10 Items or Less (2006)

10 Items or Less (2006)10 Items or Less (2006)

Running Time:  1 hr 22 min – Comedy, Drama, Romance

Starring Morgan Freeman & Paz Vega – Directed by Brad Silberling

An Actor researching a role of a Store Manager meets and befriends a worker in the store, He can’t find away to get home. The girl at the store offers him a ride, during the chain of events they end up getting her to an interview with the help of the actor, and then she takes him home.


“That’s not me” “Modest Mother F@#*er”

In this movie you get a feel for what it’s like to be an actor researching a role, all the flaws you notice, everything about everyone and its surroundings even cheesy little mexican style grocery store. This movie I wasn’t quite sure how to take it at first it was kind of out there in indie-land, however I think it was ok. To me this movie was odd, that ‘s the only way I can really express it, I mean an actor follows people around researching for a role, ok I get that. But everything that happens afterwards…no actor would do, and WHO forgets their phone number or doesn’t have away of contacting someone if they are lost? I don’t buy that at all.

There was some funny parts to this movie, nothing I would say really makes you cry because your laughing so hard, unless your high, then you might get a little more of the humor, very dry indie style comedy. I think my favorite scene in the whole movie is between Morgan Freeman and Jim Parsons, and how Jim explains to Morgan that “You made me feel like a woman.”

For writing in this movie, I think that dialog inter-action with the actors was good, not best but decent. I felt the movie was rushed in production, I say this because how it’s filmed, and what happens at the end, no cliff hanger, no finding out what happens later just that’s it…Thanks for paying $9.00 in the theater to see this movie but we aren’t really going to give you an ending enjoy!.

Casting, I think they did a good job, but then again, anyone can be anyone’s spot in this movie it’s just a tag-along be a movie star researching a role for a day movie.

Overall, it was ok, I wouldn’t buy it, but it was ok, and it was nice to see Jim Parson’s in a film versus TV.

2 ‘s

Big JD

“This is Amazing!…” “It’s Target”…

I’ve often wondered what an actor does as he is researching for a role.  Now, I have a slight idea.  I found this movie a little tough to review.  One reason being that it really didn’t fall into a true genre.  Comedy?  Not quite.  There were funny parts but it wasn’t a comedy.  Romance?  Between who?  Morgan Freeman and Paz Vega?  I hope not, he’s like her father’s age.  Plus, he had said that he was grateful for his wife.  What about Drama then?  Yeah, maybe but there wasn’t much drama except for the scene where she goes home to get her keys.  Although this movie is supposedly taking you in a day in the life of an actor that has been out of the game for a while, I doubt very much that any actor would have done the things Morgan Freeman’s character did.  Let alone eat fast food.  Ha!

With that being said, Morgan Freeman has proven to me again that he is one of my favorite actors.  Playing an actor probably wasn’t that hard for him to do obviously but the way he did it was hard not to like.  Although I really didn’t feel like I believed that he just wanted to hang around and help this woman in her life struggles.  He showed me a different character than I’ve never seem from him.  Very reminiscent to his Nurse Betty character but with more talking.  Way more talking.

Paz Vega was excellent.  She really didn’t feel like “babysitting” for the rest of her life.  I couldn’t blame her.  She needed to leave her current life situation and “him” (as listed in the credits) just gave her the push she needed to hopefully get things turned around.

The movie was written well in terms of dialogue and interaction.  But unfortunately that is all the movie showed me.  Just real life.  There wasn’t much of a plot.  There wasn’t much of a story.  I can sum the movie up in two sentences.  Out of work actor travels to the other side of town to do some role research and meets Scarlet, a grocery store cashier that has too much ambition to be there.  She allows him to shadow herself as well as Lee and he follows her around in her life until she can give him a ride home.  Basically that is it.  I thought the Jonah Hill scene in the beginning was an awesome beginning.  Again, good interaction and dialogue.  Also the scenes were long.  Which means that there weren’t to many “cuts!”.  You get some good actors/actresses in a room and you’ll have a movie filmed in 2 days.  The long scenes may make others uncomfortable.  Me, I liked it.

The things I weren’t able to handle was short but important.  I understood that the Mariachi music played a role to identify where the grocery store was but it seemed very constant there for a while.  I couldn’t stand it.  It was so overpowering Cypress Hill and Paul Simon couldn’t rescue it.  Although the Car drying scene with Morgan Freeman dancing around the cars was pretty cool.

There were other scenes that stood out like the shadowing of “Lee” and conversation with Scarlet from the point of view from the back seat but it was really too short for me.  Just when I was really getting into the movie the director cut to a Driving Home Montage escorted by Paul Simon.  At that point I started to trail off and then suddenly It was over.  Some may find the ending to be OK, but when I use my gut for most of these things I usually don’t allow it to not be heard.  And although my gut says it was a shell of a movie.  I will agree and say “yes, it was” but the movie overall entertained me and I liked it.

Comic Book Movie Bonus:  Morgan Freeman: Dark Knight Trilogy, Wanted – Paz Vega: The Spirit – Danny Devito: Batman Returns


Willie Good-Cook

-Why the *#$% is this a movie?-

This movie felt like the writers/director/producers were all like, “Hey, lets follow Morgan Freeman while he follows people around.” “Genius!” It really felt like I spent 45 minutes watching him watch people. I didn’t really feel like I was having a cinematic experience. It felt more like I was…watching Morgan Freeman watch people. I know I usually hate voice over but it wasn’t that this time. It was the amount of montages in this film with cheesy music over them. Hey let’s have the leading actress do her makeup for five minutes while we periodically cut back to Morgan Freeman following people around for another five minutes because we can’t actually write a good movie. Hell, even with them stretching every scene they could this movie still was only an hour and a half. (At least 40 minutes of filler in this movie.)

There were some very funny moments. The best part of the whole movie happens within the first 5 minutes. The rest was all down hill from there. The premise is pretty weak in my opinion.  I seriously doubt an actor would stalk people they don’t know like this. Or wouldn’t have a cell phone. Or a Chauffeur waiting outside with their limo. Or would continue to stalk this poor woman.

Even the strong ending was weak. Hey, lets make a pact…then 10 more minutes of Morgan Freeman following people around to the same damn music!!

-Suggestion- No…just no.



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