Hello world!

Welcome to The Movie Crew!

Movie Reviews… that’s what we do.  For more information look at the “About” section.

Our first Post will drop on Monday July 2nd 2012.

Be on the lookout!

In the meantime:  Meet the Crew.

Big JD

Big JD has an obsession with comic books.  Mostly Marvel comics but it’s really all across the board with him.  He like’s gaming on his PS3 and hangin’ out with his family.


Ran-Dizzle has a wide range of movie like’s.  He’s the only person I know who can sit through any movie made pre-1980.  He loves the 1st person shooter and is using this to find his voice.

Willie Good-Cook

Willie Good-Cook is the smart one of the group.  He is also the devil’s advocate.  Sometimes He will just disagree with you because it’s fun.  Will loves to PC game.  WoW, LoL and probably other 3 letter acronym games. (Don’t forget SC2 and D3 🙂 WC 7-8-12)


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