The Dark Knight (2008)

The Dark Knight (2008)

The Dark Knight (2008)

Running Time:  2 hrs 32 min – Action, Crime, Drama

Starring Christian Bale, Heath Ledger & Aaron Eckhart – Directed by Christopher Nolan

Willie Good-Cook (host)


First I have to say that I never, NEVER like the second movie in a trilogy the best. You name a trilogy and I gaurentee that my favorite is either the first or last.  Middle movies tend to suck in my opinion. This is the one shining exception.

I have seen this movie literally one hundred times and I am still riveted the entire time. Though there are some draw backs. Christian Bale plays a near perfect Bruce Wayne, but I would rather watch George Clooney play Batman. The stupid voice drives me insane to this day. Gordon’s acting (Gary Oldman) was horrid in the first one movie and was just as bad in this one. Kate Holmes not being in this may have actually enhanced the movie. She was another terrible part. Not that Maggie Gyllenhaal was great but she did her part.

This movie is great because it ties in so many angles. From the beginning it gets you guessing and keeps you guessing. They give Batman cool gadgets, upgrade his suit, and even sprinkle in some great humor. The quotables in this movie are abundant as well. “I’m not wearin hockey pads!”  The plot and story were both very well written and I can see why Nolan is WB’s new golden child.

Heath Ledger gave the performance of a lifetime. I personally believe without him this movie wouldn’t have been as good and we might not even have had a full trilogy.  You can barely tell it is him under that makeup. I never once thought I was watching him, I was watching the Joker. The main difference was that he took the Joker where others heath leger joker clappinghad not. It was a very dark role and he owned it. He wasn’t just a crazy clown in this one, he was a sadistic lunatic who was bent on making Batman do something truly evil. This was much more true to the character than Jack Nicholas’ rendition or any other prior. They all seemed like watered down versions of the Joker.

Heath steals every scene he is in. One of my favorite scenes is when he kills the imposter batman. The scene still gives me chills. The way he uses his voice is extraordinary. “LOOK AT ME!!!”

-Suggestion- Not may times in your life will you ever get the pleasure of watching a movie this good. Go…watch it now. What ever you are doing, cancel it. Don’t even bother reading the other guys reviews. GO WATCH THIS MOVIE!!


Big JD

“Some Men just want to watch the world burn”

The follow up effort from Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins is not like most comic book movie sequels.  Actually, it’s not like most sequels in general.  It actually succeeds where most fail.  The biggest reason for that is no question Heath Ledger’s portrayal of The Joker.  You would also be kidding yourself if you didn’t think that the real life death of the great actor doesn’t have an influence on your liking it.  We always want more of what we cannot have.

Christopher Nolan had said that he wouldn’t ever do a sequel to Batman Begins unless it was better than the first.  Well, I think he had a wildcard waiting and it was having “DeeBo” from the Friday movies come in to make a cameo.  Seriously, this movie was all Mr. Ledger but before we get to that we should talk about Batman.  I mean, it’s his movie.  In Batman’s Seventh attempt to win over fans he succeeded with not only being part of a great story but having great batsuits and a raspy demeanor help.  Of course the suit looked better than in the first movie.  I want to say it was inevitable.  As for the raspy voice thing that always has people cringing.  After awhile it becomes kinda unnoticeable.  I mean, it was the first movie Christian Bale lost his voice three times on not this movie.  Batman actually was seen playing a detective.  During the “fingerprint on the bullet” scene we got to see Batman as he should be portrayed in everything he is in.  A Detective.  He isn’t called the world’s greatest detective for nothing.  As for fighting crime, his sights were more on the bigger picture than random crime events.  Even though I would have liked to catch a few of those randoms.

The Joker.  A sixth month seclusion and Heath Ledger ends up pulling off the best Joker on film.  In my opinion of course.  Even though it was a “take” on the Joker character that I didn’t at first agree with, he turned my head and made me listen.  What I heard was internal chaos and it was magnificent.  Joker’s inclusion was loosely based on the one-shot comic book “The Killing Joke”.  Basically the Joker tries to show Batman that they are the same.  The Yin to his Yang.  The Peanut to his butter.  My favorite scene is definitely the Hospital scene with Joker dressed as a nurse.  Hilarious and scary at the same time.  Yet my favorite dialogue scene between the two is where Batman fights Joker for the last time in the movie.  This scene encompasses their whole relationship.

As for the other actors involved, such as Aaron Eckhart as Two-Face I was pleased that everybody did a great job.  Except for one.  Not necessarily based on acting ability but just for the simple fact that I couldn’t stand the character.  Maggie Gyllenhaal as Rachel Dawes.  Previously played by Katie Holmes and she was offered the role again but declined.  Hey I don’t fault her for not wanting to play a true comic book character in a comic book movie.  I felt that the Rachel character could have been switched to Gilda Gold (HD’s main squeeze) and it would have made more sense.  Casting failed on this.

The main story was based on a story arc called “Batman: The Long Halloween”.  Which actually was started in the first movie.  But basically it is tells about Batman teaming up with Gordon and Dent to track down a Holiday killer.  When the whole time the Holiday killer turns out to be Harvey Dent.  Instead of being dowsed with Acid in the courtroom the film decides to have a thug pull a gun on him and leave the origin of two-face up to a “fate decision” involving Dent & Dawes.

From the inducing violin’s and clock ticking from the introduction to the dog’s barking in the end this movie hold’s tight.  It is classically long in nature but if you’re a fan you’ll get by.  Much better than the first and definitely not the last.  As we already know.  With Dark Night Rises already out and a Justice League movie being hinted at.  Batman has been Warner Bros. cash cow and he will continue to be until someone makes another Batman & Robin film.

Comic Book Movie Plus:  Morgan Freeman: Wanted



Do you want to know how I got these scars? – The Joker

This movie is really hard to tackle with a score, for me it is the best of the Trilogy I can say that now because I’ve seen Dark Knight Rises, and this movie was the best of the series. (Even when Batman talks like he has marbles in his mouth)

The story kind of takes me back to the original story I remember “The Untold Story of The Batman” Even though it was in the mind of Christopher Nolan, I think over all this is the best Batman story. I love how they make the Joker more of a real psychopath versus the cheesy campy versions of The Joker, Although before Heath Ledger became the Clown Prince of Crime, Jack Nickolson was the only real Joker to me.

Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent, I didn’t see it at first but once I watched it, I couldn’t imagine anyone else playing the part. Although the love interest between Rachel Dawes and Harvey Dent did pose a problem for me because everyone knows I love comics, almost as much as the BIG JD, however I never found a story that involved Harvey and Rachel, Nor did I see Christopher Nolan choosing Maggie Gyelenhaal playing Rachel.

Michael Caine has the presence of Alfred, but the original Alfred in the movies previous to Nolan’s reboot was spot on. I think Michael did very well as Alfred in fact if we ever view Dark Knight rises I have some comments on his performance in that one.

How this was written and director really to me reflected how great Christopher Nolan is, and I am saddened he created to me the best Batman Trilogy and ended it, but even good things have to end sometime.
I have a feeling he’ll have a hand in the upcoming movies if there is any besides JLA. I really hope his brother Johnathan Nolan takes over and can bring the DC movies back to life since WB has killed them…

Finally we found a movie that Will and I can agree on.


The Dark Knight Movie Poster

For those of you who saw the movie, what did you think?


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