The Lake House (2006)

The Lake House (2006)

Running Time: 1 hr 39 min – Drama, Fantasy, Romance

Starring Sandra Bullock & Keanu Reeves – Directed by Alejandro Agresti

The Synopsis:   Sci-Fi, Romance at it’s best. Dr. Kate Forester leaves the lake house leaving a note for the next tenant, when she receives a letter from someone claiming it was the year 2004 when it was 2006. As time progresses they go through time trying to find a way to meet possibly for the first time in 2 years? You’ll have to watch and see what happens.

Ran-Dizzle (Host)

So before I go into the normal Mambo-jumbo that is my review I figured I would explain why this movie was chosen.

We’ve recently been doing a lot of action/comic book movies and I hope as reader’s you’ve enjoyed our reviews thus far, However I thought we needed to experience something new. Now everyone knows I am a “Hopeless Romantic” and that I do have a collection of these movies as well as  a little bit of everything, This one in particular was picked for a Mother’s Day present originally however I discovered she already had it, so as it collected dust on my shelf with the cellophane wrap on it still, I just grabbed this and said this is the movie we will be doing. So there you have it why we chose this movie, now for the good stuff.

Being a Sci-Fi/Romance movie has it’s plus not very many of these exist and are actually any good…Time Traveler’s Wife, ect. But I think this was well done, There are  few bugs that need to be worked on but nothing that can’t be over looked. I think the thing that bugged me the most about this story was they were altering time and space, an Example of this would be like when he plants the trees and suddenly they show up, Or sending him a scarf in the mail box, because it was going to snow and be a harsh winter that year, yet nothing really changed, I mean to me I guess growing up knowing that if you change the space/time it might not work out how you want it, Look at the butterfly effect, Back to the Future… Other then that no major issue really stuck out.

To me, the actors were well chosen, I think Christopher Plummer did an awesome job being the distant father, He was there but he wasn’t he expected more from his son versus what his son wanted. Sandra and Keanu had a spark there that even not being together in the same spot was just believable and to be an actor and believe that your having a conversation and playing along discussing as if they are there is harder then it seems. I did however feel that Sandra’s Mother in the movie played by Willeke van Ammelrooy was a bit odd because the accent, being in Chicago. Just to me that seemed odd.

This was Alejandro Agresti’s first American film and I think he did an awesome job at it. and David Auburn wrote the script well.

                                                                  4.5 ‘s

Willie Good-Cook

I could tell from the intro music that this was not a movie for me. (Thanks again Big JD.) Another cookie cutter romantic comedy story with hints of Frequency’s plot. I found Keanu’s performance to be lack luster. Sandra can do no wrong however, which made this move a bit more enjoyable. Awkward in moments, but funny at the same time. Way more voice over than one movie should ever have. (The bane of my existence.)

This movie was specifically written and produced for the female gender. The man has to wait four years for his true love while the woman moves on for two years and then one day remembers what is going to happen and comes running to him. She saves his life and everything. Total chick flick.

That being said. It was actually a decent movie. Keanu was his usually robot self. The rest of the cast did a fair to good job. The plot and story(fairly predictable) were ok as well. Overall an ok movie. Nothing I would suggest to my friends.

Suggestion: Watch this with your wife if you aren’t really trying to do much “watching”.

3‘s (Should have been 2.5 for Keanu’s bad acting)

Big JD

Imagine a love story with a sci-fi twist.  Can you do that?  Yeah, just try.  But the thing you have to ask yourself is what came first the chicken or the egg.  In the case of The Lake House the question is more like; which came first, the writing of the first letter or the construction of a house?  The only major problem I had with this movie was the fact that It didn’t have a constructed (time travel) origin point.  And yes, it can be very confusing and mind bending when you think about the whole time travel thing but I think it is a huge hole that was never explained.  Examples:  Back To the Future was when Marty had to take the Delorean after Doc’s death.  During The Time Traveler’s Wife it was when he met his love interest when she was a little girl.  Let me explain a bit more In detail.  The time traveling letter’s (sounds silly when I write it) seem to begin when she (Sandra Bullock) puts her letter in the magical mailbox to the next tenant to the Lake house of which she is moving out.  But that is not the “origin point” seeing how she states in her letter that the box in the attic is not hers and she didn’t know how the dog prints got out front.  Then maybe you could argue that it really began when they met in 2004 at her birthday party.  Nope, he already knew about her that’s why he went.  Well, what about the accident outside Daily Plaza?  Nope, he went there because she said that’s where she was on Valentine ’s Day 2006.  When the house was built?  Nope, time travel wasn’t witnessed until 2004.  When his mother died?  Same answer.  When his father died?  No.  He already had met future girl.  So, I would challenge anyone to explain to me the actual origin point of this act of phenomena.  You can’t because they didn’t bother to provide one.  The only thing that I can come up with is that regarding the first letter the PS was added magically when he opened it up and started reading it.  If that was the case it would have been nice to show it on screen.  It seems small but it nagged at me during most of the movie.

Aside from that small brain bug I can’t really see much wrong with the movie.  The acting by Reeves/Bullock was fantastic and I couldn’t see anyone else playing the parts.  Now the two actors I could have seen missing from the movie was 1) Mona (Stalker Assistant) that annoyed me with her horrible acting and 2) his brother Henry.  Henry was just really uncomfortable.  He seemed as if he was going to burst into tears every time he spoke.  Not that he showed it in his eyes but more so in his voice.  Annoying.

The Lake House

Keanu Reeves fake sneezing.

A couple of plot holes I noticed during what I had thought was a well written movie.  When Kate sent the scarf and proved to Alex that a winter storm was coming.  He was like “yeah right, snow”.  When in fact during the beginning of the movie there was snow all over the place and people had mentioned many times how cold it was.  So, he was like “yeah right, snow” to something that had been happening anyway?  What?!  Also, why didn’t Kate just look him up in the future at any point throughout the entire movie?  I mean, she had no problem looking up his father and even finding a photography book on him.  Why couldn’t she had done the same for Alex?  Oh, because the movie would have been 45 minutes long.  Whoops.  Sorry David Auburn (screenwriter).

The soundtrack was decent in the fact that it didn’t take away from the movie.  In fact, I thought throwing in a little bit of Paul McCartney actually added to the tone of this movie.  The small things are what makes or breaks a movie with me.  As if you haven’t figured that out by now.  But with these small faux pas I am very surprised at my score.  Well, not really because I enjoyed this movie.  I would suggest it to anybody… if they said that they were going to watch it anyway.    By the way, I gotta say what I novel concept.  A time traveling Mailbox.  H.G. Wells passed over a gold mine!

Comic Book Movie Bonus:  Keanu Reeves: Constantine – Christopher Plummer: Priest – Ebon Moss-Bachrach: American Splendor



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