The Avengers (2012)

The Avengers (2012)

Running Time: 2 hrs 23 mins – Action, Sci-Fi

Starring:  Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, & Scarlett Johansson  – Directed by Joss Whedon

Synopsis:  Following the events from 5 previous Marvel Studio’s movies: The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Captain America: The First Avenger, & Thor we finally get to see the Team-Up of a Lifetime!  S.H.I.E.L.D now possesses the Tesseract (cosmic cube) and they are trying to analyze the cube to determine its full capabilites.  Loki (The God of mischief) has his own plans in motion.  while floating through the oblivion’s of space a group of alien warriors pick him up and make a deal with him.  He will get to rule Earth with their minions and in return they receive the Tesseract.  In order to combat the oncoming threat’s Nick Fury wants to set in motion his Avengers Initiative.  Which in theory are a “group of remarkable people that when needed could fight the battles we never could”.

Big JD (host)

This is one of those movies you wait your entire life for.  Well, I guess with this specific movie if you have ever been a fan Marvel Comics then that statement stands to be true.  But for anyone else it’s just a really good movie.  Which asks a question.  Can I write an objective piece on something I love so much?  You be the judge.

The movie stands out for the obvious reason.  Having other main characters from other superhero movie come together and act in an ensemble movie.  In the past I’ve always felt like this would never happen.  I didn’t know about character rights or anything like that back then it was just about the “ego’s” that I felt got in the way.  Having an actor come from his solo franchise to play second fiddle to others?  Yeah Right!  Well, this was something Marvel accomplished.  Very well, I might add.  Because when you get so many BIG characters in one movie you better make sure that you got a good writer.  Started by Zack Snyder (300,Watchmen) and finished by Joss Whedon this movie is written with just the right amount of character development needed to keep you involved while bobbing your head back and forth with of all the action.  Sure, character development is really important but I feel that this movie did more than bring all these characters together.  It created a massive Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Only teased in the post credit’s in all of the 5 previous reference movies.  Now, the MCU exists and can only get bigger.  Which to me, is a huge excitement.

One more big plus is the acting caliber you witness in this movie.  It’s like a Superhero Rat Pack Movie!  Robert is definitely Dean.  The acting standouts to me were the performances of Tom Hiddleston (Loki) & Mark Ruffalo (Hulk).  They all were really great but these two played characters we’ve seen before but very differently.  Loki really found his darkness here.  This is the Loki everyone knows.  I thought Tom played the role with precision.  As for Mark?  His take on Bruce Banner was a stand out.  Even though his body type doesn’t match up, his intellect does in ways that his predecessors missed.  We’ve seen Mark Ruffalo in drama’s before but what we didn’t see was that he survived a brain tumor, he lost his brother recently, strong political views and all of this comes through in his acting.  A very good choice for Bruce Banner.  Do I miss Eric Bana or Edward Norton?  Answer: No

The CGI Hulk was the best of the bunch.  The first one looked like a bright green bloated Shrek.  The second looked like a Hulked-out Zombie from “I Am Legend”.  This one was juuuusssttt Right.  Although I missed Lou Ferigno’s voice over, I really got over it quickly seeing how it was only a couple of words.  There weren’t much speaking in this movie either actually.  I don’t think the viewing public is quite ready for a talking/thinking Hulk.  I can’t wait for that moment though.  Bring on Planet Hulk!!!

I could go paragraphs and paragraphs about each one of the characters but I want to leave some room for my two comrades’.  Let’s move on…

The score at first view was sort of lackluster but in time has really grown on me.  Loving the Avengers Theme music.  Would I be a huge geek if I said that I have bumped around in my car to it??  Nevermind, if that is a yes.  As for all the stuff (Lighting, Wardrobe, casting, Special EFX, editing) yeah, it was all good.  Actually most of the casting was already done before this movie was even started.

The only semi-negative thing I can give this movie is something more to do “outside” of the movie.  I really missed Hank Pym & Janet Van Dyne in this.  They were both original founding members and actually, I want to say that The Wasp (Janet) was the one who suggested the Team Name.  Well, that aside Hank has been a huge part of The Avengers.  I mean, it felt like it was his book for most of the time.  He never really had a strong solo book of his own but he owned his storylines in The Avengers.  The Avengers Mightiest foe?  Ultron.  Created by who?  Hank Pym.  Do I feel that they were replaced by Black Widow & Hawkeye?  Yes.  Do I feel bad about it?  I’ll get over it.  Hank & Janet will make their way into the MCU at some point.  Nuff Said!

Ps.  It troubles me Not that they went with the Ultimate Nick Fury in this.  I felt that he brought more character to the table.  Although Earth 616 Nick Fury had character too but at times he just came off as boring.

Comic Book Movie Plus:  Chris Evans: Fantastic Four, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Captain America: The First Avenger, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, The Losers – Samuel L. Jackson – Iron Man 2, The Spirit, Robert Downey Jr.: Iron Man Trilogy – Chris Hemsworth: Thor – Scarlett Johansson: Iron Man 2, The Spirit, Ghost World – Tom Hiddleston: Thor – Clark Gregg: Iron Man 2, Thor – Stellan Skarsgard: Thor – Gwyneth Paltrow: Iron Man Trilogy – Paul Bettany: Priest



Bo-Zheh Moy!

If you know anything about me comic book movies always get my attention. Now lets take Iron-Man, Thor, Captain America, And Hulk and put them all in one movie, I know comic nerds everywhere were foaming at the bit once they heard Marvel’s Avengers was going to become a movie. This movie was the closest thing to the Ultimate Avengers that I think could have been done. Now I am sure John touched base on this but there a number of different Avengers out there…West Coast Avengers, Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, and of course Ultimate Avengers…Each branch is well its own world in the Marvel Universe. Ultimate happens to be the most current unless I am missing something and after seeing the movie I think it’s going to be around for a while.

In the Ultimate Avengers Nick Fury has gone from the classic white guy with the eye patch to Samuel L. Motha****in’ Jackson, and to me there is no one else that could play Nick Fury better than Samuel L. Jackson. (They tried the white guy approach with “The Hoff” in a made for TV movie and honestly it sucked…as Made for TV movies usually do.
The best part about this movie, if Imagine you have 2.5 hours to make 4 major comic book heroes into one movie and have a decent plot. If anyone else can do it better I would like to see it, but this movie has a lot of talent in this writing crew, A LOT of comic book knowledge, and story lines of current and older lines.

There are a few things that did kind of stick out to me, but maybe it’s just me…

Mini Arc Reactor in Tony’s Chest not lighting up in his chest after Agent Phil Coulson dies, and again it doesn’t show when he’s talking to Loki right before the fight. Honestly its little things like that I catch but doesn’t really mean I am right, it could be wardrobe error, or just not able to see it through his Black Sabbath shirt.

There is a number of crazy,zane and Cheesy one liners in the movie but to me that made them all the better, The cast for all these characters was done very well, I couldn’t see anyone else play a better role especially Robert Downey Jr. Playing Tony Stark…He was born for that role.

Mark Ruffalo plays Bruce Banner very well, I’ve not seen anyone play a Bruce Banner better the original (Bill Bixby) We’ve had Eric Bana, and Edward Norton play the roles but no one really seemed to fit Bruce to me better than Mark Ruffalo.. I am not a huge Mark Ruffalo fan but he did very well as Banner and had me convinced he is the next one to play Hulk, and I hope they keep him in that role…

Chris Evans originally played Human Torch in Fox’s Fantastic Four, and he did well for hot head but I think his true calling was Captain America for the Comic Book movies. At First I had my doubts but he surprised the heck out of me when I watched Captain America.

Chris Hemsworth did awesome as Thor, although his part in this movie wasn’t as strong as I thought it could be but then again it’s not about Thor it’s all about Loki..

Tom Hiddleston does a fantastic performance in this movie, we get to see a bit more Loki in this then in Thor, which I liked. Especially the Scene in Germany is one of my favorites, it also showed a little bit more dark comedy with Loki in a few scenes which I liked also.

Scarlett Johansson and Jeremy Renner did a wonderful Job although you don’t hear them call Barton Hawkeye until way down in the movie but at least they called him his name. Scarlett did a good job playing the stealthy assassin Black Widow, and learning a bit more about her in this movie was a good little origin although they didn’t tap it too much… (Makes me wonder if they might do a little side story for her?)

All and All I would have to say it was done very well and Joss Whedon did a great job directing what some thought was a difficult task.


Willie Good-Cook

-Through the eyes of a non-fanboy-

This movie was ok. I know, I know. Everyone was raving about this movie. The movie as a whole was pretty good but I feel there were some places for improvement. The big up to this movie was the ensemble cast from the three prior movies. This (correct me if i am wrong,) has never been done before. That being said, that was the only thing that we had never seen before. Nothing else about this movie stuck out to me as new or original. Another cookie cutter super hero movie.

Once again I felt astounded that Hollywood still cannot make me believe their heroes are in mortal danger. Never once this whole movie did I think one might die. And who ever did the casting for this should be fired. Sam Jackson DOES NOT MAKE A MOVIE BETTER IF YOU PUT HIM IN IT!!! STOP IT!!! FUCKING STOP! They did it to Star Wars and now they are doing it to The Avengers. They should dub him Sam “Jar Jar Binx” Jackson for his ability to ruin roles in movies.  He can’t act! All he does is yell and use the same acting he has for 30 years. DROP THE BAD APPLE!! Not to mention (And i know this sounds racist but hear me out,) my Nick Fury is white. The source material has him that way. Call me a bit of a purist, but don’t start using alternate versions of my child hood heroes. It makes the fans not happy. (Except Big JD when it suits his purposes. Avengers Vs. Transformers for example.)

And who picked Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner? Not for a second did I ever think he was doing a good job. I would much rather have had Ed Norton (Idiot who got himself recast) play Banner. I also never was convinced that Jeremy Renner was hawkeye either. He just seemed like a badass with a bow. Not Hawkeye.

Now that I am through the criticisms, I really did like the movie itself. The returning actors from the prior three films did a great job. I loved RDJ as Ironman. He always delivers a great performance. The story was strong except maybe the ending (One ship powers the whole army? How very ID4 of you.) The plot was kind of slow to start because of all the back story, but Joss Whedon found ways to make it interesting. And who else thought the Black Widow scenes reminded them of Whedon’s Buffy days? And where was Thor’s helmet? He always had that thing. Loki gets some awesome armor and a helmet but Thor runs around looking like a scrub. Where was War Machine during all this as well? Just letting the world get F’d up and not caring?

Though there were a couple of holes in the story (probably due to budget concerns. Ant man? Wasp? War Machine?)  But, overall it was pretty good.

-Suggestion- If you are a fan boy like these two, have a drool cup and blogs ready. You won’t want to miss this.


For those of you who saw the movie, what did you think?



  1. willygoodcook · October 1, 2012

    Don’t forget Thor’s awesome hammer twirl. I know it is from the comic books, but it is so funny to see on the big screen. Was kinda cheesy really.

    • bigjd1976 · October 2, 2012

      I never thought it was cheesy. I felt that it was showing how he took flight. It’s your opinion though. I respect that. he he he.

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