The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day (2009)

The Boondock Saints – All Saints Day (2009)

Running Time:  1 hr 58 mins – Action, Comedy, Crime

Starring Sean Patrick Flanery, Norman Reedus, & Billy Connolly – Directed by Troy Duffy

Willie Good-Cook
— All Saints ok?–


Eight years have passed since the first movie. (A review for another day.) The Saints, played by Sean Patrick Flanery (Conner McManus), Norman Redus (Murphy McManus) and Billy Connolly( ll Duce) have went into hiding in their home land of Ireland. The church is keeping them save. However, back at home the Yakavetta gang has not forgotten the assassination of their leader Ivan Yakavetta. The new leader of the Yakavetta mafia has come up with a plan to flush out the “Saints”. The gangsters send a “Short little fuck” to murder a priest in a church and frames the Saints in the process.

This gets the attention of the Saints. Murphy and Conner dig up their old guns and a very disturbing shower scene ensues. (You guys are 40 now, put your clothes back on please.) They then travel back to pick up where they had left off in Boston.

Introduce Smecker’s replacement, Eunice.

Her southern accent is the first thing you notice, as well as her sharp wit. Little does she know that the police officers around her are actually trying to help the Saints. Detective’s Greenly, Duffy, and Dolly will do whatever they can to help keep the Saints safe.

Once back in Boston, the Saints meet up with a new recruit. “Mexican” badass Romeo (Clifton Collins Jr.)

After some hilarity in another botched, yet successful raid of a mafia drug house, the Saints set their eyes on more mobsters. After cleaning up another house of bad guys the short little fuck (Panza) shows back up and tries to kill them again. Eunice shows up and saves the Saints and reveals her true allegiance.

Yakavetta then calls a meeting of all his top bosses. During the meeting the Saints show up and kill everyone. We then learn more of II Duce’s back story. The crew then assembles at a bar to celebrate their latest victory. Panza shows up and kills Greenly (Bob Marley) and then he and II Duce play a game of Russian Roulette. II Duce wins. (Gasp!)

More II Duce (Noah McManus) back story.

The Saints then go to take out “The old man.” He anticipates them coming and hires many hitmen. Gun battle ensues. Saint win but are captures by Police. Willem Dafoe shows up at the end to tell Eunice it is all just beginning. It looks like the prisoners might need a little more protection from “THE BOONDOCK SAINTS!!!”.


I really enjoy this movie. Though it comes off as cheesy at times. It was an instant classic just like the first. The things that bothered me were the musical choices and the directors choice of direction. Not all of the music bothers me but scenes like when they dig up the guns or introduce Eunice. I felt the music didn’t fit the scenes.

The first movie was so well put together that it was very hard to measure up to. I really feel that the director tried to make it into a slap stick comedy and at the same time tried to stick to the formula from the first movie. It didn’t seem to translate well on screen. And Eunice drove me nutts with her accent. Schmecker was way better. But we aren’t comparing movies here.

Peppered with action and comedy while actually being able to get the full cast to return for a sequel many years later was very spectacular to see. Though most of the cast did age poorly (sorry Greenly), it was still very exciting. And WTF was up with the music they played during most of Panza’s scenes? It was retarded and cheesy as hell.

This movie did well as a stand alone movie…but I could still have went without seeing two ugly, out of shape male butts….just sayin.

-Suggestion- If you haven’t seen either of these movies have the person closest to you slap you in the face as hard as they can and then go buy them.

3 ‘s


Disclaimer: Willie Good Cook picked this movie. If you have not seen The Boondock Saints (original movie), then do not let this movie influence your opinion on the first. I am still trying to figure out why we did the sequel before the original but that’s Willie’s choice. Yes you may send him hate mail…I encourage it.

I remember going at midnight to wait in line to buy this movie… excited to see guns, bullets, blood, guts, zinging one liners, and bad guys going down… but I wasn’t prepared for this movie.

This movie was made for the fans, not for anyone wanting to see a sequel. As Will and John here have pointed out most of the good parts that are annoying or just make you wonder “Troy, what were you thinking?” I want to talk about one of the few things in this movie I think that got overlooked. In this movie there is a tremendous amount of over acting, especially done by Romeo “Clifton Collins Jr.”  or Gorgeous George. I think the best actor was Peter Fonda. Even Billy Connolly had a moment where I was like WTF? When he is pulling out the guns to shoot the guys in the garden as ll Duce he grabs the guns and his face shakes….ll Duce in the first one had a cigar in his mouth and never shook once. So swift, so accurate in the first one. In this one I couldn’t believe he shot a single guy.

Don’t get me wrong there are classic quotes in this movie “Ding, Dong Motha Fucka” or “Who ordered the whoop ass fajitas”(….which actually sounds like a great meal at a Mexican restaurant.)

With the soundtrack the only song that fit to me was the “Sister Christian”

Song by Night Ranger (Greenly was listening too while examining the bodies.)

Other than that….no song really fit in this movie.

Troy Duffy, If you happen to read this review, as a fan I was glad to see a sequel, also as a fan I felt you murdered the saints. I hope that if/when you do a third movie….that the acting and quality is better than what you gave us in this….please.

The only reason why I still have this movie is because of Will wanting to watch it and I am a fan of The Boondock Saints (Original movie). You can’t even find this movie in the $5 bin at Walmart. Superman Returns has been in that bin for years….that should tell you something.

1 ‘s

Big JD

The sequel to Boondock Saints fails in many, many ways and answers the question “Should I waste 1 hour and 58 minutes of my life watching the sophomore effort”?

Troy Duffy directed this movie as well as the original, now I’m very curious about what happened to him to make him think this movie needed to be goofy.  It starts off decent with plenty of good story direction.  Although I could have done without seeing both brother’s asses in their shower in the barn “suit up” montage.  By the way, during this “get suited up” montage the priest just happens to be waiting with Il Duce (Connolly) like no time had passed?  It felt as if Mr. Duffy gave us the director’s cut.  In fact he didn’t want to leave anything on the cutting room floor.  It was if he said “Hey, I filmed all this extra material!  I’m putting it in!”.  By putting all this extra crap in the movie, it takes away from the storyline.

The acting was questionable by all but, most notably the 3 detectives.  Greenly, Duffy, & Dolly were written to be “zany” and was a pain to watch.  At times I felt that I was watching a “fan film” of the first movie.  Let’s just say that I wasn’t sad when the most annoying one got plugged.  “thanks’ for showing up!”.  Special Agent Eunice (Julie Benz) was portrayed as this amazingly hot chick detective and they were pretty blatant about it.  She’s good looking and all but, the way the character was portrayed was pretty annoying.  I don’t blame Benz at all though.  She has been in many TV series that I’ve seen her in as well as Punisher: War Zone.  Let’s just say she was hampered by the script.  Doc (Gerard Parks) should have been left out in this sequel of crap.  He is getting way to old to be hitting his marks.  I wasn’t convinced at all that he actually had a stutter.  It was pretty sad.  I was afraid he was gonna get broke.  On the whole, the casting must have been handled by a homeless person because I was never able to buy Judd Nelson as a Italian crime boss nor could I stand Peter Fonda playing an old Italian man.  I mentioned Punisher: War Zone earlier and I felt that Judd was channeling Jigsaw at times and that was a mistake.  Horrible.  Judd Nelson, what has happened to you?  Oh, by the way the sausage hit that man in the chest but yet he had on headgear?  Horrible.

Villains.  Bad Guys.  Antagonist(s).  Well, no matter how many words you got this movie had it all.  In fact it had a 3 tier system.  I don’t understand why their needed to be the focused effort on the first bad guy and how much he hated to be short.  I can understand a couple references to this but they actually filmed scenes where this was the focus.  Much like a video game, once the level boss was defeated you moved on to the Act II boss. Lame.  But I already said that.  And then so on until you get to fight the final boss “The Italian Fonda”.  He must have put in his contract that he wouldn’t stand at all or make any movements.  “I must sit during my whole scene or you don’t get none of this!”  I will say that he made decent on the accent though.

The soundtrack is horribly lacking.  It has the 80’s hair band sound with a couple of instances when it just cut’s off when scenes are changed which feels awkward.  It feels like he hired a garage band to record the music.  What the heck is “I want to be balls deep in your love”??  The soundtrack shouldn’t take you out of the movie like this.

Let’s get back to Troy Duffy for our final thoughts.  There was a scene between Gorgeous George and a street level thug that went by JoJo.  The framing had JoJo falling out of frame many times and other times he was just cut off at the chin.  George was tall and JoJo was short so, what should Troy Duffy had done?  Fit them both in the frame!!!  If he would have put time into his actors, soundtrack, casting, framing, pacing, editing, and script then this had the potential to be decent.  The brother’s make this movie as they did before.  It’s just sad that they didn’t have the director they needed to take the story to the next level.

Oh, and if I didn’t mention you actor’s that were in this movie.  Feel grateful.  I didn’t have a problem with you.  Yes, I’m talking to you “Incon(spic)uous”.  Oh, and Troy, next time take the first ending, you can take the second ending and make another piece of crap with that.

Comic Book Movie Plus:  Julie Benz – Punisher: War Zone, Peter Fonda – Ghost Rider, Willem Dafoe – Spider-Man

There is no “Bonus” for nudity in this case.  I didn’t need to see the Brothers’ asses.  But you girls might…



For Those that have seen this movie.  What did you think?


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