2012 (2009)

2012 (2009)

Running Time 2 hrs 38 mins – Action, Adventure, Drama

Starring John CusackThandie Newton & Chiwetel Ejiofor – Directed by Roland Emmerich

Big JD (Host)


The end is near.  On 12-21-12 the Mayan’s (as well as others) had predicted the end of the world.  Do you believe?  Well, This story is full of believers after they start seeing California fall into the sea.  We get to follow a group of survivors through the events of the last days of the planet as we know it.  In order for our survival rate to increase does that mean we need to ditch humanity?  Or preserve it.


Action.  Non-stop Action.  This movie is packed to the brim with excitement, edge of the seat tenacity, & throw in some good human drama to please.  From the start we see the problem of things to come.  The sun is emitting large amounts of radiation causing the core to melt and our crust to shift.  Which means total change to the landscape.

We also get to witness human action (even as sad as it is) in truthful reality.  If the end of the world was coming most would not take it seriously at first.  But, after more signs came true heads would start to turn.  It is also painfully true that the rich & “important” will survive a catastrophe like this if it were to ever happen.  A chance at survival equals to 1 Billion Euro’s and that translates to me as “Kiss Your Family & ass goodbye”.  I agree with preserving our history and the animals.  But the selfishness of this whole thing makes me wonder if this type of thing would happen.  I don’t have to wonder long though because my first reaction would be that we would be kept in the dark until the end of days.  They had 2 ½ years to prepare for this whole thing.  I understand the panic of the masses but when it comes down to it, everyone should get a chance at a future.

Now, how believable was this movie to me?  Well, I gotta say if I had to have a driver get me home,  then I would request for Jackson Curtis (John Cusack)  to drive me through a devastating earthquake, then possibly writing a story about it.  Yeah, the driving through the building was a little ridiculous to say the least.  Most of the action scenes were built to be “over the top” which was ok with me.  The characters wouldn’t have lasted 5 minutes and that would have been a real quick movie.  Carl Anheuser (Oliver Platt) was a bit too asshole.  But then again, I’m sure there would be some top-notch brass that would vie for the role of “dick of the hill”.

The writing was “off” to me.  Examples follows:  Why does the Scientist Dr. notified and expected to handle trespassers in the restricted area at Yellowstone.  Also, A father allows his kid’s in a restricted “hot zone” area?  No.  Never.  Now matter how irresponsible he is.  It wouldn’t happen.  What’s up with the Pickles of the Woody Harrelson character?  I think the Gordon character was written in to make you feel sorry for the lead character.  Cheap.  The dramatic scene with the “water” towards the end had me feeling like.  “oh c’mon!  give me a break!”  No, not feeling… I actually said it.  Oh & by the way.  The president wouldn’t have the choice “not to go”.  He would be tied & gagged and put on Air Force One if it came to it.

Playing a president in a Natural Disaster movie takes careful casting choices.  Danny Glover does not sit with me at all.  Also, Amanda Peet plays a caring mom?  Nope.  Not feeling it.  She did decent but I didn’t feel like she was the perfect idea of the “mother” figure.

Begin Side note* What  impersonator did they get to impersonate Governer Schwarzeneggar?  Because he was absolutely horrible.  *end Side note

So, in terms of a great action movie I guess you don’t need great actors.  Just get yourself a good lead and a few good supporting characters and you’re a-OK.  I guess as long as you keep the story rolling as a whole you don’t need to sweat the small stuff either because you know what?  I’m giving this movie a 4.  It’s a great action flick about what could happen and it also underlay’s a story about how some people in power would probably act.  How the masses of people would react to said actions.

So, if it does come to a head next month.  I might give you a call just to find out you have some seats on a ship?  Just know that I will be “ literally hurling towards you as we speak.” That is, If I call first of course.

Comic Book Movie Plus:  Oliver Platt – X-Men: First Class



Get in the ****ing car Now!

For an end of the world/redemption movie this was ok. There are a lot of story lines interweaving together however in most movies like that I always feel one or two are unnecessary however I didn’t really feel that way with this movie, it could be the blockbuster cast that was involved in the movie. Danny Glover, Amanda Peet, John Cusack, Oliver Platt, Thandie Newton, Chiwetel Ejofor, and my personal favorite hillbilly hippie Woody Harrelson. Woody Harrelson is my favorite Hillbilly Hippie with a Conspiracy Theory, he had it down pat almost a little too good. However he wasn’t the only shinning star. I think overall everyone did a good job. The only actor that bothered me in the whole movie was the Russian guy with the kids….Yuri… He was just like to me Mental Patient from Russian…very slow speaking, and just seemed slow all together. (Perhaps that is what the character was designed to be but it bothered me.)

One thing I can say for this movie the Special effects were done well, There was only one scene I was watching where they leave the Limo to board the plane you could see the ground shaking and it looked like it was part of a set (To me) vs. Being CGI’d.
One thing in the story that did kind of bother me was when Gordon gets sucked into the gears, and Jackson tells Kate he didn’t make it. She wasn’t really all that upset. Now I had dated someone because my Wife was neglecting the family and we split up, I would have some kind of emotional feeling that she was gone…but there was not much there at all…and then they moved on. I know she still loves Jackson in this movie but really nothing at all for the pilot that got you out of there, that has taken care of your children, I mean I get he was a little bit of a douche bag but still.I think Jackson had more of an impact then Kate did.

4.5 ‘s

Willie Good-Cook


First off, any movie with Danny Glover as president is a win in my book. As far as end of the world, natural disaster movies go this one was actually pretty good. It kept me riveted almost the entire time. The concept of the rich, political elite type deciding to make these “arks” to keep a certain amount of people alive sounds very realistic to me.

The very large cast actually worked pretty well together. I didn’t get lost in the multiple plot lines that this movie weaves. The score, special effects, and plot were all very good. Though the Solar flare causing the earth to get hotter is a little different than the current theory (The polar shift) it still struck a chord with current events. (New York being flooded.)

I do think it is interesting that the government knew about this for 3 years in this movie, and yet they can only save a few million people out of the billions who live on earth. Doesn’t that seem a little crazy? I mean, come on. In 3 years the world should be able to make enough boats to float everyone. We already have a navy in many nations. This aspect of the movie did seem a tad far fetched to me. My favorite scenes were the massive disaster scenes. Title waves and earth quakes leveled those cities. Highly entertaining.

-Suggestion- Watch this movie around December 2012. It will raise the hair on the back of your neck.



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