Smokin’ Aces (2006)

Smokin’ Aces (Trailer)

Running Time:  1 hr 49 mins – Action, Crime, Drama

Starring Jeremy Piven, Ryan Reynolds, & Ray Liotta – Directed by Joe Carnahan

Willie Good-Cook (Host)

After bothering BigJD for months to watch this I have finally succeeded. I am always thoroughly entertained when I watch this movie. It is well directed, has a solid plot, and a slightly twisted sense of humor. “It’s so beautiful up here.” The cast works great together in an ensemble and no one actor really seemed to outshine another. It did draw elements from other movies, but now a days what movie doesn’t? Another true sleeper that has a cult following. If you haven’t seen it go buy it….NOW! (They should pay me for this).

4 ‘s

Big JD

The topsy turvey twisting Ocean’s Eleven knockoff that is Smokin’ Aces flipped,kicked, and turned me into liking it more than I thought.  I say Ocean’s Eleven meaning that it really started out like one in the series.  The music, Location, The character/storyline setups, and heck it even had Andy Garcia.  But somewhere between a chainsaw and a kid with numbchucks it turned into it’s own movie.  And that movie was great.  The Casting was amazing and probably was my second favorite thing about this movie.  Andy Garcia, Ryan Reynolds, Ray Liotta, Alicia Keys, Ben Affleck, Jason Bateman, Peter Berg, Common, Jeremy Piven, Chris Pine, Kevin Durand, Mathew Fox, and if you got “Booger” from Revenge of the Nerds in your movie you definitely can’t lose.  A well put together piece about a “hit” and who’s gonna claim it first.  Simple yet complex at the same time.

Comic Book Movie Plus:  Ben Affleck – Daredevil, Kevin Durand – X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Ryan Reynolds – Green Lantern & X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Nudity Bonus: Janet Edwards: Naked Prostitute (19:42/26:52)(T)

4 ‘s


To me this was more of a Quentin Tarentino/ Robert Rodriguez knock off, Mob version of Jackie Brown to me. The difference between A Band A Part Productions and this Working Title Production movie was the Juicy One-Liners that tend to spew from Tarentino/Rodriguez movies. The action was there though plenty of it. To me the Casting was well chosen they really seemed to fall in place either that’s really good acting or could be type casting, I mean how many times have I seen Ray Liotta in a Police/FBI/ heck for that matter what about a mob movie… The story was good had a little twist and a couple of turns in the movie which is what I like about it. I feel the kid with the numbchucks was a bit out of place, actually that whole portion of the movie just didn’t sit well with me but other then that I think this movie overall was done very well. Love how it left it open for a sequel (Which it did Smokin’ Aces 2: Assassin’s Ball) I guess we’ll have to see how good that one is….


For Those that have seen this movie.  What did you think?


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