Spaced Invaders (1990)

Willie Good-Cook(Host)


Martians mistakenly believe their fleet is attacking earth. Once they crash land their ship is disabled. Thinking they will easily invade earth they journey out into the small town of Big Bean. After wreaking havoc in hilarious ways they are in a race against the clock to get off Earth and back to the martian fleet.


This movie comes from my childhood. We decided to do Halloween movies and this one came up so I went with it. I think this movie is still funny to this day. The actors are nothing exceptional but they are not bad either. We have to take into context the cinema of the time. We can’t compare this to all the stuff coming out today. At the time this movie was pretty good. Compare it to E.T. They are like twins. (Except this one is way better.)

It could be the nostalgia factor, but I really do enjoy watching this movie. From the cheesy one liners to the terrible acting. The props and makeup were also fairly cheap and cheesy. It all adds up into another great example of 90’s movies. Just barely removed from what I call “The Terrible 80’s”, they always tend to be bad in my mind. This one is a good example of one this. So bad it is good.


Watch it with your kids. It is a whole family affair.


Big JD

People get paid to make these movies.  That’s what I kept thinking to myself when I was watching this movie.  Forgettable.  That is probably why I don’t remember much of this movie in existence.   I’m not sure this movie could have been good with the story it encompassed.  Let me sum it up.  Small town broadcasts Orson WellsWar of the Worlds” and aliens in the area mistake that for their kind attacking the earth.  Your not suppose to ask yourself “They are in space but yet the hear 1 radio broadcast from a small town probably broadcasted with a tiny radio tower.  Anyway, they go to earth to vanquish.  Although they wouldn’t be able to vanquish a public pool during winter time let alone the entire planet.  They finally realize they had made a mistake and the humans involved help them escape the planet and old man Wrenchmuller gets a surprise in his back yard.

The acting was subpar to say the least.  I understand that this movie is geared towards children but even children would be annoyed at some of these… sorry, most of the characters.  Their biggest player comes in the form of Ariana Richards which she goes on to greatness in a small movie called Jurassic Park and the sequel.  I say greatness but I really mean mediocrity.  I don’t fault her though.  I was mostly the writing.  It was the others that disturbed me the most.  Brian (Duck) was quite the annoying boy that had a speech impediment as well as getting “tough” at weird times.  Wrenchmuller was the old man that was losing his farm (cliché) and he was just mad.  So, So Bad.  I could go on with almost each individual character and tell you that they were horrible.  But let me just say that this movie wouldn’t have been anything without the mundane creations that made me believe that anyone can make movies.  The Spaced out aliens.  Ok.  Voice acting was about enough to make me take a spoonful of cinnamon.  Especially the alien that impersonated Jack Nicholson.  It was like listening to someone try really hard but never does get it.  Oh, and they wear human clothes and use human references but don’t know anything about humans and want to destroy us?  Makes sense.  Not really.  Someone had told me that the aliens were very similar to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  To that I have to say “yeah they were.  They were both green”.  That’s where the similarities stop.  The actors in the suits were virtually blind and had to be talked through their actions.  It was very noticeable.

The music:  Cheesy.  Suitable for children under zero.  Directing?  It feels like the director had the script written as he was filming.  Everything seemed to march along without much really happening.  Was this movie original?  Not really.  Ever heard of a movie called “Don’t make this movie”?  Yeah, the director never saw it either.

Aside from the annoyances, plot, & about anything involved I didn’t find the ending to be horrible.  1.  It was the end and I was grateful for that.  2.  Everybody came out on top.  Even old man Wrenchmuller when they dumped space crap all of his crops and he got “big beans” by early morn.  So, if your ever feeling like torturing someone please pop this one in.  But fall asleep early because you will not come out feeling satisfied.  Trust me.



Where to start on this movie. I remember seeing this in theaters with my Uncle, and honestly I thought then that this movie was a bad movie.
However after having to watch it so many times I think it’s starting to grow on me, which kind of scares me. I think it’s one of those movies that if I am bored as hell or even sick I would probably pop this movie in and wait for sleep to happen, and wouldn’t be upset if I woke up to ending credits, but I am sure there are other movies I’d watch previous to this.

I think my favorite character out of all the ones in this “movie” would be the Jack Nicholson knock off alien(Even had on a L.A. Lakers Shirt under leather coat). That was something that did bother me about the aliens they never been to earth before and yet they had clothes from the 80’s an 90’s clothing. I was like how does that happen? There were several things that annoyed me…Some instances were just majority of the acting, no one really made a career out of it. Sometimes I even think if they went to another Casting call for another movie and if they referenced this movie they may have been like “NEXT!!! Thanks we’ll call you if we need someone that can do a shitty role” The girl knowing what Polypropylene was at like 9 years old…seriously? And the dad saying “You better have a good excuse for being in that Alien space ship” Ummmmm right like there was  good reason to that… And the Alien Fertilizer at the end…that makes me wanna go and eat some veggies…
All and All I wouldn’t say it was horrible it got some chuckles out of me here and there…



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