caine, Dave Goelz, Steve Whitmire – Directed by Brian Henson

Willie Good-Cook (host)

-Muppets Rule!-

This was my pick,why you may ask? A little back story for you. We pick the movies out every Monday and try to have the last one posted by Monday night (Insider secret). This week was Thanksgiving but my movie wouldn’t get posted until the Monday after Thanksgiving. So I had to choose, either be late or go for the next Holiday…Christmas. So here we are.

This movie is one of the classic Christmas movies. If you haven’t seen this you must be really old or really young. This has all your favorite muppets from movies past. The story revolves around the classic Charles Dickens story “Christmas Carol”.  They even have Michael Cain as my favorite Scrooge too date. MICHAEL CAIN!! OMG BRAINGASM!!!

The classic story is stuck to fairly well which was a nice thing for a kids movie to do. Usually they take a great story and crap all over it. This time they did a pretty good job of telling the full tale, showing how Scrooge is shown the errors of his ways, and how his heart grew three sizes that day…or was that the Grinch?….what ever.(A joke!)

There really isn’t anything bad about this movie, other than maybe that it is geared towards kids….and maybe the fact it is a musical.(Some people hate those for reasons unknown. P.S. I get 10 bonus points for picking our first musical review!) I still laugh at parts in this movie even though I have probably seen it 20 times. It may be the nostalgia factor, but I this movie still has a warm place in my heart.
Overall a really good movie for all ages around this time of year. It teaches to be generous and love thy fellow man who are less fortunate than you. More of this needs to be done now a days, with the rough times going on.


If you have kids, pop this one in. They will love it!


Big JD

What can I say?  Jim Henson was a visionary.  His son didn’t fall far from the tree.  I amongst many, many people grew up on Jim’s creations.  The Muppets were one of those “staples” in my childhood.  This movie?  I would call it more of a memo pad in the life of Big JD.  Something that sticks well at first but eventually falls with time.

So, the question is how do I review a children’s classic?  Do I keep the same standards as all the other movies I’ve reviewed?  Or do I allow the child inside me to “let it slide” based on this having sentimental value.  Well, usually I tend to hang on the side of sentimentality but today I’m going to stand on the unbiased board and do a back flip into professionalism.

The acting was as good as any Muppet movie.  Jim Henson had all of his puppeteers trained well.  Obviously, these guys had been doing this a long time.  They are much respected in their field.  The field of puppeteering that is.  Michael Caine was a great looking Scrooge.  Although his part was watered down.  That falls to writing.  I felt that the Scrooge character had no development time.  Yes, he was mean in the beginning but he had pretty much “changed” after the Super Marley Bros. gave him his first visit.  Whereas he should have slowly changed from a mean ole man into a changed man right before the ghost of Christmas’ to come.  And Death should have been the one to “put the nail in the coffin” so to speak.  It left Michael Caine’s main role to something of a supporting character in a movie about him.  Wait, it was a Muppet Christmas Carol.  That’s right, the Muppets were the main characters.  What was I thinking?  …and yes,  I do realize this is a children’s movie.  The ending took the natural turns as it’s suppose to yet it felt rushed as well.

The tagalong Gonzoe & Rizzo…  I mean Charles Dickens & Rizzo were really distracting to me although they were there to fill in the holes left by a condensed script.  I understand their part but it still took me out of the flow of the movie every time something like grabbing scrooges foot with an umbrella to castaway with them to the past.

The fact that I think they followed the actual Dicken’s story fairly closely was surprising to me.  I felt the watered down briefness of the movie within the first 30 minutes.  I’ve always been bored with the spirit of Christmas present.  Hmmm, maybe that says something about me?  That’s for a psychiatrist to answer not you.

I would consider this a musical.  As musical’s go there is always at least one to two songs that stick with you after the movie has ended.  I had seen this movie a couple times growing up yet; none of the musical numbers had stuck with me.  They were all new to me this time around.  They didn’t stick with me still.  That tells me that the songs that were sang were nothing to get crazy about.  I liked them as they were being presented it’s just that after it was said and done, I couldn’t tell you much about them let alone sing them to you. Now that’s an image.

In the end, you have to rationalize this as a Muppet movie.  No more No less.  Your children will love it for what it is.  Family fun.  Will they remember it?  Maybe.  I liked it because it was The Muppets, I liked it because my kids liked it.  I liked it because I remember watching it as a teenager.  As a graded movie it was so, so.  But as a children’s holiday classic it was great.

Comic Book Movie Plus:  Michael Caine: The Dark Knight Trilogy



Light the lamp not the Rat!, LIGHT THE LAMP NOT THE RAT!

A Muppet spin on a classic tale by Charles Dickens. Who would have thought something so simple would become a family classic?

The tale has been told by several people, and several variations of this have been made, But this one I remember from my childhood the most. Seeing Sir Michael Caine in the movie as Ebenezer Scrooge made it better, This is truly a movie the brings all the morals forward from the story, And kept it very close to the book. (Well as far as I can remember from 7th Grade…long long time ago)

I think my favorite character was the 2nd spirit, He brought out the best of Scrooge and had a catchy chorus number, Followed closely by Rizzo and the rats, because they are sarcastic and comical, no wonder kids now days are such smart ***es.

That being said as a family oriented movie there were quite a bit of comical satire, as well as musical numbers if you do not care for musicals then this is obviously not your movie, or holiday season for that matter. I don’t think I could name anyone other then Scrooge that doesn’t even hum a Christmas The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992)song…I get them stuck in my head through out the year.

Like normal there were some glitches I caught but nothing that really stood out, When Kermit closed shop he didn’t lock the door then when they went back to it, it was locked…things like that nothing that didn’t really matter. Brian Henson did a good job following his father’s footsteps and to me it is one of the better Muppet Movies that are out there.


For those of you who saw the movie, what did you think?


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