The Dictator (2012)

The Dictator Poster

The Dictator Trailer

Running Time: 83 Min

Starring- Sacha Baron Cohen, Anna Faris & Ben Kingsley  – Directed by Larry Charles

Ran-Dizzle (Host)

This is by far the better Sacha Baron Cohen film I’ve seen yet. What I do like about his comedy is he takes things that would normally be of poor taste and an example was dedicating the movie to Kim Jong il, and able to make the movie so much better. This movie I was kind of thinking the Trailer is too funny to make this movie any good, and I was not disappointed but more impressed by the fact that it was just as good as expected if not more.

I think John said it best by talking about how the acting was as expected, few did stand out I loved the big names that had small brief parts like Chris Elliot, Megan Fox, John C. Riely, and for Ben Kingsley to be in it…I heard he likes to do those style of movies though.

As for the story, It was ok, but what do you really expect from a comedy movie that kind of makes fun of dictatorship…Especially when he excutes someone and they show up in NY later in a part of town that is called “Little Wadiya”. I mean I liked the interaction between Anna Farris and Sacha Barron Cohen. (With his face shaved I kept thinking of Frenchie from Taladega Nights though). And how she made him change to a Democracy…

I do have to say my favorite part of the movie is when he lost the cellphone inside the pregnant lady that had me laughing for bit, or when he kicks the kid in the store…how may people don’t want to do that to a brat running around in a store…. So to me the Comedy was written very well kind of on the dark side…but it’s more fun on the dark side.


Big JD

Hafez Aladeen of Wadiya outshines the other characters of Sacha Baron Cohen’s by far.  Compared to the others the only thing that sets them apart is that Aladeen was not a character on Cohen’s Da Ali G Show.  Which I l thought was a great show by the way.  But I think that it is possible that the show had held the characters back.  The Dictator had the freedom to Aladeen in everyone’s face without giving an Aladeen.  Even if you are” hiding from a lesbian Hobbit”.

The acting was on par in accordance to any comedy film.  Meaning, don’t expect Academy Award caliber stuff.  Everyone involved played their part and played it well.  My favorite character is… wait I just wanted to say that I’m not trying to be cliché here.  But my favorite character was Aladeen.  John C. Reilly’s part was stand out even though he only had like 5 minutes.  I found it hard to believe that Ben Kingsley accepted the part in this film.  But it gave the film some credibility even though I don’t think it needed it.  I will probably be the first to say that I really don’t care for Ana Farris as a short haired brunette.  She was probably my least liked character.  “Justin Beiber’s chubby double”.

Written well as the comedy was filled with one liners and great characters.  One thing missing from The Dictator was the “shock comedy” that Sacha had sort of built his career on.  If you don’t count the discrimination, sexism, & blatant racism then yeah, the shock value wasn’t there.  I’m not saying that the “shock” made the previous movies better.  Quite the opposite.  It actually made me feel that it was a real movie.  Ok, there was that hand maiden milking scene, but what’s wrong with that?  The love interest seemed very predictable.  But, it was very important for someone to show Aladeen the err of his ways.  Why not “Harry Potter”?  Oh, I’m sorry…  “Wolverina!”

Larry Charles directed this movie that really felt like it was in the hands of Sacha Baron Cohen.  So, the director might as well have been John Smith.  Nothing stood out directing or anything really technical.  The soundtrack stood out to help out tremendously.  Examples being the foreign version of Dr. Dre’s The Next Episode.  Or a random cover of Dolly Parton’s 9 to 5.  With random Arab music sprinkled throughout.  In the end I loved the humor and that’s what counts when watching a comedy.  Even if you are a little man-boy-monkey-girl that favor’s organic over roller skates.

Comic Book Movie Bonus:  Ben Kingsley – Iron Man 3

Nudity Bonus:  Dominique DiCaprio – Virgin Guard (26:03)(Barely T and U for utter’s), Dawn Jackson – Virgin Guard (26:03)(barely T)


Willie Good-Cook

-Are you have a boy? Or an abortion-

This movie. What do you say about this one. It was definitely better than any prior Sacha Baron Cohen movie to date.  This movie had me laughing so hard my wife was yelling at me to shut up. Good times.  The sound track, done by one of Cohen’s relatives, was actually really amusing. Sacha was able to reign in his over the top-ness just enough to make it not annoying.

Anna Faris was decent in this movie, but she was nothing special. You could have plugged in any other awkward female actress  and i think this would have still been funny. How they got both Megan Fox and Ed Norton to do cameo’s about very dirty things in one movie is beyond me. I guess getting the boot from a major Hollywood films is bad for your career. Who’d a thought?

This movie is notable for its one quotables. There are so many I cannot begin to post them all. I will be watching this a few more times to work on my mastery of the zingers. “Nobody touch the mini bar. It’s a fucking rip off!!” “I love it when women go to school. It’s like seeing a monkey on roller skates — it means nothing to them, but it’s so adorable for us.” “Give a man a vagina and he will spick for the day, teach a man to use his hand as a vagina and he will spick for a life time.”

The plot was ok, it was nothing special. The story was pretty standard as well. The whole shining fact about this movie was the humor. The rest was ok. Oh yah, and the love story to get the women involved was there as well, unlike one other blockbuster we reviewed recently. (Avengers)

-Suggestion- Give it a chance, you might like it…or despise it. There will be no inbetween.



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